Running Touch – Make Your Move

Running Touch seems to have no ties to any specific genre, always bouncing around from one to the next. His newest is a total dance-worthy jam soaked with tons of dimly lit dramatics that are draped heavy with synths evoking real emotions with each and every note. The instrumental is totally visceral and a full body sensation while the vocals have a romantic, inviting flair to them. Running Touch really gives each part of this song a deep impactful attribute that all wraps up into one of my favorite tracks of the year, point blank. Get into this one as soon as you can.

What’s the point of beating around the bush? Get to the point and make your move. That doesn’t just apply to romance, but all the interactions in our life. Why do we place such an emphasis on bluffing, on playing hard to get, on playing it cool and acting like we don’t care? Pure openness and honesty is a spiritual principle that should be the guiding force in all of our lives, yet we’ve strayed from a deep understanding of ourselves and have given into to this material world. I like to think living a spiritual life by that principle will not only serve ourselves, but lead to a butterfly effect with a world strung together by it if we allow it.

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