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Raffertie – Build Me Up

Fall is an incredible time for nostalgia. The profound amount of change that happens around us despite the general dislike of change is somewhat harmonious. Things happen at a constant pace, while simultaneously in a way that makes me realize that the universe has it’s eye out for those who put good energy out into the world. This song is Fall’s nostalgia. For me, someone who has only listened to Raffertie for the first time today, there’s certainly something unique and new about the music, but at the same time, it feels like every kind of music I was listening to last Fall. Cue, nostalgia.

It’s really fun to think about our transmission through space in time, especially when you look at how cyclical life is. We live in years that have four seasons, we have a birthday every year whether we want to or not, we tend to surround ourselves with people that either mirror our own personalities, or completely counteract said personalities, and baby versions of us = ancient versions of us when we’re old and senile. Everything is the same.

Last year at this time I was slowly discovering that I was in love with one of my best friends, I began dating said best friend, and I was in utter bliss. You rarely find me discussing dating matters on EMPT because I like to keep it vague, but I swear it makes sense right now. I guess I woke up feeling intense nostalgia for this time last year, realizing that my happiness today is almost equal to how happy I was back then, the only difference being that my happiness today is self-inflicted, and not imposed by another human. These are things I always consider when entering a relationship. I believe there’s a certain type of happiness we experience alone, and a different one that we experience with another human. It’s that difference in happiness, though both important and substantial, that has me currently feeling so nostalgic. In this feeling of nostalgia, I’ve been pretty introspective, particularly because of how different the circumstances are today. Realizing that my happiness was momentary and that my love was only temporary, that I am not in love anymore, is a weird feeling. I guess I feel the need to share it because we’ve all been through break ups and transitions, and it’s really important to acknowledge the before and after. Before my relationship even ended, I thought to myself, “I know I’m going to look back on this time at some point in my life and be really pleased.”

I guess today is about indulging in Raffertie’s one of a kind sound. It’s about remembering our past and cherishing our present.

Raffertie – Build Me Up

NONONO – Down Under

This beautiful Swedish threesome is making waves in the psychedelic pop scene. The familiar female vocals and playful synthesizer creates a whimsical track with intricate details guiding this song along.

The lyrics are simple so the draw to this song, for me, comes for the melodic pace the band creates together with their progressive sound and use of synthesizers matched with ultra-feminine vocals. NONONO comes to us in a time where these ladies are ruling the airwaves and creating the argument whether a soft voice can still be powerful in the pop scene. Elie Goulding and Lorde come to mind as the ladies paving the road (currently) for this movement and creating the anthems we undoubtably all have listened to this past year.


NONONO – Down Under

Goat – Let it Bleed

The wailing sax solo and glaring guitar hook won me over. So raw. So primal. Right from the start a solid syncopated pulse of hypnotic proportions swallows me whole. This hypno-freaky-tribal-punk band takes World music to a whole new level… to another world, actually. Goat defies categorization… Swedish Afro-Voodoo-Beat is the closest “genre” that comes to mind.

I’m faded, I touch the block
Machine gun, through the lot
They walking past, famous peep
Gotta go, let it bleed.”

Goat‘s trance-inducing rhythms are inspired by their hometown in Sweden, Korpilombolo. According to (the band’s self-proported) urban legend, Korpilombolo has an elaborate history of voodoo-practice as well as religious persecution. Appropriately, the band dons voodoo-style masks while they perform live to maintain anonymity.

In an interview with, the band is asked what performing means to them on a metaphysical or spiritual level. Their reply really captures the free spirit of their music: Making music is everything. It is where we rest in a way. When we play we normally don’t make “songs” and are only interested in reaching the state when you lose the concept of time and space. You feel drugged and you feel like you are lifted up from the ground. In that state you are completely free and you are connected to the universe…” The rest of the interview is definitely worth a read, REAL talk.

“Let is Bleed” is an exceptional track, and the rest of the album, World Music, is also pretty killer. It is aptly named, as it screams cultural influences from all over Earth… including but not limited to bhangra, afro-beat, psychedelic, metal, rock, and even disco. Give it a listen, you may find yourself in another world…

Goat – Let it Bleed

Jagwar Ma – Uncertainty

How could one not enjoy a sound which, somehow, ties in 1950’s/60’s boy band vibes modernized with the familiar sounds of late 80’s-early 90’s rock scene? Jagwar Ma has done just that with their debut album Howlin, released earlier this year.

The band’s influences are evident in Uncertainty. Vocals which sound like they have been pulled from a melodic chorus of an Oasis song (or comparable to the angelic lightness of the BeatlesBecause) with the integral guitar chords which round out the tune and nearly plays in to the next track on the album.

The band offers an easy listen which will surely win the hearts of nostalgic 90’s kids and the masses today. Also a great track from the album is The Throw (BONUS!). This track offers more of the late 80’s synthesizer and a tempo fit for your next house party.

Jagwar Ma – Uncertainty


Jagwar Ma – The Throw


Javelin – Vibrationz

It takes a long time to find yourself man and when you do you realize you just can’t go back.

The people closest to you won’t believe you, they’ll fight it, they’ll deny it. But at that moment when your heart and mind get in sync the world changes for you man. From that moment on you vibrate on a different plane and everyone you meet is in your new world, in your present and not your past. You feel it all around and you don’t have to worry about what happened, forgive yourself because you found love, you’re not there anymore and lord$ don’t worry.

It will surprise your friends, they’ll want to hold on to your past.  It will confuse your loved ones and they will have a hard time trusting you, they might even push you away. The ones who really care will be happy for you but even they will have doubts. No sweat cause you’re flying now and you can’t go back, that’s all you know because listening to your heart is the greatest feeling you’ve ever had. This new vibration inspires you, you’ve entered the realm of love and you’ll never go anywhere else and people will join you or they wont – either way it’s all good baby, baby. They’ll fade away secretly wanting your past but you’ll meet new people in this new vibration so you don’t worry, lord$ don’t worry.

Why? Because your happiness belongs to you, no one can give it to you and no one take it away.

I’m 29 years old man, it took me a long time to find myself, it took me a long time to let go of what I thought I should be and acknowledge what I am. It took me a while to understand the things in front of me. Your ego and pride can make you lie to even yourself. Your ego and pride will get in the way of honest expression. Your ego and pride will harbor fear and fear is a liar.

It takes a long time to find yourself and when you do you realize you can’t go back and anyone whose back there waiting for you will soon realize that you’re gone. Floating on clouds, vibrating on new planes, just riding, that other person gone forever. Enjoy.

Javelin – Vibrationz