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The Van Allen Belt – One On The Board

Sometimes shit just stands out because it’s funky, cool and it’s got so much swag to it that it is deemed undeniable by everyone who sees it. In this case, it’s everyone who hears it. “One On The Board” by band: The Van Allen Belt is all that funky swag in one super cool tune that knocks, […]

Alessia Cara – Here

This song has been out for a moment, but honestly, deserves a good write up. The tune will sound instantly familiar pulling the track from somewhere you know with lyrics that are even more so. Alessia Cara does what I love in lyrics and a track, creating a whole scene. It is a story that takes […]

Louis the Child – It’s Strange (Feat. K-Flay)

The path of resistance is never the one we intend on taking, but sometimes it turns out that way. The fork in the road offers two paths, neither are particularly enticing. Uphill or the unknow,n or not the right time. It is refreshing, the “power of the squad” and what it can do when you […]

JATA – Ebony

The most passionate kinds of love are the ones we wish to control the most, even knowing that love is the most uncontrollable thing on the planet. Our primal instincts with our very first few relationships are to try and control love and fidelity, until somewhere down the line we begin to realize that these […]

Delany Jane – Shades Of Grey (Tony Tokyo Remix)

I’m losing sleep Light a smoke so I can breathe It’s too dark, it’s too loud in the city” Every once in a while my soul requires a huge change. Do you ever feel this way too? It’s like a timer inside of me goes off and I feel the need to get away from […]

Saint Sister – Madrid

Too often people pretend that they are happy because they feel that they have so much in comparison to the poor people of the world, but we always know that people are full of shit, and that they don’t know what true happiness is like, because you and I have seen it together. They think […]

Drake – Hold On (Funk Academy Remix)

Mitch hadn’t been able to cope with Kate’s breakup. He got teary-eyed every-time he checked his Instagram profile and saw another usies of them at some random moment back home. Sure, their colleges were thousands of miles apart, and somewhere inside he knew she was right about them eventually moving on, but he wasn’t ready, […]

Kill The Boy And Let The Man Be Born

The world my father grew up in man holy shit, what a lonely, dark and painful place it was.. That dude went from a ghetto in bumblefuck, Dominican Republic to getting my ungrateful ass in front of Presidents and Pop stars by like 13… Oh Lord, got a whole lot to show for it – […]

Brijs – Tell It How It Is

Each of us had all the troubles we could carry. They rained down on us from the sky, and we raced around in a frenzy to pick them up and stuff them in our pockets.” – Haruki Murakami, Pinball, 1973 We’re all guilty of carrying our troubles in our back pockets aren’t we? More often than I’d […]

Grace Mitchell – Jitter

A new lady on the scene who can rap and sing better than you. Lyrics punching through the song which has this danceable production and sexy French somethings littered throughout. It is a song for Fridays and middle fingers if you ask me. The track was sent in from the artists as she launches her first album that […]