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I typically don’t dive into the heavier side of electronic music but I’m absolutely blown away at how next level this VNCCII cut is. I covered her way back in 2017 and it seems like she took time off to recalibrate and develop a sound that’s just lightyears ahead of not only her old catalog […]

Poldoore – A Brand New Day (feat. ASM & Balkan Bump)

I’ve known of Poldoore for a minute but this is the first time he’s truly come across my radar and it couldn’t have happened at a better time. This is a total throwback to the glory days of hip-hop that I hold in such high esteem and it’s insane that some of the best contemporary […]

Noé – Color

Noé is putting out music at a seriously steady clip this year and I couldn’t be more grateful. She has such an intricate approach to her music that makes a genuine impact rather than going in one ear and out the other like so much music within the saturated landscape tends to do these days. […]

Dizzy Spells – Pool

Another amazing song came across my radar this week and I knew I had to share it as soon as I heard it. This one comes from an insanely talented band called Dizzy Spells and gives all the other indie-pop releases from this year a serious run for their money. It’s an intelligent fusion of […]

SMLE – Counting Down (Feat. Ella Poletti)

SMLE know how to put a massive smile on your face and they do just that on this Friday morning. Their newest is called “Counting Down” and it’s a glitzy, glistening synthesis of everything attractive in electro-pop. There’s playful synths and keys, dramatic percussion, and an overarching celebratory groove that functions like a rush of […]

Lo Lytes – Winter

Lo Lytes just came across my radar and he does it in stunning fashion on his brand new single. It’s called “Winter” and it has enough sensual friction to melt all the ice of this season away in an instant (okay, so there’s no ice in Los Angeles right now, but you get the idea). […]

NEIKED – Lifestyle (feat. Husky)

NEIKED are straight up one of the best acts in indie-pop right now. It should be no surprise that they’re Swedish born and bred as that country seems to have an inherent understanding of how to make the catchiest music on Earth. I’m not sure if it’s genetic or if there’s something in the water, […]

Broken Back – Breathe Slow

Broken Back released one of my favorite songs of the young year with “Young Love” and he comes through yet again on “Breathe Slow”. It’s the perfect song to take a moment and appreciate the present moment to as you observe your breath and your surroundings and become one with this very second. Music can […]


I’ve been thinking about the universe a lot lately, so it’s fitting that BVRGER would come through with a meditation on looking up to the sky and getting lost in the stars. His single, “COOPER”, is a subtly groovy exploration of electro-pop’s capacity to paint an interstellar picture. It’s vividly composed and vicariously exciting as […]

Ammo x Kaleena Zanders – Wake Up

An absolute banger entered my inbox and I figured there was no better way to kick off Friday than write it up. It’s an insane cover of Travis Scott’s “Wake Up” with vocal dramatics from Kaleena Zanders and wild, wonky production from Ammo that spirals into a hypnotic groove. It’s apparently the launch of a […]