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Abby Diamond – There’s A Light In My Room

Sleek yet nuanced, the artwork for “There’s A Light In My Room” sits somewhere between fashion magazine photoshoot and art display. Abby Diamond’s first single of the year is thus an appropriately intriguing single that balances rich r&b with disorienting alt-pop instrumentation. Most notably, the fusion of a weighty low-end and quirky stylings à la […]

Muneshine & DARCYS – Full Throttle (PWNDTIAC Remix)

I love re-releases of old video games that maintain the core ethos of the original while making it more accessible for new audiences. In particular, I’ve been drooling over Nintendo’s forthcoming Metroid: Samus Returns, a newly imagined take on Metroid II for the 3DS. As someone who fell in love with the series through another […]

HRDY – Cruel Summer (Feat. Malvina)

I swear I’m not trying to always write about the 80s but it keeps making its way to me even when I’m listening to new music. So when “Cruel Summer” first came out it felt like the cheesier side of the 80s sound…not hair metal cheesy, but the kind of cheesy that would be playing […]

Axel Mansoor – Wasted My Love (Remix Pack)

“I guess it’s time to move on the next best thing.” I’m not sure if Axel Mansoor was talking about releasing a remix pack once we decided we wanted to hear more of “Wasted My Love”, but it worked out quite nicely. Sleeping Lion and Dulsae’s flips of the track do Mansoor’s infectious vocal performance […]

San Holo – The Future (Taska Black Remix)

In the midst of a discussion about working toward the future yesterday, an acquaintance said that too many people think too far ahead – they’re focused on a grandiose vision years down the road without focusing on the present. It’s important to have aspirations, but rather than banking on huge leaps of progress, you have […]

Highschool Jacob – E Flat

Vocalists these days don’t seem to have the swagger I came to expect from straight up stage stealers like Michael Jackson and Pete Burns. You might think I’m talking about how they look on stage, and you wouldn’t be totally wrong there – have you seen how awkward The Weeknd (this decade’s supposed response to […]

LondonBridge – Best Friends

Space Yacht is a consistently positive space that finds a colorful group of Angelenos going hard every Tuesday night for a revolving door of rising and established creatives alike. Resident ringleader LondonBridge is not only one of the brains behind Space Yacht, but also a producer that thrives on absurdly groovy house tunes with a […]

Finis Mundi – Lose It All? (What If)

Have you ever found yourself hypnotized by the cyclical events of a metro underground? Have you watched people circulate from train to platform, platform to train? Have you watched the trains come and go? Have you stepped onto that train before departure? Have you snapped out of it? Has summer heat permeated through the packed […]

Truitt & Light House – Tokyo

With attention spans for digesting music shorter than ever, artists have been forced to diversify their sounds at risk of spreading their sonic palate too thin. As a direct result, I’ve found myself saving hoards of songs for a brilliant 30-second run surrounded by less impressive content that unfortunately feels forced. There’s of course still […]

Saukrates – The Underground Tapes

Well, we’re officially old. It had been knocking on the door, but when a rapper about the same age as you can re-release a classic album about 20 years after it’s initial release, well, now said door has been torn off it’s hinges. I can vividly remember when “Father Time” dropped, probably in 1998. I […]