Moxi – Wolves

The conversation around mental health has become the most public it’s ever been in our present society and that’s such a blessing. There’s no need for people to hide in the shadows anymore – they can be totally forthright about their experiences and that’s led to brave music in particular like Moxi’s “Wolves”. It’s a beautiful uplifting song that will fill you up with intense emotions as it’s lyrically honest and the music feels like the sun finally breaking through cloudy skies. You can feel their emergence from the depths into a beautiful new world that’s all the more rewarding once we’ve escaped our demons and put them to rest. I just don’t have enough positive words to say about “Wolves” and how important a song like this is.

It’s funny thinking about how hushed trying to discuss mental health even at the beginning of the 21st century was. It felt almost shameful for people to talk about seeing a therapist or taking medication, like that suddenly made them a weaker person, less deserving of sympathy, when in reality they needed a stronger societal support system to prop them up in times of need. But now, being able to flip on the TV and see NBA players talk about their struggles with depression is a totally normal occurrence. Ailments of the mind are like ailments of the body – they deserve compassion and treatment and celebration once they’ve been overcome!

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