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EMPT Presents – S U M M E R : a n t i – w i n t e r 1 d by Ryan Radler

Warm enough yet? I think so and apparently so does Ryan Radler who is back in full effect with one of EMPT’s most treasured possessions, the 2012 collectors dream – S U M M E R : a n t i – w i n t e r. Or the best warm weather mixtape you’ll hear anywhere

This is incredible compared to anything else out there, it looks like it’s from another planet! – Steve Jobs

That’s how the tape starts and I won’t be the one to disagree. I don’t say that because we’re presenting it but because the time, energy and emotion captured in it says so. While we’re on the subject of Apple…

One of the things we’ve really learnt over the last 20 years is that while people would often struggle to articulate why they like something – as consumers we are incredibly discerning, we sense where has been great care in the design, and when there is cynicism and greed. It’s one of the thing we’ve found really encouraging. – Johnathan Ivy

Translation – you can’t fake the funk. Weather it’s song selection, transitions, delightful quotes or the unexpected curve balls (THE TONY HATCH ORCHESTRA – Bedazzled?! Word) the care and effort Ryan puts in to these shows. It’s one thing to make a tape full of what everyone is listening to already but it’s another to offer something new, challenge peoples taste and enlighten them – This is incredible compared to anything else out there. I could seriously talk about this all day because it really is the best and it makes me very proud that EMPT is bringing it to you. I’ve said it before but I can’t stress it enough, let it play as it was intended. I know all you ADHD having fools like skimming through music but do yourself some justice, press play and take a ride, enjoy.

S U M M E R : a n t i – w i n t e r 1 d :

ARCADE FIRE – Sprawl II (Damien Taylor Remix)
BROTHERTIGER – Lovers (Casa del Mirto Remix)
BEACH HOUSE – Equal Mind
ABADABAD – California Birds
MARVIN GAYE – Sunny (Mercury Edit II)
BILLIE HOLIDAY – Speak Low (Bent Remix)
PORCELAIN RAFT – Drifting In and Out
MO KOLOURS – Mini Culcha (Beautiful Swimmers Remix)
MOON BOOTS – Got Somebody
FM ATTACK – I Saw Her Dancing
METRONOMY – The Bay (Clock Opera Remix)

Wekeed – Wild Child

“We are WEKEED. The wild union of a girl and a boy brought together by life – couldn’t be any different – who write, sing & produce their own tracks. Just like other couples make love, we make music. Sweaty grooves & sensuality are what we’re all about. The stage & your playlist are what we’re heading to. Now.”

That’s their mini auto-biography intro from their soundcloud. What a way to bust the door open and say ‘here we are, and this is what we do.”

I’m supposed to wait for WEKEED to finish their latest work to post about them. Can’t, sorry. This is too good to keep to myself. I’ve heard several remixes of Crystal Fighters’ single plagebut for some reason this one passed me by. After a chance-meeting with the a half of the duo, we finally had the wool removed from our eyes. Voici the only remix you should be listening to on such a sunny Sunday. Nothing but Le French Touch baby.

Wekeed – Wild Child

via SoundSlinger

Ghost Beach – Miracle

I was up till about 5 AM last night on the phone talking to an old friend about how far we’ve come, making music, love, the future, regret, you name it. We recalled how in the last few years ours lives have seen more ups and downs than we wanted to remember. But then we realized that after all these years everything, all the experience has led to everything coming full circle…

I’ll tell you folks, no matter how much you love music or how passionate you are about it, you will be tested. I guess all love is tested but music? Man it’s a whole different beast. You’ll be pushed to the point of no return, you’ll think it’s time to quit, you’ll find your love feels jaded and wonder what the point is. Then before you know it you’ve given into the very thing you thought you would never do because your back is against the wall…

I never wanted to work for pieces of paper but I guess that’s all I got!”

But if you really love what you do you’ll eventually find a way. You realize that sometimes in order to win you have to be completely ready to lose and all the things you’ve been doing just aren’t right. Sometimes to live as an artist you just need to reevaluate everything, reinvent yourself, say goodbye to people and places, destroy and rebuild.

Wanna win in this world but it’s pushing me out,
I was born in this house and I’m burning it down!”

It takes courage to let things go and it doesn’t help that we’re creatures of habit but it’s so necessary. When you’re willing to lose everything to find harmony you figure out how to get rid of whatever is corrupting your love and suddenly…

Oh! it’s a miracle, even if it’s in my head
Like a miracle, I’m in love again!”

This song captures that feeling to perfection and it’s a sublime feeling. It’s like someone whose been in a really bad relationship and just feels like all hope for love is gone. Then they meet someone new who lights up their world and brings back those feelings and emotions they thought they would never have again. It’s not the same as the love you once knew, it’s better know because this time you know more about it and you appreciate it that much more. That’s one of life’s greatest pleasures and it’s a beautiful thing. Couldn’t think of a better track to get those weekend vibes in full effect, enjoy.

Ghost Beach – Miracle

Van She – Idea Of Happiness (SebastiAn Remix)

I love those lyrics man, couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s no secret that in this vastly changing world there’s a new wave of momentum and demand creating a perceived shortage of time that is quite commonplace for most of us. It seems like these days most of us have a relationship with time that is defined by pressure, shortage and limits. You ever talk to a friend that literally has no time to do anything? When you don’t fully understand the value of time it’s easy to take on more than one can bear. Nothing good about that.

As we all know time is quantifiable, it’s continued progress that we’re aware of and everyone abides by. Time can also be perceived, for example if you’re doing something terribly boring time can seem to go by painfully slow. Think about how time feels when you’re doing something lame, it can be slow and dreadful. Now look back at the last 5 years of your life, how fast have those come and go? It’s a wild concept when you think about that runs so deep it’s almost impossible to comprehend. In Idea of Happiness Van She captured this duality perfectly…

Time, just keeps on slipping away
I can feel the hands of the clock tick, tick, ticking away
But it’s nothing more than my mind slowly giving away
We got so much time, to think about yesterday
Just thinking on yesterday

If you’re not keeping up with time you’re going to be under constant pressure from it, always behind it . That leads to one of the most dangerous time killers I know of – dwelling on the past. Time waits for no man, it doesn’t stop so in order to keep up with it a person has to have a deep appreciation and discipline to make the most of it. Might sound cliche but it’s not something to be taken lightly, enjoy.

Van She – Idea Of Happiness (SebastiAn Remix)

Little Dragon – Ritual Union (Bufi Remix)

It’s been a few months since I was in the Dominican Republic. The last time I was there I played the closeout fashion week parties for Dominican Modo 2011 and all I remember is a bunch of rowdy islanders dancing and jumping around so hard that the floor was shaking with my DJ booth about to break down. Had it not been for all the Shave Your Legz cats holding it together as I tried to keep mixing I’m pretty sure things would have gotten ugly. My nostalgia for the good times and my Dominican tastemaker friend led me to their website where I ran into one of their latest mixes and decided to show some love. Below are a few of my favorite tracks for their latest playlists, if you’re not hip to it yet I highly recommend adding it to your list of things to follow, it’s nothing but good jams, enjoy.

Little Dragon –  Ritual Union (Bufi Remix)

Alex Winston – Guts (The Sound Of Arrows Remix)

Lykke Li – Come Near

Here’s Lykke Li’s latest song and video filmed in what looks to be a desert. Equipped with mirrors, the sexy musician herself, echo-y vocals and epic drums, both the visuals and sounds won’t disappoint. The music has taken on more of a Fever Ray feel in this song which leaves me wanting more, hoping that she continues in that direction with the rest of the upcoming album.


Penguin Prison – Something I’m Not

Last week RAC released a track featuring Penguin Prisons lead man Chris Glover. I didn’t connect with and that’s why you don’t see it here but in the listening process good ol’ iTunes shuffle led me to an overlooked favorite, Penguin Prison’s Something I’m Not. A good friend of mine once told me that great music has a way of both surprising and delighting us. The way this song develops, the lyrics, Chris’ performance and the vibe is all that and a bag of chips, enjoy.

Penguin Prison – Something I’m Not

The Beastie Boys – Get It Together

When I wasn’t on tour somewhere or busy with music, I use to spend every second of my free time with my cousin Brian riding around New York City on my BMX. We’d be out from dusk till dawn causing havoc, bunny hoping sidewalks, slicing through cabs, showing off for girls and hanging with all the skaters down at Battery Park. 90% of the time I’d be listening to the Beastie Boys. They embodied the vibe and energy of New York City in the 90s, you will be missed. EMPT wouldn’t have that Manhattan swag if I didn’t grow up listening to you. R.I.P. MCA.

Keep it on and on…”

The Beastie Boys – Get It Together

Shook – Hold Tight

Excuse the lack of post lately, I wish I had an excuse but I don’t. To be honest I haven’t felt compelled to write and I’ve never been good at faking the funk so I just had to give the ol’ EMPT time off till I found something that inspired a return. Leave to Shook though, his feel good nu-disco banger Hold Tight brought me right back in the game. Shooks ability to express emotion and vibe through instrumentals never ceases to amaze me. This songs driving melody and bass all come to a climax with that simply mantra – Hold Tight! It makes you think of whatever you believe in or the things you so badly desire and how you just have to keep pushing for it despite whatever obstacles or challenges get in the way. My type of mentality, enjoy.

Shook – Hold Tight


Punks Jump Up – Mister Overtime ( Ft. Dave 1) (Gigamesh Remix)

Punks Jump Up, Dave 1 & Gigamesh on one track, f$#k. It’s been a few years since we first featured Gigamesh and from day one the kid from Minneapolis has been on fire. The Posner camp would probably hate to admit it at this point but the Gigamesh version of Cooler Than Me is in my opinion what took that song to the next level. Mike Posner was fairly unknown at that point and so was Gigamesh and his new sound. He made waves with the songs intense pulsating bass line, instrumental breaks and arrangement. At the time  it was all so new, edgy and adventurous. To see it go from the blogs to radio was a true testament to the Space Age. Unlike that remix, this remix of Mister Overtime see’s a return to that bass style but this time with some familiar faces and new tricks up his sleeve. If you were looking for a song to play this weekend, call off your search…

This is it, this is it, this iiis iiit!! – Style Wars

I don’t always drive 100 miles an hour, but when I do I prefer to listen to the thumping bass sounds of Gigamesh, enjoy.

Punks Jump Up – Mister Overtime ( Ft. Dave 1) (Gigamesh Remix)