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Rosemary Clooney – Corazón de Melón

Here’s for all of you digesting Thanksgiving feasts right now. Rosemary Clooney’s voice is truly enchanting (in both english and spanish), and truly fitting for what we should all be doing right now: chilling and eating watermelons. Sometimes all we need is to go back to basics: to chill and ponder on the musical  snazziness of the previous century. Like this song, the horns accompany Clooney’s voice in a suave and almost flirty way.

Your heart is a watermelon heart,
you’re so sweet, it thrills me,
you’re so cold, it chills me.

Rosemary Clooney – Corazon De Melon (Watermelon Heart)

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Dream On

I am sure everyone is winding down from yesterdays Thanksgiving feast.  I was floored by 9pm last night, absolutely “Turkey Drunk”.  Hitting the gym today seems like a “dream on” type of situation, right?  I am still contemplating whether or not its a good idea or to just chill out today.

But its Friday yet again and once I pressed play on this track it got me into a Friday night zone, you know that zone you get into when your in a cool lounge or club, and its really dark, everyone is dancing and the music takes you to another place and you forget about everything else..Ya you know that feeling, especially if your a regular EMPT connoisseur.

So forget working off your turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie the ‘regular’ way. Here is the more exciting alternative, go out tonight, dance your ass of and zone out.

Ooooo… Dream on now,
Ooooo… No use missin’ out”


Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Dream On

Penguin Prison – Don’t Fuck With My Money (Official Video)

This is still one of my favorite songs from 2011 and the theme is more relevant to the current state of affairs than most people know. I’m not really into politics as you’ve probably noticed by now, there are so many layers of power and everything is so cloudy that unless you’re hip to what’s really going on you’re pretty much just talking about nothing. However, given all the movements popping up around the country and the fact that I love this song so much I had to give my two cents about this stuff. I won’t get into a lecture about what’s really going on because we have Google but make sure to educate yourself on who prints the cash in the US. Don’t get distracted by all the nonsense and complicated explanations on TV, it’s 99% diversion, it all starts and ends with the folks who make the paper. When you understand that you’ll understand what “don’t f&%k with my money” really means, enjoy.

Fela Kuti – Zombie


So I’ve returned to Connecticut for the next couple of days to enjoy the pleasures of nature and family. I don’t plan on doing much work, which is good because I have a few posts that I’ve been waiting to put up for the past couple weeks. It’s been busy but life is always busy. There are no excuses as to why, and it’s pointless when we try to explain our lack of time organization, as if somehow defending our right to be busy. The truth is that some things just get priority, and when they do, you just have to accept it and allow that to happen. There’s no point in explaining it as if it’s bad — embrace your lack of time. Because those areas of your life that don’t always get the time of day now, will have their moment to shine at some point. And when they do, it will be beautiful.

So much of my life is like this song. A soft and sensual introduction, followed by distant drums that only get louder and louder. When the horns and other percussion enter the musical picture, it’s just a musical symphony of epic proportions. The horns are trying to tell a story that we have all heard, and that’s why it’s beautiful and familiar. But it’s also unexpected, because it’s only halfway through the song that we begin to hear vocals. And that’s life! It’s a constant cycle of what seems soft, but is actually loud and metaphorical. And then something really unexpected happens, and we have to adapt. It’s remarkable.

This song warms my heart, and I hope it warms yours too.

Until next time,

Fela Kuti – Zombie

Marina & The Diamonds – Starring Role

I’ve been a little under the weather the past few days but I guess that’s just the time of year that’s why I always like to find new tunes that are a little more upbeat but still have an aggressive message, I just think the majority of us are feeling a little more aggression around this time.

Marina & The Diamonds really hit home lyrically in this track.  I have to always stop and remind myself that maybe when we feel a distance from someone in our lives or anything in general its not necessarily us, but maybe the weather or the work and I am a firm believer in finding a way to communicate so d0nt turn and run like a Zombie or feel like you are always getting the short end of the stick.

you’re hard to hug, tough to talk to
and i never fall asleep, when you’re in my bed
all you give me is a heartbeat
i’ve turned into a statue
and it makes me feel depressed
cause the only time you open up is when we get undressed

I think we always want to feel like we are giving everything our all and clawing to stay on top, weather it be with work, family or your significant other.  I feel like there are more things to be said then just love in this track.   One thing in your life cant just  make you happy, most of has to be making sense and making you satisfied.  If work sucks, find a new job because your work situation could be affecting the others around and your mind mostly.  If your loved one isn’t making you happy put in some effort and spice it up because the emotional part of life can really cause a damper as well.

it almost feels like a joke to play out the part
when you are not the starring role in someone else’s heart
you know i’d rather walk alone, than play a supporting role
if i can’t get the starring role”

As cliche as it might now it’s better to be optimistic and look at things on the bright side even when its sh*&y outside!  We have too many options but if you need to vent and be a little aggressive then definitely hit play on this one and get the dirt out of your system…Enjoy!

Marina & The Diamonds – Starring Role


Kevin Casey’s Sample Saturday – Etta James & William Bell et Pretty Lights

Categorizing the productions of Derek Vincent Smith, better known as Pretty Lights, is a little complicated, as he tends to fuze hip hop style beats, often at dance music tempos, with buzzing synths, moving pads, and classic soul and funk samples.  I have to be honest, I embarrassingly didn’t even know about the Pretty Lights phenomenon until my homegirl Allie’s facebook status earlier this year when she said, “listening to my new obsession, Pretty Lights”.  Reading that led me to over an hour of youtube viewing, the whole time in awe of his live performances, pausing frequently to get clear glimpses of what he was rocking on stage.  Besides a drummer playing along to the tracks, Smith was all in the box, rocking out on two Macbook Pros, and riding the only wave suited for what he was accomplishing sonically, that wave being Ableton Live.

It’s great to see someone at the forefront of creativity in his field and really using what’s out there to push the boundaries of sound and performance.  Ableton software is called Live for a reason as it truly offers endless amounts of tools to take digital music performance to new heights every time you sit down to be creative.  This particular track blends together the familiar guitar riff of “Private Number” by Judy Clay and William Bell with the spectacular vocals of Etta James’ “Somethings Got a Hold On Me”.  This same Etta James sample is more popularly known recently for it’s use on Avicii’s “Levels”. Anyway, enough blogging, I think it’s time to call up Hector and get to work on some DJ ideas. Innovation inspires more innovation, this is a path us producers should all follow and who knows where we’ll end up.  Have a great Saturday guys.

Etta James – Something’s Got A Hold On Me

William Bell & Judy Clay – Private Number

Pretty Lights – Finally Moving

Strange Talk – Sexual Lifestyle

I was listening to this track yesterday and thought it would be perfect to get you into Friday party mode.  I don’t know about all of you but I am freezing my ass off here in NYC.  Every time the weather gets like this I don’t have any desire to go out, UNTIL….I hear a song like this one and it gets my blood pumping!

Seriously music can completely change your mood, if you want it too that is.  If your sad and you feel like listening to sad music, well your gonna stay sad most likely.  I’ve been a little under the weather the past couple days but this track definitely changed my mood and I just want to go out and dance, you can’t waste a good Friday night, sometimes you gotta let yourself go!

Show me why you desire
Show me why you desire
Your sexual lifestyle is taking over…

On that note I’m gonna take a little nap so I can be fresh for this evening.  Press play and get your mood right for the weekend…Enjoy!

Strange Talk – Sexual Lifestyle

Niki & The Dove – Mother Protect (Goldroom Remix)

I love the beginning of this track, the beat and progression of the beat immediately caught my attention.  For me personally if the beginning of a song, the first 30 sec doesn’t capture me I go to the next, kind of the same thing with reading a book, the first 30 pages are important.  When Niki’s voice came in I was captured, she has such a different sound that is sweet, but not too sweet and seductive.

Oh my heart is like an eagle, I love to fall from the sky
It’s so beautiful, I see right through the water’s edge
And I love your hands, I let them lead me into the cage
So tender but your body was warm, and so frail,
But your eyes like mine, the color of ice

You can’t keep me down, I am done, I am furious
Fear the lioness paint her face black and golden

The lyrics are like nature singing to you.  I did a lot of research at NYU about Greek poetry and Sappho is a poet who writes similarly to the lyrics in this song.  I love using nature to describe life and emotions because if you think about it our emotions feed off of nature.  In this track I thought maybe she was talking about a lover at first but I think its much deeper then that, I think its about your feelings and emotions and not letting them over come you and keep you down, you always have to keep pushing forward..

Really take a listen to the words in this one and maybe you’ll come up with a different idea of its meaning…Enjoy!

Niki & The Dove – Mother Protect (Goldroom Remix)

Penny & The Quarters – You And Me

There isn’t a whole lot that I want to say about this track, the lyrics say it all.  Its a rainy gloomy day and I have been listening to this track over and over.  Penny & The Quarters really nailed this one in terms of the vocals and harmonies, and it makes me want to curl up next to a sweetheart or sit inside and chill with some friends and put this baby on repeat…

You and me,
You and me,
Nobody baby but you and me. (Hey, hey, hey)
You and me, (My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my)
You and me,
Nobody baby but you and me.

If the stars don’t shine, if the moon won’t rise, if I never see the setting sun again,
You won’t hear me cry, this I testify; please believe me, boy, you know I wouldn’t lie.
As long as there is

You and me, (Ohhh, oh, oh, oh, oh)
You and me…

If you love a soul more than fame and gold, and that soul feels the same about you,
It’s a natural fact, there’s no turning back, and here’s some advice to you:
You’ve got to say it’s,

You and me, (Ohhh, oh, oh, oh, oh)
You and me…

When love is real, you don’t have to show it.
When it is true, then everyone will know.
‘Cause there’ll be no one but

You and me, (Youuuuuuu)
You and me,
Nobody baby but you and me. (Hey, hey, hey)
You and me, (Ohhh, oh, oh, oh, oh)
You and me,
Nobody baby but you and me.

Do do do dooo do, woo woo…

You and me baby”

See what I mean!….Enjoy.

Penny & The Quarters – You And Me

Lykke Li – Hanging High

I read an article not too long ago about Lykke Li, and she was talking about how her music comes from a sad dark place and how she thought it too be possible that she was born this into sadness.  She didn’t seem to be upset about it because she explained how it helped with her writing.

And when it hurts the most
I’ll push a little more
I’m back where I started at
You know I’m a little lost
Like lightning in my heart”

I find it refreshing to listen to a female artist who can really embrace who she is and what she is writing about.  It makes you want to listen to her more, and you can almost feel what she is feeling from her vocals, I guess you could say that honesty is what makes the best music and we don’t have a whole lot of honesty these days.

When I was listening to this track it really made me ask myself about how honest I was being with my own self.  I think this track is great to sit back and mellow out to as well…Enjoy!

Lykke Li – Hanging High