Blanke – Flatline (ft. Calivania)

Blanke quickly established himself as one of the penultimate bass producers in the scene, but on his newest, he’s flexing versatile production chops that show a comprehension for sticky melodies as much as heavy trappings. “Flatline” is an utter beauty that raises to the sky with emotion (see: a Red Rocks crowd all waving their lights in unison) and the vocals from a new project named Calivania take this even further. It’s difficult to say with such a quality catalogue, but in my humble opinion, I have to say this is Blanke’s best single yet. Talk about the perfect way to put a bow on the decade and lead into a brand new decade with endless anticipation for what comes next.

It’s easy for life to feel like your life is flatlining if you’re not embracing a dynamic approach that fosters constant, subtle changes. I got into a treadmill esque rhythm and realized I was walking in circles so to speak, but once I realized I was stuck in place, I immediately made changes to my day to day. I spontaneously asked a friend to hang out yesterday and was able to help her out with a life situation, I made a huge change that has me in pure excitement, and I’m now entering the week with a positive mindest sans-flatlining.