Rich Delinquent – It’s Cold Where I’m From

Rich Delinquent returns to our pages with an emotional ballad that’s classic in its sentiments yet forward-thinking in sound, calling upon introspective vocals spread atop an externalized electronic beat that wobbles as each heart-string is tugged. “It’s Cold Where I’m From” begins with a sparse atmosphere spliced with keys as Rich Delinquent’s vocals exist front and center, exactly where they should be as he’s fittingly rich in tone and bursting with emotion. That monologue eventually gives way to the aforementioned electronic stylings as synths are stretched like rubber bands, shifting form but always existing within the limits of the song’s carefully curated atmosphere. There’s no doubt that this is Rich Delinquent’s best release yet.

There were points in my life where I reveled in the darkness – the blanket of grey is a comfortable state indeed. Much like Rich Delinquent setting his piano on fire in an act of an emotional rebuttal, I eventually saw the utter monotony and uselessness of being trapped by the cold of the heart. It is poetic and makes for fascinating art, but I simply couldn’t live like that anymore. I needed the fires of passion and love to burn inside me, to feel fulfilled and feel a sense of purpose beyond those frosty moments. “It’s Cold Where I’m From” reminds me of where I came from and where I’m going.