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Vadoinmessico – Teeo (Crystal Fighters Remix)

Happy July! What a beautiful weekend it has been. I came across this song last week on a run. I like to download music to my iTunes without necessarily listening to it so that the experience is raw and emotional when I’m out and about. This came on just as I was approaching the middle of the Williamsburg bridge on my run, a tricky spot seeing as I sometimes turn around halfway if I get too hot…As soon as this track started to pick up speed, I found myself doing the same. I love the way the vocals are chopped up and served like a raw sushi delight, delicate and flavorful. I wanted to chop up my own pace so that it matched the beat, flailing my arms and shaking my butt, since it’s New York City after all. No one really cares. But I didn’t do any of that. Instead, I finished the rest of the bridge and turned around just as I’d hoped I would.

There’s truly not a better feeling in the world than being able to successfully reach a goal, even if it’s just a running distance goal.

I think this is the perfect track to kick off July. It’s light and airy but present, the kind of tune that will happily get stuck in your head. It’s strange and rare that we find tunes stuck in our heads that we actually enjoy.

And with that, happy listening!

Crystal Fighters – Teeo (Crystal Fighters Remix)


Peter Doherty – Siberian Fur

The sing talk method that Peter uses in this track is something that I am really fond of and that I love to do with my own music, it gives a song a richer poetic feel as well as becoming more of a story which for me gets me to latch in to the lyrics much more.  Sometimes I can get caught up with just how good the beat of a song sounds.

We also all know Doherty for his media stint with Kate Moss and the big drug incident but sometimes these are the things that also draws me to an artist to see how they can take their gritty lifestyle and bring it out so romantically and beautifully in music.

Siberian Fur was originally written by Peter Doherty’s friend Peter Wolfe, also known as WOLFEMAN is a consistent collaborator with Doherty.  Doherty’s voice was the perfect swagger for this Jazzy/ funky track, alone with the beautiful folk guitar, and accordion, you get a bit swept away by the not so overpowering brush of romance in the feel of this one.

Happy Jul 1st everyone, Summer is really flying by, enjoy!

Peter Doherty – Siberian Fur

Alex Clare – Too Close

Alex Clare has found the next progression of man, and that “progression” is the ability to verbalize what you feel in the gut of your stomach, truthfully.  He’s breaking up with his partner the way any man should the minute he becomes tired of being in the moment with them, yet for the most part, it’s something that most men are very seldom able to do.  It’s not that we aren’t able to effectively communicate it out of any particular malicious intent or spite.  It’s quite honestly, most times, because we hate to see the people that we care for in any kind of pain.  Even when it means that we have to ourselves live miserably in secret, but in the end, time is the most unpredictable factor we as human beings have to deal with, and a moment wasted in misery is a moment of “life” wasted away.  For Alex honesty is the fastest way out of a situation no one wants to be in.

Alex has recognized a pattern in his life here and in his past which he has decided to get himself out of by just being honest with his emotions and communicating it so to his partner.  He let’s us know this with the specific lyrics:

I can’t lie no more, I can’t hide no more, Got to be true to myself” 

He’s recognized that by continuing in the old pattern(s) he’s just setting himself up for the ultimate lie, which is quite simply, the lie(s) that one tells themselves and leads themselves to actually believe in order to forget the truth, which as we all know can be so hurtful.

And it feels like I am just too close to love you”

“Too close to love” is when you get so comfortable and so used to a certain situation that the situation becomes stagnant.  It ends up as another boring cycle in itself which has nothing more to offer, and which you, have nothing more to offer it.  It’s a moment that you already seem to know the outcome of, so like a movie that you have watched a thousand times, you decide that this time it’s time to go to sleep instead, or maybe watch another movie that you haven’t seen yet.  It’s a moment when there is more care than any actual love because we define and relate “love” with the feelings and emotions involved with extreme fondness.  I love you but I’m not in love with you.  That type of deal if that’s easier to grasp.

You’ve given me more than I can return, Yet there’s oh so much that you deserve.”

Ultimately, it takes a really strong person to recognize the fact that you are hurting someone else and wasting their time and life away by not being honest with yourself.  It takes extreme strength actually, because at the end of the day their pains become yours as well, even if they refuse to believe that a break up hurts you as much as it does them.  It’s never easy to let a partner go.  They have come to know some of the most intimate parts of you and you some of the most intimate parts of them.  You have come to know one another’s vulnerabilities because you have allowed one another the access to do so.  One part of you has hope that somehow, magically, we can make it work, and another part is simply tired of wasting the time away “hoping”.  The days go by and nothing changes.  The months and the years sneak up rather fast as well, and then it just becomes harder and harder to handle as you somehow find parts of your mind more and more committed to one another.  It’s that sense of commitment and responsibility that also contributes to keeping us in an equation that has no solution sometimes.

I’ve nothing to give, I must live without you”

Understand that we have the ability to see new things everyday.  We don’t have to keep going to the same restaurants all the time.  We don’t have to go to the same bars, and meet with the same people, and go to the same damn places on vacation.  That’s also boring in itself.  Yes you may love these places and things, but your holding yourself back from the essence of humanity, which is the curiosity and exploration of all things we see and especially the ones we cannot see yet.  By nature we are curious.  We want to see what’s at the end of the horizon.  We want to know what’s at the top of that mountain and above it if we can.  We are intrigued by whatever could be at the bottom of the ocean, or lurking in those caves.  It’s in this same manner of exploration that we need to realize that love is something to be explored and not imprisoned by.  ‘How do you know that you have had the best flavor of ice cream, if you haven’t tried them all?’  Love is the same way, or at least it can be, but you need to stop giving yourselves limits and you need to not only free your mind in order to continue the search, you also have to free your heart from the shackles of love that you yourself have latched onto it.

“Love” with all your passion when you love someone and don’t ever hold back.  Toss the past in the past and leave it there.  Walk away from it and take another road never coming back to it and even forgetting that the road itself even exists.  Don’t wear the same clothes you wore yesterday to remind you of that particular time.  It is much better to wear nothing at all so that you have zero to fear and hide.  If it doesn’t get reciprocated then it’s just not the love for you and you must move on.  You move on because you recognize that this particular pattern will lead you to a road that you have already been on, and why walk that way when there are so many roads left undiscovered.

You know we’re headed separate ways
So I’ll be on my way
At the end of it all, you’re still my best friend.”

Alex Clare – Too Close

Birkii – Holy War (Reflex Remix)

I was walking home from work the other day, I think it was Wednesday, and one of the songs playing randomly on my iPhone was Birkii’s Holy War (Reflex Remix). It made me feel like it was friday for those 5 minutes. I’ve been a fan of REFLEX since they put out Wavering. Especially the JBAG Remix of that tune. I bought it and played it so much I had to stop listening to it.

When I heard their Holy War remix the first thing I thought was: holy crap, this is a summer song with a bassline and personality. It’s safe to say this remix is not formulaic. So, in true Yaqui fashion I dug in more. And this is how I met Ludmilla -one half of REFLEX with André Dalcan- through SoundCloud’s message system. When I asked Ludmila about how this remix came about, this is what she had to say exclusively for EMPT:

Birkii send us the parts. It’s a promo gift to announce her EP of remixes soon.
We would like to give some happiness with our “REFLEX” project. We’re from south of France, just near from the sea so, our music is made with much of ‘sun’ ! We want to make people happy, we want to share with them our frame of mind.”

I couldn’t have put it in better words. I don’t know if it’s my love for the South of France but I’m in love with REFLEX. Their Wavering EP is on iTunes and that JBAG remix I told you about is so cool -or hot- that it will be featured in the upcoming compilation Kitsuné Soleil on July 2. Other suggested songs by REFLEX are: Fallin and the original Wavering Mix.

As for their style, it’s very interesting that among the genres or categories like synthpop and balearic, REFLEX is trying to coin the term ‘seadisco’ to describe their stuff; meaning “chords that remind you of the sun and the sea.

So, hit play, start clappin’ them hands and let the weekend begin!

BIRKII – Holy War (Reflex Remix)

Martin Solveig – The Night Out (Madeon Extended Mix)

It’s been six months since I left the big apple for the city of angels. I took the Creative Director job over at The Playlist Generation and I love it so there hasn’t been much looking back. But LA isn’t New York and to a kid use to the the New York minute that slow LA pace can get to you. Needless to say when that plane started pulling into JFK, a landing strip I’m all too familiar with, it felt good to finally be back home. I get to see all my friends and family and the occasion calls for something big and these days few do big like the boy wonder Madeon.

This The Night Out remix was released a few weeks ago Martin Solveigs EP and talk about a hype beast. I like Madeon for many reasons but something that always stands out to me is how uplifting and feel good his tracks are. His chord progressions never go into the dark side and it’s a conscious decision on his part that I appreciate and totally dig. Bump this and get the weekend started right, enjoy.

Martin Solveig – The Night Out (Madeon Extended Mix)

The Presets – Youth In Trouble (Official Video)

This made me remember why we love The Presets , and why they won ‘Best Dance Release’ and ‘Best Group’, and became the first electronic act to win ‘Album of the Year’ in 2008.

The video for their latest creation: “Youth In Trouble” just released a few hours ago.  It’s a visual art piece that takes the form of a video in a mix of Warhol, Roy Lichenstein, and the graffiti artist Basquiat.  There are faint shots of revolutionary images as well that completely keep me watching for more.  The song has a pulse, a sick anticipation, and it makes my heart pump alongside its own.

For the faint of heart, this is not.

Viva la Résistance

The Presets – Youth In Trouble

CNN – L.A., L.A. (Marley Marl Kuwait Mix)

Capone-N-Noreaga, also know as CNN, ya that’s right I am bringing you another hip-hop duo, classic joint that made heads turn.  Capone and Noreaga both from Queens, NY. spent their time in and out of jail striving to make their mark while developing their debut album The War Report.  Anyone who knows good hip-hop knows about these cats, but they definitely have gone through Hell and back. Both being tossed from different labels, like Penalty, Def Jam and Tommy Boy and eventually being split apart by Def Jam this is a real musical struggle with some damn good talent that we need to relive and appreciate.

Alright now Marley Marl has also been through his share of beef, for those of you who don’t know he is one of the most influential producers in the history of hip-hop..Ya that’s right!  A producer for the Juice Crew, which for those who are knower’s included Big Daddy Kane, Bix Markie, Roxanne Shante, seriously the list goes on, is the S*&t.  Having three artists that helped to shape the world of hip-hop is incredibly boss!

L.A. l.A. big city of dreams
But everything in l.a. aint always what it seems
You might get fooled if you come from outta town
Cuz we comin from queens and gets down..”

I love these hip-hop jams to get the weekend started and everyone pumped up.  I hope that everyone can relive these talents whether you grew up knowing them or not, so let’s get turned on!


Capone-N-Noreaga – L.A., L.A. (Marley Marl Kuwait Mix)


Netsky – Puppy

Well. You guys know what I’m going to say before I say it, but it’s Thursday! So happy. It’s steamy in New York, just how I like it. It’s a true test of how much one can be pushed until breaking point. And the weather is so out of our control, which is what makes it even better.

Totally unrelated, my office is dog friendly. I get far too distracted by their presence, but I like to think that it actually helps me achieve happier work while I’m in the office. So let’s just say that’s the case. Today an adorable lil guy came in out of the blue (still don’t know who or why he’s here) and I immediately spazzed for 1.5 seconds at my boss. Coincidentally, I found this song almost right after the dog encounter. What the hell you guys, is the universe trying to tell me that I must get a puppy?

Okay fine I give in. I’ll quit life and settle down with a dog.

In all seriousness, this track was perfect upon first listen. It’s a little more high energy than what I’ve been posting about recently, but if you recall a post a couple of months ago aboutPrototypeRaptor, then you’ll hear the similarities. Very jazzy-inspired tones, and then a brief sample every now and then. I’m not entirely sure why it’s called Puppy…But maybe it’s because the feeling it gives you is similar to that of a brief encounter with an adorably spastic puppy dog? You know where they start jumping up and down and licking your ankles, and then eventually one of their ears flips inside out and they can’t get it to go back (this part actually bothers me, I’m always the one to flip it back but then it’s a lost cause because they just don’t stay still.)

See? There was a focus to this post. This week has been amazing for my musical encounters, and I was really happy to find this track. It’s adorable and synthy but also just so full throttle summer jam material. I hope you guys like it and feel free to comment!

Netsky – Puppy

Gypsy & The Cat – Jona Vark [Alan Braxe Remix]

Sifting through music sometimes feels like trying on clothes.  This shirt isn’t slim fit enough, these pants are way too long, that blazer’s sleeves are just too short, etc, etc.  The difference is that with clothes I can head on over to my favorite tailor and within days get fabric perfection laying over my skin.  With music?  Well, not so much.

With music the song has to inspire me in the moment.  It has to capture me from the very moment it begins in order for me to pay any attention to it.  It’s kind of like falling in love.  I say that because we fall in love with people, places, and material things all the time.  Let’s say, for arguments sake, that when we fall in love, we are falling love with a moment that we want to last forever.  Sound about right?  Now, If we fall in love with a person then the love obviously becomes a lot more difficult, because then that moment lasting forever is not solely dependent on you.  It’s in that simple manner of explanation that sometimes, the very moments we want to last forever―don’t.  Am I making any sense?  Anyway, if you understand what I mean then you can understand the term falling in love every five minutes, because if you’re doing so then that’s truly “living” life. Life is much too beautiful and the world is way too big to fall in love and hold onto just one moment.  That’s selfish on so many levels but I won’t get into that here.  My point is this: ‘music has to make me fall in love with it right away in order for the two of us to have our moment, and there’s just nothing more that this music lover loves than falling in love with music’.

Jona Vark is a cleverly written masterpiece and this Alan Braxe Remix is equally as genius.  Take for example the lyric at two minutes and fourty-two seconds [2:42]: “To answer the questions, that we all like to ask”.  Directly after that it’s as if the questions and answers are being muttered by the music itself a la Charlie Brown Syndrome.  From the moment the song starts it completely catches your attention.  The airy vocals and simple lyrics make it audibly enjoyable and everything else about the remix make it more and more danceable as it swings along with a underlying groove that simply won’t quit the entire way through.


Gypsy & The Cat – Jona Vark [Alan Braxe Remix]

Fuel Fandango – Always Searching

The first time I heard them was a weekend or two ago. I was hosting an after-party after going out and someone grabbed my iPad and took to Spotify to search for it. They played a couple of songs but I didn’t pay much attention. As you can imagine there’s a certain state to after-parties and whatnot. Fast forward to two days ago. In gratitude for sending a list of friends a playlist I did for ShaveUrLegz one of them sent me back a list of 15 songs she couldn’t stop playing lately. The first three were in bold and were by Fuel Fandango. In the same order she listed them, I played them.

The first was the one featured in this post. I looked it up on Spotify and hit play — quickly switching windows to my browser. As I read some articles online and left the music as a background tune I realized that twice in less than 60 seconds I got goosebumps, it’s fair to say that the first one was unconscious and it was only the second time that I noticed it. Immediately I went back and switched to my Spotify window to pay more attention to what I was listening. It was only then when I started to realize the sheer magic of this group.

This is -most probably- the biggest musical slap-on-the-face I’ve experienced in 2012. Freshest thing in music I’ve heard since The xx.”

The mixture of spanish guitars and flamenco infused sounds, the accent when she goes bilingual from english to über passionate spanish, the synths, the hot funk of the percussions, the backing vocals of a male member with a thick spanish accent (very much unlike the girl who’s the lead)… Oh God. It was just too much. I hit pause and went online to see the video. Lucky was I that the “official” is a live rendition of this song [featured in this post].

To see that woman sing and watch as the veins in her neck were coming out in proportion to the stage of her falsetto — was nothing short of mesmerizing. Hector summarized it pretty well: “I’m an instant fan”.

I know our posts feature one and one song only but I would be selfish if I didn’t invite you to also check out The Engine. Both songs out of their self-titled album.

When music is this bold, rich, heart-warming, goosebump-enducing and has that much taste put into it, it’s very difficult to not only catalogue but to attach a specific moment to goes with it. I can only imagine what catching them live feels like.

“La clave está dentro de ti, 
el impulso que te lleva a sentir 
La llave que abre 
tu alma”

Please sound off in the comments as I am very eager to know your thoughts about this band and what they’re putting out.

Fuel Fandango – Always Searching