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Little Boots – Secret

Little Boots has been at the forefront of flipping pop into more danceable music and she keeps the effort going on “Secret”. It’s the first single off of her JUMP EP which drops this summer and is a pure bop made for the sweaty lust of your local club’s dance floor. The production reminds me of late 2000’s pop which perfected the synth bass line in the best way possible (“Like A G6” anyone?) while making it absolutely tasteful for those in the know rather than those tuned into the radio. Everything is pure catchy goodness whether it’s the airy and upbeat verses or the push and pull of down-pitched vocals with her open declaration of the secret she has in store. It’s insane that Little Boots has been doing this for over a decade and is still exponentially growing and making the best music of her career. She has real staying power than so many musicians could only dream of reaching.

Not showing all your cards in dating and keeping those secrets can be a blessing or a curse. If you’re seeing someone who likes to play the game, then not showing everything you’ve got can keep them interested and on your toes. We’ve all engaged in that push and pull but you reach a certain point where you get tired of it and just want to let them see everything you’ve got. If someone really digs you then shouldn’t they be down to really see you for you? I’m not sure if that’s old fashioned or new fashioned or something in between when it comes to the dating game but that’s how I see it. I won’t hold it against people who prefer to keep their secret though.

The Geek x Vrv – Paris Jazz Club 1920 (Feat Anomalie)

I feel like I’ve always associated The Geek x Vrv with more upbeat music but I’m digging this more tasteful and more lowkey approach on their new single. It feels like a subtle soundtrack, but the more I’ve listened to it on repeat listens, the more I’ve realized this thing is bustling with life – the keys feel like extravagant drapes, the drums feel like pure class, everything here is just so wonderful. Funnily enough, for a song that I felt wasn’t anywhere close to the realm of hip-hop, I found myself beginning to rap over the instrumental and couldn’t stop once I started. There’s a flow to this one that conjures up imagined storytelling vibes and allows you to simply fade away and let the music take you to faraway places or lay down your own words and your own story. It’s such a dynamic release with so much tangible potential and I can’t get enough.

For a song that lets you dive in with a personal angle, this one would definitely sound best in its namesake. I can imagine laughter permeating through the air, drink glasses clanking together, the sound of chairs dragging across floors as friends greet one another and enter a circle to extend its emotional capacity, the sound of coins clanking on the bar as patrons leave their change for tips, the creaking of wooden doors opening and closing. All of this would swirl through the atmosphere where each action is not individual, but instead connected occurrences all existing on the same thread of perception. It’s a beautiful concept and that imagined jazz club sounds like a beautiful place to be.

TriOrca – Ghost

I’m starting off this cloudy Friday morning on the West Coast with some smokey, soulful sounds. TriOrca’s “Ghost” is a gorgeous, organic ascension that feels like floating through the clouds while the Earth slowly turns below. The production is beautiful while offering plenty of comfortable space for it to slowly and naturally unwind while the vocals are absolutely powerful and feel like a timeless display. This stands out to me as one of the most genuine songs I’ve heard in a long time, where you can truly feel the passion of every component of the song precisely threaded into an utterly pleasing product.

“Ghost” is the type of song where I can zone out to its atmospherics and contemplate vague generalities of life. I’m thinking about how far I’ve come, my place in the universe in this very moment, hints of nostalgia, hints of anticipation for the future, appreciation of the present, gratitude for my life regardless of the time, and just about everything in between. My mental space exists in a zen moment right now where everything feels slowed down and I’m able to go through the motions of life with care. I’ll keep “Ghost” on as the soundtrack while that walk through this blessed existence continues to unwind.

Running Touch – Make Your Move

Running Touch seems to have no ties to any specific genre, always bouncing around from one to the next. His newest is a total dance-worthy jam soaked with tons of dimly lit dramatics that are draped heavy with synths evoking real emotions with each and every note. The instrumental is totally visceral and a full body sensation while the vocals have a romantic, inviting flair to them. Running Touch really gives each part of this song a deep impactful attribute that all wraps up into one of my favorite tracks of the year, point blank. Get into this one as soon as you can.

What’s the point of beating around the bush? Get to the point and make your move. That doesn’t just apply to romance, but all the interactions in our life. Why do we place such an emphasis on bluffing, on playing hard to get, on playing it cool and acting like we don’t care? Pure openness and honesty is a spiritual principle that should be the guiding force in all of our lives, yet we’ve strayed from a deep understanding of ourselves and have given into to this material world. I like to think living a spiritual life by that principle will not only serve ourselves, but lead to a butterfly effect with a world strung together by it if we allow it.


I’ve been following EVAN GIIA’s trajectory over the last year or so since “WESTWORLD” dropped and her growth as an artist has been so dope to see. Every release seems to get even catchier than the last and that evolution continues with “WHAT U NEED?”. This one is produced by Memba and feels like the equivalent of throwing everything up in the air, flipping a table over, and flipping a middle finger to all the problems racing through our minds. The production has a nice low-end bounce to it with tons of intricate little sounds sprinkled all around and EVAN’s voice is pure electro-pop anthem goodness. She has such a powerful presence on the song and there’s just no doubt that fans are going to deeply connect with every word she sings.

Those visceral, fuck-it moments that come from getting fed up are so essential. We all have an internal clock and when it strikes and when we get that gut feeling, it’s time to move on. I was part of a close knit community for years that I recently began to despise being a part of so slowly, and eventually, I had that moment where I realized I wanted no part of it anymore. What did I need? I needed freedom, a new start, new pursuits, SOMETHING new. It’s like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and for the past few weeks I’ve felt so good. That’s exactly what I needed.

Noé – ibynoé

Noé has been hot on my radar throughout 2019, so it’s thrilling to have her EP finally arrive. Originally teased by five standout singles that I had the pleasure of writing up in their entirety, each building upon the last with a further expansive soon, the EP comes equipped with a never-before-heard track called “i cheated on u” that once again takes her sound to new territory. It’s an acoustic, heartache ballad that dives into raw, unflinching honesty about infidelity with honesty and openness that makes each and every word hit with serious impact. Noé has an intrinsic way with words that make her music what I would consider poetic, constantly drawing intricate imagery from verse to chorus and back again. She’s exactly the voice I want to hear in indie-pop and I love the EP but can also see how she’s going to take her sound and style to a new level as her rise is imminent.

The ever-shifting landscape of music makes it so easy to leave music behind. As soon as we hear something, we instantly think ahead to the next album suggested on Spotify or the range of singles on our favorite playlist that go down a lot easier than a full record. There’s obviously music that’s been designed for this rapid form of mass consumption, but there’s no reason to get disillusioned as we have access to the widest array of true artists in history. No matter how many people buy into the now or try to game the system, the cream rises to the top and it’s obvious that Noé falls squarely into that category of making music that’s built to last.

Harry Nathan – Songs About Dreams About Her

I’ve been heavily looking forward to Harry Nathan’s new EP and it has totally transcended my expectations. It’s such an expertly woven batch of songs that feel like they all fit into the same explosive universe where catchy melodies and attentive intricacies reign supreme. The opener “Rooftops” starts things off on a high note with a tropical groove, singles “Fool For Your Love” and “Vanilla Sky” sound even better in the context of the record, “Timeless Dream” is an absolutely stunning ambient-esque ballad of an instrumental, and “Blue Eyed Girl” is a gorgeous closer that starts small before swelling up into an anthemic swan song. This EP is truly packed with highlights and I can’t recommend enough to just sit down and absorb it from front to back.

I don’t have a super insightful personal anecdote to dive into today. I just want to say that I’m in a really good place right now and music like Harry Nathan’s accentuates that feeling, like the soundtrack to a movie that’s momentarily transcended conflict or disarray and everything just feels right. I drove over a massive bridge last night, looked up at a mountain range right as the song’s chorus kicked, and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud and smile. It was a moment that affirmed my place of love and light in the universe and I look forward to continuing to cherish this ongoing experience.

bodyimage – choke

Have you ever wished pain upon someone? Have you ever encouraged the universe to send unflinching karma in the direction of someone who you thinks deserves it? If so, this is a fitting soundtrack to your voodoo-doll ethos. bodyimage have revealed a subtly vicious single called “choke” that feels like the metallic grind of industrial tension converted into a structure that sticks in your brain like glue. There’s moments to breathe when the vocals take centerstage and a sense of relief creeps in, but it’s quickly crushed into dust as the darkness encroaches once more. The song eventually devolves into the repetitious “I wanna, I wanna, I wanna make you choke,” like the moment when anger overwhelms your brain and it’s the only possible thought or emotion you’re registering in that moment.

It’s easy to thrive off of anger. It’s an easy emotion that for some reason comes naturally to us as humans. That creeping sensation of tension rises up through your body before exploding into a full-blown feeling in mind and body. A lot of anger can be irrational, but we are occasionally faced with seething, seeing red moments that come from a justifiable position in the push-and-pull of human connection. Music like “choke” is so valuable because it allows you to expunge those sensations from your body into art, and ideally, function as catharsis that comfortably grapples with a purely negative emotion before creating space in yourself to move on from the negativity. There’s also something to be said for returning to music with revenge in mind that can help relieve tension in your life time and time again. I’ll definitely be returning to “choke” again when I need a moment of removal and reprise.

Jabberwocky – Italobingo / La Yara EP

Italodisco is an essential genre and Jabberwocky are making sure it’s also everlasting on their amazing new EP. The first track is “Italobingo” which feels like a lengthy head trip through a hazy dance floor with lights flickering, bodies moving, and a sense of time or place nonexistent. It’s all about the groovy journey and I’ll be damned if I’m not on board for its entirety. The second single “La Yara” is funky emotional goodness that feels like the soundtrack to a ’70s melodrama where the love interests have a push and pull between one another before finally arriving in each other’s arms where they belong. Jabberwocky’s music isn’t just audible, it’s a cinematic experience that makes you see and feel things beyond the average imagination. I highly recommend getting on board this visceral train and never looking back.

It’s amazing that a French trio in 2019 is making topshelf music of a genre whose peak was in Italy during the 20th century. Good music transcends origins or nationalities or linear time constraints and is a universal language that we can all engage with however we please. Passion is the only currency that drives the exchange of good music outside of the corporate sense and Jabberwocky appear to have a whole wealth of it on deck. I’m sitting in Los Angeles experiencing a French trio channeling Italian music and I can fully feel it – there’s no senses lost because the passion shines through. That’s a beautiful thing.

Pretty Sister – Kingdom in the Valley

Pretty Sister has been one of the most consistent artist on my radar for years now and he never lets up – in fact it feels like he’s still growing as an artist. While his previous singles leaned a little heavier into nostalgia, this new one feels like his sound is really crystalizing into something absolutely fresh. It has just the right amount of funk, of synth-pop, of a modern trap reprise, and of modern swagger to his vocals – all a perfect foundation for a song about finding his queen (someone get wifed up by Pretty Sister already)! It’s exciting to hear an artist find their voice with years of amazing progression and it feels like Pretty Sister has truly arrived.

Dating culture is such an illogical mess. You can be the biggest catch in the world and you’ll still come up short with potential matches time and time again. It’s a nuisance that’s been exacerbated by a lack of accountability and honesty in relationships, but just stay the course because the right one for you is out there. They might not be on dating apps or the coffee shop you regularly go to, but instead hiding in a chance moment that’s ahead of you without even knowing it. Trust that the universe already has connected you two from afar and your gravitational pull toward one another will eventually put you in the right place at the right time. Your queen for your kingdom in the valley is out there!