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Ruchir – Made of Gold Ft. Deverano

I first stumbled upon Ruchir via “Sleepless”, a vibrant single that brought out the best from one of the scene’s rapidly rising topliners, Emma Sameth – not to mention a grandiose atmosphere that was beyond impressive for a debut. There’s a similarly dramatic quality to “Made of Gold” that sets it apart from its modern electronic contemporaries – the subtle keys, the harmonized vocals, the uplifting melodies, all components that come together for a sound that transcends the status quo.

It’s interesting that Ruchir wasn’t going to release “Made of Gold” until family and friends encouraged him to consider otherwise, but sometimes artists need a second (or third or fourth) pair of eyes to help them decide what work to share. It’s an exciting process that, in my experience, is rewarding to everyone involved. The artist receives an outpouring of positivity from their inner circle that gives them confidence in their art, the inner circle is given the honor of assisting in a highly personal process, and the listeners are rewarded with a relatable piece of work that could change the course of their day, week, month, or life.

With all that being said, Ruchir is three for three when it comes to killer singles, so I’m looking forward to whatever he delivers next.

Moglebaum – Slow Love

Much like the flora from its album artwork, Moglebaum’s organic electronic approach continues to flourish on their new single. It’s an aptly titled track called “Slow Love” that’s a lush blend of slow-jam synths and sultry vocals…fuck I’m using a lot of adjectives in a two sentence stretch, but there’s so many elements to appreciate here. For a relatively new act, Moglebaum has a sound that’s wholly their own – I listen to hundreds of new tracks a week, yet I can’t pinpoint anyone else that’s executing this style to such great heights.

As someone totally immersed in music day in and day out, it’s easy to lose the thrill of discovering new acts that I had before working in the music industry. I’m a product of the streaming era and a member of the music industry, so it’s all too easy to accumulate hundreds of songs in a playlist that I enjoy without ever digging into the catalogs of each individual artist (or even remember that I added them to said playlist to begin with). That being said, there’s still releases out there that keep me actively returning to listen repeatedly, a ~prestigious honor~ that both of Moglebaum’s 2017 singles have warranted.

StéLouse – Bones Feat. Tilian (Flapo Remix)

I’ll never forget the first time I saw Dance Gavin Dance – I was never into them during the peak of my scene kid phase, so I missed the glory days of the Jonny Craig and Kurt Travis eras, but I caught them on their first tour with Tilian Pearson. I had seen hundreds of bands up until that point, but I’d never heard a vocalist that outright blew me away until that night. Every time he hit a high note it was borderline euphoric, and after the show, I immediately began digging into his back catalog with Tides Of Man. Cuts like “Chemical Fires” became the soundtrack to some of my fondest memories from my senior year of high school, and once the first Dance Gavin Dance album featuring him finally dropped, the soundtrack to my freshman year of college was confirmed.

I was an outright fanboy, so I naturally was also fascinated by his solo pop project that channeled his sleek vocals into a purely melodic space – it amazed me that someone who sang on post-hardcore records could also have songs featured on ESPN. Thus, it makes sense that I’m loving his transition into the electronic space with a recent Stèlouse collab (which has now been flipped into a gorgeous, vibed out remix by Flapo). As my taste has expanded from post-hardcore to pop to electronic, Tilian’s artistic growth has been there every step of the way.

Julien Mier – New Eyes

There’s so much to love about Julien Mier’s new single. The down-pitched prelude has a codeine-soaked, college radio station charm. As for “New Eyes” in its entirety, calling it charming would be a serious understatement – it’s an intricately woven cut that exudes childlike wonderment, where every high-pitched synth feels like an individual twinkle in a starry eyed gaze. Its “drop” is an outright revelation as stretchy synthesizers and record scratches are warped into a head-nodder of a flow.

Songs usually trigger memories about various points in my life, but this one transports me to another world that I’ve never previously explored. It’s a soundtrack to lush, rolling hills where flora and fauna are abound. It’s a soundtrack to achieving natural bliss. It’s a soundtrack that I want to revisit again and again for the music and the daydreams alike. There’s no doubt I’ll keep coming back.

.dxf – Keygen

Technology is a fascinating thing. We’ve transcended humanity’s physical limitations and tapped into an infinite resource that aids us in a variety of ways, the most exciting being advances in trading of information and creating art in my humble opinion. The fact that bits and pieces of humanity’s all-encompassing knowledge can be traded amongst one another in realtime is a powerful next step in our evolution. It’s also fascinating to me that we’ve been able to advance our modes of expression – the 20th century creation of electric guitars is one thing, but a creation like autotune that extends the possibilities of the human voice is outright revolutionary.

.dxf is a meta exploration of these modern notions as they examine the very advancements that have made their music possible. A French trio tapping into the introspectiveness of folk, the percussion of hip-hop and electronic music, the utilization of autotune – it’s a concoction that’s equal parts intelligent and emotional as they inject pathos into P2P and virtual reality. Combined with their forward-thinking visuals, the trio’s debut EP is like putting on a set of virtual reality goggles and being engrossed in a world that exists somewhere between the present and future.

Louis Futon – Royal Blood (ft. Keiynan Lonsdale)

I’ll admit that I know Keiynan Lonsdale for his role on The Flash more than his music career, but “Royal Blood” shows that I’ll have to start keeping tabs on both of the young kid’s artistic ventures. He has such a smooth voice that it feels almost conversational as he promises “I’m never gonna leave ya” (much appreciated Keiynan), not to mention Louis Futon’s slick production. Lonsdale and Futon are truly a match made in heaven as Futon has perfected a groovy vibe that’s complemented by perfectly placed horns and sparkling synths – in other words, an ideal foundation for the soulful side of Lonsdale’s vocals.

Thinking about Lonsdale’s multitalented approach, it couldn’t be more apparent that the modern artistic landscape requires its participants to be multitalented. With the rise of the internet, there’s a million dope singers out there, so what sets you apart? What’s the story behind your art? These are questions I’m constantly considering, like a mini pop quiz for every artist who I dig into…and there’s no doubt Lonsdale passes the quiz. His backstory, his artistic palette, it all feeds into an even greater appreciation for his sleek vocals and makes me very excited to see what he releases next.

Saukrates – Mysterium (ft. SonReal)

It’s not often that the old school and new school collide with cohesion these days, but Saukrates has always had an ear for what’s hot. SonReal has way more in common with traditional hip-hop than the Soundcloud rap sphere, sure, but it’s impressive how a rising star goes bar for bar with a living legend. The entirety of the track is breeze filled with lyrical gymnastics that flow with the fluidity of a world class acrobat, not to mention silky smooth sung vocals from both rappers.

I also have to give big ups to Soxx for putting on so hard for the new school. There’s so many formerly cherished rappers on the outside looking in because they’ve refused to keep up with the kids or outright denounced them, claiming the style of hip-hop they were pushing decades ago is superior to what’s being made right now. Over the years, Soxx has let his sound gently evolve without sacrificing the core style of his own music, maintaining a high level of quality by simply doing his thing. It goes to show that you can stick with your sound while simultaneously championing artists like SonReal who are prepared to be handed the torch. I can’t wait to hear how Soxx blends the past, present, and future on his upcoming album.

Sumera – Faith

I had a revealing discussion about faith last night. Short of a few months in middle school, I’ve never believed in a Judeo-Christian god. I’m at a point in my life where I need a higher power, yet my previous experiences with faith left a bad taste in my mouth – a crippled man telling a church full of believers that his life improved only once he donated money to the church, or pursuing cosmic ideas amidst the haze of a mind saddled by chronic marijuana use in college.

I thought I was onto something when I prayed to a faceless, nameless higher power in my hospital bed earlier this year, asking to not let me die. I continued to tap into that resource, what I perceived as a higher power who would amiably direct events in my life like pawns on a chess board, yet the recent suicide of a family friend shattered that slowly developing belief. If the light in so many people’s lives flamed out, then why would a greater force directly benefit me? It’s bothered me for weeks, but the discussion I mentioned put me back on the path to pursuing a higher power by understanding that there’s indeed something out of my control – life and death. If I engage in the present moment, I’m engaging in life. If I engage in life and pursue spiritual principles, I’m engaging a power greater than myself. It might not be faith in the traditional sense, but it’s faith that brings me closer to feeling whole.

I have a feeling this approach will allow me to better appreciate the beauty in the world around me. Thus, it’s likely no coincidence that I have a serious appreciation for Sumera’s gorgeous, introspective cut “Faith” today.

Two Friends – While We’re Dreaming (ft. Kevin Writer)

While we’re dreaming…as a teenager, I dreamed of writing about music, so I took the plunge and began writing. As a college freshman, I dreamed of doing PR, so I offered to run press for a few bands and began working. As a college senior, I dreamed of moving to LA to pursue my music industry dreams, so accepted an offer for my dream job and made the cross-country jump. Just looking at these sentences makes me realize how little credit I give myself for pursuing my dreams until they’re reality. At the age of 22, so many of my goals have been realized – more than some people attain in their lifetimes if we’re being honest.

Two Friends’ new song “While We’re Dreaming” captures the rush of living out your dreams and channels it into uplifting electronic bliss. The lyrics about finding a vacant rooftop to go occupy with good friends are even relevant to my life – just the other day, my friends and I found a rooftop in San Francisco to take pictures with a gorgeous view of the city. It was a soothing moment that truly put my life into perspective – I’m working a dream job that allows me to put my talents to work, visit places I’ve always wanted to go, and has led to some of the tightest friends I’ve had in my life. To top it all off, I’m not even dreaming.

Cardiknox – Bad Boys

“Why do I fall for the bad boys, maybe I’m not such a good girl.”

This song speaks to me.  I mean literally it’s telling my story in terms of my dating life.  It’s actually kind of a depressing subject , maybe more dark comedy, but this track really gives the subject a happy feeling.  I cannot stop listening because the lyrics just ring me in to very recent situations.  I am not really sure why I go for the bad boys.  It’s a question I ask myself all of the time because I am not a bad girl, in all honesty not to toot my own horn but you would think I would be the type of girl most men would want, well nice men.  The bad ones don’t care about loyalty, honesty, and pure love.  I dated nice guys before but always got bored with them, isn’t there a happy medium, like a bad boy with nice tendencies? Who knows, I am probably asking too much, but for some reason I do keep going back to these bad boys, these narcissictic assholes who charm me like crazy in the beginning and then fizzle into their true self ones they see the love in my eyes.  I am sure a therapist would tell me I have daddy problems or something way to obvious along those lines.  I think I just like the adrenaline rush, these bad boys sure do keep me on my toes!

I am really digging the vibe of this track and whether you are in the most amazing relationship (I hate you..just kidding), or like me and still longing for that sexy bad boy…or girl, this one’s for you friend! xx