du0 – Come Home | Better Place

du0’s new pair of singles feel like being taken to a secular church with a communal channeling of the positive spirit of the universe. There’s a thread of pure joy and optimism running through these tracks, unlocking pleasure centers within the brain that rush upon arrival, overwhelming the self with a sense of comfort akin to the comfort of home. “Come Home” is the slow evolution of this progression, building with an indie-laced beat whose landscape flies by as you’re aboard an imagined train, soaking in what’s in front of you. “Better Place” marks the explosion of color after the introspection, pumping up the tempo with a quicker paced beat more apt to move the feet beneath you.

Even when things are tough and a cloud of grey sets itself upon you, there’s better days ahead. Once you’re driven through the ringer enough and seen the light at the end of the tunnel time and time again, there’s a sliver of understanding that things will eventually be okay. It’s a weird transition period in life right now, not just on a personal level, but at a global level where a current of some sort of change seems to be coursing through our collective fields…you can feel the vibrations fluttering without knowing where they’re going to manifest next, but if you trust in a process that has run through humanity for an endless amount of years, then hope continues to reign free.