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Kid Froopy – BB (Four Missed Texts) (WRLD Remix)

Kid Froopy’s “BB (Four Missed Texts)” was dope in its original form, but WRLD has turned the track into a self-contained dance party waiting to spread like wildfire, sans environmental impact. The echoing synth that appears throughout the track in small stretches sounds straight out of a California-sourced 90s joint, while the vibes of the track at large even approach quasi-disco territory, all contributing to an enthralling sound that transcends time and space.

With those sonic-leanings in mind, it’s wild that this remix came from the mind of a Netherlands based producer, but that just goes to show how expansive music’s impact has become in the digital age – a California label working with a European producer, coming together to deliver a joint whose jubilant vibes will end up touching hearts and minds far beyond the west coast sound it partially originates from. It’s such an exciting notion, a notion that souls across the world can create together for the better of humankind.

We’re truly blessed to live in an age where the creation of music like WRLD’s “BB” remix is even possible, so I think that’s cause for celebration. Go grab some friends, put your dancing-shoes on, and let loose to Moving Castle’s newest.

Kan Wakan – I Would

Attention to detail. It’s such a neglected, yet essential concept in music. In everything for that matter. Let’s face it, most people don’t want to do most of things they have to do, so they just race through them to get them done. That’s all fine and good for the most part, but the details are lost in the haste and those little things soon grow into gaping holes. You see it everywhere, from the way countries are run, to the way businesses are run, to the way people live their lives. If the “little things” aren’t carefully managed, it all turns to chaos.

Gueorgui Linev, who mans the controls of Kan Wakan, clearly understands this concept. “I Would,” the blazing hot second single from his upcoming triple LP “Phantasmagoria” simply oozes details. It screams intelligence. It reeks of coolness. Every sound, every moment, every thunderous boom and every slice of silence is perfectly placed and is just plain dope. There is nothing chaotic about this song. Everything is where it’s supposed to be. The details are managed to the molecule.

This is one of those rare songs that I’d want someone to catch me listening to and ask about it, just so I can go on a rant about how awesome it is and how cool I am for knowing about it before them. Its the kind of song that defines your taste, and makes you rate other songs against it. Its even flawlessly mixed. There’s no question that Mr. Linev is one of the best producers in the game, it’s just a matter of how long it’ll take for everyone to notice. This song is one giant step toward making that happen.

Tom Aspaul – Never Complaining

From the second “Never Complaining” starts, I feel like I’m transported back to my teen years in the early/mid-90’s. I used to race home from school to catch Rap City on BET, where I could indulge in all best The Golden Age had to offer. I didn’t like R&B nearly as much as hip hop, but I’d often keep watching when Rap City finished and ended up falling madly in love with the music of Aaron Hall, Johnny Gill, Keith Sweat, Al B. Sure, and the list goes on.

It always was a bit of a guilty pleasure until I realized it was the one style of music that didn’t get annoying to me at a certain point. Those songs work for me in any mood, which is why I’m so grateful to have found this fantastic track from Tom Aspaul. This song just works on all levels. It looks back to a classic time stylistically, but still sounds very relevant, modern and innovative. It has a smart pop appeal to it, but drips with soulful R&B tones and inflections. And it just sounds like a song I’d play right after leaving somewhere. You know what I mean? I love leaving places, even though I also love hanging out with people. But there’s just something inherently exciting about leaving somewhere and knowing that I’m going home. I always save my favorite songs of the moment to play when I’m leaving somewhere, it just sets the mood right and makes me feel good to be alive. This is definitely one of those songs.

Patrick Reza – Escape (Feat. Aubren Elaine)

The central theme of PatrickReza’s new joint with Aubren Elaine is readily apparent: “escape.”

Escape from what, though? The word evokes imagery of dramatically departing from an outwardly oppressive location or situation, but sometimes an escape isn’t that climatic. Sometimes an escape is a slow, methodical process – a calculated move for something better.

Hell, with that definition in mind, aren’t we all constantly escaping? Even if a major move isn’t in sight, we’re constantly working toward an improved future, a future that expands our boundaries to function within and whose opportunities are more plentiful. For some, that means transferring to a new college that better fits their needs. For others, it’s planning to leave their hometown upon feelings of containment and stagnation, or, as major of a move as leaving a career behind for another.

Whatever the case may be in life, we should all look to plan our next escape, major or minor in stature. By avoiding complacency and thinking ahead, we’re that much closer to achieving our “something better.”

Tkay Maidza – Carry On (Feat. Killer Mike)

We’re living in spectacular times.

We have a generation of grown up kids that have lived more experiences than our previous generations thanks to the advent of immediate, ubiquitous connectivity. We have the modern-day global encyclopedia at our fingertips. And we use it. Often for stupid shit, like (insert mundane google search here). But other times, we’ll be at home, chilling, consuming some culture, like Revolver by Guy Ritchie or something, and we stop and think…what the fuck was this dude thinking? And then you google Kabbalah, and you trip out on some knowledge for a couple hours before you pass out cold, thinking, actually? That was pretty fucking good movie.

Anyway, back to the millennial generation. Most of us have had the pleasure and privilege of traveling. Most of us have had sex, done drugs, rocked and rolled by the time we hit 18. We’ve watched and related to more movies than we can count. Way more stories than our grandparents ever consumed, ever “lived”, however so vicariously. We have, and I say this with equal concern and excitement, all the music, ALL THE MUSIC, at our fingertips. This is an awesome, but sadly undervalued fact of our times. All of this.

Because I met a girl that can tell me what rosé tastes like in Saint Tropez laying on a private cabana at Les Voiliers. But then I met another that can tell me what the same bottle of rosé tastes like when you’ve saved up a few months of your hard, independently earned paper, paid for your own flight to France, and chilled on one of the few, yet not widely promoted, local secret spots, free of charge. I guess what I’m trying to say is: the steak always tastes better when the dish is paid for by your own toil and hustle. Or more to the point, we have lived so much, but, how much have it have we earned? Because it is what we earn out of all we’ve lived that gives us value as a generation.

We’ve stuffed our faces for over three decades with a feast of culture (granted, a vast majority western, but all cultures are available for those that are truly interested) and hopefully, some wide experience as well. So, what the is left? We have the whole banquet in our mouths, and we’re sat there, not knowing what the fuck to do with it…but chew.

Let’s chew. And lets chew quick and steady. I don’t care how much of a nihilist this social diagram has made you, we are living in SPECTACULAR times. Huge waves are in motion. We either ride one, swim deep and wait for the next one, or tumble and drown at the mercy of the sea of constant change. Any surfer knows, its not the best idea to go surfing on a full stomach. So, chew the metaphor, chew the culture and experience you have acquired through your beautifully unique life, chose a wave, and ride it as you see the world change.

Nervo – Anywhere You Go (Feat. Timmy Trumpet)

Perpetual, everlasting love isn’t exactly a bountiful commodity; that unshakable connection between two souls, whether grounded in friendship or romance, is a true blessing. With that being said, it’s often equally difficult to contextualize those relationships within the present. We at times take our loved ones for granted when so accustomed to their presence, and yet, there are those fleeting moments where deeply entrenched emotions crystallize.

As I listen to NERVO’s “Anywhere You Go,” I find myself experiencing one of those fleeting moments, now captured in an audible stasis to indulge in, again and again. The duo’s vocals alleviate all earthly anxieties, their melody striking the brain’s pleasure centers with a current so serene. “Anywhere you go, I’ll be right there,” loops back and forth atop the track’s assuring production, and with that, a bit of meditation ensues.

Thoughts about the unique kinships I’ve developed throughout my life, the family I’ve been through hell and back with, the friends who have remained through thick and thin, all circulate through my thoughts with clarity. They contain love that could seemingly transcend space and time, a love that, as I look up at the sky, emits to the glorious stars above.

Speaker Of The House and REMMI – Awake Asleep

The question REMMI asks in the chorus, “Are we awake, are we asleep, c’mon tell me what it really means” is the same question I’m asking while listening to this gorgeous soundscape. This song just oozes with feeling and emotion, one of those songs that lets you indulge whatever mood you’re in. Like a drug actually, but that’s a different topic…kinda. But yeah, the other day I was feeling a bit out of sorts, and this song made me set sail deeper into those melancholy feelings and actually helped me resolve what I was feeling. Then this morning, feeling great and ready for the day, this song made me feel like I was walking on air, literally controlling the entire universe. Clearly this is a special combination of powerful vocals and beautifully lush production, which has become Speaker Of The House’s trademark.

“Are we living a dream?”

I read this Elon Musk interview the other day where he said he believes the universe we live in is basically a “VR” projection, that none of what we see and feel on a moment to moment basis is actually “real.” If that’s the case, than I guess our soul/mind is behind the controls of this real life version of “No Man’s Sky.” And if that’s true, there’s about a billion and one more questions (and concerns) that I’d like to raise, but I’ll save that for another time. The point here is that REMMI asks a valid question, that i’ll paraphrase: what the hell is really going on here, as we act out life on this spinning ball that’s whipping through space at speeds we can’t comprehend. Maybe another listen to this song will help me inch closer to some sort of answer.

BLU J – IN 2 U

Blu J have a knack for flipping my favorite joints into outright smashes regardless of how extroverted the source material is, whether it be Imogen Heap’s “Headlock” or Deadmau5 and Kaskade’s “I Remember.” Fortunately for listeners’ yearning ears, the duo are yet again gracious enough to provide more of the same on “IN 2 U,” a glorious remix of Ariana Grande’s sultry pop gold, “Into You.”

Sitting at home listening to “IN 2 U” on repeat, I initially find myself dying to fast forward to the weekend so I can drop this joint at a function and watch sparks fly. Sure, most parties should consist of nothing more than Juvenile’s “Back That Azz Up” on repeat, but as the night wanes, potential primetime for “IN 2 U” begins. With a commanding bass-kick beneath one of Grande’s hazily edited verses, the flip slowly transitions into a chillingly melodic pre-chorus that oozes with love and lust. It’s a wonderful build-up whose rewards are plentiful, launching the track into future house goodness reserved for those aforementioned late-night dance floors.

On that note, I’m going to go catch some sleep and find myself one day closer to the weekend, a weekend where I can properly experience “IN 2 U.”

DeCarlo – Lit Right Now

Songs that touch on drug-induced attraction in clubs are always welcomed, generally recreating the lusty haze of liquor, smoke, and other various substances for vibing club-goers and for those outside their doors, living in the moment vicariously. While DeCarlo never approaches club culture with condescension on “Lit Right Now,” he makes it apparent that the track trades the club for the bedroom, concerning romantic intimacy with a lover beyond one night.

As he croons, “We ain’t gotta be lit right now,” on the track’s silky smooth hook, the vocalist takes time to relay a wealth of promises to his significant other. Trading off between sexual and emotionally relational, the bond between him and the song’s subject can be felt in every note hit; it’s a wonderfully honest show of appreciation that comes off as, for lack of a better phrase, truly sweet.

I could go on about this one, but if you have a special someone that’s on your mind, go ahead and spin “Lit Right Now” below.

Elephante – Sirens (Feat. Nevve)

It amazes me how a siren can illicit such different emotions. The siren sound can mean danger and harm. It can also cause panic and fear. It can also mean safety and rescue. It all depends on your perspective when hearing the siren. Sometimes I’ll hear a siren in the distance and it almost comforts me, knowing that some problem is on the way to being solved. Or some person in need is on the way to being helped. But sometimes I’ll hear a siren and think about all the events that will come after it for the people involved in the emergency. The phone calls, the fear, the talks, the prayers, the changing of lives. There’s so many layers to a siren, it’s kind of numbing to think about.

“I’m coming back for you, coming back for you”

And this song – another beautiful collaboration between heavyweight producer Elephante and rising vocalist Nevve – carries all those layers with it. The percussion, especially the drum breaks, are heavy and thumping while Nevve’s voice coats the top of the track like glaze on a donut. In a certain mood, this song sounds chill to me, but in a different mood it could get me hyped enough to go run a 5k. The piercing synths in the chorus could be subbed out for smoked out heavy metal guitars, a la Queens of the Stone Age. It’s mellow, then aggressive, then mellow again, and these alternating layers carry with them all the different emotions that I feel when I hear a siren in the distance. Another winner from two of the top talents in the game.