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Tooth & Tusk – Never Going Back

You’re too mature to not have love in your life everyday. Real love. Not that shit you get for a night or two every other month, but the shit that you get every other couple of hours.

Do you honestly believe that you don’t need that in your life? Or has it been that long that you forgot what it’s like to have real love in your life everyday?

I remember real love being dope. I remember it always being passionategood or bad, and especially at its craziest.

I used to think about love.
It was all too hard.

Going around in circles,
I couldn’t make up my mind.

I would turn away,
As if I just didn’t care,
What was up with that?

Maybe start looking at these passed few years as figuring out what you will and won’t accept from love, and now as the time to put it into practice. You know why? Because years go by too quick. Because time doesn’t sit around waiting for you to figure it all out at your own pace. Because why spend another day without the kind of love that makes you crazy. The kind of passion that makes you want to rush home after a long day of work.

“Never Going Back is a disco fuelled, upbeat thumper featuring funked out bass, syncopated electric guitar rhythms, 70’s porn style wah wah and rich vocal harmonies. It is an all out disco banger with Courtney Constantinou belting out the lead vocal as she sings about the difficulties of finding love and how times and expectations are changing.” 

Tune in. Zone out.

Doprah – Lucid Visions

I spend way too many Valentines’s Days buying love. Let’s not kid ourselves. That’s what it was. I was buying love all those years. Ex-fiances, ex girlfriends, ex lovers. There was something so tasteless to me about the entire thing. I mean, why did that day have to be any different than the rest? To me, it was just another day that we went out to a nice restaurant and maybe stayed at a dope hotel to take a break from our apartments. Another night to frolick under high thread counts til the next morning.

Recently, I’ve had a few dozen friends claim single for this year’s Valentine rituals. It’s been a time of change for many of them, and a time for embracing those changes. I guess it’s a positive thing to embrace drastic life-altering changes within my group. They’re usually a sign of good things and great times to come, so why not? Right?

Anyway, “Lucid Visions” by Doprah is a good way to keep tonight in front of you and make it another epic Sunday night, wherever you are. For those of you that have off tomorrow, continue to celebrate life. Continue to make moments count and make them vividly memorable because today is just another Sunday before another holiday.


Happy V-Day everyone. xo

Lost Boyz – Channel Zero


Man I’m trying to blow
But yet this record shit is so slow”

Watching that Kanye show at MSG on Tidal yesterday, I realized that rap came a long way from the days of one of Queen’s finest rap groups: Lost Boyz.

The Lost Boyz represented an area of NYC that had long been overlooked, but that suffered from the same disparities in equality that The Bronx and Brooklyn had. They were poor, undereducated, and gang fights and shootings were a very common occurrence everyday in their lives.

I’m growing up in the ghetto
And there was nobody happy”

Picture an East Coast version of the film “Boyz n the Hood“, and here you have the daily lives of the Lost Boyz.

It’s getting harder day after day
Somebody gots to pay
And in my closet lays an AK
A newborn is found dead
Plus money killed the girl
And put the gun to his own head
You never hear this on the 6:00 news
When my niggas get killed in the street over tennis shoes”

Watching that Yeezy Season 3 show last night, I realized that Hip-Hop has also misplaced its humble beginnings somewhere along the way. It forgot about the message it was supposed to get across.

Decades later the world hasn’t changed much. Gas prices are about to drop back down to their 2002-2003 prices. Cops are now shooting us to death instead of beating us. Unemployment and homelessness are higher, regardless of The Establishment‘s attempt to tell us different. ‘We know better Mr. & Mrs. Establishment.’

We see the homeless on the streets, on church stairs in cardboard boxes along Fifth Ave. We see them sleeping on the trains. We hear of our friend’s friends and their family members losing jobs. We figured you were lying to us once we realized that you only gave us the number of jobs gained in your reporting, but never the amount of jobs lost over that same time. Why would you? I mean, at the most minimal levels, at least we do know how to conduct basic math. Shout out to our educational system. Which is SO flawless that we probably do the least in that area when it comes to funding, in order to improve it.

Yea. It doesn’t seem like the world has changed much to me either. But somehow, we forgot all of that and each other back at the forefronts of this revolution that still has yet to be satisfied. We’ve let society divide us yet again; just after we nearly almost had it. Here we are, NOT spreading the message. Too busy instagramming our newest sneakers and Hermes belts. Too busy snapchatting the successes of others.

Aren’t you tired of the same, too? Because I’m pretty fed up of nothing really changing after all these years. I’d sincerely like to see some significant changes, soon.

We need something different running our country. We also need someone back in rap who is going to represent the poor in America right now, too. Not a bunch of wannabe one-percenters with nothing to contribute to our people (the average American citizen). We clearly have enough of those.

Oh, and if you’re a Mark Wahlberg fan you just might want to skip this one…

[start video below at 0:59seconds]

Elliot Moss – Slip

How often do you eat when you are actually craving something? Actually hungry? Not just going through the motions. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Date night. Laundry. Make dinner. Bed. Breathe. Your daily becomes routine after a while. 

You need to do something for your dream.”

Nights slip through my fingers. Minutes pass and it feels like the scene with Zach Braff in Garden State sitting in the middle of a room when everything is whizzing by. But somehow we still cling to the excuse there is no time.

He said, “Why don’t you do something you want to then!” I was angry. I was angry until I realised he was right. Typical. It had been a while since I did something I really wanted to. Not something I had to. Laundry. Make dinner. Bed. Work. Fight. Shower. Breakfast. Call home. Sleep. Work.

Do you remember what you like to do for fun? What your mind or body crave to keep stimulating it?

The month of January has passed where many broken promises to 2016 rest. Read more books. Stop smoking. Write 500 words a day like Fitzgerald. I realise I have read more books about those people who did their 10,000 hours and am still trying to figure out how they got where they are. Typical.

Do you remember what you crave? I try to remember, grasping for a pen to make a list. What the fuck do I want to do?

This is the danger of promising yourself a night off. It is like scheduling inspiration from 11 to 12:15. I blamed you for a moment like doing this was taking away from my time to work on my dreams. But dreams are for the weak. I crave something. That means I should have the drive to get it. Take it.

But what do you chase now? What am I hungry for?

What’s the matter?
You don’t have enough rain
To make up your storm
What you look so sad for?
Where’s the light I used to know-oh-oh”

Cage the Elephant – Trouble

He is more scared to see what it’s like to lose me than he is to realise what it takes to keep me.

“Got so much to lose. Got so much to prove. God don’t let me lose my mind.”
It’s been too many hours, man. Too many hours of trying, fighting, loving and crying in to and away from each other.
“My sweet love won’t you pull me through.”

I am even bored of writing about it. Trying to articulate what I want, what is wrong, what’s right and write it down before I forget I came to a conclusion. Written reminders of who was right.

This song has a sort of Beatles/sinister feel to it whilst still being whimsical. It reminds me of the time in the fight you throw your hands up as nothing can be much worse than this. But there is still something that you cannot leave. A dirty sort of love. A love you remember when you couldn’t get enough of each other and our teeth hit through our kisses, our faces pressed intently against one another.

I can’t be in this fight. I am really useless in fights. I am more useless if I actually like you. I am worse when it is love. I recognise that I am a good portion of the blame here. I realise I buckle up. I miss you even though you are still standing in front of me. I am angry at you and still don’t want to move. Move way from you. I’ll move either way. We don’t have a choice. I just keep my mouth shut long enough for you to say something cruel and quick that I can soak in, justify again what we are going to do is right.

There is nothing like love. Like the hard way. It is more addictive than anything on earth. We fight for it. We fight against it. We do things we thought we couldn’t. We thought we wouldn’t. Still somehow at the end of the day and this song, still reaching for each others hands although it is no longer certain who is pulling who down and who will bring the other up.

“My sweet love won’t you pull me through? Everywhere I look I get a glimpse of you.”