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OK Go – End Love

Chicken Little is a bird of pure intentions and emotions. The story is about one chicken’s search for courage and reason (through hysteria and fear mongering). “End Love” tells a similar story, and not just because of the refrain. Lead singer Damian Kulash croons with encouragement and sincerity.

No one’s gonna catch you if you can’t just let go. No one’s gonna love you if you can’t let love show…And it’s end love, the sky is falling.”

OK Go, initially a strictly defined “pop rock” outfit, matured and rebelled with Of the Blue Colour of the Sky in 2010. Cutting ties with EMI and Capitol Records, the band re-released its album under their newly formed independent label, Paracadute Recordings. Paracadute is the Italian word for parachute. Escape route, anyone?

Their songs are sometimes delicate and fragile, dancing through the affections of love. Others are anthemic ballads of triumph and purpose. Known for their choreographed and colorful videos, the band creates a world of imagination, shapes and colors bursting to life. For another homage to childhood, check out the life-size Mousetrap in “This Too Shall Pass (Rube Goldberg Machine version).”

OK Go – End Love

EMPT Presents: Kitsune America LA Release Party Mix by Jorge BonjOur

















That’s right people, there is another Kitsune Party on June 9th in LA at the Echoplex!  The Kitsune party’s have been showing NYC a lot of love lately and has kindly decided to give you LA folks some love so I would definitely get yourself looking all sexy and go check this party out!  This mix has sexy summer flavor written all over it, so take a listen to this awesome playlist and get yourself pumped for the party this weekend! Tickets


Emil & Friends – Royal Oats
Them Jeans – Starlight
Oliver- I Need You
Childish Gambino – Heartbeat (Them Jeans Remix)
Punks Jump Up feat. Dave 1 – Mr.Overtime (Gigamesh Remix)
Classixx – I’ll Get You (feat. Jeppe) (Gigamesh Remix)
Dinosaurs With Guns – ( Them Jeans Remix )
Even Though – (Teen Daze Remix)
BeatauCue feat. Kenzie May – Slow Down (DWNTWN Remix)
DWNTWN – See My Eyes
Selebrities – Regret

Florence & The Machine – Cosmic Love (Seven Lions Remix)

If I could rename this wonderful remix of Cosmic Love anything else, which I think perfectly defines it as it exists already, I would have to rename it the Transit of Venus, which coincidentally takes place today June 5th 2012. A transit of Venus across the Sun takes place when the planet Venus passes directly between the Sun and Earth, becoming visible against (and hence obscuring a small portion of) the solar disk. Transits of Venus are among the rarest of predictable astronomical phenomena. The next one will take place in 2117. Mr. Montalvo (aka Seven Lions) managed to create something equally as rare with his remix by seemingly finding the golden ratio of sound and passing his perfectly pitched progressive dubstep touch between Florence’s vocals, and those magical harps and soft spoken drums that give the original record such a theatrical vibe. Seven Lions continues to bless us with Dubstep accents that are just that — “accents” rather than the auditory nuisances only understood by Decepticons, and although this one here bears a somewhat striking resemblance to his last remix of Above and Beyond’s “Sun and the Moon, I appreciate that the diversity of his Soundcloud catalogue eliminates any possibility of his hit remix formula being by rote or programmatic in any way. Something that makes it less of an equation and more of an emotion or vibe for both him and the listener (me).

Florence & The Machine – Cosmic Love (Seven Lions Remix)

Fun – We Are Young (Party Ben and MyKill Remix)

I just can’t wait any longer, I absolutely love this remix, its off the chain and I think its perfect for a Monday.  I know what you may be thinking, this is a track perfect for a Friday but I like to start out my week with a bang and something that is going to get me moving and set the pace for the rest of the week, so in my opinion the Party Ben and MyKill Remix is a great way to start out your week so that you don’t get the Monday blues.

You know this track is going to be a banger with all the hype and publicity it has gotten over the past year.  Making its appearance on Glee, getting licensed on a Chevy commercial for the Super Bowl and for seven weeks getting 300,000 legal downloads…Crazzzzy!  I usually get tired of a song that I hear over and over again on the radio and in every bar I walk into but I get excited about this one every time.  When I heard this remix I was floored, if you have a good sound system to blast this on I recommend you do so as soon as possible..The kick, and the drums give this track more of an up beat, fly flavor which it already has so think of the feeling you already get from this track times ten.  Then the chorus comes in hard at 1:14 and I find myself turning up the volume a little more, a little more, ok ok I cant blow out my car speakers!

DAMN, I am hyped about this one and I know your going to feel the same so hurry up and press play, even if your at work, it will put everyone in an awesome mood for the rest of the week and I am all about good energy, Enjoy!

Fun – We Are Young (Party Ben and MyKill Remix)

Bibio – Lovers’ Carvings (Chateaubriand Edit)

Simply adorable. This track. It’s like bird lovers engaging in a quarrel mid-flight. You know what I’m talking about — sometimes you’ll be walking down the street in New York City during the summer and maybe you’re thinking about twelve things at once. You begin to wonder at why you love this city so much. You hate it. But you love it. You relate with all the classic writers who have said the same thing. And you think to yourself:

I just need to get out of here! I need nature. I need not-subway-air. I need proper isolation.”

And then guess what happens? These two birds come flying out of nowhere in tandem, suddenly engaged in flustered wing flapping choppiness. It looks like a fight. They don’t hate each other, it’s like when dogs play. Everyone else who isn’t a dog (or not a dog owner, in my case) thinks they hate each other, but the dogs know it’s all good in the end. That’s exactly what it’s like. And then they stop fussing over whatever it is birds fuss about, and continue on in flight. And because they’re lovers (an observer can only hope), they fly in perfect coordination with one another and it’s sublime.

The fight then the happy. But the fight’s not a real fight, so everything just seems really okay the entire time, like you shouldn’t really worry. That’s what this track feels like. It’s a summer track, one to be played by the blow-up kiddie pool you wish you had on your blisteringly hot tar-covered rooftop.

You might recognize the original Lovers’ Carvings from the Google Glass video. There’s a charming introduction, and then the song really starts to kick off at around 1:28. That’s where you hear the guitar, the hand-clapping, and the maracas. What’s great about Chateaubriand’s edit is how loyal it is to the original feeling. As you can tell from the length of my post, this song is a lot more about the feeling it evokes for each listening than anything else. But by starting the edit off with the part of the song that  picks up, speeding it up a bit, and providing a funky dance beat, the original track is left in tact. There is also the sound of waves in the background of the edit which works beautifully in playing up the summer song vibe.

I have a feeling this track will end up in many summer mixes…just a hunch. Enjoy!

Bibio – Lovers’ Carvings (Chateaubriand Edit)

Ellie Goulding – High For This (The Weeknd Cover)

I don’t know if you guys knew that this happened, but it happened. Ellie Goulding did a cover of the Weeknd. I’m a pretty committed and loving Weeknd fan, so for me to admit that any covers are good is a huge step. But this track is playing right now and from beginning to end, I am in full on shivers mode. My skin won’t even calm down for a second, seriously. I’ve also never had a problem with any of Ellie Goulding’s music, she seems to do no wrong. Her angelic voice works in a different way from the Weeknd. It’s interesting because within each of their genres (Ellie Goulding primarily within the electronic-singer-songwriter realm, The Weeknd within R&B), they have managed to create a unique by melting genres together. The reason I love the Weeknd so much is because of his lyrical no bull-shit attitude. It’s all laid out on the table for us, but in the background, we hear an electronic R&B musical experience. I think that’s the first thing a friend said when I was introduced to the Weeknd It was something like:

You’re going to like him because he taps into that electronic shit you love so much, but with a heart and soul.”

Similarly, Ellie Goulding uses her vocals in a way that most electronic artists use beats. For her, the vocals are the instrument. Yes, the vocals are electronically mixed, but it’s the creativity that counts. It’s coincidental that both musicians are doing such unique things within their own genres, and that one would cover the other.

Music that gives us shivers. That’s why I write about music, I’m trying to translate that feeling into words on a page. Enjoy, lovelies!

Ellie Goulding – High For This (The Weeknd Cover)

Architecture in Helsinki – Heart It Races (Dr. Dog Cover)

From the moment this record starts playing through the headphones, it sounds like I’m at some beach side type of looking venue somewhere in Malibu.  I imagine a wooden restaurant at the end of a dock.  A restaurant that looks like something out of an old 80’s movie that would belong in Indonesia somewhere, or, Vietnam for that matter…Maybe even that old wooden house that The Goonies first go into and had their first encounter with the Fratelli’s.  Inside the restaurant there would be an area where a tropical band, or maybe a beach Boys type group would normally perform.

The Dr. Dog Cover does a great job of taking all of their instrumental talents to create the perfect scenery that you may be missing while sitting at work waiting for the minutes to pass by, but as you hear the rhythm guitar, the keyboard, the drums and all the right harmonies mashed up together at the right moment, well you just seem to forget where you are.  It would make sense that these guys capture such a scenery with their music since the PA natives are influenced by pop-rock from the 1960’s, the psychedelic era which we should all agree had the music to keep you feeling good and in a whole other world at all times. Press play and let this one take you out of your element, enjoy.

Architecture in Helsinki – Heart It Races (Dr. Dog Cover)

The Botaniks – Fond of Jane (Feat. Bernhoft)

I needed something to kick off this insanely gorgeous Thursday, something to take away my sleepiness and give me a dose of dance medicine, and YUP I think I found what I was looking for.  It took a lot of digging and picking to find some valuable material on The Botaniks, but what I did find was pretty interesting and just what I needed.

THE BOTANIKS are a twin-head-mutant from the post-nuclear global wilderness next door, cooking up their future sound by fusing found digital and analogue materials.”

Music that has been sparking my interest lately have been coming from artists outside of the US.  Don’t get me wrong I am USA all the way, but lately its been artists from Australia, Sweden, Iceland, and London that have been coming up with these great sounds that make you pause from whatever else you are doing to press restart over and over again.  Now this Norwegian Duo pops up and I am thinking its time to take a musical vacation around the world for a while for some new sound discovery.  The way some of these artists are stepping it up mashing up different sounds along with great vocals gives me hope!  Bernhoft’s vocals are flawless on this track, I am a vocalist myself so to hear the transitions so well played is always love for my ears.  The music and the vocals together are very theatrical, there’s a lot of very precise methodical movements that do not go with out notice here.

If you want to check out some dope S*%T (and you should), then go to this link  There website is really well done and says a lot about what these guys are creating, they have all kinds of cool sounds going on with every link that you click on.  Anyways I am sure we are all still re-couping from crazy Memorial Day Weekend Parties but take a listen to this track, cuz its the weekend again and there is so sitting around on this one!


The Botaniks feat. Bernhoft – Fond of Jane

Icona Pop – I Love It

I love it. Oh what’s that you say, it’s Friday? You’re feeling good, you love it? Icona Pop’s latest single could easily the winner of this years coveted summer anthem award. For me, it might be the anthem for the rest of my life…

The so called real world is full of so much social BS, add that up with all sorts of fears, expectations and pressures that it’s easy to lose sight of things. You might end up trying to compromise in a relationship, have to behave a certain way at work and all of a sudden you’re a different person afraid to be yourself. Sometimes you just need to do what you feel, say screw what they think and bring out the attitude captured in this song – I don’t care, I love it!

“You’re on a different road, I’m in the milky way,
You want me down on earth, but I am up in space,
You’re so damn hard to please, we got to kill this switch,
You’re from the 70’s, but I’m a 90’s BITCH!” 

The girl duo for Stockholm has always found a way to make these dark records that still feel pop and accessible which i definitely a testament to just how good those producers in Sweden are when it comes to pop. Anyway, not much needs to be said about this one but turn up your system and get going, enjoy.


Icona Pop – I Love It