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EZRA – Crine

A certified banger in honor of another HARD Summer this weekend, rock on. Share on Tumblr

RAEKO – Everybody Knows (ft. Mating Ritual)

  Change can make you feel alive.” Ultimately we all stay the same person from birth to death.  The change is more in our actions, the way we do things, perspectives, but for instance sociopaths are born sociopaths, you don’t become a sociopath, it’s already in your blood, that’s what you will be until the […]

Swim Good x Merival — Since You Asked (Star Slinger Edit)

What can you really do if someone doesn’t like you? Do you melt away like the wicked witch of the west, or do you just simply die because of it? Probably not, and who gives a fuck anyway because life is too motherfucking short to respond to text messages from wack people and not spam […]

Paper Giants — Low

Cruising the boulevard with Steve and Matt one sunny California afternoon, the world seemed like one beautiful slow motion film as I stared out from the back window. At La Cienega we made a quick left and then another left onto Santa Monica. I was leaving LA for NYC that night and I just wanted […]

Say Lou Lou – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (Tame Impala Cover)

It feels like we only go backwards darling.” This was the story of my life for too long.  My love life, my music world, family, friends.  Nothing seemed to be going my way, it was like a black cloud was following me around everywhere I went, pointing the finger at me and making sure that […]

TEA — Funhouse

Only music has the power to overwhelm us immediately with spontaneous emotion. It can immediately empower us just as fast as it can instantly break us down into tears. But it is only when we connect music with our lives that it has the power to do this, and then, it is up to our minds, and for some of […]

Starling — Misfit

It was a Friday and Vanessa had just left for work. We had not been talking all week after her birthday dinner at home that Sunday. Every morning she would go to work and every morning I would wake up on the couch as soon as I would hear the door slam. I guess I […]

Hansmann & Klausing — Who Are You (Radio Edit)

Social Media and the Internet have become the modern day Ministry of Truth. Through them you are able to become anyone you want the world to believe you are by editing who you have been. But does who you are today really have anything to do with who you were? We live in one giant […]

Quincy Jones: Honey, We Have No Music Industry

“If you don’t like the system simply create one of your own.” – Our Band Could Be Your Life (Book). Ever since getting my Masters in Music Business I have been so inspired to do things that I never thought I would be doing beyond just making music for myself and artists alike.  It feels great […]

NoMBe – Miss Mirage

Miss Mirage…if I had a nickel for every one of those. Lovers who fade in and out of our lives like translucent visions in incalculable distance. Funny how we assign meaning, value, and STORY to love before it actually exists. We construct it like a pyramid in our minds prior to any tangible evidence — […]