Autumn In June – Call Me When The Party’s Over

Autumn In June has always had insights into life in Los Angeles that feel more authentic than most music that emerges from the city. Rather than the bright lights that generally are the main focus, he channels the minuscule moments that occur under the radar throughout the city streets. On “Call Me When The Party’s Over” he masterfully walks through late night calls – it’s a situation applicable to any city, but because of the deep sense of place he weaves through his music, you can imagine the low buzz of cars crossing highways and imagine the handful of people wandering through neighborhoods as night time takes hold in the city of angels. It’s a wonderfully grainy lens through which we’re able to observe the smallest facets of his life.

The most minute moments make for the best art in my opinion. It’s a lot more fascinating to make phone calls have this sense of gravitas rather than tackling large, generalized topics. It also comes across as more human, more personal, more compelling. My favorite moments are seeing the lights flicker on around the city when dusk turns to night, seeing a couple in love appreciating one another, driving through downtown and getting lost within its skyscrapers. Those are the moments that stick with me and inform my love for the city I call home.