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Lion Babe — Jump Hi feat. Childish Gambino

Tie me down, try to hold me up But the wall ain’t high enough They play so hard In a game so rough But I still can’t Give it up” There is so much happening around the world that American Patriots fail to realize. Most of those older generations have been so brainwashed that they […]

The Avener – Fade Out Lines

The song is instantly sexy. It is tangled in it like long legs on the bed. The Avener has a sound that evokes a feeling sexuality, calmness and one where dancing is inevitable to it. Tristan of The Avener described the tune as  “hard to define. It’s blues with jazz, folk and funk influences, and electronic instruments. […]

Beshken ft. Soraya – Right Time

Santa Monica-based producer Ben Shirken AKA Beshken, partnered up with Soraya for this simply enjoyable song, “Right Time”. It starts off slowly, with only Soraya’s voice softly caressing our ear drums alongside a keyboard, after which melds with an uptempo medley of drums and organ sounds. Occasional manipulation of vocals, and breaks in tempo add character to the song. The R&B […]

Gil Scott-Heron – Home Is Where The Hatred Is

Something very powerful dawned on me yesterday and it’s the fact that we’ve been taught to be afraid of our imagination. For example, if someone came into the spotlight and said ‘the world is nothing but a projection, nothing you see is actually here, it’s just a collective visualization,’ most people would say that person […]

Champions — Roaming In Paris

Feeling like a prince when the wine is on Waiting on the Metro, sucking your tongue“ There’s something about forbidden love that attracts me more than any other kinds of loves that exist out there. Maybe it’s my natural resistance to rules, regulations and laws, or maybe it’s just that on the inside I have […]

Nas — It Ain’t Hard To Tell (From the Leafs Remix)

Because nobody ever gets mad about Nas, right? This is my: ‘fuck you and all your bullshit‘ tune for today. It’s a classy remix of Nas‘ classic “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” that’s perfect for a classy Friday. Tonight I shall be wining and dining with a gorgeous girl in one of the city’s swankier […]

Charles Bradley – Why Is It So Hard (live on KEXP)

Then I moved to Brooklyn, New York Had hard times…But sometimes I hold on… Some days I feel pretty weary; there’s only so much a human can do for other people before she breaks. Grown up responsibilities got me down this week. Not enough time for the work I love and for the brain stretching […]

TEEMID & Joie Tan – Crazy (Gnarls Barkley Cover)

There was something so pleasant about that place Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” is one of the most memorable songs of my teenage years. I first discovered it as a freshman in high school. I went to visit my childhood best friend in England and she had just bought “St. Elsewhere”. So we listened to it incessantly and […]

Mos Def – Umi Says

Sometimes I find myself with little to no desire to be a functioning bolt in the money machine that rules in the 3rd dimension. Sometimes I just want to be an artist, fully engaged in the place the mind goes to when listening to an amazing song, when writing poetry, when emerged in romance, when […]

Made In Heights — Murakami

It’s just a story though Is it a story though? I can’t tell if it happened cause it felt impossible Don’t know whether it was real or a dream Imagination playing tricks on me” For a while after the divorce of my last relationship, I could feel those exact words that you just read above […]