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OKAY-KAYA – I’m Stupid (But I Love You)

I’m so stupid But I love you” Elise didn’t know how to say that she was devastated because she had never spoke her true feelings to Jason. She just sat there and watched as her best friend Chelsea and him kissed for the first time out in the balcony at Matt’s penthouse as the clock […]

Major Lazer – Be Together (Ebano Remix)

We met up at MidiCi in Sherman Oaks. I walked in and immediately  walked over towards the bar, found a stool and ordered a glass of red wine. My palms were sweaty and my heart racing. Finally, after a few minutes of waiting that felt like hours, she walked in. There was that innocence to […]

Billy Who – Raise A Glass (Lucian Remix)

I guess the holidays are always a time of self reflection for me because they are so familiar. There’s so much comfort in that familiarity. The reminder that safe places are as spiritual as they can be physical. The air outside warning us that the end to another year is close by. The Christmas trees […]

VHS Collection – Late Night (It’s Okay)

This tune by VHS Collection brings me back to a girl I was once seeing a couple of years ago. She lived in Williamsburgh and I wasn’t a fan, but we hung out there all the time because it was close to her work as well. I’d jump on the 1 train from the Upper West […]

Buck – Underneath The Glow Of My Skin

A few years ago I was heartbroken. I was stuck in a fantasy that I didn’t know how to let go of. A video game, per say, that I could not put down and could not shut off. I wanted to restart the game before my character died, in essence cheating death. I was holding […]

Colleagues – Talk It Out

She asked what it was like to not be self conscious.  She was asking as I said I didn’t worry about being cheated on. I never thought about it. In my mind, it was not about thinking “who else is he going to go for?”. It is the fact that I have another hundred things […]

Oh, Be Clever – Blanket

“Character is all you have in the dark” Part of growing up means handling your own shit. It means being responsible for you and the decisions you make. It means paying your bills on time and making sure you don’t fuck up your credit because without credit, here in America, one cannot elevate. Yes, America […]

The Attic Sleepers Vs Morten Hampenberg – Airport

I’ve lost all track of time over the past couple of weeks. I’ve been in an endless blackhole of the mind. My thoughts change faster than my eyes can see. One minute I’m thinking of where my life is going and the next millisecond I’m thinking of where it’s been. At times, parts of both […]

Paul Cook – Wherever You Are (Embody Remix)

I’m in Miami wondering what I’m doing here. This isn’t my vibe. The weather isn’t cooperating much, and to be honest neither are the people. It’s quite the artistic shit show, but here we are, so living in it is a must. I need something to wake me up from this nightmare and put me in […]

RKCB – Lights Low

I remember years ago I had this friend who used to always talk about his “secret girlfriend.” He would talk about how she’d booty call him, she’d only come around at night, she’d leave before he woke up in the morning, etc. It sounded like heaven and the stories were always pretty captivating, though calling […]