updog – dying breath

updog’s new single is a major mission statement that puts him in a distinguished category of artists who have figured out the perfect intersection between raw throwback vocals and super current electronic sounds. “dying breath” is a colossal heavy hitter in every sense of the word, feeling like the perfect soundtrack to your latest epic highlight video as the drop arrives with thunderous grandiosity, rippling through the airwaves without restraint. That said, it’s a precise, calculated venture where no sound is wasted – it’s tailor made and meticulously crafted, showing an attention to detail that elevates “dying breath” above its sonic contemporaries.

What will you take to the grave? Is there anything within you that is impossible to speak, impossible to vocalize, impossible to relay to another human? It might feel that way, but it doesn’t have to be – 99% of our innermost secrets aren’t isolated or unique – they’re shared sentiments, that when discussed with another human being, provide the beginning of infinite relief. If you believe this human form is just one cycle of our cosmic journey, then why not prepare yourself as deeply as possible for the next step? Clear your mind, clear your heart, and become the best version of you!