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EMPT Exclusive: The New York Groove Mix by Barry Poppins & Falcon Punch

I’m not guilty You’re the one who’s guilty The lawmakers and politicians The Colombian druglords All you who lobby against making drugs legal Just like you did with alcohol during the prohibition You’re the one who’s guilty -Nino Brown, New Jack City (1991) There are several things that I realize and think about every day. They’re […]

Frank Ocean + Mick Jones + Paul Simonon + Diplo – HERO

December 7th, 2008, I was 24 years old living at 1 River Place with my friend Nick, steps from the Hudson river in Manhattan. At the time I was producing a lot of music, in fact that’s all I was doing. That Sunday morning my mind was racing a million miles a minute as usual […]

As+ronomyy — Things I’d Do For U

It’s Leo season, and I bring that up because this next tune here, Things I’d Do For You by As+ronomyy, is simply about the subject that Leo’s hold as the most important thing in their lives—Love. “Things I’d Do For You” is a minimalist display of sounds and lyrics that are as direct and as […]

Ellie Goulding — Tessellate (Alt-J Cover)

The dog days of summer are here, and New York City is literally a melting pot drenched in sweat, watery air conditioning units, and the chances of having a good hair day are slim to none. It’s not even 9 AM as I sit in my little house 34 stories up sipping the life out […]

Lorde Vs. Biggie — Can I Get Witcha Love Club (Carter Mashup)

Pick at your food with the knife in your right hand cutting the meat, and fork in your left hand to hold the meet down. After a few bite-sized pieces of food are cut, place knife on edge of plate with blades facing in. Eat the food by switching the fork over to your right hand […]

Parra For Cuva feat. Anna Naklab – Wicked Games (Original Mix)

The original “Wicked Games” by Chris Isaak has to be one of my favorite songs, the lyrics, and the luring strums of the guitar, it’s so effortlessly beautiful and timeless. So when I heard this original mix from Parra For Cuva & Anna Naklab I fell in love all over again.  I can shamelessly say […]

FTSE vs Bipolar Sunshine — A LITTLE SUMTHIN

Sometimes we get so caught up in the idea of how we see things, that we simply fail to realize the reality that’s in front of us.  It could be anything.  The hopeless romantic in me is always referring to love, so why stop today? A friend asked me if there was a way one […]