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Category Archives: Music

Speaker Of The House and REMMI – Awake Asleep

The question REMMI asks in the chorus, “Are we awake, are we asleep, c’mon tell me what it really means” is the same question I’m asking while listening to this gorgeous soundscape. This song just oozes with feeling and emotion, one of those songs that lets you indulge whatever mood you’re in. Like a drug […]

BLU J – IN 2 U

Blu J have a knack for flipping my favorite joints into outright smashes regardless of how extroverted the source material is, whether it be Imogen Heap’s “Headlock” or Deadmau5 and Kaskade’s “I Remember.” Fortunately for listeners’ yearning ears, the duo are yet again gracious enough to provide more of the same on “IN 2 U,” […]

DeCarlo – Lit Right Now

Songs that touch on drug-induced attraction in clubs are always welcomed, generally recreating the lusty haze of liquor, smoke, and other various substances for vibing club-goers and for those outside their doors, living in the moment vicariously. While DeCarlo never approaches club culture with condescension on “Lit Right Now,” he makes it apparent that the […]

Elephante – Sirens (Feat. Nevve)

It amazes me how a siren can illicit such different emotions. The siren sound can mean danger and harm. It can also cause panic and fear. It can also mean safety and rescue. It all depends on your perspective when hearing the siren. Sometimes I’ll hear a siren in the distance and it almost comforts me, […]

Clams Casino – I’m God (San Holo Edit)

In 2010, I watched a video of Tyler, The Creator getting buck to a song in his car, a song whose energy I couldn’t quite shake upon repeated views. After some research, I found the Kreayshawn-directed visuals for Lil B’s quintessential freestyle, “Like A Martian.” After the discovery of “Like A Martian,” I dug into […]