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Best Me (Remix) Feat. Saba [Prod. by Sylvan LaCue]

Damn Thursday already, February already, before we know it, Summer, time is crazy I tell you.  You value time a lot more when you aren’t looking out for just yourself anymore.  I value my time because I have a little one sharing it with me, or should I say I am sharing it with her, it’s a beautiful thing, which is why you always gotta stay on top of your game and be the best you can be at all times even in bad times.

I am getting tired of people bitching and complaining, sorry to be so frank but honestly, being angry isn’t the solution to any problem.  If you want to fix something then learn about the thing you are trying to fix.  If it’s a human being, figure out why that person is the way they are, try to understand them and not appose them, make sense?  If it doesn’t then you are doing it all wrong.  You see when you want something from someone, or you want someone to do something for you, you can’t just outright ask that person to do it or demand it, you have to ask them what YOU can do for THEM.  People of power love this, they love to have their egos stroked so to speak.  A sociopath or a narcissist (Basically the same thing,) they love to feel right and have it all be about them.  The root of all problems is knowledge, being knowledgable in what it is you are fighting, being angry is never the solution.  That’s all the advice I am going to give on the matter.  I had to give myself the same advice recently when finding out the immense amount of shady shit going on by a couple people behind my back for quite some time.  Man it’s amazing how people with try and kill your character, push you down, lie, steal, cheat, all basically in front of your face if you had the power to see, but I was locked in the dark, thankfully I broke that lock.  In order to be the “Best Me’, the meaning of this track I am posting, sometimes you just have to let this type of shit go, or save it for when you really need it for ammunition.  Do bad people come out on top, they sure as hell can, this world works in mysterious ways but all you can do is keep on being the best you.

I needed something with a really good flow and an authentic message we could all use, I think Sylvan LaCue and Saba nailed it here.  This is a track you really need to pay attention too.  I think music like that shows a real depth in the communication of a song and the message being conveyed.  Hope everyone is ready for the weekend, I know I am, press play and hope you all found some clarity in my advice.

Jeffrey James – Hand Grenade

With the current political climate in the US, no doubt there’s a lot of people that would echo Jeffrey James’ same sentiment:

“Take me to your leader, bring a hand grenade to meet him.”

We live in a country where half of the population hates you for whatever you believe, at any given time. Truly, we’re so divided that you can immediately assume that about 50% of Americans will vehemently disagree with anything you believe in, whatever it may be. I would imagine about half of this country would like to take a hand grenade to our current president. But the other half would have taken a hand grenade to our last president. And the president before that was when all this madness started. Obviously there have been hot button topics dividing our leaders and government for decades if not centuries, but the palpable division of this country seems like it started with the events surrounding Bush Jr. “winning” the election in 2000. Post 9/11 is when religion and politics became so intertwined, and now you can’t even express a political belief without offending someone else’s faith. It’s all so twisted, and as a result everyone is on edge, ready to scream at the next person for daring to think differently than them. And thanks to the mass availability of information, ANYONE can find a hundred articles that support their position in seconds. So not only does everyone have a strong opinion, but they all think they’re 100% right and have the facts to back it up.

I used to think road rage was such a thing because people could scream out extremely aggressive words and threats, all under the protection of their little car bubble. But now it’s like everyone has road rage all the time, whether behind the wheel or standing in line at the 7-11. Everyone is a small disagreement away from exploding, all because the concept of unity is long gone. Unifying the country will be the rallying cry of every leader we have from now until……..we’re unified? But that’s what defines America now – division. Another civil war doesn’t even feel that far-fetched.

Any long-winded cry for the need to remember that “we’re all one” only resonates with a fraction of the population, no matter how true it may be. But it only takes minimal self-reflection to realize that the essence that animates our human bodies isn’t our name/job/birthplace, but something more wise, aware, knowing, etc. The “god” in us, the “soul,” whatever anyone wants to call it – it’s clear we’re all made of the same essence, the same molecules, and have the same potential to unlock the mysteries of life and experience success in whatever we choose to do. People just need to look past the distractions and stresses of the day, and realize that we’re simply a sliver of this infinite awareness, having an experience as “name/job/birthplace.” We’re not those things, we’re just experiencing them. So, our little task is simply to get every person in American to remember that, and then the rest of the 6 billion people in this world. Let’s get started!?


I’ve been posting about a lot about art that emanates overwhelmingly joyous vibes as of late, but not everything I’m into is an audible kaleidoscope. That’s not to say ARMNHMR and DATHAN’s remix of “AKIRA” is in turn a depressive undertow, but its artwork sets a tone of darkness surrounded by a border of light that I absolutely adore and mirrors my non-homogenous taste.

In particular, the visual accompaniment combined with the atmosphere of the remix reminds me of the nature of everyday life that I’m coming to understand. As someone who struggles with a host of depressive issues, I’ve always alternated between feeling fantastic and utterly hopeless at the flip of a switch. Yet in recent times, I’ve begun to subscribe to the idea that remaining at a more balanced state where I don’t become so invested in the highs and the lows is my best way of living. The world is not composed wholly of darkness or of light, and while difficult to remember during select moments, it’s important to try and maintain that perspective.

I feel that ethos throughout this song’s framework; while a synth abrasively warps between invigorating and abrasive throughout the drop, the bridge to the track’s final outing is draped in mystifying dramatics that give way to a drop balancing darkness and light once more.

It’s quite the feeling when art lines up with your life and helps you understand yourself just a bit further.

B.Miles – Running

Good morning loves, I’m sure most of you on the West Coast are still sleeping whilst the East Coasters are tumbling out of bed sipping the dregs of whatever was in the glass on their nightstand from the night before to give them that tiny bit of life that they need.  Hey I know how it goes!  Me, well I’ve been up since 5am with a little monster that decided we should get up before the sun had risen, and probably when most of you were getting home, it’s cool tho I am hittin the town next weekend so if you are out and about, California Street in West Seattle is where it’s at, good vibes and good people my friends.

This felt like the perfect Sunday brunch track, this is exactly what I would be listening to in some “space age” brunch spot in Brooklyn or Manhattan with a delicious bloody Mary, everyone around me looking like they didn’t even go out the night before, keepin the class and style in mint condition.  Los Angeles based artist B.Miles is described as “A dark energizer bunny confused with it’s place in the world.”  I love that, I feel like that’s how a lot of us feel most of the time these days, but the energy of this track, her vocals and the euphoria placed perfectly throughout the track makes you want to recharge and start the weekend all over again.  Press this baby and recharge my loves! xo

Hey Violet – Guys My Age (Prince Fox Remix)

Guys my age don’t know how to treat me..”

Fuck those lyrics definitely hit close to home.  Chivalry is not dead! Repeat CHIVALRY IS NOT DEAD.  Ya we live in a time where women want to be treated as equals but I think men take that as, ok well I can treat her like one of my boys.  Maybe we aren’t getting the message across clearly, it’s possible and I’m not denying that but for the majority of us ladies I think we enjoy having the door opened for us, maybe paying for drinks and dinner here and there and throwing your sweater down on that mud puddle so we don’t have to get our new fancy heels dirty 😉  Listen babe, you pay for dinner tomorrow night and I’ll make you the best sandwich you have ever had in your life and maybe even do your laundry (FYI I actually enjoy doing laundry to all the single bachelors out there)!

I’ve spent the last decade settling for less than what I deserve because I am a loyal creature, I am a rare breed of women that is most definitely taken for granted and I know this.  I want to fit in with the boys but I also want to be treated like a lady, I am great at taking care of myself but I don’t want that to be taken as I don’t want to be taken care of as well.  I guess sometimes there are mixed messages in this behavior and it’s important to give good communication.  Most of us aren’t mind readers, no matter how well you know a person don’t make that an excuse for not verbally communicating what you want and what you deserve because you think the other person knows or should know exactly what you are thinking and this goes for not only the ladies but the men too.

This track is a banger, I am not even going out this weekend but I feel like I am out already just listening to this over and over again, I love that energy you get from music.  I love when I am looking through hundreds of submissions and I find a diamond, cuz I mean you know they are a girls best friend, men take note!  This remix just dropped yesterday and the anticipation to post it has been making my veins throb.  SO here you go, hope this kicks up your energy a few notches for your Saturday festivities, ladies I hope you get that door opened for you tonight and men I hope you get that sandwich tomorrow morning from your lady when you are nursing that hangover!

Grace Mitchell – Kids (Ain’t All Right)

This is the type of refreshing, exciting, listen-more-than-onceable song that I want to hear. Sure, the Nirvana comparisons are inevitable, but Grace Mitchell does it so well and with more than enough of her own swag, that the result is simply one fantastic song. And one super exciting new artist to place our attention upon. Grace oozes confidence on record and in image/picture, the kind that gets you exactly where you want to go. And i don’t even think she’s 20 yet. Again – this is exactly the type of (rare) thing that gets me super excited about music these days. If this song doesn’t end up blowing up, I’m sure the smash is already in the queue.

Though I do disagree about one thing – the kids actually might be just fine. As wayward as young millennials may seem sometimes, there’s some serious promise there. For one, they’ve been born and raised to question everything. You simply cannot fool them, you’ll get called out immediately for anything that doesn’t fit. This is great in the sense that they see through the bullshit, and as the bullshit continues to pile up in the country and world, we need a generation of people who can cut right through it.

They’ve also been knocked for seeming entitled and arrogant, but those are perfect traits for this day and age. Arrogance can easily translate to confidence, and we sure as hell don’t need a bunch of timid kids growing into timid adults as we approach these unpredictable times ahead. We need people that know where they belong, and plan on getting there regardless of what stands in their path. Just like young Grace Mitchell. Anyone that rises to the top of anything believed they were #1 long before anyone even knew they were in contention. If we have a bunch of young adults that expect nothing less than success, maybe they’ll end up teaching us all how to get there without all the hemming and hawing.

ATCQ – Electric Relaxation (T4PES X Nick AM Edit)

Don’t you hate it when something really exciting happens and you aren’t allowed to talk about it.  These are all things I will be able to share in the near future, I don’t like surprises but that’s the way it goes sometimes. Fuck it’s like the moment I turned 30 and things just started falling into place.  20’s were the “make mistakes but make sure you are also working hard at whatever it is you love to do.”  Get your heart broken, clean up the mess, pick yourself back up and do it all again until you hit 30 if you don’t have yourself more put together by then, please email me personally.  That’s some partial advice to those of you in your 20’s, don’t stress too hard just make sure you aren’t totally wasting your time, it’s the time in your life where you ARE a grown up (unless you are still living at your parents place) but you can still make mistakes and figure out who you really are.  I figured out I am one badass, strong, loyal, capable female, and there were a lot of hating, jealous, toxic humans trying to get in my way and put out my fire.  “Oh fuck no homie, I don’t play like that homie, move right along now homie and as I watch you kick that dust in your eye, while you’re pretending not to cry, but you know I am oh so high..You can’t help it.”  That was a little something I made up for you all on the spot, you’re welcome!

I’ve been excited to post this mix, a little Tribe with a good weekend dance feel, I’m diggin it.  Any type of old school feel mixed with some new school sounds is right up my alley.  Press play and do you friends, make it all count, even the shitty stuff!

San Holo – Light (Grant Remix)

San Holo’s original mix of “Light” is an ethereal track that flooded my brain with waves of serotonin upon its first release, so calling it a tall order to remix would be a bit of an understatement. With that in mind, I find myself giving pause to reconsider the impossibility of that tall order, though, as Grant’s reenvisioning is an utterly gorgeous take.

Its lead synth flutters with the gracefulness of a butterfly spreading its colorful wings upon emergence from the darkness of a cocoon, while the vocals are repurposed to feel like an overarching rainbow that encompasses the track’s dazzling whole. Metaphors and similes aside, the organic beauty on display takes me back to one of the most awe-inspiring moments of my life. Two months into living in Los Angeles, my friend and I decided to hop on his rental car and drive up the coast; once we hit Malibu, we saw a massive hill at the foot of Pepperdine’s campus and naturally opted to check out the view. Upon reaching its flat, park-bench peppered peak, the green hill seemingly rolled into the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, and I was quickly left at a loss for words. As someone who grew up on the East Coast, I was never impressed with our natural sights, but that dramatic scene gave me a glimpse at just how elegant this earth of ours can be. Now firmly rooted in LA, I’m beyond fortunate to be able to have that experience within my grasp again and again.

As for more fresh takes on “Light,” San Holo has debuted an entire remix pack that I highly recommend digging into here.

Diamond Pistols – Run Away (feat. Ian Everson)

The sports car on this cover is a damn good analogy for how this song from Diamond Pistols sounds…like a brand new, well oiled Spinnin’ Records machine revving up its engine. It reminds me of the first time I saw a Lamborghini Huracan after being super amazed by the Gallardo and Diablo for years…the old ones were amazing but that was on a whole new level, and that’s how I feel about this song coming from Spinnin’. I’ve been to tons of raves and festivals where the DJs were dropping Spinnin’ songs left and right, but I don’t think any of those songs ever made me feel the feelings I’m having right now.

Props obviously have to be given to Diamond Pistols first – his production sounds absolutely massive, but it doesn’t have millions of cheap layers, kind of like a basic sports car with a badass engine being better than one that talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk (you thought the car metaphors were over huh?!). It’s a smooth ride that’s perfect for Ian Everson to deliver some equally smooth and seriously emotional vocals that deserve just as much credit. And you know, I might not have a sports car even with all this sports car talk, but I still have to go bump this through my *ultra powerful* Civic’s aux cable and hear “Run Away” in all its glory.

Elephante (feat. Nevve) – Catching On (PLS&TY Remix)

PLS&TY? More like yes please! I loved Elephante’s original version of “Catching On,” but damn this new remix turns a sexy, Urban Outfitters ready song into a future bass banger. We see remixes of awesome songs everyday on Soundcloud, but sometimes I have to sit back and think about how crazy the idea of a remix is…isn’t it mind blowing how one musician can take another musician’s vision and turn it into something totally new? In a year where things aren’t looking too bright, I feel hopeful when I think about one person being inspired enough by another person to make their music something new and beautiful like this “Catching On” remix!

Remixes aren’t the only thing this song made me think about though. The line, “I’m a prisoner in my own head,” is something that I vibe with… always overthinking things, then thinking about them again, then thinking about them just a bit more more for good measure! It’s a flaw that I’ve always had and I worry that it’ll never go away, but the drop in this song feels like a giant dam cracking open and releasing all the stress of being stuck in my head. I know I’m probably filling in between the lines, but it makes me feel comforted like I’m wrapped up in a blanket of good vibes and in the end that’s what good music is all about right? I have to say I’m feeling a lot better after getting all that out, so thanks PLS&TY.