Pomona Dream – Silver Apple of the Moon

I love to see different modes of art interacting with one another, so fortunately Pomona Dream make that happen in style on their new single: “Silver Apple of the Moon”. Musically it blends dusty hip-hop percussion that’s crisp with each clap, otherworldly vocals that could belong to jazz or dream pop (take your pick), and nostalgic synths aplenty. This duo has been impressive for years now, took a long break, and somehow have come back with their best song yet. To top it all off, they have some of the best single artwork I’ve seen in a long time as it channels the De Stijl movement and feels like it belongs in a high art museum rather than my SoundCloud and Spotify playlists!

I’ve done a ton of reading on postmodernism and how there’s no longer a distinction between modes of art like “high art,” “pop culture,”  etc. Only in 2019 could you have a Swedish duo making jazz and hip-hop influenced music with 20th century visuals. Boundaries have been broken and the art world is better for it – there doesn’t need to be walls built up between perspectives, only allowing for narrow minded work. There’s so much alarmist stuff out there about globalization and post-modernism and the like, but I genuinely think this shared communication of the creative ideas makes for a beautiful result and Pomona Dream sit squarely in the forefront of that idea.

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