Delacey – No One’s Gonna Ever Love U

Delacey channels the likes of Lorde for a scathing examination of a relationship gone wrong through the lens of raw, open dialogue with no emotions left untouched – think of this like the ballad complement to “Green Light”. Her vocals are as powerful as ever, smokey and soulful yet laced with pop powerhouse touches that make it fitting for radio as much as a lonely night in an apartment, reflecting on how everything fell apart and how to pick up the pieces from here. Delacey has been on a genuine hot streak throughout 2019 proving herself as a force to be reckoned with and she has thus capped off the year with a synthesized example of her talent, worth revisiting multiple times when possible.

It’s so easy to become lost in the present moment and feel like progress or change will never come, especially in failed relationships. There’s always a complementary movement in the cycle of life to downsides, though – whatever goes down in the wheel of life must eventually swing upwards. Lessons are to be learned, experiences are to be internalized, and from there we can progress as spiritual beings toward the next step in our emotional evolution. It takes faith in the process of life, but once you stop fighting and assimilate into the circular motion of our universe, you’ll find yourself right where you’re supposed to be.