SYSYI is a fresh name to my radar, but this New Zealand producer has quickly made an impact upon my musical psyche. His new EP19 is a stunning collection of songs that scale the entirety of the electronic medium, fusing deep production with melodic tastes. Album opener “Alpha” sounds the alarm with a synth that demands your full attention, leading toward a wonderful drop that’s utterly forward-thinking. Follow up track “Express” is a trappier offering that reminds me of people like Paper Diamond who I’ve always loved while “Only U” is a vocally led cut with slick indie elements abound. EP closer “4Ever” winds things down on a calming note that provides a full body rush of comfort, sending you off feeling truly satisfied.

EP19…2019 truly is coming to a close, and what a decade it’s been. Years of deep spiritual growth that signify an utter shift in who I was from 2010 to now. I can’t help reflect on how I’ve changed in surface ways like style and music taste along with conceptions of the universe and how to live the most fulfilling life possible. With that, I’ll enjoy the calming aura of the present and gently prepare myself for a new decade ahead. Good fortune awaits us all and I hope you internalize that sentiment with 2020 just around the calendar corner.