Dad – Fresher

Dad returns with a third single that’s easily the enigmatic project’s best work yet. Featuring woozy r&b production like kaleidoscopic cough syrup come to life, the accompanying vocals are a beautiful expose of transcending mental health obstacles in the new millennium. The enchanting cartoon character that fronts the project is a picture perfect complement, making her conjured up appearance feel just as authentic as her flesh-and-blood bedroom pop contemporaries. I really have nothing but exciting things to say about Dad, as their first two singles truly intrigued me but this one totally wowed me on impact. I can’t recommend it enough, so go ahead and give it a listen.

A lot of music traverses the lows of depression without ever showing the light at the end of the tunnel. There’s nothing wrong with that because it offers a cathartic approach to make those positive conclusions on your own time beyond the track’s runtime, but I appreciate the sentiments of pure optimism running through “Fresher”. You feel like you’re right there with Dad, celebrating her victory and letting the sun finally shine down on your skin after a seemingly infinite of days cooped up within the darkness. It’s a really nice sentiment as we enter a new decade.