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Olu – Closure

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 9.33.27 AM

Sometimes I wear my headphones to listen to new music. Sometimes I wear my headphones to not have to hear the rest of the world’s mundane rants and topics. You’d be surprised at the nonsense people spend their days discussing. What a fucking waste of breath.

Sometimes I wear my headphones to drown out the unnecessary noises in my head. How I can’t stand so and so. How I wish things were the way they used to be. How I hope that some day we will be what we all once were. All those noises, plus a hundred thousand more, simultaneously going on in my mind.

Sometimes I wear my headphones on trains and planes with no music happening inside them just so no one gets the bright idea to spark up another moronic conversation with me about shit I give zero fucks about and people I will never meet. I don’t care about anything in your world. I have my own that keeps me quite happy the way it is.

Sometimes, I never even pull my headphones out of their bag. It’s usually then when someone finds a way to chat me up. I just politely listen, repeat a few of their last words until their stop arrives, or mine, and then I go on with my day because sometimes those stories they just had to tell someone are like music all on its own.

Sometimes, I fall asleep with my headphones on and dream of a world where any song we wish to listen to, plays over our heads through a magical speaker that flies over each and everyone of us.

Sometimes I wake up from nightmares only to find that I had fallen asleep with my headphones on and the world isn’t so bad after all.

Sometimes I just hit play and let the laptop’s speakers talk to me as I kickback, listen and smile. Headphones at both our sides.

Merry Christmas.

Youth Policy – Wanderer’s Waltz

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 9.19.24 PM

One of the hardest things to maintain in this life is consistency. Exercise regimens, feeding schedules, diet plans. They all become meaningless fantasies without it. They become dreams, thoughts or just words simply said in conversation to let others know or think that you have some sort of grasp on your very own life. The truth of the matter is that most of us are only consistent and being inconsistent.

I can’t understand what “consistency” means for any of you. I can only explain it until my fingertips bleed down to the bones and those bones wear down to dust.

Consistency is doing the same thing you did yesterday, today and tomorrow. If you have four days in a week and you are consistent with your diet plan for two of those four, then guess what? You are inconsistent at trying to keep that diet plan consistent. It’s really just that simple. That black and white. That abruptly bare.

In order to see change and progression in something, whether that something exists in ourselves or outside of our selfs, we must learn to be consistent. We must understand that the moment we change a variable in the equation then that consistency goes out the door. It’s like plants or trees. They need consistency to grow; to thrive. They require a certain amount of consistency to live long and beautiful lives.

Think of the next thing you need consistency in as a seed that you want to see grow into one of those beautiful trees. The moment you become inconsistent in its growth becomes the very moment you kill it. Just like your resolutions last year, and probably many of your ambitions until now.

Oh, and here is another quick lesson. Never devalue someone else’s work because your own career may be more of a joke, in reality, than what you think might simply be someone else’s hobby. When history has its day, you just might be the only fool that is forgotten.

Anyway, consistency must be maintained in order for you to reach your dreams and goals. Let’s all try to do more of it in 2016.

Indigo, Tha Blu – Escapism

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 8.26.35 AM

Escapism is better than racism/ and racism is better than blatant hate on rape victim/ who made children based on the dumb mistake of a straight villain/ there’s always something worse than you and me 

I slit my wrists, no blood exists/ my heart don’t pump, it gives no shits/ I pump my fist to tears you sniff/ the perfect beat we don’t forget/ no metronome can keep the bliss/ if Cupid aimed he must’ve missed/ my monthly arrows keep me focused on you and me/

I’ve been dead for the longest/ 

So high, the spongebob I’m watching looks like a rhombus/ 

With the TV on mute/ and the music on tune/ and my sobs in the background thanks to me loosing you/ 

And I can’t tell if these are tears are not/ But forget em, I forget that I’m supposed to be a juggernaut, an argonaut, a high school jock/ But I can only think about you talking about the gaping holes in my sock/ I miss your mom

This ain’t a poem, it’s just the only way I stop myself from going/ going insane, cutting my wrists, drinking goose to a coma/ and crying to the Aroma of the bracelet that you borrowed/ I still have the bracelet you let me borrow/ 

Escapism is a track off of Kenny Jones’, aka, Indigo, Tha Blu‘s latest EP titled: Dystopia.1. It’s not a poem, and his EP should not be considered music, but pure art, instead. You may also want to take a listen to the title track “2 Live N’ Dystopia” which showcases his rap skills over a mellow and super chill trap beat. Think: Live.Love.A$AP album material on this one. Indigo, Tha Blu is a cooler Toro y Moi, a cooler Frank Ocean, a cooler Travis Scott and a much cooler Tyler, The Creator. Hopefully for the rest of us he drops much more music in Twenty-Sixteen.

2 Live N’ Dystopia

OKAY-KAYA – I’m Stupid (But I Love You)

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 9.01.32 AM

I’m so stupid
But I love you”

Elise didn’t know how to say that she was devastated because she had never spoke her true feelings to Jason. She just sat there and watched as her best friend Chelsea and him kissed for the first time out in the balcony at Matt’s penthouse as the clock struck twelve midnight and everyone at the party yelled: “HAPPY NEW YEAR!“. She had left the group of people that were out smoking in the balcony to get a glass of champagne in time for the countdown. Somewhere inside she imagined that she would have been the one to give Jason his first kiss of the new year, and that during that kiss they would discover their hidden desire for one another and fall in love. She never would have imagined that Chelsea would be the one to shatter those dreams.

A smitten Jason popped up behind her in the bathroom line with the look of someone who had seen a Unicorn by a waterfall for the first time and just watched it for hours. Head in the clouds, he couldn’t stop talking about how magical the kiss Chelsea and him had just shared was. Elise wanted to die with each other syllable that came out of his mouth. She pictured a slow death, maybe something that involved some poison or another and a lot of prolonged choking. She wanted to yell at Jason for being so oblivious to her love, but she also knew that she made sure he would never have any idea of those infatuations she spent her days in.

I don’t wanna stay but
There’s just no way
I’m leaving darling
Let’s go back to the start
Falling apart
Please believe me

I’m so stupid
But I love you”

Almost a decade later Chelsea and Jason would get divorced, Elise could never really settle down with anyone and they would be seeing each other again over at Matt’s penthouse in Tudor City in just another week and a half. Chelsea and Jason had moved up to Buffalo a year after that original kiss, and in her sorrow Elise had taken off to L.A. and made a life out there in music.

The daydreams that began to materialize in anticipation of New Year’s Eve had now become the best part of their entire story.

To be continued…

Major Lazer – Be Together (Ebano Remix)

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 9.59.47 AM

We met up at MidiCi in Sherman Oaks. I walked in and immediately  walked over towards the bar, found a stool and ordered a glass of red wine. My palms were sweaty and my heart racing. Finally, after a few minutes of waiting that felt like hours, she walked in. There was that innocence to her that I always loved; a playfully goofy side that ignores how beautiful she actually is and walks around like everything she is seeing, she’s seeing for the very first time. She caught a glimpse of me from the distance and blushed her flawless smile towards me. Her eyes immediately to the ground as she made her way through the crowd of indecisive people waiting on line to order their food.

The walk from the front door to the bar was only about 500 feet or so, but it seemed like miles to me. The closer she got the more fidgety my legs became. High above my waistline I made sure to keep my shoulders down and my chin up, like there was no stress at all in me; like nothing fazed or could ever faze me. Below, however, was a completely different movie. My legs were shaking the way they do whenever I know I’m about to get into a fight. For years, I thought that shakiness was fear until I stopped fearing things altogether and realized that it is just the adrenaline in you ready to attack; impatient for impact. My stomach dropping with every few steps she took closer towards me, as if I were on a roller coaster full of a million dips.

She arrived at my stool and I stood up to hug her. She pulled me in towards her neck and her scent melted me. I wanted to lay there forever. She grabbed my wrist and we sat. We spoke about our last few days in Italy and Croatia before things had faded to black. We flirted, as usual, and we laughed. After about an hour, I made sure to cut things short. As much as I wanted to stay I could no longer be in a place of uncertainty, so I told her that I had to go, paid the check and walked her to her car.

He was a dreamer at heart
Chasing the stars”

Something inside of me knew that after all this time this would be the last time we saw or spoke to one another. As much as I missed her when I walked away, there was a part of me that felt closure. Like a door that had once opened up out of thin air locked shut behind me with no chance of ever opening up again. I went back over to NoHo and laid in bed all day, just thinking about what she said. Her moving to New York would have once been a dream come true for me, but this time it seemed like another one of God’s jokes. A few days later I began waking up without her on my mind. It’s funny how I got over two women from different periods in my life at around the same time this year. Learning to let go of the past has been a strenuous journey for me. But who knows if I’ve learned anything at all. I ask myself that all the time.

Maybe if the stars align
Maybe if our worlds collide
Maybe on the dark side
We could be together, be together”