Honors – Falling Down

I feel like I’ve written about Honors pretty extensively over the years, but on their new single, these dudes have kicked into a new gear I didn’t even realize they had. “Falling Down” is a magnum opus that transcends their alternative r&b roots and takes a dive head first into electronic sounds. It starts off with arena ready trap, rises up into an ethereal breaking point, and releases into an atmospheric wave of breakbeat sounds that feel suited for an underground rave. All of these components sound totally seamless together and it feels like Honors have found a sound that’s truly going to take them to the next level. As a longtime fan, I’m so excited to see where they go next.

Thinking about the song title, it’s helpful to do small preparations that will keep you safe and sound once things start falling down. If you establish a groundwork for your life that’s not shaken by your mood from day to day, you’ll be able to weather any storm. For me, I meditate and write and express gratitude and talk to the universe on a daily basis. If I’m feeling good, that’s great, but if I’m feeling bad, it’s an even better opportunity to further establish that practice. I had a shocking day last week that would’ve shaken me to the core in the past, but with all the tools at my disposal, I worked through it and trusted the process and came out of it none the lesser.

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