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A Foreign Affair

A five second love affair lasts for no more than a few months. At the very best, it will last for six months up to a year, but even then one or both parties recognize that it is over long before the cute messages cease and the butterflies in your belly are fully digested. But […]

The Weekend Mix — May 2015

I guess I’m preparing myself for my next move back to the left coast. That’s right—I‘m going, going, back, back, to Cali, Cali. Living the bicoastal life between NYC and LA from 2008-2011 I learned a lot about the world. Having been born and raised my entire life in NYC, there were things that I could […]

Because It’s Friday…

So much is going on in the world today that I don’t know where to begin or where to end. More police killing innocent civilians, more media focusing on what’s not important, more violence, less equality, more poverty, less housing—the world is a very screwy place. For this reason is why I needed something quirky […]

Peace Changes Nothing

The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of” And I dream a little harder for those who bleed.” Historically, peace has never changed a damn thing. The same people that want us to believe that we can change shit peacefully in this country are […]

Aline – Je bois et puis je danse

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I Don’t Want To Make Love

I don’t want to make love. The energy of the world right now for whatever reason is not of love but of passion. I don’t want to caress you, I want to fuck you. I want you passionately, not passively and by you I mean everything. Now is not the time to settle for good enough, […]

Get Your Shit Together, Cheer Up, Smoke a Cigarette

You know this feeling When the world stops turning Focus on the the bright side Life can make you bitter But you’ll wake up stronger So focus on the bright side” A friend of mine asked me if she should send a few friend requests over to her French boo-thang fling that she met a […]

Is Gay a Choice?

I don’t know if being gay is a choice or something you are born with. I can’t say that I have ever thought that I was a girl trapped in a man’s body. I do know that human beings are curious by nature. I do see how a boy can fall in love with his […]

Harsh Laughter Over Pretty Smiles

I watched a show recently that was about people looking for love in a club on one single night. This somehow reminded me of every relationship I have ever had if I had to put together a four minute reel of all of them to show the world. Throughout that reel I have learned that […]

Control Your Mind

Her: “It’s been ages since I’ve seen you.” Me: ‘I’ve been really busy.’ We have the capabilities to develop anti-addictive bodies. We have the power to avoid sickness. We can control happiness in our lives. All of these things come with the ultimate control of one’s mind. Controlling one’s own mind is an ongoing practice. […]