Xie – Jungle Juice

Xie’s melodic trap sound enthralled me throughout 2018, so it’s a pleasure to see her return to our pages near the end of 2019. With that significant space between releases, it seems she’s been evolving her sound even further as “Jungle Juice” is a densely atmospheric cut that vocally evokes the likes of Purity Ring and an instrumental that feels like the spiritual successor to Skrillex’s Recess era. It’s dark yet danceable, melodic yet gritty, straddling various lines of sounds that never adhere to genre constraints. It’s no hyperbole to say this is far and above Xie’s best work yet as trap and pop and bass all coalesce into an enthralling package.

“Jungle Juice” feels like the dark side of the party. Neon lights are flashing, smoke hovers above the floor like a foreboding haze, vision fading into a blur as your consciousness fades into the atmosphere and your sense of ego is utterly lost. It feels like you’re floating around the room, observing every muted conversation, every drink poured, every pump of bass resonating through your body and back into endless space. It’s a visceral part of the human experience that sends the senses into overdrive, an infinite universe vibrating in unison.