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NONONO – Pumpin Blood (The Jane Doze Remix)

Sweden’s NONONO are poised for a full global takeover any second now. I haven’t caught the live show yet, but some friends in NYC hit their show(s) at CMJ this past week and relayed the fact that their live performance is one for the ages. So to go in tandem with dynamite recorded melodies, they apparently have the live game fully under control.

Their single “Pumpin Blood” from earlier this year garnered endless spins on my end, and the NYC production duo The Jane Doze recently took a crack at the remix treatment. Bow down, because this one teleports the original to another stratosphere filled with high energy build ups and breakdowns. Can’t get enough.

NONONO – Pumpin Blood (The Jane Doze Remix)

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EMPT Presents Indaba Music Weekly: DJsiah – “Lights Are Getting Closer”


Jesiah, AKA DJsiah, is a busy man. Between his professional music pursuits creating music for commercials and major labels, he finds time to indulge himself in the artistic. His sonic creations are always immaculate, with transparent mixes, effective sounds, and a clear production style.

One of his recent efforts, “Lights Are Getting Closer”, is the perfect mix of EDM maximalism and indie melodic ideas. It’s infections melody is reminiscent of Passion Pit’s hit “The Reeling”, and is just as adept at working it’s way into your mind. Framing the melody are seriously dynamic drums, which ground the whole tune with a hard hitting foundation. Try and sit still while you listen, it’s not that easy.

Lights are getting closer

You can checkout more of DJsiah’s work on Indaba Music Soundcloud and on his website..


Just a month after their Mt. Fuji debut on EMPT, GRUMBY has quickly returned to the scene with another masterful piece of artistry. In this remix of Ginuwine’s “So Anxious,” the duo take you on another charged journey exploring the depths of the frequency spectrum with incredibly mesmerizing soundscapes.

In the accompanying video, directed by the talented KEY10, we see a man restrained to a past love, so much so that he’s lost within his own mind, obsessed with thoughts of her image. As he tries to break the chains, the memories grow in intensity and the man finds himself in a desert wasteland, surrounded by televisions broadcasting her image. Yet, as the intensity rises, he chooses to face his past, and we see him move forward into the future, the TV shutting off as he walks into the distance.

Equally stunning is the soundtrack, pairing moments of high anxiety with driving bass and heavy drum patterns, and moments of calm with ethereal synth vibrations.

Grab your FREE DOWNLOAD below:
Ginuwine – Sø Anxiøus (GRUMBY REMIX)

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EMPT Presents: Le Miel du Mois Octobre 2013 (Mini-Mix Series)

As we proceed, to give you what you need…”

Time flies when you’re having fun man. Lately I’ve taken to myself, embraced being alone and finding my zone, it’s a beautiful thing. That’s where I was when I started EMPT, met Steph and built the ground work for all that is my life today. I run with a lot of creative people, not just creative in the sense of painting a picture but people that lead creative alternative lifestyles, rebels who create their worlds. Whenever I lock into my zone they’re right there with me and we make something from nothing. We do it effortlessly and have much fun…

Lookin back I did the shit to death
I guess I ain’t killin it this rhyme, I’m here to raise the dead
I’m here to raise the stakes, this time it’s ten mill
Supply the sink ill, ship five and then build…” – Fat Joe

We’re about to partner up with a radio station in Miami to stream LMDM and DJ at Art Basel and I was looking back at all the tapes we’ve done so far and I gotta tip my hat to Steph and say thank you. You’ve been at this for so long, you saw something in EMPT before it was anything and have been riding with me since. It’s been an exciting ride and we continue to do great but it’s definitely time to get back and beyond what we were before I left New York. EMPT is my DNA and I know it’s growth falls on me and no one else, I’ve tried getting help with no real success but I’m back in my zone and as happy as I am with what we’ve done, I’m not the type of guy to rest on his laurels…

Overly focused it’s far from the time to rest now…” – Drake

So just like that we’re on the 4th and final tape of the awesome mini-mix edition of LMDM. It’s a bittersweet symphony to be honest, I could get use to having Steph pick my music everyday! This tape like the 3 before it is phenomenal and brings us up to date on the internets longest running, most consistent, most eclectic, best curated, most loved mixtape. I’m the luckiest guy on earth to have Steph grace us with her music, I’ve said it before and I’ll never stop, enjoy.


  1. Sam Smith – Nirvana (TIP’s Promised Land Remix)
  2. Elephant – Shapeshifter
  3. Foals – Out Of The Woods (Kulkid Remix)
  4. Jagwar Ma – Come Save Me (Flight Facilities Graceland Remix)
  5. COMA – Les Dilettantes (Roosevelt Mix)


ASTR – R U With Me

ASTR is a musical project that embodies the youth of America’s creative class.

Its name is semi-ambiguous. What (or who?) is an ASTR? Is it a reference to John Jacob and the rest of the infamous Astor clan? Or does it connote “astro,” the prefix meaning “pertaining to stars”?

Its creation story is rife with both authenticity and irony: “After meeting three years ago in a Manhattan yoga class, they discovered they shared a musical and artistic sensibility informed by cinema noire, Miami Vice and urban dreamscapes.”

Its bios are inspiring in a Wes Anderson-meets-Zoe Deschanel way (never mind that the lead singer is actually named Zoe):

Zoe, a New York native and a “former major label refugee,” met Adam, a “recovering vinyl addict with a penchant for 60s/70s cinema scores, after “a hiatus from music to explore the world via spirituality.”

Can’t make this stuff up folks.

Here we have two true artistes, denizens of Manhattan – that eternal font of creativity – who identify themselves publicly through their quirkiest attributes. Their Soundcloud features covers of Drake and Beck, two mononymous artists that hold significant cache in the salons of the urban artistic elite.

And yet, after all of this intrigue, their music sits comfortably at the radio-ready crossroads of hip-hop, indie electronica and pop.

Dear Zoe and Adam: Please make some music worthy of your bios. Zoe, you are a major label refugee who just “explored the world via spirituality.” Don’t rush back! Adam, where are the cinema score elements and vinyl hiss? Where is the concept album about the rise and fall of the Astor family, and the ironic insider album cover of Astor Place or the New York Public Library main branch?

As we await their reply, I’ll be working on the screenplay. Anyone have Michel Gondry’s phone number?

ASTR – R U With Me