SMLE – Chasing Channels

If you’re looking for ridiculously pretty electronic music, look no further than SMLE’s new EP. This one is a beautiful little four song package that traverses styles across electronic music. The first song is borderline post-rock before the punchy percussion swings in and makes it impossible to not nod along with a smile on your face. The second track “Counting Down” is one I told you all about when it dropped and is still an absurdly adorable anthem. “Haunted” brings a more dramatic, edgy flavor with a gritty drop while “A Way With You” is the darker instrumental complement to the album’s opener, making it a perfect bookend. From top to bottom, this EP is pure ear candy and I can’t recommend it enough.

It’s so easy to constantly chase, searching for what makes us complete. It’s natural and productive but sometimes you’ll realize you’ve been on the hunt aimlessly for so long when the solution was sitting in front of you the entire time. I have a long-standing approach to caring for myself but continued looking for the last piece that would make me whole, then just realized I needed to take one of my current practices further to get the result I’ve craved. It takes a lot of thought and introspection but you’ll always end up exactly where you’re supposed to be if you continue to be an active seeker.

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