Fytch – Radiate

We hadn’t heard much from Fytch for a minute, but it turns out he’s been working on his best music yet. “Radiate” makes that crystal clear as he takes cosmic electronic synths and blends them with organic guitars, and of course, his emotional vocals to wrap it all into one stunning package.  This song really radiates sentiments of pure positivity, not only for Fytch’s career, but for our own personal hopes and dreams as a whole. With the insane amount of trials Fytch apparently went through during his time out of the spotlight, he seems focused on a colorful future that reaches toward the cosmos and beyond.

I’ve been grappling with our place in the cosmos a lot lately, and it always comes back to a positive perspective. I can understand some people’s dread and dismay with our perceived isolation on a logical level, but when it comes to the pathos I experience on a daily basis, I feel nothing but galactic connection. When I look up at the stars, I see sources teeming with life, whether or not it’s bipeds like ourselves wandering this climate. Beyond the physical plane, I see a vast expanse for our spiritual selves to evolve. There’s infinite potential if we’re willing to recognize it and follow the stars.