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Category Archives: Music

The Small Square – SML

It’s not often that I hear great music. I mean, to be quite honest, the last time I heard something great was Adele’s 25 over at my boy’s place in LA. He’s got some really cool monitors that scanned the room for its sweet spot and modified themselves to that room and its dimensions. Needless […]

THEY. – Motley Crue (AWAY Remix)

The remixer, AWAY, took the They.‘s “Motley Crue” track and decompressed its potential by unleashing a furious blow of sounds that instantly improve the overall feel of the original’s lyrics and make anyone ready for war. Some might say we’re armed and dangerous Pay the price of the life every night but it ain’t enough Pain is the […]

Kyson – You

I am a dirty culprit of reading those lists made for every situation. “Twenty Reminders You Were Born in the ’80’s“, “30 Things That Only Floridians Will Understand“. You get it. I remember reading one on the “Fifteen Things No One Tells You When You Move Out of the Country.” Being an ex-pat for nearly […]

Mura Masa – Are You There (KATARAXXIA Remix)

You know how one moment, you’ll be checking your snaps, and then someone will text you and you’ll head on over to read that text message. And then, halfway through reading that text, someone will DM you on the gram. In the meantime, there’s music playing in the background and you’re thinking about what your […]

Pablo Nouvelle – I Will (feat. Sam Wills)

When I read her email that said she had given someone else a chance in her life, I was crushed. Somewhere in my head I thought we would go about our ways and then get back together like the end of some romantic comedy. But that wasn’t going to happen here. I’m not even sure […]

Sweeney – Bottle Talk

As Fashion Week dawns upon us, I’m getting ready to hit court up in LA and then fly back into the city to catch all the beautiful styles and swaggers that will be walking around town in NYC a week from now. There’s nothing better than that feeling that comes over me the moment I […]

Sea Span – Winter Sublet

Just go with your gut. That’s the answer. Yea, I’m talking directly to you. Weren’t you the one pondering that decision in your head anyway? Stop listening to your mothers and fathers, boy/girlfriends and lovers. The decision you wanted to make was already made before you asked. It was made before they gave you their […]

WDL – Hurricane Highlife (feat. MAWE)

I remember leaving the bar at the Andaz on Sunset one night after midnight, drunk as all hell. I was charged up on life, but I was depressed about the girl in my life at that time being thousands of miles away. We had just gotten back from Sundance about a week before, and I […]

Janessa Evrist – Where You Stand

Sometimes a song just says it all for you: Well, if you’re looking for somewhere to leave your footprints, Please look to the ground, my dear. And if you’re hoping for something, To walk all over, Please, go elsewhere, not here. And I just want to, know, where you stand. Cause I swear, it, Feels […]

Givers & Takers – Start The Morning

If you’re a sucker for soulful basslines, smooth vocals and a swig of your morning coffee or a hit of that morning cigarette, “Start The Morning” by Givers & Takers will become an instant favorite. Morning routines become ritual. It’s the one of the few times of the day where we are left alone with our […]