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Category Archives: Remixes

2Pac – Dear Mama (Boehm Remix)

Becoming a Mother has shown me that everyday should be for the Mama’s.  Bringing a child into the world isn’t easy but it’s also the most beautiful and rewarding gift that truly only a mother can understand.  I have spent the past 5 months raising my little girl on my own.  I have discovered a […]

Rain Man – Bring Back The Summer (INSTRUM Remix)

Summer used to mean a lot of things to me.  I used to call it “freedom”, freedom from school, freedom from the long Winter, freedom to let loose, but now I realize that I am more free than I have ever been in my entire life.  I have a baby, I am single, working, so […]

BECOME X NoMBe – Miss Mirage

Original Posted On – July 20, 2015 Miss Mirage…if I had a nickel for every one of those. Lovers who fade in and out of our lives like translucent visions in incalculable distance. Funny how we assign meaning, value, and STORY to love before it actually exists. We construct it like a pyramid in our […]

Trails and Ways ft. Harriet Brown – Downright (Falcon Punch Remix)

As I was half-watching Roger Federer dissect Andy Murray this weekend, one word came to my mind: finesse. It’s why Federer is the best to ever play tennis. It’s why LeBron James will never be Michael Jordan. It’s why John Stockton was better than Gary Payton. It’s why I prefer Pink Floyd to The Rolling […]

Holy Models – Lessons (Falcon Punch Remix)

We *suffered* through about three weeks of incessant rain in Colorado until the calendar turned to June. The whole vibe of the city was unusually bleak and low-key (yes even more chill than usual). No one was motivated to do much, and everyone I spoke to was just down in the dumps. Then June came, the […]