Luis Crucet – Mist

Luis Crucet’s new single is an absolute masterclass in clean, crisp production that strikes deep with each and every pocket encroached. It’s so dense yet so clear, offering a full breadth of atmospherics that toy with the mind while overwhelming the immediate senses – a beautiful balance is struck that commands nuanced attention. The vocals add yet another wonderful layer to the mix, reminding me of mid 2000s dramatics that peppered my playlists, invoking a sense of nostalgia while looking toward the future. I’d highly advise to throw on a pair of quality headphones for this one and slip deep into the world that Luis Crucet has conjured.

I’d been walking through mental fog and mist for a long time. I could see what was directly in front of me, but I had no conception of what lied beyond. It was a part of my life where that lack of sight helped facilitate my sense of safety, but I’ve made a massive turn that’s given me the confidence to shine down through the fog and look toward the horizon. I’m seeing the beauty in nature, feeling the connections of truly listening to others, I’m experiencing art and philosophy on a deeper level, everything has come into focus like I’d been stumbling through life until now. I love my past self, but I’m excited for the new journey that’s just begun and what awaits.

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