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I’ll Never Be Forgiven

Syd had a baby and treated me different Erica sued me and opened a business Wonder if they was here, shit could have been different Wonder what they’d do put in my position I wonder, when my shit drop, do they listen? Wonder if they’re second guessin’ their decisions I hate the number 2, that […]

Noisey, Complex, The FADER: It’s All A Bunch of Vapid Click Bait Nonsense

You lack the minerals and vitamins, irons and the niacin F&$k who that I offend, rappers sit back I’m bout to begin… – O.C. Outrageous and often misleading headlines. Fabricated or inaccurate stories. Little to no accountability and rampant sensationalism. Endless streams of “news” where there is none. Gawker, TMZ, legendary media manipulators like Irin Camron […]

Hydro Begins Mixtape (Best of UK Grime 2015-2016) (EMPT Exclusive)

The last time I saw Travis Scott was right before ‘Antidote’ hit the radio. My lawyer got me balcony tickets next to all the suits and celebrities, the typical hype fair. But just before the madness I got a sick feeling in my stomach that I wasn’t a part of the real show. Sitting there […]

A R I Z O N A – I Was Wrong (RAMI x Jiinio Remix)

To me, this song sounds like vintage EMPT. Before I ever wrote for this site, I was listening to it. I would stay up late and scour the internet for trails of music that inspired me. Combing the deep crevasses of the internet, listening to mixed tapes, suggestions from friends, embarking on the never-ending quest for […]

Great American Canyon Band – Crash

What is it that you seek in someone you want to be with? A conversation led to this as a friend said she missed that “heart racing, butterflies in your stomach” moment when you start to fall for, chase that feeling for someone. They loved the clouded mind, reacting like an addict to the other, […]