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Bobby Womack – Please Forgive My Heart

Please forgive my heart, not that the problem lies anywhere in there. I’m a liar, I’m in a dream going my way nothing to rely on…” 

Damn Bobby Womack, you just reminded me why I got into music in the first place… These days an old school artist releases an album and like clockwork it seems to be dead on arrival. That’s usually because theres nothing new about it, simply just someone from the past making music that sounds like it’s well, from the past. Being a great song writer has nothing to do with what generation you’re a part of, hence all the remakes and covers of classics that always sprout up. The disconnection usually comes from the production which most of the time sounds like an attempt at something modern or just flat out old. Producers Damon Albarn and Richard Russell captured the perfect balance on this one. They broke it down and let the focus be on Womack’s song writing and it couldn’t be more sublime… What really impresses me about this is Bobby’s decision to work with these guys, his open mindedness and desire to explore new territory. One of my new mantras about life is to keep exploring and Womack has led by example.

We never free a mind once it’s reached a certain age. It’s dangerous, the mind has trouble letting go.” – The Matrix

So much great talent is puts itself on a shelf because all they do is repeat their successes and never offer anything new so props to Womack. I grew up listening to hip hop where lyrics where everything. In order to survive as an artist you had to be an incredible lyricist, expressing your thoughts in unique ways, playing with words, coming up with new concepts and so on. The only way to be cool in hip hop back then was to be real and to be great. Nowadays it’s a different story but we’ll leave that for another conversation. Don’t get me wrong, I love the new production driven age but I can only connect with a drum beat and fabricated stories but so much. I’m trying to hear good lyrics, human experience, something I can learn from, admire and be inspired by. Listening to someone like Bobby Womack release a record like this in this day and age is exactly what the doctor ordered, enjoy.

Bobby Womack – Please Forgive My Heart

Fela Kuti – Upside Down

Oh my goodness, this song. So many good memories and happy people. I remember hearing an incredible Fela-inspired band, known to New Yorkers as EMEFE, cover this track. At the time, I was on a Fela Kuti listening kick but never dreamed of hearing this song live. The spirit of Fela was truly in the air. I felt that the band really understood what it was to be full of soul and love on a stage. Each musician was a spectacle on their own. While the band was huge, at least ten people on stage, each person had their own spotlight, so to speak. I loved how there was a shorter round man sitting on a stool in the middle of the stage with the huge band surrounding him, playing the African drum. Gosh it was so sexy, the whole thing.

I couldn’t really see the face of this one man, but he guested as a special vocalist for the track. He stomped every time the song called for one but instead of just putting his whole foot down, he did something of a full body stomp. Like every single bit of his body was waiting for that drum and stomp. And followed it with a beautiful wave of dance, like his body was a worm that followed the rhythm vertically. Keep in mind, this was my first time seeing a live Fela cover. I’ve never seen the show on Broadway, so I don’t know what the live Fela experience is. But this one seemed to do a pretty good job of giving me the bare bones idea.

It’s music like this that brings me back to earth. Yeah, I am a lover of all types. I love electronic, soul, funk, jazz, hip-hop…but this. This is really what gets me hoping that people always remember what it is to be present. I’m always caught up and stressed about tomorrow, nervous that I’ll forget something, writing notes on my hands. But then this tune comes on, and we have to relish in it. We’re forced. And for 15 minutes, we do just that.

Consider that.

Fela Kuti – Upside Down

Courtney Jaye – Queen of Sabotage

Courtney Jaye – Queen of Sabotage

YACHT – Shangri La

Last weekend I had the pleasure of seeing the beauty of YACHT play out on stage before my eyes. The first time I heard this band was probably last summer. My friend showed me Psychic City and while we made fun of it for a little, it slowly began to grow. Something about the punch in all of their beats made them totally lovable.

Similarly, their live performance is a spectacle. Their songs are upbeat, constantly reminiscent of summer. That is to say, listeners might feel like letting the convertible top down, getting rid of that pony tail, and driving down the Pacific Coast on a warm earthly day. The best part of the concert was not only the imminent dance party, but the lead up: the other two members of the band that are not Jona Bechtolt and Claire Evans, are equally talented and fun. Jeffrey Jerusalem and Bobby Birdman, unknown to the crowd as solo performers (or even as members of the band, a fact that I had only learned at the concert) succeeded in winning over everyone’s hearts by playing “songs about surfing” (cited by Bobby Birdman after almost every single one of his songs) and Beyonce tracks from Jeffrey Jerusalem, quickly spun out of control with electronic beats and drumming that involved full body movements. Both managed to get the crowd moving and amped on the headliners, but seeing the mechanics of YACHT as opening solo acts really gave a sense of the personality of the band that is so loved. Each puzzle piece fit together to create the Portland band constantly calling things, “cool” while openly expressing love and remarking on beauty to audience members.

Anyways, I brought a friend along who told me afterwards that seeing YACHT live was probably the most fun she’d had at a concert…ever. Something about the spunky constant Q&A posed by Evans during moments of potential distress (equipment malfunctions) or times when members of the band would come down into the audience and whip out lighters during encore songs…(yes, this happened) seemed to set this performance and dance fest apart from others. And I personally couldn’t agree more.

This video is properly timed with their tour, as it was recently released. As it is not summer, I find this video appropriately reminiscent of the warm months we’re so craving here in New York City. Maybe it’s the platform sneakers and white wardrobe paired with the hazy tree images…or maybe not.

Added bonuses: a sweet remix of Noah and the Whale’s “Blue Skies” by YACHT. It’s adorable and “happy, happy, happy, happy,” as you’ll hear in the song. Also their Stereolab remix, it’s fun and head boppy.

Noah and the Whale – Blue Skies (YACHT Remix)

Stereolab – Self Portrait With Electric Brain (YACHT Remix)


Todd Terje – Inspector Norse

Veteran producer/DJ Todd Terje released a 7 minute single recently, when’s the last time you listened to a 7 minute long track? In the age of microwave consumption we want everything to happen fast. We breeze through RSS feeds, aggregate our music and blow through it all so fast the only thing left to do is wait till the next wave of things get released to do the same. I love the new speed and I’m the worst culprit of them all. However, I’m starting to realize something that’s given me reason to consider slowing things down a bit and run at my own pace. What I’ve come to realize is that in order to meet the demands of microwave consumption, content creators, artists, writers etc essentially have to be either prolifically efficient or become microwave creators. The latter is more realistic. Just look at all your iPhone apps, look at the titles of some of these articles, examine the content, listen to the lyrics. What the f&$k are people talking about? Nothing.

Todd Terje’s new single caught my attention, it made me stop skimming to sit down and really take in the moment. This song wasn’t produced to grad your attention while on a massive skimming spree, barely listening anything and if so only to see how many other people like it and add it to a playlist of approvals you’ll never listen to again. This one develops, it’s an adventure made for you to sit back and throughly intake. This is not microwave music.

Take your time with this one. Give your manic skimming disease a much needed rest and truly take in this music as it was intended, enjoy.

Todd Terje – Inspector Norse


Et Musique Pour Tous Presents: Kitsuné Club Night NYC

All I want to do right now is execute. I’ve been diving so deep into the world of Apple & Steve Jobs that I’ve become completely infatuated with the idea of creating insanely great things to combat anyone else not willing to put in the time, effort and hard work to do the same.

Nothing about what Apple does is easy yet the end result is an offering that meets and often exceeds peoples expectations. On the other hand you have companies like RIM who have entire business models based on getting by with the most minimal effort. Apple forged a rebellion on that type of mentality, it exposed that cheap approach and now anyone who wants to play the game has to significantly raise their level of quality or be  left behind. I love that. The fact that someones artistic integrity and dedication to quality led to a complete shift in business paradigm is as bad ass as it gets for me. Steve Jobs so himself as a rebel, that’s exactly what he was.

I want do that.

We’re going to start our LA takeover tomorrow at the Morrison Room, 8909 Sunset (above Duke’s) at 10PM. It’s not a Noctambule party, that’s on the way, but we have a bunch of people coming so stop by if you want to hear some good music.

Then next week we’re back in NYC with the Kitsuné crew to bring you heartsrevolution, Gigamesh, Plastic Plates, Computer Magic and Perseus, fresh. It’s going down @ Stantos Party House and you can get tickets in advance here. I’ve got some to give away so if you want to go shoot me an email In the meantime here are some Gigamesh classics to get you ready for the weekend…

We are the ones that take you out tonight…”

Estate – Write To Make (Gigamesh Remix)

Classixx – I’ll Get You (Gigamesh Remix)

Loz Contreras – Break You Down (Feat. Sanna)

I’m losing my edge to the art-school Brooklynites in little jackets and borrowed nostalgia for the unremembered eighties. – LCD Soundsystem

I don’t know how you folks feel about it but I’ve finally gotten to the point where I feel like RIGHT NOW is the best time to be alive. No 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, I’ve completely lost my nostalgia for the past. I mean just look at what’s at our disposal right now, if you can read (or see) you can pretty much learn anything, for free! That’s flat out amazing. I know there are problems in the world but there has never been a time like this. In my opinion, a rich education is one of the most important aspect of life. I’m not talking about going to college etc, I’m talking about having the power to be a borderline genius at whatever is important to you. That may sound a little extreme but if you think about how easy it is to get information these days it’s really not that far fetched, I would even argue it’s the new expectation.

It’s hard to grasp but do we really understand how empowered we have become? Do we realize how revolutionary it is to literally know what is possible? With so much of the mystery taken away all that’s left for us to do is be fearless and confident in our pursuit. No one has to green light your experience and you don’t have to depend on anyone to tell you anything. With technology eliminating a lot of the man made BS, all that’s left now is the adventure…

Loz Contreras came correct with this chilled out drum & bass jam and it’s putting it all in perspective, enjoy…

Loz Contreras – Break You Down (Feat. Sanna)


Band of Skulls – Sweet Sour

Did you bite the hand that feeds you? Do you feel the need to talk about it?
Now you’re fighting for your corner, saying that you outta laugh about it.
 You should get a little braver, do us all a favor, shout about it…”

I absolutely love modern dance production but what I love even more is variety. When everything sounds the same and everyone is using the same techniques the musical world can get boring fast. There’s a great value to repetition and that’s called mastery but repetition without new discovery and experimentation is flat out boring. That applies to music, love, work, you name it. That ‘s why I’m totally into this new Band of Skulls track. No synths, sidechaining or LFO’s here, just some dirty distortion, guitars, drums and a band telling their story. A refreshing break from the norm that’s gritty, passionate, bluesy, honest and bad ass. Dig.

I don’t know if it was growing up hip hop or what but you’d be hard pressed to catch me on my down time listening to the latest Bruno Mars tragedy about catching grenades for chicks. I have nothing against that kind of music, it serves it’s purpose but it’s just hard to take something so fabricated serious…

Yo, you’re lying, he’s lying and she’s lying. My man over there, he’s lying.
You know what you’re building up a bunch of lies, straight lies. – Kool Keith

Be it a love, party or chill out song I crave attitude, honesty, aggression and some kind of rebelliousness in my music. Sweet Sour easily meets all these requirements.

Band of Skulls – Sweet Sour

PrototypeRaptor – Drive Hard

Every once in a while you come across a song that challenges your general idea of a specific genre. I guess you could say that sort of happened to me today, with this track. PrototypeRaptor (aka Jonathan Paulsen) is relatively new on the scene, (only 21 years old) but hasn’t yet gained any serious recognition. His tracks have slowly made their way onto Electro House charts alongside big name DJs, and there seems to be talk of his future work taking over the genre of Electro House. His style is reminiscent of Wolfgang Gartner in his earlier days, but his experimentation with synth and blues melodies provides a sound that is truly hard to miss.

The first word that came to mind when I heard this track was, “happy”. So I hope this track makes you happy, as I’m sure it will.

PrototypeRaptor – Drive Hard

Madeon – Icarus

Since we first talked Madeon he’s collaborated with Deadmau5, his Pop Culture Mash was an internet sensation, he started a label called Popcultr and his epic video game adventure/electro sound has grown to be beloved by everyone. Yesterday he officially released Icarcus on his own label, oh and did I mention he’s only 17? Technically the kid can run with the best of them which leaves him two choices, make what everyone is making or zone out into something new, something different. It’s no secret that he chose the latter. His arrangements are full of dramatic chillwave break downs, banging verses, main room build ups, tasteful glitch and everything good that modern production has to offer. This is another one of those tracks that will surely lead to a speeding ticket, just listening to it makes me want to hit the highway very fast. I think it might be healthy for me to hit a track at this point, this speed obsession could get me in trouble. Anyways, I couldn’t ask for a better pick me up on this Monday morning, enjoy.

Madeon – Icarus