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Jean Noir – Endless Racket

Summer is that beautiful golden-locked girl with the airy dresses that flow like the wind and colorful flowers that constantly adorn her hair.  She’s always in a good mood and always bringing a memorably good time whenever she visits town.  When we are younger we wish Summer could hang out with us forever.  No school when she visits, no worries, little responsibilities, and days full of beaches, sand, sun, good times, good friends, and good music.  We live a carefree existence when Summer is in town; it’s as if she’s that jet-setting aunt that comes to visit once a year, but when she does, she brings peace, love, and happiness with her hippie like attitude.

Live it or take it, it’s what you make it.”

Life is truly what you make it.  Endless Racket has that Summer beachside super-chilled out vibe that’s not lazy and is in fact the total opposite―fun, energetic, and a total lift me up that has us dreaming of spiking volleyballs, sunset bonfires, and gorgeous smiles in very little clothing.  It’s a summertime party tune that can supplement almost any arsenal of daytime activities perfect for pool partying, surfing, sailing, BBQ’s, and just about any other sun-filled, warm-weathered kind of fun time you should currently be enjoying.

Baby dance, if it makes sense

Baby don’t, you could just stand”

Remember that it’s all about what you make it, and making all of your Summer days an Endless Racket is exactly the type of youthful nostalgia one desires their summers to be like each and every time she comes around swinging those golden locks.  Enjoy her to the fullest―Summer that is.

Jean Noir – Endless Racket

Pinemarten – I Can See

Now this is a nice thing to wake up to here. You know when you have those phases, weeks or even days were you feel like the days are moving at the speed of light? It’s so easy to get caught up in the routine. Even if your routine doesn’t seem monotonous to those around you, you yourself can get caught up with trying to be something else.

Sometimes you just need a change of perspective to see better. Nothing drastic, something like giving yourself ten minutes to enjoy a breeze, or  giving yourself three minutes (oh yeah three whole minutes) to play a song while not trying to think of anything else, anyone else, except the echo-y voices and synths on this track. It reminds me of some Kavinsky tracks that just ooze you away. The British musician’s EP “Can’t go back again” is that perfect combination of slow dance synth pop that keeps you floatin’ on a lazy Sunday morning.

Is this what you want, or is this all pretend?”

Banging your head with questions and doubts blurs out the moments. And sometimes you need that, relax, and refocus time.

 Pinemarten – I Can See



The Killers – Runaways

Oops! I went to a Killers concert last night.

Apparently they decided to only play four US stops, which seems stingy because they have two scheduled just in Krakow, Poland. Seeing as they made their name in the UK, though, I get it. It’s been 10 years since The Killers first emerged with Mr. Brightside, and the 30-somethings are still rocking sold-out houses. They’ve hit that groove where their teenage fans from a decade ago are still cool enough to hang with the younger, emerging generation of fans. It makes me feel both old and hip.

Runaways sucks you in with an intro that swirls around Flowers’ voice and is reminiscent of Don McLean and Rick Springfield. In classic style, they build up to the fist-pumping anthem that almost every Killers’ hit has been. The energy of the song piles up throughout until you just have to give in and let go.

Let’s take a chance baby we can’t lose
Mean we’re all just runaways
I knew that when I met you, I’m not gonna let you runaway
I knew that when I held you, I wasn’t lettin’ go”

Battle Born will drop in September and all we have for now is this one little gem of a single. So reach back into your bag of tricks from 2002 and relive some of your dreams that were soundtracked by The Killers. Sometimes you just need a little nostalgia in your life.

The Killers – Runaways

New Navy – Breathe (Télépopmusik Cover)


This week from monday through thursday was really fast-paced and hectic for me. And while I was enjoying it, it was only yesterday I found out that today was a god-sent holiday! It’s as if life was telling me: just pause for a sec, and breathe.

Very few people take a classic original and make it better. Like Steve Jobs with some of the things he did at Apple that changed our lives. I’m not saying New Navy is the Steve Jobs of music. But what they did to Télépopmusik’s original classic is pretty remarkable.

Stripping the original of all the electronic bits and spicing it with acoustic bliss on the musical side; and on the vocal part giving it a little more nostalgia and raw emotion is where they set this cover apart. But don’t worry, the more organically acoustic nostalgia injection doesn’t mean it’s downtempo or super sad. With help from claps and fast-paced drum-work it manages to be quite dynamic. In fact, it’s sort of like a roller-coaster ride. Take a listen and you’ll understand what I mean.

I don’t like it when people mess with perfect songs like Breathe but this is something else worth sharing with all of you. Would love to know your thoughts in the comments.

Have a great weekend, and remember to just breathe.

New Navy – Breathe (Télépopmusik Cover)

Frankie Rose – Interstellar

You know that hungry feeling where you know you’re hungry but you don’t know what for? You could get a burrito, a slice of pizza, or dive head first into a salad but nothing sounds appetizing? So you decide to suck it up and make some toast with nutella and convince yourself you’re satisfied – “There! That toast did the trick,” you say as you walk away from your dirty plate rolling your eyes ’cause you know you’ll be hungry in an hours time and your indecision will come back with a vengeance. I often feel the same way when it comes to what music I want to listen to. I scroll through my library aimlessly judging each artist and often end up landing on some song I’ve listened to a thousand times like a Rihanna’s “What’s My Name?” I play it, lip-sync, maaaybe make a photobooth video to it, but at the end of the 3 minutes or so I’m left wondering what’s next? Do I listen to more Rihanna? Shamelessly yes, but I know that there are tracks stashed in my obscenely large library that will fill me up more than some pop tune.

Former Vivian Girls member, Frankie Rose, released this track early this year off her EP of the same title. Admittedly, I wasn’t a huge fan of her older work but this track changed my opinion on her. Since going solo, Rose seems to be on a quest for some sort of spiritual enlightenment. The track’s beginning sounds like we’re floating in some glittery abyss: little chimes and synths echo and melt together. Rose’s ethereal voice welcomes us to this place known as the interstellar highway where moon-dust apparently pours out of us. With a burst of light, the drums kick in and we’re moving on through space with Rose guiding us with each “ah-ah-ah.”

Earthless, guilty in five million parts now

I have left you

Weightless free from predictable ways my

Feet had touched the ground”

There’s a theme of earthly abandonment in this song. Wherever this highway Rose is taking us on is unlike the predictable ones we’ve grown accustom to. I listen to this and I feel weightless. There’s a part of me that has a huge soft-spot for tracks that take me out of my body and into some limbo space: where the sounds I’m hearing match the colors behind my eyelids when I close them. Rose’s solo celestial progression is working its magic. Put on some headphones, turn up your speakers, close your eyes and simply listen for a solid 3 and a half minutes – you’ll end the song full, satisfied, and hungry for more.

Frankie Rose – Interstellar

Ben Howard – Old Pine (Peking Duk Remix)

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Happy Friday! We’ve got a sexy fun track for you this evening, and I can’t wait to share it with ya’ll. I haven’t heard the likes of Ben Howard since my high school days, but I’m pleased to have come across this remix. His voice is soothing and sensitive alone, perfect for this rainy day. But paired with the intensity of a drum build-up to a drop that caters to your post-work week needs, there is really nothing better. While it’s fun to dive into those drops at a million miles per hour and feel the intensity, I take pleasure in the passionate build-up. In this case, it’s a whistling tune alongside pianos and a airy chorus accompanied by a quiet guitar. These elements create a superb contrast, as the beat drops the whistling is all that remains from the build-up.

Strangely enough, the beginning reminds me of something we might hear from RAC. That makes me happy.

Whatever you guys are doing tonight, I hope it’s fabulous and unaffected by the rain! Or perhaps it’s not raining, in which case, get out and experience something! Last night I went to a Bulgarian bar for the first time, which was silly and insane all at once. But it was mostly great. Take this song with you even! Let it be the start of your night, allowing you to remain mellow and energized all at once.


Ben Howard – Old Pine (Peking Duk Remix)

The Knocks & Fred Falke – Geronimo

You wanna go to the sky with me?!

Man, take a look at the world right now. Scientist have have recently made one of the most important discoveries in modern science with the observation of what could be the God particle aka the Higgs Basoon. We’re that much closer to know what matter is made of, are you kidding me?! Our technology is so advanced it’s making all aspects of life easier in ways most of us fail to fully understand or appreciate. The fact that you can learn just about anything simply by taking 5 minutes to Google something is so mind blowing it’s hard to grasp. I know it’s all becoming “normal” and common place but take a moment to marvel at your surroundings people, we live in one of greatest, most progressive times in history…

You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.” – Andy Worhol

Progress is happening everyday, time is certainly waiting for no man and the modern life is all about being flexible, learning, challenging what you know and living fast. Geronimo by our boys from BK The Knocks & French House pioneer Fred Falke captures this energy to perfection. Kitsune describes this track as thundering, I would add to that massive, passionate, driving, banging and we’ve just about nailed it. The way this track just keeps getting bigger and bigger makes me think of how I’ve been feeling about progress lately. You have to be active, ruthless and fearless about getting better, keep pushing. That sidechained synth keeps moving the track froward, that’s how you have to be about the things you want, don’t stop. There will always be roadblocks, negativity and challenges but just push through it because the only consequence is getting what you want.

The lyrics are few and simple, just how I like them. The call and response ask two things – do you want to go the sky or fall to the ground? Couldn’t have said it better myself.  The song breaks down to that chant with hand claps and you just want to jump – Geronimo! This is how we do weekends around these parts. Stay live, live the moment folks, let’s get it!

The Knocks & Fred Falke – Geronimo

Van She – Jamaica (Plastic Plates Remix)

I love this track so much and the Plastic Plates remix of Jamaica is off the chain, giving this already tropical electronic mantra even more jungle fever, it’s the perfect song for summer especially since its starting to wind down.  I know I know I shouldn’t remind you all, but I am in such vacation mode right now that I won’t let this summer end until I actually go on you.  I feel like the older we get the less time we have to take adventure time/ vacation time/ however you want to look at it.  There are always obstacles, thats why I have a huge tattoo of Ganesha on my back to remind me everyday that these obstacles are necessary to really understand life and the path that will lead you in the right direction, my life is full of obstacle and I don’t think I would have it any other way, makes each day more interesting.

If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.” -Frank A. Clark

Plastic Plates really knows how to do any track justice, even though Van She had no issues making Jamaica into a track that I literally can’t get enough of, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, BANG, they take it to a level that really doesn’t exist, with their electronic genius.  If you can’t get enough of Plastic Plates music like me then just go to their Soundcloud right now and make it your Friday playlist.  I have a lot of running around today but I wanted to start you all off which will definitely get your Friday poppin’ like crazy, just don’t take your clothes off at work, EMPT can only take so much blame, enjoy!

 Van She – Jamaica (Plastic Plates Remix)

AlunaGeorge – You Know You Like It

The first time I heard AlunaGeorge I had to stand still. I was working on a scaled model of a room and was taking a break. I decided to search for fun music videos and the thumbnail for this track looked interesting: a pretty girl in some cool clothes done in black and white is always a winner in my books. Had I known I was about to be introduced to one of my new favorite artists to track I would have been sitting at my house in front of my speaker system ready to turn it up full volume. Rather it was me, my headphones, and a computer screen. Not only did the video have me hypnotized, the beat and voice coming from this woman put me in a trance. The video is so simple it’s complicated. Mirrored back up dancers and dance-moves that oddly looked like mine when I’m “in the zone” were a combination I was not prepared for. The song floored me and AlunaGeorge went straight to my top played artists on iTunes.

Do you ever hear an artist and have this gut feeling they’re putting out music that’s going to subtly switch up the game? Aluna Francis and George Reid seem to be on to something. Francis’ high raspy voice still carries her English accent when she sings and Reid’s rhythms marry the two sounds together in a way I’ve never heard. It’s pop, it’s hip-hip, it’s soul; it’s a medley of genres that make up the genre that is AlunaGeorge. “You Know You Like It” is their first released track and it’s packed with just the right amount of swag to give it an edge but has enough pop to not take itself too seriously. I love it when a song has a beat that intoxicates and moves you and leaves you mellowed out when it’s over. It’s the perfect high and the sweetest come down for your Thursday.

AlunaGeorge – You Know You Like It

Bonus! I’m throwing in AlunaGeorge’s second single,  “Just A Touch.” It’s everything “You Know You Like It” is but with more glitter. Tune in and enjoy.

Emily King – Georgia

Last night I went on one of the most exhilarating runs of my life. I made sure to begin my run just as the clouds opened up from the torrential storm disaster of before, because I knew the weather would no longer be 100 degrees and hailing. It just so happened that because of the post-weather feel, my entire mind was empty. It was like the temperature was the most ideal for running fast and far. It’s so funny because as I sat in my office earlier in the evening, I realized that I was completely helpless to nature with my sheer white shirt and black bra. I was afraid to step foot outside not only because of the clothing malfunction that would ensue, but because it was actually hailing massive pieces of ice. The world as I knew it, looked like it was ending.

At one point I actually thought, what if this wasn’t going to end? I mean, I knew it would end, but what if it just didn’t? What if we had no certainty to the end of weather disasters?

And of course the rain stopped almost exactly after the thought. I stepped outside the elevator on the lobby floor to find chaos, as my building had quite literally experienced the falsest of fire alarms. Everyone seemed to be in the lobby alongside a gaggle of firemen analyzing and poking at what seemed to be an alarm control unit. As I stepped foot outside, people were running like crazies with umbrellas, without umbrellas, slipping, laughing, and yelling like monkeys. I actually thought I had arrived in the midst of the apocalypse. It was all happening before my eyes. I couldn’t even believe people were still freaking out, now that the hail had stopped. Yes, I understood that the temperature had gone up to one hundred degrees outside in the middle of hail, but seriously? Step aside for mother nature ya’ll.

Anyways, as I entered the subway, I took my headphones out from the plastic safety bags that I had wrapped around all the electronics in my backpack. The first song I played was this one, and it was as though the clouds had drifted over my head within the actual subway itself, only to part ways and let the sunshine in. In the midst of the dingy uptown F train, I was in bliss. I wasn’t thinking about the rats that were running nearby my feet, or the sounds of water pouring from nowhere in the ceiling. I just thought about Georgia and Georgia’s heart. And much like my run that came later in the evening, nothing went through my head. Just lyrics and the heartbreaking sounds of Emily King’s voice.

I was not ready,

The day you gave me your heart

I was still falling apart

But since that moment

I can’t stop hearing your name

Wondering about you, always.”

I found out that the beautiful New York City native has been nominated for a Grammy, and has already released two EPs. Her voice has been perfected over the past eight years, and I can’t be happier about the result of her talent.

I hope you guys enjoy this track and experience the musical enlightenment that I have via this lovely post-apocalyptic track. Have a lovely Thursday!

Emily King – Georgia