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Jungle – Busy Earnin’

Jungle’s bittersweet 70′s inspired jam is my new theme song but what it represents is a lifestyle I’ve been at for a long time.

So you come a long way
But you never had things for a normal life, it’s hard
Too busy earnin’…

Everything I do I love. I don’t mean that in a cliche kind of way either. My job is my passion. I live in the abstract where I make money from curating music. Let me tell you something about money and music, they don’t go together. All those rappers you see are an illusion, 90% of your favorite bands are struggling. What I do is rare and I’m lucky. It’s a gift because I’m doing what I love, it’s a curse because it never turns off. You know how some people go home after work and leave their job behind, I don’t know that…

And I get it always
But I bet I won’t change, no
Just busy earring’
You can’t get enough.

Earning. I know what you’re thinking, money but it’s not a monetary thing, it’s about living and appreciation. There’s not a day in my life where I’m not extremely grateful for being a human being on planet earth, in the United States. I have this intrinsic need and desire to return the favor, to not just consume during my time on earth but to greatly contribute. While at Coachella I did a lot of thinking about the future and had an epiphany that the best way to contribute is to disrupt. You have to see the world beyond what already exist and create from that point of view. One day in the not so distant future the iPhone will be looked at like a fax machine, what and how we consume information, music and life in general will be completely different. By creating from that perspective you not only solve the problems of the present but you create something new at the same time.

My mother knows me by now but she still wonders why I check out from time to time. I’m just trying to give back man, just trying to earn my keep in this gift called life, I’m..

Just busy earnin’, Can’t get enough.

Press play and let these epic horns bring out the creator in you, let them inspire your day. Some of us have been at this for a long time and have no intention to stop but rather to figure out how to keep going at full speed, it’s what we’re meant to do and everyday we’re understanding the intricacies of that purpose more and more, here’s to those folks. Get busy people, we’re just getting started.

Jungle – Busy Earnin’

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Portugal. The Man – Purple Yellow Red Blue (Rambo Hollywood Remix)

“All I”  can imagine is that we have all had the same big realisations. The big “aha” we feel at various times in life. When you realise you need to get a job to eat. When you realise the amount of time someone was putting in to a project was nothing compared to what you were. Or the amount you were putting into a relationship was nothing compared to the person you oft forget to give the time of day. The bits in the middle can feel unique, but the big staples are just as common as us turning 18, feeling remorse, or identifying the difference between want and need for the first or hundredth time. Arguably, those are the staples, touch points, all humans will feel to a varying degree. 

Keep traveling. Have an open mind. Make sacrifices. All of these choices lead up to the big one. To what we feel is best for us. I’m still at a young enough age where I am my number one fan and enemy, and old enough to know I don’t have to feel guilty about it yet. That is the place I reside. 

Reading up on this song and the meaning paired with this remix feels like that in a way: musical ecstasy. There is something almost comforting about a remix with familiar sounds of an ’80s ballad played seamlessly under the clever, dark words of Portugal. the Man. That Spandau Ballet sort of sound gives the feeling of being lethargic and complacent. Although I can’t be a music hog, I would recommend the following to best enjoy this one: shut your eyes and put this song on and sway side to side, making your own little space. A place in your head or within rocking distance of yourself. I love this place. I used to look at girls dancing in dance halls and near empty bar floors and it took me a long time to realise their appeal was based on their proximity to this space. A confident, fluid place of freedom. 

Another EMPT writer noted that the people who read this are cult-like. The music buffs. Then there are the music hogs — the ones you cringe at when they command the music control. However good their taste, they will dictate the playlist. But I have a different theory; the lovers are here. The lovers of life. The style of it all. The music that somehow fits on those playlists you want to to be heard. The ones you put on when you have the perfect group pf people around and all have a drink or are sitting in that moment that requires just the addition of the perfect track. That is the complacency, the feeling you want from music. It is a lovely way to escalate an already perfect moment — and the sounds of this song drip with it. Pour it out and douse the floor with it.

This song is for the lovers of the hopeless itch. The life itch. Itchy feet yearning to move. The need to find the next track to release to.

“All I
Wanna do is
Live in ecstasy
I know what’s best for me
I can’t help it
It’s this hopeless itch
I just wanna feel (wanna feel)
Purple yellow red and blue”

Portugal. The Man – Purple Yellow Red Blue (Remix)

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The 2 Bears – Be Strong

Some people tell you what to listen to,
Spend the whole time saying this and that is cool,
You got to follow your own mind and ears,
And find a sound that stays inside your head for years.

So sings Raf Rundell, lead singer of British duo The 2 Bears (his partner in crime is Joe Goddard of Hot Chip), on “Be Strong,” from their debut album of the same name.

Posting this song is tricky, because what is a music blog doing if not telling you what to listen to? And isn’t it implied that all of the songs we post are cool? Why is it okay for a blog, but not for that friend who always commandeers the auxiliary cable?

Music snobs hate that person. If the offending individual begins pumping top-40, the snob can smirk and give his or herself a self-satisfactory pat on the back. But if instead Boards of Canada or Shuggie Otis flows forth, the snob will experience a crisis of identity and jealousy: “If I was as big of a douche I could have taken over the music and played something even more obscure and cool. But I’m not a douche, so I’ll let it go and give myself a pat on the back anyway.”

Casual music listeners also hate that person. They don’t want a music education. They don’t want to confront challenging art, and often don’t know how. Lightning Bolt? Is that, like, Katy Perry‘s new single?

Yet music snobs and causal listeners alike devour music blogs. People, and especially “millennials” desire curation as a way to cut through the noise and find value without spending time. Its much easier for people to shed their snobbery or “basic” tastes in private, where cool is no longer dictated by their crowd and rather by their personal preferences. Even the hippest hipster has guilty pleasure bands, and even the most radio-brained have some Miles Davis in their libraries.

By posting “Be Strong,” I, and therefore Et Musique Pour Tous as a structure, am saying “listen to this song, it is good, it is cool.” My/our opinion. We hope you love it, and that it “stays inside your head for years.” But if you hate it, that’s healthy too. “Following your own mind and ears” is hard to do in the era of curated cool, but I believe in you! By discovering your personal aesthetic preferences without worry about other peoples’, you build self confidence and take a step away from ever needing a self-aggrandizing pat on the back. Freedom from groupthink is a laudable goal, but so too is the reduction of snobbery. 

The 2 Bears – Be Strong

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Banks – Before I Ever Met You

A few nights ago, I was driving home from the airport. The 50-minute drive is one straight, flat highway through Oklahoma’s countryside. How does one survive a drive like that alone? Music, baby. I was all jazzed up from my trip to New Orleans (see what i did there?), where I was constantly exposed to sweet sounds throughout the city. So as I set out on the road that night, I wanted to be adventurous with my music choice. I felt in the mood for something new. I put on a random mixtape from the wondrous music paradise of the internet, and was off. A few songs down the road, I wasn’t really feeling it.. Nothing was hitting me right. My mind was wandering, and I wondered, “What is it about a song that makes me want to save it for good? To ‘like’ or ‘star’ it? To add it to my Recent Beats playlist?”

…You may be wondering what I’m getting at…

Banks’s “Before I Ever Met You” has whatever it is. It’s a head nodder that you want to keep playing. You want to save it for later; put it in that vault of feel-good music you have stored on your iPod.

Within the first 4 seconds I’m intrigued by the faint sounds slowly pulsating behind her voice. The beat kicks in and she shortly follows. Her smooth voice is my center of attention, but as the song continues, I unconsciously start tapping my foot as my head bobs to the mellow beat. It’s something that would be perfect for a solo ride in the middle of the night. The type of drive where you don’t see a soul on the road. It’s just you and the music. Your music player is the co-pilot. You’re living in the now, with only music and your thoughts for company; let them mingle.

Her lyrics aren’t just words, and I connect greatly with what she’s saying in “Before I Ever Met You.” If you haven’t experienced it, you know someone who has – a relationship that has reached the end of its course. After the break-up, haven’t we all wondered what our lives would be like without the experiences we’ve shared with that person? Maybe it’s the best for those experiences to just be memories of the past.

The thing is, this song doesn’t expose the sound of sorrow despite it’s subject matter. Its level of perceived darkness will vary depending on the mood you’re in and how closely you listen to the lyrics.

This was Banks’s first single, and she has since released several more great singles and 2 EPs. This song is featured on Fall Over, released in 2013. Her style varies, but there’s a definite mellow presence throughout. While she sticks to lower notes in “Before I Ever Met You,” many of her songs feature the other end of the pitch spectrum.

As is the case of my drive the other night, music makes a lot of situations bearable. When you find an artist like Banks, you’ll want her to stick around on your iPod for a while.

Banks – Before I Ever Met You

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Just Friends – Don’t Tell Me (Nicolas Jaar & Sasha Spielberg)

 EMPT YouTube

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Shaka Ponk — My Name Is Stain

fuck you if you don't rock with EMPT. Catch us in the Space Age.

I know you’re all feeling the darkness here today, but there’s no reason to give in. No matter what you’ve heard, this process will not take years. In my heart I know we cannot be defeated because there is an answer that will open the door. There is a way around this system. This is a test of our patience and commitment. One good idea could win someone over. [Mad Men]

I’m going to stop feeding some of you posers out there that come to us only when in-need instead of everyday. EMPT is a cult. It is an elite task force of shadow troops solely dedicated to the pursuit of truth, justice and perfect music. It is unfiltered insight and perspective into some of the music and artists out there that envelop our everyday lives.

Originally, I had trouble with this song, not because I don’t love the tune, but more because I couldn’t find a way to connect to it. I’ve spent weeks with this song on repeat and still couldn’t figure out what it was that originally attracted me towards it. Has that ever happened to you? You find yourself with something that you are having trouble remembering as to why you and “it” are even dealing with one another?

I guess that happens to us all with some things, right? Anyway, I struggled with putting words into the music and I think that’s where I went wrong.

I didn’t start writing because of my love for words. I, in particular, began writing because the power the words contain when providing them with your thoughts can be limitless. When I began writing about music, I then became fascinated by the power that music could give to words. Where I once believed that thoughts were the most powerful thing in the world, now I believe that thoughts, embedded into music, are God.

Shaka Ponk is an experimental rock band from Paris. I honestly don’t know much about them to provide you with any details about them, but any quick search on Google will lead you to them instantly. What I do know is that the moment I heard, “My Name Is Stain” I instantly gravitated towards it. Whether it was the reggae groove it maintained throughout, or, what I perceived to be semi-revolutionary lyrics embedded within this medley of great sounds, it’s a song that fits seamlessly anywhere:

War to the east, Pain to the west
War is at least, What we do ‘best
What we do best is sharing guns
and kill for fun there must be a reason”

It’s a new day at EMPT and the energies all around us seem aroused—but now it’s time to show and prove. We have been here before, in another version of this matrix, only, we are headed towards a different path this time. I take responsibility for not being more militant and honest with my feelings about the world to you guys, but that’s about to change because things are only getting worse out there and we have a revolution to tend to.

Anyway, stick around for a while, we have a few discussions to have with you that we are sure you will enjoy, and, a hell of a lot more sick music coming your way by my fellow peers over at EMPT. Our new EIC and the new writers coming on board inspire me to sharpen these letters/words and give you a lot more of the authenticity behind them rather than to disrespect: the music, the creative minds behind the songs, and you, our truest musical peer.

(Merci à shaka ponk pour cettes paroles)” —cp’14

Shaka Ponk — My Name Is Stain

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Mapei – Don’t Wait (The Driver Edit)

Cyrus wrote a post earlier this week about living in extremes, and I can’t help but feel like there’s something in the air that’s making us all somehow exist on the same wavelength in this month. It might be the Spring weather that teased us last weekend in New York, the following weeklong headache that ensued thanks to a mid-week snow storm, or the strangely synced up astrological patterns of April. Whatever it is, I’ve been thinking non-stop about my fluctuation of moods. I couldn’t put my finger on it all week, and I eventually broke down in tears for no reason only to realize shortly after that I was so thankful for that breakdown. Whatever it was that this week had in store for me was building up to one moment and it was all going to be okay, whatever that moment was. This week, I experienced a range of emotions including extreme anger, and total sadness, then utter and uninhibited joy. And all of these things came together to make me realize that I was not only successfully going through the motions of life, but that I was doing so passionately.

Living in extremes is incredible. It’s something that requires skill and courage. But give yourself some credit for your ability to go through the trials and tribulations of life, because we don’t always need to numb it down and neutralize our brains. We’re capable of experiencing the full array of pitches that come our way — it’s just a question of whether or not we actually want to. But not wanting to means not wanting to live and fully participate, so what’s the other option? This city is a treasure chest of discovery every single day, and while it’s easy to get frustrated about the fact that one may not always meet the right people who are on the same levels of energy at any given point, it’s truly something worth relishing once found. It makes that discovery truly treasure, and if there is a connection to be had, that connection is all the more powerful.

I think that’s why this song fits in with this week. It’s a Friday jam with Monday’s sensitivity. The original track was one that played over and over in my house when my roommate and I first heard it, and this edit only amps up the original quality in a way that truly transcends. The slight beat change matches almost too well to make it quite literally, the perfect edit. If you look up The Driver on Google though, you won’t find much. He’s relatively new, based out of SF. After having spoken to him and having the pleasure of knowing that we’re both musical obsessors, I can assure you that he will be cranking out more music and more of a social presence on the internet in the coming months. In the meantime, let this sensual tune help you experience and find an emotion perhaps you were too scared to experience earlier this week. Once found, promise that you’ll just go with it.

Maipei – Don’t Wait (The Driver Edit)

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Vok – Before


Part of the problem with being a music obsessive is occasionally (okay, all the time) overanalyzing. It’s too easy to be picky in the face of an endless stream of new music. If a song bothers me in even the slightest way, I may not give it another shot.

This is, unequivocally, the wrong way to approach music (and all art, but I won’t go down that rabbit hole here). Preference is context dependent: what’s the weather like? Am I relaxed? Who showed me the track? If you catch a wonderful piece of art at the wrong moment, you do it and its creator a disservice.

I had this problem with Vok’s “Before.” The talented Icelandic duo have very few public tracks, and after digging “Tension” (check it out on Soundcloud) I had high hopes for “Before.” But when I started listening, I immediately began to analyze.

“Okay, the voice is reminiscent of Tegan and Sara, Oh Land and Karin Dreijer Andersson. The backing riff, and the multi-gender vocal layering is pure XX, but not nearly as creative.”

That was it for me. I couldn’t get past how derivative the song felt.

I deserved a firm open palm slap to the face. What’s wrong with a band sounding like three artists I like a lot, and one I love (Karin)? The song is easy listening. I’ve never heard such funky chillwave. And as someone who takes an artists full output into consideration when forming my opinion, I couldn’t help but get excited about Vok’s future when placing “Before” and “Tension” side by side. To use a sports reference (does anyone who read this blog follow sports too?), Vok’s ceiling is (XX + The Weeknd)/Rhye. Their floor is “Before.”

Learn from my errant ways: let the music do the talking.

Vok – Before

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Put It On – Big L (J1K remix)

The people of London walk through the streets, never to look up at the sky which is littered with cranes and clouds and other peoples faces. Why would you look up for that. A solace can be found in the words of hip-hop here though. Maybe it’s something about the clouds, good match for the weather. It is a week where my headphones have rarely been removed, keeping the sounds of the street, the emptiness of peoples phone calls and pub talks kept at bay. A blanket of numbness somehow found its way around my exterior. The frustration I thought I left in America appears to have transmuted and loosened from my core, now creating a blasé sheath on my edges. This appears to be fine as most of the people you walk by seem to have the same fashion sense.

The appeal of hip-hop comes in when you need to feel again. You crave that raw – whatever it is you need. Blocked out. Let it flood back. No longer is it a stigma for a white girl who grew up in middle-class America to have a solid playlist with the likes of hip-hop royalty. One may argue a good artist is one who can create something that a majority of people can interpret, can relate to in a personal way. I never could relate to an Andy Warhol, which I suppose is ironic since I work in marketing. Cheeky guy. But Jackson Pollock? He is hip-hop: a canvas covered in wild paint and mess and sh*t all over it. It feels good. There is something there. It’s rough, exciting. That is what hip-hop feels like to me. It’s a release not a replica. Anthems are created when you have a call to action. Put it on. The haze of the City blankets, the cobblestone alleys and thick accents, which is fine as you will hear me humming this anthem.


Here is a remix of the 1994 classic, “Put It On.” A tune that is made to say, do what you need to do; a song that can crack shells and backs with its words; a beat that is the perfect walking pace, if you walk like you know where you are going.

Put It On – Big L (J1K Remix)

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Lana Del Rey – West Coast

Glamorous, classic and cinematic, Lana Del Rey absolutely crushed her Coachella set like nothing I’ve seen in my lifetime. It was retro future at it’s best. I’m starting to realize that Lana is just as much of a visual artist as she’s a singer. Every single detail and camera angle was flawless. The music was amazing not just for song quality but also in terms of how well it complimented everything else she was doing. Time and space totally changed and we went into Lana’s world and it was truly remarkable. I knew she was good, I didn’t know she was a master. I’m from New York and everything about me screams it but 2 years in California and I can’t pretend like the West Coast isn’t where it’s at. It took us about an hour and a half to drive from Downtown LA to the festival, two hours and we were literally in the desert. Since I moved here I’ve been on a journey toward personal growth and everything about Cali promotes development.

Hollywood is fake, everyone knows that. Some people get trapped because they can’t see the facade but that’s just the top layer. What’s really at hand is the ability to create yourself in whatever light you desire…

People cut themselves off from their ties of old life when they come to Los Angeles. They are looking for a place where they can be free, where they can do things they couldn’t do anywhere else.” – Tom Bradley

We’re all made in the image of the ultimate creator and that means that we’re little creators. The life you want is waiting for YOU to create it. You need to visualize every single detail, see yourself as who you want to be, surround yourself with those who inspire you and make your vision come true. This weekend and California in general has helped me realize that more than ever. It also makes me realize that I want to live all over the world and be inspired by the energy of those places. Cheers to that, this is Lana’s new jam West Coast which she premiered live last night.

Lana Del Rey – West Coast

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