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Sam Padrul — Why Do I Do (Ft. Jason Gaffner)

The world is constantly moving and I find myself moving right along with it. Sometimes we’re ahead of the Earth’s curve when we find ourselves pacing right alongside it, but it’s only when we are running at full speed that we find ourselves on an entirely different orbit. Today is Wednesday, it’s a new month and […]

Little Giants — Lately (Monsieur Adi Remix)

Lately I’ve been thinking that I want you instantly Only know you for a minute, but it’s good enough for me” Sometimes we meet people and we connect with them so fast that we forget anything that happened before that encounter and we stop stressing about anything that we previously expected to come after those […]

I’m Not A Band — Cages (Frider Neumann Radio Mix)

We live in cages to never feel alone“ You’re not the only one who has had their feelings crushed by some entitled bully. You’re not the only one who has had their heart ripped right out of their chest by someone you thought loved you, unconditionally. You’re not the only one who has built strength […]

A.Chal — Round Whippin

Learn these words really quickly: I BEEN GOING AROUND WHIPPIN// ALL THRU THE NIGHT // ME IN A // 2 SEATER LIKE // ROUND WHIPPIN GOING GET IT RIGHT // GOING GET IT RIGHT “Round Whippin” by A.Chal is that new night time summer jam that you rock to as your cruisin’ by yourself or with […]

BECOME X Elohim – She Talks Too Much

I’m trying to reach uncharted territory as a modern-day Christopher Columbus of spirituality so I spend a lot of time exploring the abstract – shit like meditation, talking to plants, the nature of time etc. So far my experiments have yielded marvelous results but one interesting thing about espcaping every day communication is going back and talking to […]

John Newman — Come And Get It (Kideko Remix)

This next jam is brought to you by remixer Kideko courtesy of John Newman‘s single “Come And Get It“. It’s a nonstop, nearly five minute ride of  four-on-the-floor goodness mixed with catchy chants for adlibs, awesomely tucked-in and panned bongos, cool vocal chops and a fierce vocal performance by Mr. Newman himself. This dancy electro […]

Converse Rubber Tracks: A Public Service Announcement

I don’t have time for anything anymore because I’m doing everything. Every second of the day is spent either learning how to program Swift, writing music for multiple projects, curating thousands of brands around the world, trying to wrap my head around the ever-changing global financial crisis or deepening my relationship with creativity and self-expression. […]

Fitness Club Fiasco — Ghost Dance

After a long weekend I needed a little bit of a pick-me-up to get my Monday morning going. I try not to let any negative energies in, but sometimes that seems impossible when you’re stuck in a city with so many negative minds. People will look at you funny for no other reason than to […]

The Summer Solstice 2015 Playlist: Haves & Have Nots

There are two sets of people on this planet. Those that create who therefore can appreciate art, and those who are incapable of creating on their own, therefore all they do is hire artists, or buy their art. It’s easy to spot either. It’s what people who base success off of how much material stuff you can […]

My Dear — Better Dance

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