Kazy Lambist – Oh My God

Brilliant, ahead of his time, utterly gifted, a talent unmatched…those are just a few ways I would describe Kazy Lambist. I’ve been a fan of his for years and he’s never once disappointed. In fact, he raises the bar with every single track and then leaps over that bar into a new stratosphere. Case and point, “Oh My God”, the ultimate body mover to send you into uncontrollable head swaying in your seat. The production is colorful like the colors splashed onto the album art, the vocals are silky smooth, everything whirls into a heady blend that’s both logically constructed to perfection and viscerally pleasing on the deepest levels. I have nothing but praise for Kazy on this one and seriously doubt anyone will deviate from that sentiment for the Frenchman’s newest.

Oh my God, life can be absolute insanity. Much like on this song, though, there’s a method to the madness. If you take a step back and observe, you’ll see a pattern beginning to form that you can follow and trace through its entirety, understanding your past and present moment and thus being able to anticipate the future. It takes practice to become this intuitive, but once you tap into the source and gain this skill, your life will be so much better for it. Things might be overwhelming right now, but trust that you’ll slip into a beautiful groove like “Oh My God”.