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Pink Slip – Said It All (Feat. Estef)

A syrupy, saucy and sweet bass line like this is just perfect for waxing poetic, as Estef does with sass and style over Pink Slip’s groovy production. Clearly influenced by jazz, funk and early 90’s hiphop, Pink Slip has created a soundscape that’s equal parts bouncy and smooth, oozing an exciting and sophisticated sound. Estef uses the musical canvass to paint a charming picture of a not-so-charming topic – a break-up. Her honesty and wisdom about the push-and-pull of the situation is as refreshing as it is relatable, and the result is a quite enjoyable listen.

“I’ve already said it all.”

Her point makes me think of something i’ve been reading recently about human history and language. There’s a line of thought in some spiritual communities that as blantantly essential as language/speaking is, it’s actually been inherently divisive for two reasons: 1.) Our essence/spirit/soul is supposed to be able to communicate “telepathically” – without words – the same way insects, fish, animals and trees/plants/flowers do. Many believe our connection to each other and the Earth was instantaneous – meaning I could think something and direct it you and you’ll immediately think it – before the “invention” of language. 2.) Language is one of the main reasons we feel “different” from one another. If I speak one language, and you speak another, we can’t communicate. Maybe thousands and thousands of years ago, I would have been able to communicate with said person through our inherent connection. But by relying on our own languages, now we can’t communicate.

Of course we can’t just wish for a world without words, it’s waaaay too ingrained in (most) every culture on the planet, but it’s fascinating to look at something at commonplace as language and see it as something completely different than we always casually assumed. What if there was only one language on earth? It could solve so many problems, but it also might suck large amounts of culture away from societies/countries/nations. What would the world be like if nobody could speak for one full day? A week? What if when people start colonizing Mars, they’re encouraged not to speak as to try to re-develop their inherent, internal communication powers? It sure would be amazing to see how it all played out. But for now, we can rest comfortably and let Pink Slip and Estef do the talking, even though we know she already said it all.

I’m going to get personal…

I am going to get a bit personal with you all. I have thought a lot about whether or not to post this but I don’t appreciate false accusations or being SHAMED on social media, being called horrible names and accusing me of being a “thieve”. (And it’s spelled thief by the way.)

Once upon a time not so long ago there was a writer on this blog, a writer who was actually a huge thief. Stole money from many people, even stole money from this very blog. When my old partner finally realized what I had been saying all of these years and got rid of him. Now let’s fast forward…

Right before the New Year my old partner and I split ways and I took over the blog ( I have been a part of this blog for many years and have always protected it), so it only made sense that I keep it going as I have been a very trusted loyal person for all these years on EMPT. When we made the transition unfortunately some things crashed, some posts were lost and a lot of things had to be rebooted which took days. In order to reboot a lot of what we had lost (and we lost a bunch of posts we couldn’t get back), all the posts that were rebooted had to be put in the admins name, Me being the new admin. This really made me upset because I DO NOT under any circumstances take credit for other people’s work. I ghost write for a living so I understand what it’s like to have other people take credit for your work. I did my absolute best to credit back the writing to the correct people and these people who are still writing for the blog can vouch for me on this, it took some days and some hours but I did it. And if these shameful people who are trying to slander me on social media don’t believe me then just ask the writers on my blog yourself!

Fortunately, I do not communicate with this old writer who has slandered me on social media nor do I ever want to. Frankly all this person had to do was ask me about this situation. I don’t know who wrote every post written on this blog and I didn’t pay much attention to this persons posts so since there has been no communication I certainly didn’t know which posts to credit him back.  Now I would have had no problem if he had emailed me directly asking me about the why his post was under my name. I would have done something about it as I did for the other writers who went through very graciously to send me a list of what they had written on the blog.

So that is me getting personal with you all. One thing I don’t appreciate in this life is being accused of something I am not by incredibly shady human beings who tried to steal and destroy the well being of this blog and I am sure those of you who love this blog don’t appreciate this information at all. I hope you band behind me and show me support as I am one the most gracious, honest and loyal human beings.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate everyone’s loyalty to the blog and I am going to keep it as honest, real and better than ever for all of you out there reading and listening.

Be good to the world, be good to yourself!

Much love. xx



PSSY PWR – Rodeo

“Pussy, power, power to the pussy!” It’s international women’s day and while women aren’t defined by what’s below the belt (shoutout to trans women!) this song is a rally cry of a pop banger that I can’t get enough of! It takes that crazy collision of rock and pop that Sleigh Bells used to rock so hard and gives it a more traditional pop structure that I fuck with more than I can even put into words.

Plus the power over men that they sing about makes me think about all of the powerful women in my life… I have friends that are killer producers, pr agents, journalists, vocalists, artists, the list goes on and on and on…they’re such talented people that start out with less respect than a dude would in their field because of a bullshit patriarchy yet they’re more talented than virtually everyone around them!! That’s not even considering how much shit they have to go through everyday from harassment to discrimination and everything in between…

I’m in awe of how not only my female friends but females all around the world straight up kill shit day in day out with the odds stacked against them. They have so much more resolve than I ever have or will, so here’s a middle finger to the patriarchy and a massive shoutout to all the women across the world!

Jay xero & LondonBridge – Gonna Go With You

Okay so I know this is a weird train of thought but follow along with me here…the song in question is called “Gonna Go With You”, and when combined with the cat on the album cover, it made me think of the loyalty animals in our homes have… No matter what’s going on in our lives, they’re *always* there for us showing love that humans don’t always give to one another. Even if they’re not having us pet them and cuddling up we’re the centerpiece of their world.

And low and behold the concept Jay xero had for this song is passing thoughts of love between people while neither recognizes it and moves on with their day. We can take moments like that for granted, just like we can take the constant love of animals for granted. It’s so easy to miss a special moment when we don’t stop to think about the love that someone else might have for us.

So next time your heart feels warm whether it’s for an animal or a person in passing, let them know! It’s a privilege we have as beings on this earth to make others’ seconds, minutes, and hours better.

BLU J – Safe (ft. Matthew Chaim)

When it comes to current acts, BLU J have a special place in my heart as I’ve watched the duo evolve from mastering remixes and flips to unleashing powerful solo release after solo release. “Safe” continues their movement along an exponential curve as they’ve found a wholly comfortable position between pop and house. Beginning with radio-ready sensibilities as vocalist Matthew Caim lays down a smooth hook, the track drops down into a sleek, sexy house shuffle before the two styles entwine.

Even with the most wide-ranging appeal of a BLU J track to date, they’ve maintained their signature sound which is applause-worthy. I salivate over their releases with massive, bass-churning movements, but the integration of their synths into a track like “Safe” is just as satisfactory. It’s a testament to the versatility of a duo whose potential reaches to the peaks of pop and house alike, and while I’m focused on this release, I can’t help but think ahead to the music they have in store.

Salt Cathedral – Run For The Money ft. Assassin

This track gave me immediate nostalgia from our early EMPT days when we used to post a lot of Major Lazer. Fuck I miss those days a lot and I am trying to do everything possible to bring it back physically for everyone in party mode ASAP.  I am on my way to NYC in about an hour for a few days and then officially moving back right before Summer starts.  I could only stay away from my city for a few months, I love it so much in NYC that it hurts, I feel so many amazing things when I think about it, it’s the place that helped me become the adult that I am today, well ok I am still very much a kid at heart especially because I deal with a toddler 24/7, but NY creates some pretty unique, hardworking, cultured human beings and I have really missed that the past few months.  This track brought back a lot of those feelings for me:

run for the money
run for the gold
run in the evening
you run ’till you are old.”

This is my motto these days, ‘run for the money, run for the gold’, run for that better life, the best life, a life where your children will never have to worry and you can live a spontaneous life because you worked your butt off and you deserve it!

Speaking of running I have to get my shit together for my trip to NY, press play, it will be Friday before you know it and this will get you in that mood!

Illenium – Fractures (feat. Nevve)

Alright so I’ve heard Nevve on some tracks before, but this one…this one is just straight beautiful. The producer of this song Illenium is a master of making music with good vibes all around and he uses Nevve’s vocals in a way that sends chills up my spine with every damn listen! There’s just so much to love about this song, but the hook might be my favorite part when Nevve sings “Coming after, tiny fractures”…

It makes me think about how tiny fractures that happen everyday can lead to an earthquake sized fracture. It might not be right after the tiny fracture, but weeks or months or even years after… This is why it’s so important to make sure we’re always taking care of ourselves and taking inventory on how we’re feeling and dealing with situations throughout the day… And no, I don’t mean micromanaging yourself into oblivion cause that can be just as bad…but pay attention to your thoughts and actions and see what makes you happy and what makes you unhappy. Then, the tiny fractures will heal way quicker and you won’t have to deal with a fault line wreaking fucking havoc in the future!

It’s simple but it’s such an important way to keep yourself on track…and hey, it makes listening to “Fractures” even more enjoyable when you’re already feeling good!

Kill Paris (Feat. Nevve and Monstre) – Junkie (DNMO Remix)

I don’t know how I missed this stunning DNMO remix of one of my favorite songs of 2016 – Kill Paris/Nevve/Monstre’s “Junkie.” The original version captured such a special mood that any remix would have a tough time living up, but damn DNMO comes close on this. The dark, mechanical synth tones that bubble and brew under the track give the pensive vocals a new sense of tension. The drop is truly cathartic, feeling akin to a wall bursting under the pressure of tons of water. Or perhaps like a junkie fulfilling a need for a fix.

It’s such a thin line isn’t it – the human need/want to indulge in something, experience it for all it’s worth…BUT, don’t you dare enjoy it too much and grow addicted to it, cause then it’ll ruin your life. Think about that for a moment. As humans bursting at the seams with emotion, it’s natural for us to want to put all of our energy behind something we’re passionate about. But you’ve constantly got to be aware not to slip over that thinnest of lines, and become a “junkie” for something. You can “over” anything, from work to food to sex to sleep. So maybe the key is to WANT something like a junkie, but control your actions enough to participate in it like a balanced person. Be passionate as all hell in your mind, but ACT as though you’re proceeding with calculated caution. We’re instruments for all things creative if we’re controlled and balanced.

ATO – 94 Dreaming (prod. EDEN)

94 Dreaming simultaneously “picks up the past and recalls it as heaven” while fantasizing about “the bigger picture.” ATO, the young rapper from Leeds, captures the friction of what it means to be in a period in between; what it means to be young; a twenty something. ATO would perhaps reject this description. Not the geographical placement but the classification of adolescence. “Young” is subjective. To someone nearing a century of life, I can’t imagine how young twenty something must sound. “Young people have so much to learn about life” I’ve heard more than a few times. They’re right. There’s an endless well of knowledge to be acquired during our time. But the well isn’t finite and there isn’t a specific timeline

ATO’s got ample content to show his growth so far.


I’ve got to stop being selfish, helping other left me helpless…That’s young me…with questions that you can’t answer…I chose the darkest path
To emancipate my own feelings
Clouding the vision
Distorting the meaning”

Who’s to say his experiences aren’t as meaningful as those of an older generation? Being young doesn’t mean the lessons haven’t started rolling in.

In this time of our lives, the future looks simultaneously open and tied to a past that seems far behind. We’re tiptoeing on a tight rope, doing our best to keep looking up and out. Doing our best to not be devoured the size of our ambitions and those who say we can’t do it all. We’re perhaps in the middle, where hard work has yet to bear fruit and there’s not enough distance between us and old habits to feel we’re free from how we used to be. How we used to be pops us occasionally and we work to change, to make something of ourselves, but reaping the benefit of that work is a far away reward. So, dreaming is where we find ourselves most of the time. Dreaming is both what keeps us grounded and keeps us feeling high, keeps us feeling like we could reach the sky.


I’ll sleep on it
Dream bigger
New frame of mind
The bigger picture
Fingers travel scriptures
‘Till we capsize
I’ma keep running
We sinning
Pushed back to the beginning
The past speaking to me like a family 20 minute visit”


Thoreau – Girls Love Beyoncé (Rework)

Oh man I have definitely been about some covers lately.  I want the old jams playing in my head and I don’t want to let them go but sometimes I want to sprinkle a new sauce on that jam to get a different flavor.  Thoreau does a nice job of spicin’ up Beyonce jams that we all know and love, if you don’t love her I may be questioning whether you love anything at all.

To be great we have to be able to re create the greats in our own way that people can connect with in the now.  It’s not being a copy cat and it doesn’t mean you cannot think of something completely new.  We all have our idols, people we look up too, people that we saw as little kids that inspired us to be what we are right now doing what we love to do (hopefully).  Because I mean, damn, if you aren’t doing what you love then you are already dead…#truestory!

I don’t feel like clubs these days, I want a sexy lounge with some bomb drinks and classy cultured people all around me who know what they want, they want old school vibes that’s why they are at this sexy lounge and not the club, but they still want something that is in the now that they can dance too.  This Thoreau cover is what comes on and makes their Saturday pump up, some good R&B jams with a twist, press play, YOUR WELCOME!