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TMPL – All We Are Featuring Terrell Morris

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Becoming bored with something is nothing like growing tired or frustrated with how things are. There’s a huge difference, for me. I expect anyone I spend my time with to also acknowledge the things I love the way I make it my point to acknowledge what they love. Life is about balance, and if you are going to spend any parts of your life with someone, regardless of how much time that will be, then finding a good balance will lead to having great moments with one another. I guess that isn’t so easy for some people to get. I guess some people need you to draw out diagrams on the blackboard as if we’re in fucking school, and quite frankly, I don’t want to be anyone’s teacher. I mean, how can I teach anything to anyone when there is still so much I myself don’t know?

I’m humble in many ways. For one, whenever an argument ensues with a loved one I tend not to take the hurtful words that come out of their mouths to heart. Of course, hurtful words hurt, but we learn overtime that some people need to do this in order to release anger or frustrations, so we let those slide as we get older because we know that they are empty words. It’s when you don’t learn about yourself progressively and we find ourselves in the same sort of arguments with the same sort of words spewn at one another that we begin to have issues. Number one, we start with you just not learning from your past mistakes, and number two is the redundancy of your words that begins to bore me. At least come up with new words or phrases. Better yet, learn to control your mouth and just listen better.

We all hope to find the one partner that gets us completely. Sometimes we do, but for whatever the reasons shit just didn’t work out. Sometimes we don’t find perfection in our partners, but they learn what we love, and they do their best to make our lives as happy as we try to make theirs. When that balance begins to shift and become more negative than positive, that’s when you have to start asking yourself if everything that you are sacrificing for is worth your peace of mind.

Peace of mind is how we thrive as human beings. Without the mind the body cannot exist. It’s how we live long and prosperous lives, and it’s how the world becomes a better place. The opposite only brings war, pain, suffering and more hell. I don’t want to live in hell. I didn’t sign up for that.

Liphemra – ‘did u cry’

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I forgot how Hollywood-esque the sunsets in LA could be. I remember staring out on my balcony into the hills from North Hollywood in 2011 and thinking how even the sunsets here had to be so dramatic. The colors are so vibrant. I read somewhere that this is because of all the pollutants in the air. That made me think of Mars and that movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger called Total Recall. I don’t really care why the sunsets are so full of beautiful colors—I only care that they are so surreal. Maybe we are like flies and moths in how much we too can be attracted to light.

They say that if you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere. Well I hope that’s true because LA seems like the place I want to be when I finally settle down. I say that half-jokingly and half not because a part of me will always remain restless. It’s that feeling we get inside of us when we don’t know exactly what we are searching for, but we know that we are searching for something that is missing from within. Heck, we don’t even know what exactly it is that we are missing either, but when that feeling is there, it’s intense.

When I look up at these LA sunsets now, I feel like I have found something that I was missing. How long this quenched thirst of mine may last, only time will tell.

Anyway, TGIF and here is something soothingly dramatic and different than anything else out there, sort of like the LA sunsets that I’m beginning to fall in love with all over again; even if it does seem as if all they do is repeat themselves at every sundown.

Levphonic – Release


I live my life a mile per minute going 60mph at all times. That leaves no room for staring into my rearview mirror to see what I missed or look at what I’ve left behind. Nah, I don’t want any of that. My life is too beautiful and too fun and too positive and too chill to be pulled on by anything other than that. In fact, that shit right there (being pulled) is called “drag”, and by definition, “drag” is defined as the force that opposes forward motion, so no—please don’t drag me with your bullshit. I want none of it.

Everyday, we have two simple choices in life to make when we wake up and get ready for the world. You either think that everything is going to fall into place for you down to parking spots right where you need them, when you need them, or, you wake up and claim Murphy’s Law for the day and watch as everything doesn’t go your way, and then bitch and moan about it not going your way. Who the fuck can live that way? I know I can’t, nor do I want to.

Look, I don’t know shit. I’m not sitting here pretending that I am any better than any of you out there because the truth of the matter is that I’m sitting here skating through life, still falling and bruising myself, breaking bones at every other bend. But what I do know is that up until today, my life has been pretty good, and that’s mainly because I’m still on that highway that I was born on with the ON button lit on the cruise control rolling at sixty miles per hour. On my drive, the sky is always blue, the grass is always green, the roads are always perfect and I never run out of gas.

Maybe it isn’t the most beautiful drive that you have ever seen, and maybe it isn’t the most expensive or the most profound or romantic. But the most chill ride ever it sure has been, and along the way it has been funny and always a good time.

What up LA. So far, you rock.

The Womb – Wild Dogs (Fennec & Wolf Remix)

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All Systems GO! That’s been the theme for my day today and that’s exactly how it’s still feeling.

I had to wake up at 5am to be ready to leave the house by 7am. We had to drive thru the city to run an endless amount of errands, and in between I had to work. Not like a creative writing gig or some music production, but a few actual duties that I’m responsible for delivering on Mondays, every single week.

Uptown, downtown, across town and back, I’ve been non-stop for nearly twelve hours now. It’s to the point where even that third cup of coffee did zilch for me.

And then came this blessing: Fennec & Wolf’s super energy-jolting remix of “Wild Dogs” by The Womb. And now I feel as if I just woke up from a ten year nap, ready to take on the entire globe with one hand.

The remix work on this beauty is topnotch. It does an amazing job of progressing smoothly into its peak and then keeping a beautiful balance of consistent alternating sounds right over the never-ending bottom as it glides you through just about any hurdle over the next four and a half minutes.

If you happen to be suffering from a case of the Monday Blues, or just need an afternoon pick-me-up for the final hump of the workday, well then do yourself a favor and put this full dose of speed on repeat and press play, now.

Wunderwald x Ry Cuming – Always Remember Me

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Finalizing the last of my packing for the move to Cali, I sit here and think about my time in NYC. A few nights ago I had another mishap that kind of made me feel like I was finally over this town. Jail will do those kinds of things to you and trigger such emotions. But today, there’s a calmness in me that has me thinking about my own self growth. At some point or another I have to stop being the boy I am used to being with certain things and finally become the man. You know, similar to the way caterpillars find transformation when turning into butterflies. That’s what I’m in search of. The duality that caterpillars and butterflies get to experience from two worlds that are completely opposite, yet still true only to them.

Watch me as i fall.
Into the water calling.
Watch me as i sink.
Into the sea and always remember, Me.”

I guess NYC has been the caterpillar inside of me. It was me consuming everything that I needed to here in order to sustain my own self into adulthood. It was me gaining the proper knowledges and strengths to have the energy and knowhow to complete the sort of metamorphosis that I now must complete within me.

Wunderwald’s Deep House/Dance Version of Ry Cuming‘s “Always Remember Me” is exactly what I was looking for this weekend, as I’ve been profoundly searching for answers through my own internal data banks in order to figure out what the next steps for the transformation that I await are. As I get ready for a different view of the world, the way that butterflies do and get to experience it, I look forward to the flights above ground and the self-reflection of light that will allow me to shine.

I’m ready for LA.

The Van Allen Belt – One On The Board

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 3.23.15 PM

Sometimes shit just stands out because it’s funky, cool and it’s got so much swag to it that it is deemed undeniable by everyone who sees it. In this case, it’s everyone who hears it. “One On The Board” by band: The Van Allen Belt is all that funky swag in one super cool tune that knocks, bangs and rocks for a little over three minutes.

As a huge fan of sonic mastermind Rza, this gem immediately stands out from the pile of submissions because it’s super reminiscent of some of his greatest works of Hip Hop production of all time. Twelve seconds in, after the whistling introduction with spaced out synths that sound like some sort of mars landing, the beat drops hard with an incredible dirty drum pattern and an accompanying 808 that distorts everything in its path, and is intended to to do so. Think Kanye West‘s “Dark Fantasy” on this one, right when the meat of the beat comes in (pause) and makes everyone squish their faces, mean-mug the air and bop like a rapper in a vocal booth ready to lay down some fire lyrics, and that’s exactly what you’ll experience here.

“The Van Allen Belt is the pop concept of multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Benjamin Ferris. The project enlivens his style of patchwork storytelling in an experimental electronic environment as fronted by classically-influenced vocalist Tamar Kamin, and engineered by sound designer Scott Taylor.”

Reading that introduction to the band and listening to this beauty, it all makes sense. The vocals work as another unique and funky instrument in themselves (as opposed to the normal familiar sounding ones we are used to), and the quirky sounds spread out throughout this psychedelic auditory ride mixed with the complete switches in production patterns throughout that trip keep the song interesting enough for a thorough listen and appreciation of the kind of calculated art you just listened to.

This is another masterpiece that I would expect the audiovisual duo of Tarantino & Rza to appreciate and incorporate into one of their own masterpieces within the near future.

Put on your tie dye space suit and get ready for a cosmic disco that’s truly out of this world and refreshingly funky.

Alessia Cara – Here

This song has been out for a moment, but honestly, deserves a good write up. The tune will sound instantly familiar pulling the track from somewhere you know with lyrics that are even more so.

Alessia Cara does what I love in lyrics and a track, creating a whole scene. It is a story that takes place in a night. Not a whole realisation that could take years. I got a night.  At the party, in the corner where you sit with your cup and eyes glazed over, judging the judgers and pitying the souls who aimlessly venture the halls with a shitty playlist and intentions.

The blanket of a heavy night holding back the creative reactions we hope for. The words not connecting, the whisky got in the way. The song just not right, the DJ is on a different level. The inspiration created by poor decisions of ourselves or the girl in the corner you realise you know from uni. The want, to capture the moments of utmost human disappointment, the need to feel understood and the human urge to do so in a beautiful symphony.

You are at the party. You finally make it to the door, you hear the one song you were waiting for. The person you were meant to see. The mood you are set on making. The story you are set on living.

It is true that you want to live the life that is curated to sell. To ensure you are interesting. To make the story one that everyone knows and a party that we all feel like we have been to before. But doing the same thing over and over is not creative, its insanity.

We seek the path to a creative story, the freedom to let that be the “real” you and the strength to believe that is going to be good enough.

Here. You. Are. And here is Alessia.

Louis the Child – It’s Strange (Feat. K-Flay)

The path of resistance is never the one we intend on taking, but sometimes it turns out that way. The fork in the road offers two paths, neither are particularly enticing. Uphill or the unknow,n or not the right time.

It is refreshing, the “power of the squad” and what it can do when you sit back and see who steps up when you need a leader for a moment. The hardest lesson learned as an adult is the one when you realise you still have to ask for help. You are lost. You are at the fork and need someone else. Not like you can’t pull up your own bootstraps, but when someone else can tie your shoe so you are not tripping all over yourself, it helps.

It is unclear when being an adult became synonymous with doing things on your own, being the lead instead of the follower of your path. It is a learning process to let someone else in. Someone you can lean on that doesn’t make you feel defeated; it is a refresher and shot of life— you are ready to go back in swinging.

It is a great day when you can sit and look out at your “squad” or mini crew, or your one and only, and you know you got it. But you don’t have to do it all alone. I realised in everything I love doing, I do it better with someone else there. I write better, I get more ideas, I feed off it and feel myself putting more in to my passions, my chores, my plans.

We carve space in life when we find people who make us feel like the best version of ourselves.

That’ s you in fighting form. You amplified. And the lesson is, to get here, there is usually someone giving you that extra lift. I carve a YOU-shaped hole in my life, under my arm and covering my back; In the front of my mind and on the inside of hands. Just a bit on the back of my heels and completely around my chest. I resist. And then when I am too tired, you still come back and pull me up or kick the backs of my heels up, so I know I can still do the lifting.

Take a listen to this, the lyrics and the mood will make it all make sense.

JATA – Ebony

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 2.32.38 PM

The most passionate kinds of love are the ones we wish to control the most, even knowing that love is the most uncontrollable thing on the planet. Our primal instincts with our very first few relationships are to try and control love and fidelity, until somewhere down the line we begin to realize that these things are impossible to control. (Don’t say “no” because we have all been there.) But why do we find ourselves in those particular scenarios, ever, still sometimes to this day, long after we have immaturely learned such lessons? I would say that it is something called “passion” that holds the key; something that can easily get lost even within the most perfect love stories.

Passion is what drives endless loves. Passion is what creates timeless love stories that we still tell our kids and they make movies about. Passion, is the one thing that beats love because without it, even love becomes mundane.

Remember what it was like to feel stomach pains whenever you didn’t hear from that kind of love that drove you insane. Remember the headaches from all the tears you shed each time you got into a fight, broke up and thought it was over for good. Remember how you swore, each time you got back together, that you would never fight again about the dumbest shit ever. That’s passion right there, because love by itself is not rambunctious, but love unrestrained completely becomes exactly that—fiery down to its very core.

Please shoot if you want to.
I’m happy to hold the gun.
Oh please be my reaper.
Yes, you are the only one.”

And that’s it. That’s the difference. True love is two souls living for one another. Passion, is one soul living only for the other.

Kill me if you want to. 
Fill me with what you will.”

That’s what I dig about this Jata tune titled “Ebony”. It’s tumultuous, yet organized in a way that only music has the power and ability to shape such noises, and it’s passionate in the lyrics it delivers without being whiney or weak. It’s that psychopathic kind of dark love that will literally do anything for the other and flirts on the borderlines of obsession. And it’s personified passion only when heard like this, right over 808’s that never stop thumping like the eternal flames from hell.

You see, love, by definition, can only exist in one place in the afterlife (heaven), while passion will be found on both planes.

Please set me on fire.”

Delany Jane – Shades Of Grey (Tony Tokyo Remix)

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 9.25.26 PM

I’m losing sleep
Light a smoke so I can breathe
It’s too dark, it’s too loud in the city”

Every once in a while my soul requires a huge change. Do you ever feel this way too? It’s like a timer inside of me goes off and I feel the need to get away from everything I know that currently surrounds me. I find the redundancies that a repetitious life can provide to become too overbearing, and then my insides begin to itch and the world starts appearing a little greyer to me with each day that passes.

In ten days I move over to the left coast from the city that I was born and raised in. I always knew that life would take me to the farthest places that the mind could go, so I sit here in anticipation, anxious for a new beginning.

Two months ago I had a baby boy. Yes, you read the right, I became a dad for the first time ever. That’s the kind of change that my soul absolutely loves, change that switches your whole mind state up in less than a second and flips the former life you had right out the window. With it, all the stupid vices and petty habits tossed too. I guess life gives you real responsibilities when it feels that you are truly ready for them because I am completely armed to crush fatherhood like a champ and I can’t wait for each new day now, like before, but for totally different reasons. The world seems different to me, and even NYC seems like another life.

Where life once happened at lightning fast speeds, it is now a snail slow dial up connection. There is no rush to get anywhere and there’s nothing more important than what I have in front of me. Old acquaintances become names and phone numbers that I don’t have time for, and there are no such things as enemies because those too require way more time than I care to give to any single thing or any other person that isn’t part of what I already have. That’s been the biggest change in me: what I, who I, and how I spend my time. I just don’t see the importance in anyone or anything else to pull me away from the beauty I see every three to four hours and I don’t think I ever again will.

I mean, I got everything I need right here with me. I got air in my lungs, a few blank sheets of paper”