I’ve been thinking about the universe a lot lately, so it’s fitting that BVRGER would come through with a meditation on looking up to the sky and getting lost in the stars. His single, “COOPER”, is a subtly groovy exploration of electro-pop’s capacity to paint an interstellar picture. It’s vividly composed and vicariously exciting as you can feel the thrill of floating to the sky above. So often I feel myself glossing over lyrics while listening to new music, but BVRGER has a knack for storytelling with broad, glossy strokes that, while musically different, give me hints of how Kid Cudi approached interstellar topics in the early aughts of his career.

What’s up in the stars? Are we alone? I think we need to find eternal truth in ourselves before we can confidently answer those questions. There’s a vast universe coursing through our bodies and brains that is as untapped in potential as the depths of the oceans we’ve yet to fully comprehend. If we’re able to comprehend what’s inside of us, the rest of the universe’s offerings will fall into place. It takes practice in a modern era centered around instant gratification to look inward, but I promise stopping and examining yourself will lead to a more fulfilling end game as you work through each and every day. 

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