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Superhumanoids — So Strange

I mean, why post a song if you’re not going to really dive into some subject matter that actually—matters?  Why try so hard to hastily be the first one to post it up when no one really gives a shit that you were the first?

It’s annoying to try to research a record that catches your ear and not be able to find the lyrics to it.  But, it’s even more annoying to troll through the countless listings of blogosphere postings of a song and find even less meaningful shit.  “Oh, this song is very nice”, and, “it’s such a breath of fresh air”.  -_- Really?

I find that, more and more, I want opinions.  I want adult-like and intellectual perspectives on everything, including music.  I don’t want to just hear that you ALSO love Kendrick Lamar‘s controversial verse on “Control“, yet when I ask you for a quotable line off of it you can’t give me anything but a name or two of the rappers he called out…  That boys and girls just isn’t what I mean when I ask for a quotable lyric or line directly from any verse.

My apologies for venting on here, but this is the kind of crap I ran into while reading all of the other crap that has sadly been posted about such an alluring song as So Strange.  I got the picture that their highlighted NY Times article was the only reason many of these other blogs posted the track, and that each and every single one of the ones that did, were just caught in a circle looking for the same thing within each other, yet unable to grasp—something of some sort of substance that they could connect with.

We don’t know who we are until we’re connected to someone else.” —Sons of Anarchy

A hard-hitting syncopated drum pattern that begins the moment the engine shuts on is what we get as we press play on this well-oiled machine of a song titled: So Strange.  Eight bars into the burliness of the catchy drums we’re treated to a softer side of the record with a gentle tone that’s even more charming than its aggressive counterpart, and yet much more somber in vibe when you actually dive into its lyrical content.

You make me hate this whole town.” —Sarah Chernoff

Have you ever noticed that after you lose one love, and finally begin to get over it and into another relationship, that somehow you seem to find someone better and more suited for you than the last?  Maybe it’s just me, because after every great love I have ever experienced in life, another has come along that is greater and much more beautiful.  I would hope the same for everyone, but maybe this is why I connect with this song so much: because it represents that moment when I feel both: extreme sadness and an excited happiness in life at the end of a relationship.  The very moment when I can feel a hole burning in the pit of my stomach from the angst of letting go and yet my feet, my arms, my eyes and my body are ready to take off and look for the next gem as if we were in some sort of treasure hunt and time was running out.

Maybe I have loved a lot more than most; maybe not, but this is what I feel whenever the love story comes to an end, and this is exactly how Superhumanoids’ “So Strange” feels to me.

The drums want to move on to their next bars, happy, full of life and motion with nothing in the way to stop them,  happy to just continue beating, and then the they are stricken gingerly by sad lyrics that reflect too much on the past, because only within the reflection of the past is where average humans, not supers, experience sadness.

Live in the moment.

Superhumanoids — So Strange

MØ – XXX 88 (Produced by Diplo)


is a Danish songstress who has just recently started to capture the attention of electric and soul fans alike. Her voice is interesting with  her foreign pronunciation and added soulful nuances which make her lyrics and delivery different sounding and enticing. Although she has only been releasing music for the past year, 2013 has been filled with some amazing tracks. The most recent being XXX 88, produced by Diplo, arguably one of the most recognizable names producing today and one of Mad Decent’s premier DJs.

The lyrics and catchy soulfulness are what made this song stand out. Paired with her angelic delivery, the song is simple but  has a dark cloud over the lyrics which are as hopeful as they are haunting. Settling for the all-too-familiar thought of “who really cares in the end”.

 “I feel the water flow as I watch him go
Boy, life is cynical despite my heart of gold
Oh, no, buddy, don’t you cry as they go
Life changes all of us, it’s not your fault.

MØ – XXX 88 (Produced by Diplo)

CHVRCHES – By The Throat

CHVRCHES seems to be on everyone’s minds as of late. Perhaps it’s their adorable lead singer, Lauren Mayberry, and her spacey-reverberating voice that snakes its way through your brain. Maybe it’s the fact that the other members of the band get really excited, just as adorably excited as she does, when they perform in front of big crowds. The two singers danced and flailed in a way that I can now only associate with CHVRCHES. I saw these lovelies at Virgin Mobile’s Free Fest last weekend in Maryland. If you don’t know about Free Fest, it’s basically a large-scale music festival with tons of great music, vendors, and generally great vibes. Also, it’s all free, attendance wise. They’ve got a cool mission and the entire event donates to a really worthy cause, which you can read about here.

Among the several acts that I came across in the muddy venue that became Merriweather Post Pavilion, CHRVCHES set themselves apart in a lovely way. I suppose it was a little of what I touched on earlier, the excitement of the band-members, that was both charming and modest. But there was something about the performance that felt like it was being given to a small crowd in Brooklyn, intimate yet all-encompassing. It made me feel happy and included. I’m sure you’ve all felt that overwhelming sense of lost-ness while at a music festival, like you’re so far away from the performer (unless you’re one of the few lucky enough to make it to the front or backstage), but that was not the feeling I experienced at all. It probably had something to do with the venue, too.

Other highlights of the festival included a fantastic performance by Vampire Weekend, and a visceral experience with Gareth Emery (coming from someone who really doesn’t get involved with EDM, this is a big statement to make — he did one track that mashed up Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” and Annie Lennox’s “Walking on Broken Glass,” which was magical).

CHVRCHES released their latest album yesterday, and in honor of that, I’ve included my favorite track off the album in this post. Enjoy, and if you like it (which I know you will), give the rest of the album a listen. There’s no room for disappointment.

CHVRCHES – By The Throat

Kaytranada – At All


Kaytranada is one of my favorite producers. His creates sounds that are both sexy and complex, smooth and danceable. In At All, he finds a way of manipulating vocal tracks and laying them over his beats to create this tune which doesn’t feel like it comfortably fits into a specific time or genre. But would comfortably fit in to any dance hall.

One thing I love about music and artists today is the closeness you feel with them. We can see what they “like“, what they listen to, what they pack, what are their music essentials (Not a link to Kaytranada‘s but still interesting to see Ta-ku‘s). I think this is a newer bond we get to experience with musicians and producers now. We can see where their inspiration comes from. Where they are spending their time.  We can relate to their interests. We see them, in some cases, as clearly as we see our friends. This is the second article I have gotten to write about Kaytranada and it always allows me to do research on him, explore him a bit. Thankfully he is as interesting as he is talented in producing. Have a listen to this new song and then do some lurking. You will have have a crush or want to be bros with him, guaranteed.

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