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Category Archives: Music

Fjord – Hey Hey My My (Neil Young cover)

On the surface, a cover song seems like a slam dunk concept. You release an (presumably) already well written and nicely arranged song by an artist with an (presumably) established fan base, sit back, and watch your followers skyrocket. It’s just that simple! But nope. Most bands will tell you, it’s mostly a challenge not […]

Illenium – Sleepwalker (Virtu remix)

While enjoying the beautiful ride that is this song, I started thinking about how I rarely, if ever, remember my dreams. And if I can remember anything, it’s these little mundane dreams where I’m running errands or performing some pending chore. Honestly, isn’t that worse than having nightmares all the time? Basically I have to run […]

Pretty Sister – West Coast

I’m all for refreshing my perspective about Los Angeles. I need songs like this to remind me how luscious and gorgeous LA can truly be. I’ve lived in this sprawling city for almost 20 years, and I’m still not quite sure how I feel about it. People shout out “I LOVE LA” but in all sincerity […]

Joey Purp – GIRLS (Feat. Chance The Rapper)

Where the girls at? I’m on my way to a VR party to try to HTC Vive. I can just about guarantee the girls will not be there. Either way I had to take some time out and post this jam before the weekend. Joey Purp crushes this track and the beat is nothing but […]

SNBRN (feat. Holly Winter) – Sometimes

Something about beginning of this song feels as pensive as the title. It’s feels like it’s testing the waters, dipping it’s toe in to see how cold it is. Then you can feel the nostalgic vibe kick in, the misty-eyed thoughts about the past, certain electric moments that are ingrained in your brain like flashbulb […]