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Category Archives: Music

Kan Wakan – Molasses (Feat. Elle Olsun)

This song is the musical version of onomatopoeia, the term for a word that resembles the sound it describes. But is there a word for songs that sound and feel like the title of the song? I’m too focused on writing this post (aka too lazy to open up another tab) to look it up, but I’m […]

Chet Porter – Stay (Feat. Chelsea Cutler)

Chelsea Cutler’s previous collaborations with Andrew Luce clued me in on the East Coast singer’s raw talent, but in tandem with Chet Porter, she has delivered a performance that solidifies her as a must-hear voice in electronic music. Delivering a crystal-clear melody that hits every note with a methodical ebb-and-flow, it’s difficult to conjure up […]

Popeska – Take You Up On That (Feat. ACES)

An eruption of colors, blossoming like a flower from the ground at an accelerated pace, but not of this earth. Sunlight and moonlight trade back and forth with one another. It’s otherworldly, yet it’s home. Popeska’s newest nudges this vivid mental imagery into existence with no regard for restraining sonic possibilities. As ACES’ vocals lay […]

O.J. Hodding – Kicking Back (Ft. Masta Marx)

When I first heard O.J. Hodding’s subtly accented flow clearly over a beat as smooth as a skater’s cruise down some stretch of concrete, it was like a gulp of cold water in this heat. Kicking Back quenches a thirst for clean lyricism I didn’t even realize I had. There are a lot of new […]

Elephante – Catching On (Feat. Nevve)

I feel like one of the most unheralded aspects of a hit song is the way the production mirrors the topic matter. It’s a really subtle thing, and many a song passes by without me thinking about that type of sonic-conceptual chemistry. But Elephante and Nevve’s gem “Catching On” reminded me how important it is, and […]