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EMPT Presents: Indaba Music Weekly – KAASI “Where We Started” (feat. Jessica Sophie)

There really is something special about KAASI’s sound. When you get to the root of what makes a great recording shine above a field of hundreds, it’s usually the combination of sonic quality, texture, and an emotional connection you can’t fake. Each of KAASI’s tunes has that deepness that can’t be explained in necessarily tangible terms—his productions have that singular piercing ability.

His most recent tune, “Where We Started”, which features vocals from Jessica Sophie has already garnered upwards of 26 thousand plays since being uploaded on September 1st. Consistent with his “House&B” aesthetic, it’s a phenomenal sounding foray into noise, lush synthesis and a vocal line dripping with melancholic desperation. Turn the lights down low and immerse yourself in this tune.

Where We Started (Ft. Jessica Sophie)

Cut Copy – Free Your Mind

Get free.

Osborne – All Night (Tuff City Kids Remix)


October is a month of late nights. The summer mindset is still wearing off, and in some places the Santa Ana winds are blowing and it’s in the high 70s late into the evening. Holiday vacations are close. You can catch up on sleep then.

Of course, there’s Halloween. If you don’t watch the sunrise on Halloween, I’m sorry. Cackling like a witch or howling like a feral werewolf as the giant pumpkin rises from the east is a worthy annual tradition.

Or you can not dress up and be a crank and go to sleep early because you’re too cool for school. “I have to be up early for work tomorrow, I have responsibilities” and all that. Let that feeling slip aside for one night, and embrace All Hallows Eve with medieval spirit and hysteria.

Oh, you’re down? To clown? Frankly I’m not a clown guy myself, and have always found those “scary clown” masks distasteful. But I get you’re meaning. You want to go out and ride that candy corn high to the early light.

Osborne, via Tuff City Kids, has the prescription. From club to car to subway to dewy lawn, stretched out at dawn, heed the thump n’ bump call: “A-a-a-a-all night.”


Osborne – All Night (Tuff City Kids Remix)

Chase and Status ft. Delilah — Time

Nightlife EP 2 ARTWORK.indd


If you can’t find the time,
then cut me loose.”

Chase and Status are a British drum-and-bass duo known for their killer Electronic production, and on this instant classic of a track titled: Time, we get to hear why, and see exactly what those cheeky little Brits have known for quite some.

Chase, Status, Delilah and “Time” were all introduced to me by a very cool friend from the other side of the pond we like to call the Atlantic Ocean.  A young Miss Sophie, we’ll call her, when asked about who was the shit over in London town replied with none other than Chase and Status, as well as Maverick Sabre, and the rest here guys and gals is EMPT history.

Now, I’m sure a ton of you have surely been up on these guys, and I’m sure they have a ton of other works out there that are just as amazing as Time, but the way this particular track softly strums my chords is incomparable to anything I have heard lately out there, and for this Miss Sophie, you ROCK!

Time seems like exactly what the lyrics tell you that it is.  It’s a plea for love by a very love-stricken hopeless romantic lover who has found themselves on the questioning side of the relationship, wondering if the other person is just not that into them or if they are really doing what they say they are doing in some distant corner all alone.

Too many times, us lovely humans can find ourselves on the very cowardly side of not being able to end a relationship we quickly acknowledge is not for us.  Whatever the personal reasons are, we find ourselves unable to let the other person know the truth.  We may feel the angst of having to knowingly crush a heart which we are positive will be shattered, or, we’re just not into being bold and honest because none of our all-knowing parents ever taught us exactly how.  No matter the excuse, we can see and feel here, through Ms. Paloma Ayana Stoecker‘s (aka Delilah) vocals on Time, exactly how we affect individuals in love with us this way.

It is ALWAYS unfair to be less than truthful with people who see you as something more than what you truly are.  Sure, it isn’t fair to be held on to any expectations from others, but to be aware of someone else’s profound feelings for you, and to just brush them off to the side in hopes that they forget, is something beyond cowardice—it is inhumane.  Inhumane because you can feel their palpable hearts the moment you walk into a room, the same way you can sense that their eyes look at you as if you were an art piece directly from heaven when you catch them staring your way.  It is simply inhumane because even if you don’t feel the same way for them, they are still stuck in their heads dreaming up scenarios of a near future with you, and imagining how beautiful they can make your life.

Time contains all the components of a modern day hit record.  The production contains the popular Electronic feel that most hit radio singles have today coupled with the ever so welcomed hints of light dubstep into it’s drum and bass foundation that allow for Delilah‘s vocals to intensify their emotions.  That’s not to say that her vocals lack any kind of feeling whatsoever, because her vocals are simply perfect, but they do allow your heartbeat to race as she pleads for her lovers love, allowing you to feel as if you yourself are suffocating right there next to her.

We don’t know what is right or wrong sometimes when it comes to love, but if you ever hear a plea such as this, then just be honest with what you want, even if it isn’t them.

My bleeding heart won’t make it.”

Chase and Status ft. Delilah — Time

Tegan and Sara – I Was A Fool (Monsieur Adi Remix)

Screen shot 2012-03-31 at 9.40.43 PM

I attended my second “real” concert on April 16, 2005 (the first was Green Day‘s “American Idiot” tour). The Killers were touring in support of “Hot Fuss,” a true modern rock masterpiece on which I was completely hooked. My 8th grade self felt important, almost as if I were a 10th grader. Upon entering The Wiltern Theater (presented by LG), I was initially surprised: there were no seats in front of the stage. My dad had purchased balcony tickets, so my first pit exposure would have to wait.

The opener was an underwhelming girl group, two sisters, called Tegan and Sara. I was counting down the minutes to the band I was there to see, who absolutely tore the roof off the place (remember when The Killers were good?).

I didn’t pay much attention to Tegan and Sara, though the next day I did Limewire one song that I had enjoyed: “Walking with a Ghost.”

Raise your hand if you knew that Tegan and Sara started in 1995. Yea, no one. Opening for The Killers was one of their biggest gigs to date, and “Walking with a Ghost” was the song that launched them to the festival circuit. Almost 20 years on, Tegan and Sara are bigger than ever, producing heartfelt ballad pop that resonates with plenty of folks who won’t admit it.

Their soaring voices have become a favorite for DJs, and countless remixes are floating out there. The whole thing started when Tiesto, the 45 year-old “I’m not even trying” DJ mogul, featured them on “Feel It In My Bones” and then remixed “Back In Your Head.”

Monsieur Adi has clearly been listening to Daft Punk. This remix echoes both the “Tron: Legacy” soundtrack and the Julian Casablancas-featuring “Instant Crush” off “Random Access Memories.” It does what a good remix should do in that it sounds like it could be an original track. The vocals fit perfectly with the triumphant synths, and the steady beat maintains the song’s easy listening quality.

You won’t hear this one in the club, but you will hear it on your friend’s next road trip mixtape.

Tegan and Sara – I Was A Fool (Monsieur Adi Remix)