Elio – Empty Persuasions

Elio’s sophomore single feels like indie-pop perfection to me. Everything about this is so masterfully written and hits every pleasure center in my brain with every note. The vocals are simultaneously distant yet enticing and introspective, the instrumentals are subtly beautiful with little touches draped across its structure with twinkling bits of grace, all wrapped up into a wonderful package. I’m having trouble coming up with words to really nail down how this song is ringing so true to me, but maybe that’s a good thing, experiencing a song with all the senses and feeling it rather than sitting down and intellectualizing it. There’s a beauty in that, so I’ll look to appreciate this experience rather than judging it.

I feel like we’re tempted by an endless array of empty persuasions throughout our 21st century existence. Tempted by the newest product at the big box store, tempted by that unhealthy food blasting through your TV at midnight, tempted by the pursuit of material things to fill a void, tempted by idealized relationships that check all the boxes but are lacking in true fulfillment or meaning. I’m not sure if this is unique to our time period because people have been chasing throughout human history, but it sure feels magnified in this era. All that being said, being conscious of this and actively working against it will provide a lifetime of fulfillment if you allow it.

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