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Louis Futon – Surreal (Feat. RKCB)

Some smooth sonic porn is what this song is, especially for lovers of post-New Jack Swing early 90’s R&B. Buzzing beatsmith Louis Futon and modern day crooners RKCB team up for a rich, dreamy, Color Me Badd-esque panty dropper that sounds like an instant classic. Every detail is arranged with precision, from the intro vocal chops to the drum roll that leads into the swooning first verse, down to the beautiful melodies that brush over the chorus like a fine gloss. “Surreal” is a perfect way to describe the soundscape that Futon provides here.

Plus, the DNA of this song is fantastic – it reminds me of oh so many R&B legends from 20-25 years ago. Artists like Jodeci, Guy, Aaron Hall, Al B. Sure, Keith Sweat, Bobby Brown. Those guys were lucky to be at the peak of their careers at a time when being a big guy with no shirt on and a soft, sentimental side was a popular thing. Think about 1991 LL Cool J. He didn’t have a shirt in his entire wardrobe, but wore a fuzzy red kangol hat, track pants and 15 pounds of gold chains. He would lick his lips and whisper sweet nothings to all the around the way girls, but he also might kick your ass if you half-stepped. Artists these days are so one dimensional. They’re one thing, and they’re a whole lot of that one thing. Artists of yesteryear could be a whole bunch of things at the same time and not get roasted for it on Twitter. Plus, all of these guys in this era sang on and on about how much they loved women in a way that glorified them rather than treated them like objects, as do most hiphop songs these days. Innocent times, those 90’s.

K?d – Lose Myself (ft. Phil Good)

Between his carefully curated image and colossal sound, K?d is a rising electronic music star that I’ve had the pleasure of following for an extended period of time. His newest continues that trend as “Lose Myself” not only delivers phenomenal artwork, but a sound that’s forward-thinking yet feels comfortably nostalgic. That nostalgia even seeps over into its visual compliment as it reminds of one of my childhood favorites on the Gameboy Advance: Metroid Fusion. I’ll never forget the pure excitement I had picking up the cartridge at a Toys R Us and the years of enjoyment that ensued. I was fascinated by the story of Samus Aran, I was in love with the game’s neon-tinged appearance, and with that, I kept coming back to play it time after time.

Somewhere along the way during my life, though, I lost myself. Memories and feelings I had about things like Metroid dissipated. Living in a hyper-present without any connection to the past was terrifying and I desperately wanted to feel those distant times as vividly as I once had. Over months of working on myself, I’ve fortunately been able to reconnect to my past and the seemingly long-gone memories and feelings have flooded back. It’s a blessing that I haven’t taken for granted, and thus, why I have Metroid Fusion loaded into my Gameboy SP as we speak, ready to set forth on that wonderful journey once more.

Timaya & Electric Bodega – I Like The Way (Electric Bodega Remix)

This track brings me right back to trips I have taken to the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic.  Two places I would love to be taking my daughter this summer if Zika wasn’t such a risk. BUMMER!  Hopefully they get a handle in that shit quick so I can go jetsetting ASAP with the little mini me!  I have been in Seattle the past few months and it’s literally been the rainiest Fall and Winter I have ever experienced.  I grew up here until Junior High and it was never this bad so you all can stop your “all it does is rain in Seattle” eye rolls, ya I see you!!

I cannot stop listening to this track this morning.  Timaya & Electric Bodega transport me to the future, just a couple months from now into Summer, I think we are all ready for it, for rays of sunshine, long weekends, outdoor BBQ’s and pool parties, brunches and rooftop shenanigans.  Ya all that stuff that we long for, well unless you live in Cali, but no offense I don’t want all that stuff year long, I want to be able to miss it because then it’s just that much more special and inviting when it’s all finally here.

All I can do is turn up the heat in my house, take off my clothes and dance carelessly until the evening festivities while I pretend I am somewhere else, do the same, enjoy!

The Geek x Vrv – Love Is All Around You

Love is all around you!! Even if you feel like you’ve hit the bottom and your life is at a dead end, there’s still love around you to experience just by nature of being a human on this massive wonderful home we call Earth! Humans can be selfish people sure, but I think it’s in our nature to care for the well being of each other. If you reach your hand out and ask for help, I’m *positive* that someone will be there waiting with their hand out ready to pick you up and help you get back on the right path.

Hell, I’ve experienced that feeling myself for months now. I found myself at a dead end where I was either going to continue ruining my life or seek help from my fellow humans to change my path…low and behold when I asked for help, I was quickly swept up into the most *loving* embrace of people who wanted to see me succeed and be my best self. It’s such a beautiful part of our existence…even when we can’t see the light it’s still there waiting for us. I feel that positivity in The Geek x Vrv’s song…it’s like a hip-hop based celebration of love and joy that I can’t help but nod my head along to and smile. That’s what happens when love is all around you!

SNBRN & Blu J – You Got Me (ft. Cara Frew)

It was just days ago that I waxed poetic about BLU J, a production duo who I consider to be at the forefront of not just future house, but house music at large, in terms of the sound they’ve innovated. Thus, I think I’ll go ahead and take credit for persuading the universe to bless us with yet another new tune from the Vancouver pair. A collaboration with fellow rising house star SNBRN, “You Got Me” finds their styles intersecting as airy deep house and growling, bass-heavy synths seamlessly blend into one another. There are few things that immediately grab my attention more than a BLU J drop, so the addition of SNBRN’s flair makes it virtually impossible to ignore.

As for Cara Frew, she absolutely transcends the role of a featured vocalist with a performance that sounds so wonderfully suited not just for this track and its electronic listener base, but a wide-ranging pop radio audience. Too often featured vocalists feel like an unnecessary addition to electronic tracks, but on “You Got Me,” Frew is outright essential.

I don’t have much of a personal anecdote to apply to this track other than there’s a solid chance you’ll see me blasting it with the windows down on the 101 this spring, so keep an eye out over the next few months, Californians.

Adventure Club – Breathe (ARMNHMR Remix)

I covered ARMNHMR’s remix of “AKIRA” earlier this year, so I’m thrilled to have yet another flip from the Los Angeles based duo to digest. While their take on “AKIRA” was composed of a darker sonic palate, this rework of Adventure Club’s “Breathe” is overflowing with sublime vibes that resonate through each kick of bass and its complimentary synths that reach sky-high.

Beyond the track itself, I’m especially fascinated by its accompanying artwork. I consider visual components to be just as important to music as its sound itself, and in this case, ARMNHMR’s reinterpretation of the original “Breathe” cover makes the remix even more impactful as a whole. The colossal, intergalactic content of the cover combined with its gorgeous purple-and-green dominant color scheme is awe-inspiring and overwhelming while simultaneously human and personal due to the two people looking upon the planetary fusion at the artwork’s bottom. As an absolute Mass Effect fanboy, I get vibes similar to that series’ humanity-and-space explorations alongside a hint of Interstellar.

Regardless of how it relates to my sci-fi fandom, though, ARMNHMR’s remix of “Breathe” uses its sights and sounds to imaginatively come to life with each and every listen.

Crystal Bats – Anyone

I have been pretty uninspired by a lot of music I have been hearing the past week or so, nothing has really sparked my interest or made me feel like writing, but then this 80’s inspired jam fell into my lap and it made me feel really good, I am a sucker for anything that screams 80’s, it’s in my blood, and it was an amazing decade in time.

I watched Passengers last night, that film that is suppose to be sometime in the future where we can travel to a different planet and have a better life. I heard it was bad but was hoping otherwise since I refuse to listen to reviews on movies and I love Chris Pratt and JLaw, but unfortunately the reviews were right and it was not worth the 6.99 I paid to rent it on itunes.  Since I am a writer, an actor, a musician and a life coach I was able to find significance in this movie that made the whole premise salvageable. Two people have each other, and only each other (in a sense the last two people on earth or in space in this case).  These are two people that might not otherwise look twice at each other in the real world but somehow they work well together and find a love with one another that is rare.  This was the part of the movie I enjoyed, the love situation between these two characters in a terrible situation, making the best of the situation, not faking it and actually finding the best in what they have in front of them.

Sometimes we think that there is only one type of person for us, maybe we are always falling into the arms of the wrong person because we are always putting ourselves in the exact same situations.  These two people went completely out of the world that they know and found love with one another, so for someone like me who has been single for 2 years, yes this has been my choice, no sex, no intimacy, and I am realizing when I am ready to find someone it has to be somewhere that I would never expect, I need to run full blast outside of my comfort zone.  You are probably reading this and going, “TWO YEARS”, yup, I know!  But if I am being honest, which I am 100 percent of the time, I haven’t missed it, I needed this long break from intimacy and worrying about another human being besides my daughter.  I needed to heal from years of lies and broken love.  I am healed now, so the doors are open to me and I need to start walking through doors in which I am completely unfamiliar.

Shout out to feel good 80’s inspired music, Summer time, new love and running full speed into unfamiliar territory!

Kill Paris – Good Love

The first time I encountered Kill Paris was during his opening performance for Big Gigantic in early 2013. Amidst all of the one-dimensional trap music that was so prominent at the time, I distinctly remember the melodic qualities of his set blowing most other sets I’d seen around then out of the water (not to say I wasn’t also embarrassingly fucked up, trap arming away to clunky remixes of Flocka hits). With that being said, the producer is still managing to stay a step ahead of his contemporaries over four year laters as seen on “Good Love.”

An uplifting production with hi-hats frantically clattering alongside an ebbing-and-flowing synth, he delivers the excitement of electronic trap with a tastefulness that’s found in what “Good Love” lacks, that being absolute excess. Every sound and structure throughout the track feels satisfyingly methodical, not in the sense of sounding hollow or artificial, but as if Paris has such an intricate understanding of exactly what works in his sonic domain. That’s likely the reason for Paris’ longevity four long years after I saw him at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, and in turn, why his success will continue for the foreseeable future.

SRNO – Morning Light (ft. David Benjamin)

Morning light might be one of the most essential pieces of my day; not from an accidental flip of a switch while stumbling through the dark, or the shining 11 AM sun after waking up late on the weekend, but the gentle warmth of our solar system’s resident star as it rises over the horizon. It offers my mind, body, and soul the ability to slowly adapt to the day as the haze from my mind is lifted with light softly penetrating the porous blinds of my studio.

During this time, I also make a point to meditate, lightly exercise, and engage in spiritual readings that ground my mind. It’s a process that’s essential to my well being, so much so that I immediately notice when I’ve gone even 24 hours without it. And while it was indeed enjoyable my first few months in Los Angeles, the time change over the weekend has made it overwhelmingly refreshing because of the morning light I’m able to experience in full.

Like the organic nature of SRNO’s “Morning Light,” the tangible morning light’s effect on myself is nothing less than organic wonder; I could ramble for days about my appreciation of it, but instead, I simply encourage everyone to embrace it in full.


Pretty Sister – West Coast (Lenno Remix)

Pretty Sister is an absolute fucking gem that I *always* find myself vibing to! His west coast sound makes me feel like I’m transported onto a cool beach with palm trees and constant waves and beautiful people and it doesn’t matter where I’m at…it could be in a fluorescent lit office with no windows or a pitch black room and I’d still be put in the best mood!

So it goes without saying that I’m *very* excited about the new remixes Pretty Sister has put out, especially Lenno’s remix of “West Coast.” He takes all the sexy, kicked back vibes of the original and speeds it up into a song that makes me want to dance my ass off at a beach concert instead of laying out and soaking up the sun…god, I just wanna drive to my nearest beach as I write this! And with spring quickly approaching, it could be sooner rather than later that I’m able to live that little daydream out! I might even bring my little bluetooth speaker, blast Lenno’s remix, and really live it out the fullest, cause positive vibes and experiences are what make my life such a happy one.