ÆDAN had me intensely hyped up with the release of “HORIZON” and oh man does he deliver on this brand new EP. You can hear the influence of his C2C days through the scratches and old school hip-hop touches, but he’s operating in way more electronic territory that’ll make your head spin with excitement. My personal favorites are “EVOLUTION” which sounds like it should soundtrack the most epic video game of all time and “STORY” which feels closer to pop than anything he’s done before in the best way possible. This is such a good EP from top to bottom and I can’t recommend listening to it on repeat enough to you all.

Today has been weird in my little microclimate, but that’s okay. I’m keeping my eyes on the bigger picture and understanding my capacity for growth beyond little bumps in the road. We’re all spiritual beings having human experiences and that’s something to keep in mind on a daily basis no matter your little slip ups or imperfections. Practice compassion for not just others but yourself and you’ll find a much softer way to exist on this massive rock hurtling infinitely through space as the universe expands with no end in sight.

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