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Space Age Bachelor Pad Music


“I’m not into this to press up a mass amount of records. I’m not into this to be traveling around the mother f#$%ing world. I’m not into this to press, to impress anybody. I’m into this for my own heart and soul

A lot people after work you gotta go home, you take a bath. A lot of people go home you f#$k your wife, a lot of people go home you cut your grass. I go home and I f&$k that mother f$%&ing MPC all f$&king night, you understand?

I probably release probably 10% of the stuff I actually do. Just because I go home and turn it on and f$%k with it doesn’t mean I’m making a track for the next EP, it’s just something I like to touch and feel, it feels good to me.

You know a lot of people ask me if I’m married or how come you got all these women around you know and all this. Naw, these are beautiful women to help me inspire myself, my bitches and my hoes is my MPC’s, my SP-1200, my bass, my keyboard. Them are my bitches and them are my hoes. I turn them mother f$*%ers on at night, I turn them bitches off at night. Them bitches go out there and make my mother f$%#ing money, I send them bitches over there to take care of my business. THAT’S WHY I’M HERE. Them my hoes.

You understand? ”

Homework – I’m Into This

SAFIA – Listen To Soul, Listen To Blues (Indian Summer Remix)


This is a song to turn the bass up and put your headphones on. This is a song where you want to feel the base in your chest. Feel the pick-up in your heart beat. And dance.

The original song feels like a solemn and beautiful jazzy tune from SAFIA, a singer from Australia. With its melodic flow and a natural connection you get when you listen to it, it is easy to see why many producers have tinkered with the original to create some variations, a classic dusted off the shelves. Indian Summer , a producer duo from Australia keeps the song’s sultry sound but gives it a shake with added percussion’s and a very sexy base.

SAFIA – Listen To Soul, Listen To Blues (Indian Summer Remix)

Dillon – Thirteen Thirtyfive ( LCAW Remix )

Let’s just focus on LCAW for a moment. First of all, amazing name. LCAW which is an acronym for Low Cost Anti-Submarine Weapon. How metal. Not sure if that is what were going for, but awesome.

LCAW is a 19 year old producer from Munich and has been producing some amazing tracks these past 6 months. Being a sucker for hypnotically delicate female vocals, I am most smitten. Many of these tracks are free for download. All of them are sexy dance tunes to make your weekend sweet and filled with movement. I can’t decide which is better of the two below. The Dillon track is dark and beautiful with the best pick-up and lyrics which are as twisted as the song is beautiful. Daughter is a regular on this blog, and this song is given the boost of a speedier tempo with the help of dramatic strums and steady percussion. WHichever you prefer, you will likely want to listen to more from this producer.

Dillon – Thirteen ThirtyFive (LCAW Remix)

Bonus Track:

Daughter – Run (LCAW Remix)

Space Age Rebels


Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival – Kastle

Unable to attend the full weekend of music, I made sure to catch the final night of the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival. After last year’s performances, which included the likes of Nicolas Jaar and Baths, I knew this event was not to be missed. Let it be known that to this day, Nicolas Jaar was one of the best live DJ performances I’ve ever seen.

That said, I was expecting a lot from the festival this year.

BEMF is structured in what I like to call a “new school” festival sort of way — you’ve got a concentrated area of Brooklyn with multiple venues and multiple nights of shows. At any given point, five different artists can be performing all over Williamsburg, at the same time. It’s exciting and hectic, jumping from place to place. But it’s mostly exciting. I was thrilled to know that both Kastle and Star Slinger would be performing on the same night, but I was disappointed to learn that Star Slinger wouldn’t be performing until 2am. Unfortunately, on a Sunday, I was unable to swing it. But I stayed for the entirety of Kastle’s performance, and was thoroughly impressed by his energy and excitement. I observed the crowd, which was more of a club scene for a Sunday night than a show, and immediately noticed how humbled Kastle was to be playing at such a venue (Output, in Williamsburg for those who haven’t heard/said it already, has a phenomenal soundsystem.)

He played an eclectic collection of his housier tracks, which was fitting for the time of night and the sort of crowd, but he closed out his performance with this track — a chopped up remix of Drake’s, “Hold On, We’re Going Home” which got everyone feeling sexy and amped up for the acts to follow. I’ve kind of loved this song for a while now, having heard it a couple of months ago when it was still summery in my head and outside. It’s sexy like the original but with that added element of trap mystery. It’s a little dirtier, a little sexier, a little less safe. Add it to your Friday playlists immediately, because you’ll be playing it all weekend. You might even accidentally find yourself mouthing the words, to the beat of the remix itself, on the street.

Not like that’s ever happened to me while accidentally making eye contact with strangers. Nope. Not me.


Drake – Hold On, We’re Going Home (Kastle Remix)