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Billy Ocean – Caribbean Queen (Tesla Boy Remix)

In the fall of 1984 Billy Ocean released Caribbean Queen – also known as European Queen or African Queen depending in which part of the world it was released. Not only did it climb to the Soul Singles and Hot 100 #1 spots but how’s this for proof of its timelessness: In 2004, the song was re-released as a digital single for its 20th anniversary, shooting up to #25 on the Billboard digital singles chart and garnering radio play across the US and UK.

Now Anton & Dima from Tesla Boy stay as true to the original as possible not messing up the essence of it. Crafted with looped melodies and samples with chopped vocals they manage to refresh a classic for modern day enjoyment. When Tesla Boy sought out to remix this one we could say they stayed true to its original colors but painted it with a different technique.

I was gonna say it’s a Sunday afternoon track but how could I forget the aforementioned timelessness. Shame on me. If you haven’t heard what Tesla Boy is capable of in their originals, I invite you to enjoy the treat below.

Billy Ocean – Caribbean Queen (Tesla Boy Remix)


Tesla Boy – Electric Lady

Onra – L.O.V.E.


If you’ve worn out the grooves on your Zapp & Roger or Gap Band records, don’t fret, there is a cure.  L.O.V.E. gives a fresh take on that electro-R&B tip.  Or, you could call it 2nd generation future funk.  Either way, this song by any other genre label would sound as sweet.  L.O.V.E. is a stand out track featured on French producer Onra’s newest EP, Deep in the Night, available now on Fool’s Gold.  The E.P. is chock-full of shimmering, layered 80s-tinged compositions; a perfect soundtrack for late night big-city cruising.

He’s not only evolved the future funk sound, but his career as well.  It began with a stellar collaboration with fellow beat maker Al Quetz on Tribute, a collection of simply fused 60s/70s soul samples with original hip hop beats, released in 2006.  Shortly after he released his full-length debut, Long Distance, an album of electro-boogie vignettes.   Additionally, he’s displayed serious cultural range with Chinoiseries Volumes 1 & 2, where obscure Vietnamese/Chinese tunes elope with seductive, trip-hop flavor.  (Who knew those two genres could be such comfortable bedfellows?)

In L.O.V.E., the MPC-programmed layers move us forward by taking us back.  Back to the future funk of the 1980s.  The sweet sixteenth-note arpeggiation introduced in the beginning is carried through until the very end, enduring whipping snare hits to move the feet and sweet, high pitched melodies that sprinkle the soul.  Interspersed are exultant screams of pleasure that give the track real curb appeal.

Any questions?  L.O.V.E. is the answer.

Onra – L.O.V.E.

EMPT Presents Indaba Music Weekly: Ghost Loops – Sun Strobes

In today’s vast electronic scene, overpopulated with self-proclaimed DJs who do little more than recycle tired ideas, Ghost Loops (a.k.a. Ben Fowler) stands out as a prodigious and versatile artist. This young talent, a resident of Scarborough, England, has the chops and creative vision to dominate the world of electronic music and we look forward to hearing every second of music he makes along the way. Hear for yourself on “Sun Strobes,” a diversely textured mid-tempo track that could be the soundtrack to a very weird dream. The dirty groove that materializes when the bass hits pushes all the right buttons.

Ghost Loops – Sun Strobes

In addition to making a ton of progressive and experimental jams, the man is also a master at crafting hard-hitting, super-fun EDM. Exhibit A would be his track “Dry Ice.” Get ready to crank up your volume.

Ghost Loops – Dry Ice

And yet, his production strengths seem to be at their most stellar when he exercises grace and restraint as in his unconventional cover of The Band’s “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.” Listen up and then immediately write a letter to Mr. Fowler, appealing him to please start touring and releasing full LPs. No one likes a tease.

Ben Fowler – The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

You can hear more of Ghost Loops’ music at his Indaba Music and SoundCloud profiles.

Jimmy Edgar – Hot Raw Sex (ft. Theophilus London)

This song screams fashion week, OH YES it does, and that’s half the reason why it is blatantly appropriate to post on what is probably going to be the start of a crazy glamorized weekend filled with beautiful people and YES, “Hot Raw Sex”!  This is a weekend I wait for every year in NYC but sadly I am in LA right now, but for good reason so I can’t really complain.  This track is everything a model wants to walk down the runway too, not only does this electronic/ funk track bring out the smooth sexy strides and subtle bounce of each striking curve of the body but you mix in Theophilus London (who by the way had a great show at the Rose Bar last night at the Gramercy Hotel), I swear every time I hear his voice its like a mix of Frank Ocean and Kid Cudi, perfect runway music if you ask me.

Jimmy Edgar, taking it up a notch, this guy knows what he is doing, not only has he been experimenting with drums and tape recordings all his life but he is also a photographer which makes so much sense why some of his tracks make me think “tricked out runway show”.

Jimmy Edgar is the self proclaimed poster child of Sound Couture.”

Hot Raw Sex“, I mean how could this title not jump start your Friday morning, I know what you’re thinking about, and yes I know what I am thinking about, so let us tip our hats to Jimmy Edgar and Theophilus London for giving us some fashion panty droppin’ madness to give us all the anthem for our weekend, enjoy!

Jimmy Edgar – Hot Raw Sex (ft. Theophilus London)

Diplo feat. Lazerdisk Party Sex – Set It Off

Okay. I want y’all to prepare yourselves for this video. Put on the nicest pair of headphones you have, turn on full screen mode, adjust the quality to the highest you can go and hold tight. I want you to experience this. This video is straight fire! But would you expect anything less from Diplo? I’ve watched this maybe two times every day since my good friend shared it with me. I’ve never been taken so high by a video than I have with this.

The track itself is a banger. It’s hot off Diplo’s newest album, Express Yourself, and features the up-and-coming electronic duo, Lazerdisk Party Sex. Beginning with an sleek almost smoky-seductive intro, a girl’s voice slowly leaks its way into the track repeating “I wanna set it off.” As more synths are added, the girl’s voice grows and the beat builds into a drop that’ll get your shoulder’s rolling and hips twerking.

Director, Ryan Staake’s work with this video follows Diplo’s musical suit. Take pole dancers, edit the pole together into one long pole, put the pole in space and watch them defy gravity in slow motion. I don’t even know how that may register in some of your brains if you haven’t seen the video, but it’s a combination I’d be down to see over again and again. With the second drop, the immensity of the sex-ed up cosmos hits you and spins you up and through the galaxy and slows to allow us to marvel at how sculpted and – honestly – how talented these dancers are. Only recently has pole dancing earned my respect. It’s a sport that even the strongest of strong men couldn’t tackle. Staake’s and Diplo’s vision is one that makes art sexy. This is far from sleaze. It is, rather, a video that raises the sport out of the stripper connotation and showcases the out-of-this-world strength it requires. Is it seductive? Yes. Is it hypnotizing? Definitely. It’s a dazzling glittery spectacle for the eyes, and one that’ll be sure to set your weekend off right.


Passion Pit – Take a Walk (Gold Fields Remix)

Passion Pit’s new album, Gossamer, is another very strong effort from America’s finest electropoppers. The word Gossamer means a cobweb or “something extremely light, flimsy or delicate,” which at first I found as just a cool word and upon further inspection is definitely a symbolic choice by the group. The word does fit in with Passion Pit‘s overall sound which exudes a light, poppy aura. But beneath the airy synth work and uplifting juiciness that propels their tracks are some really dark and relatable messages–like the lingering spider behind every thin cobweb.
It’s all a clear reflection of both Michael Angelakos’ immense talents and inner demons. And the album’s first single, “Take a Walk,” displays this overall dichotomy very, very well. While not quite the best track (or at least not my favorite) on the album, it’s filled with the message that when life gets too overwhelming and shit hits the fan, just take a walk (maybe a REALLY long one?) and maybe life will magically get better…or something.

You’ll see I am no criminal
I’m down on both bad knees
I’m just too much of a coward
To admit when I’m in need.”

Because while nothing in your life may alter by simply putting one foot in front of the other, at least you’ll know you’re capable of aiming for change. I don’t know if anyone in Passion Pit has ever had to sell flowers outside of Penn Station or had to worry about paying rent on time (at least in the last five years), but they’re surely weaving a nice, Obama-nable story. And of course, it’s catchy as hell, which will probably cause 95% of the people that hear this song on a commercial to overlook how creepily bleak it is.

Lately, whenever I go for a walk, the infectious chorus pops into my head, and I ironically find myself bopping along to the chorus. Now, the stellar and rising Australian group Gold Fields has swept aside some of the butter and slabbed on some thick jam with their groovy ass remix to the track that might as well be called the Rollerblading Remix.   The group and this remix are the latest reason why Australia truly is home to the finest music in the world, as they’ve given the song a sultry groove. And helped it further penetrate this head that generally ignores lyrics in electronically-fused songs. Take a walk and tell me if any of this makes any sense at all.

Passion Pit – Take a Walk (Gold Fields Remix)

Gold Fields – Treehouse (GLOVES Remix)

Chromeo – When The Night Falls (Mayer Hawthorne Cover)


One of the standout tracks —if that’s even possible when most if not all of the songs in the album are amazing— in Chromeo’s Business Casual is When The Night Falls. And if this track’s original version wasn’t good enough Mayer Hawthorne gives us his amazing version as a gift and part of the When The Night Falls EP.

At first listen one might be tricked by Mayer Hawthorne’s voice and it is his falsettos beautifully merged with this jazz and pop-laden arrangement that take the groove on this musical piece to a very special place in our hearts and our feet. The way I see it it’s like MH stripped naked WTNF and put a slick suit on its body with funky colored socks on its feet.

This remake has all the trademarks of this Michigan native retro man with its funk and soul injection but make no mistake, this does not mean it doesn’t sound as fresh as it came out of the oven. I think between this fact and what MH accomplishes with his voice is the sweet spot of this joint.

If you find yourself surrounded by a group of friends that heard the original one too many times, hit play and prepare yourself to surprise them in the funkiest most glamorous of manners. Go ahead and sing it one more time:


“Well you probably think I’m a fast-talking romantic
With a high-fallutin’ ways
But it’s all about the impression you made
On the first time I met you
That stayed with me for days
And now I want that feeling back
But I’m not sure where to get it
But you have the answer to that

And you say it’s nothing but fun and games
But over the phone it’s not the same
So let’s try to cross paths

There’s something about you, girl
And it’s rather strange
I want come back to you, girl
And rekindle the flame.”

Chromeo – When The Night Falls (Mayer Hawthorne Cover)

Tame Impala – Elephant

Your weekly dose of Thursday is here, and it’s sexier than ever. With a heavily distorted guitar sound and an airy McCartney-esque vocal, Elephant hits the nail on the head with my emotion for this Thursday. As I walked down the street to this with my new headphones, I felt like I belonged to another era. Maybe it’s because the song itself feels like it’s from another musical era, or maybe it’s because it was raining and this song just made everything so much more intense on the sidewalks of NYC.

The tonal pattern is similar to that of a track runner jumping hurdles. Consistent running on a straightaway for about 10 feet or so, then a hurdle. I know I talk about roller coasters a lot in my posts, but this one isn’t quite a roller coaster, because it is so steady with the consistent raised guitar notes.

The lyrics aren’t complicated, but I’m constantly drawn to any song subject matter that is elephants.

I bet he feels like an elephant

Shaking his big grey trunk for the hell of it.”

I recently started a new job, where I’m now starting to feel like I’m part of a new place and a new vibe. But it’s been an interesting adjustment. You know that feeling you get when you know there’s nothing wrong with you, and that people like you because you’re not weird, but you still feel like an elephant in a small room? There’s really no reason for you to feel this way, but you do. That is how I feel whenever I start at a new place, in general. You start to fall into a groove after a while, where you begin to shrink down from elephant size. Maybe you shrink to your spirit animal. I think mine is a lioness. The point is that the feeling is normal, and if you thought you were the only one, you now know that one of the people you trust for music from EMPT also feels like an elephant at times. You are not alone!

Enjoy this sexy tune, joyeux jeudi!

 Tame Impala – Elephant

C2C – Delta

A couple of months ago, CP asked me what my favorite track of the summer was. My response was none other than C2C’s Down the RoadWith the perfect combination of vocals and tripped up beats, one can expect anything from a head bob to a full out no regrets dance session in the middle of a crowded New York City street. Yes, that has happened. For the same reason, I bring you one of my new favorite C2C tracks off their newest album, Tetra. The entire album is remarkable to say the least, with an eclectic mixture of vocals and the turntable craft we’ve gotten used to expecting from C2C.

Delta gives us a classy build-up from low to high that leaves us in anticipation, similar to Down the Road but with a lovably different flavor. The whole track is so catchy taking us from highs to lows with vocal repetition combined with perfect instrumentation and just the right amount of “licks” to get to the center and realness of this track. Certain emotions are often times linked to very specific tracks. The one I’d choose for this track is motivation. Perhaps even inspiration. I was both motivated and inspired to smile at people as this track played on my headphones on the subway, to find that a good majority of the people I silently interacted with responded in the same manner. I love doing that in this city. It’s so contagious.

Rewind to around 8am. Disappointment immediately set in once I realized that there was no sun the walls of my apartment. I sat in my kitchen attempting to gain momentum for this long day but couldn’t help but feel sad about the fact that it was 8:30AM, and looked as if it was 5:30PM outside. This song essentially changed everything about this day. In heels and nice clothes with two bags (one for work, one for the gym — this is how I constantly roll) I sauntered down the street like a dancing diva. (I wish. I probably looked less like a diva and more like a hot mess due to the disgusting humidity and it’s non-compliance with my hair, but whatever.)

Anyways, may this track do for you what it’s done for me. And more! May your days be filled with happy vibes and ignorance of the weather. Get away from those sticky sucky rainy day blues!

C2C – Delta

Hot Chip – How Do You Do (Todd Terje Remix)

Hit songs are supposed to be < 3:30 in length. If a pop song exceeds this length, it’s breaking this rule, and it becomes unfriendly for radio play. Fortunately, “Remaster of the World” Todd Terje just doesn’t give a rat’s ass about pop aesthetics. No, by bringing back old school synths (Mogs?) and thumping in new school grooves, the Scandinavian Synth Slayer is creating his own brand of “pop”
…-ular music. No, you won’t find this 9+ minute song on z100 or K1SS FM anytime soon, but thanks to SoundCloud and the bloggosphere, it’s getting it’s due play (over 20,000 plays in a day).

What does this mean? Well, I guess it means in the ADD generation that people do still have some kind of attention span. And that a lot of people still know how to appreciate really, REALLY good music. Because Todd Terje is making some of the finest in the world.   And showing absolutely no signs of slowing down.

With Terje, there’s no drops nor gimmicks. Just pure class. And this thorough re-work is just that good that for almost 10 minutes, you won’t really be thinking about what’s coming next–and that may be cause you have this one stuck on repeat.

Hot Chip – How Do You Do (Todd Terje Remix)


If you’ve ever heard Phish (guilty as charged) play “Boogie on Reggae Woman,” this will ring a couple bells:

M – Pop Muzik (Todd Terje Remix)