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GHETTO HYDRO: Dominican Dembow Mixtape 2016 by KILL OZA

I was in the Dominican Republic not long ago for my sister’s wedding. As a boy I saw my sisters face before my mind was consiously able to hold that memory. That thought came to me as I saw her walk down the isle. Through the veil I looked at her and time stood still. The baby I was with before […]

Hydro Begins Mixtape (Best of UK Grime 2015-2016) (EMPT Exclusive)

The last time I saw Travis Scott was right before ‘Antidote’ hit the radio. My lawyer got me balcony tickets next to all the suits and celebrities, the typical hype fair. But just before the madness I got a sick feeling in my stomach that I wasn’t a part of the real show. Sitting there […]

EMPT Exclusive: The New York Groove Mix by Barry Poppins & Falcon Punch

I’m not guilty You’re the one who’s guilty The lawmakers and politicians The Colombian druglords All you who lobby against making drugs legal Just like you did with alcohol during the prohibition You’re the one who’s guilty -Nino Brown, New Jack City (1991) There are several things that I realize and think about every day. They’re […]

As+ronomyy — Things I’d Do For U

It’s Leo season, and I bring that up because this next tune here, Things I’d Do For You by As+ronomyy, is simply about the subject that Leo’s hold as the most important thing in their lives—Love. “Things I’d Do For You” is a minimalist display of sounds and lyrics that are as direct and as […]

Parra For Cuva feat. Anna Naklab – Wicked Games (Original Mix)

The original “Wicked Games” by Chris Isaak has to be one of my favorite songs, the lyrics, and the luring strums of the guitar, it’s so effortlessly beautiful and timeless. So when I heard this original mix from Parra For Cuva & Anna Naklab I fell in love all over again.  I can shamelessly say […]