Louie Blue – Notes EP

I had the privilege of listening to Louie Blue’s debut EP before it came out and man am I excited to share this with you today. In case you’re unfamiliar, he’s a Nordic teenager with the musical maturity of a seasoned veteran. You could place his music somewhere between indie, r&b, and neo-soul, but to narrow his sound down to one genre just wouldn’t do it justice. I could rave about every track on this album, but let me instead direct you to a few personal favorites. “Down The Road” is a groovy anthem that’s fittingly perfect for a late night drive, “Confused” is a loungey yet fiery jaunt bursting at the seams with passion, and “Blue Genes” is a beautiful blend of funk and wavy r&b production. From front to back, Louie has such a detailed sound with endless layers that guarantees him a major entry into the music scene with Notes.

I’ll take my personal anecdote to a literal place today – simply put, I like to take notes. Every morning, I sit down and write a few paragraphs on anything and everything that comes to mind. It calms the chaos of my brain down and focuses in on what’s important in the coming day while also clearing up and resentments or confusion so that I’m grounded. I also take endless notes while reading books, making a point to notate every single thing that I find valuable so that it never leaves my brain. There’s something so inherently powerful about putting pen to paper, and I couldn’t begin to intellectualize or explain it, but trust that I’ll continue to do so and ensure my thoughts are being maximized for contemplation, calming, or anything in between.