Noé – Pity Party

There’s no need to throw Noé a pity party – the multifaceted, international talent’s newest is overflowing with dynamic attention to detail that makes it a must hear for the beginning of 2019. The production on “Pity Party” is super intricate indie-pop with layers upon layers of atmospheric goodness while Noé’s vocals absolutely deliver upon its instrumental potential. They have a naturally gravitational essence to them that’s impossible to turn away from – after a few spins of this song, each and every word enunciated sticks to the brain. It’s hard to quantify, but all of this leads to an aura of next-level mastery that sets apart Noé from a crowded music scene.

I’ve learned that throwing pity parties for myself does no good. Feelings are fleeting if you learn to not let them control you. You may experience an emotion throughout your mind and body, but if you put your mind toward viewing the world through a positive lens even for an instant, your view on the situation will endure a slight shift that points you toward the return to a happy emotional equilibrium – slowly but surely. As intelligent beings with free will, we’ve been endowed with the capacity to determine how we view the world from moment to moment, so I suggest learning to take advantage of that and reap the benefits in those moments when you need it most.

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