Marie Lang – Body

Marie Lang has consistently impressed me with a neo-soul approach throughout this year, all of which has culminated into a fantastic debut EP. Singles “Comfort Zone” and “Don’t Wanna Go Back” sound as fresh as they did upon first listen while the other three tracks flesh out her sound even further. “Someday” is a wonderfully optimistic piece, “Driveway” is a perfect slice of minimalistic crooning that taps deep into the psyche, and “Body” is a groovy closer that turns up the passion to eleven and sends out the album on a killer note. From top to bottom, Lang fulfills her potential expressed in the past months and establishes herself as a voice to watch leading into the new decade.

Body feels like sleek, fashionable aesthetics with an organic charm in music form. It has me thinking about my most pristine moments, looking over the bay in Seattle from a classy restaurant to laying down in the park and watching the clouds slowly turn by while the waves lap against the pier with a meditative rhythm. There’s beauty in the obvious, maximalist moments and in the most mundane, balancing each other out like ying and yang, opposites forming into one sphere of light that illuminates our existence. Embrace all aspects of existence and feel the fulfilling rewards.