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Twin Shadow – Beg For The Night

I first heard Twin Shadow last fall sitting on the floor of my friend’s bedroom. It was early in the night, but we weren’t rallying for anything crazy – just a good time and some good tunes. He turned on George Lewis Jr.’s – (Twin Shadow’s real name) first album, Forget, and I was instantly hooked. It had such a fresh sound. It’s one of those albums that you can play from the beginning and listen to it straight through rather than jump from this track to another. Needless to say, I’ve been waiting for Twin Shadow’s newest release, Confess, to come out for a while.

This track builds on the sound Forget established and takes it deeper into the alt-dance realm. I can’t not bop my head or shake my shoulders to the beat when this is playing. It has a summer vibe and a chorus with Toto-like harmonies that make the lyrical longing seem like summer bliss. When the synths come in and build during the second verse, you’ll want to close your eyes and sway with the driving beat. It’s an track oozing with 80’s nostalgia made for todays ears.  The title captures the track’s sound perfectly. The beat and melody keep going and going and going. It’s a track that’ll carry you into your Saturday night with ease. Enjoy the night y’all.

PS: Confess drops next week on July 10th.

Twin Shadow – Beg For The Night

ZZ Ward – Cinnamon Stix (feat. Nathan Santos)

It’s a scorcher out there today. I can see the heat rising off the roofs from my little air-conditioned East-Village apartment. While the temperature inside is cooling down, this song is turning up the heat as it blasts through my speakers. ZZ Ward brings us a song that’s dripping in sex and cool. If the new Bond flick wasn’t in post-production already, I’d be begging the producers to use this track for their forever hedonistic opening credits. It balances on the threshold between class and dingy, raunchy and suave. Ward‘s husky drawl goes down like a bottle of smooth, ice cold beer. This track is hands-down sexy.

Knock that sun down from this amber sky
Shake the stars ’cause I’m gonna change your mind.”

The duet with Nathan Santos emphasizes the sexual tension of this song. Ward is maneater and Santos is her prey for the night. Turn this track up as evening sets in and the temperature outside hopefully goes down. It’s an acoustic lap dance that strips you of your inhibitions. This isn’t some laid-back relaxing night music. This is a dirty brash seduction song with a little bit of sleaze and a lot of flirtation.

I’ll take a shot of Ward‘s confidence any day and any night. She’s a woman on a mission and sonically we’re her target. I want to be at whatever dive bar Ward is at tonight.

ZZ Ward – Cinnamon Stix (feat. Nathan Santos)

White Sea – Ladykiller

The perfect song for your Saturday mood has landed itself into your hands. If you’re like me, you save it for yourself for a moment. You don’t share it instantly, allowing a chance for the sound to marinate into the walls and living room (if that’s where the music listening takes place). For me, Friday night “bangers” don’t necessarily have to be songs that physically demand your attention, so much as it resonates. For instance, Ladykiller leaves a lasting impression not so much because the lyrics strike me in a strange or familiar way, but because of the constant edge of your seat feeling you gather from the very beginning. To be introduced to a track with upbeat musical tempos, played out against a slow and sultry female vocal only leaves you wanting more and more. By the time the chorus comes around, you’re already out of your seat maybe thrashing your high ponytail from left to right as your hands and arms find their way to a sort of strange but familiar dance technique: out above and up front, waving as if to say “No, it’s too much!” while simultaneously encouraging you to march/stomp in place.

You get to the chorus the second time around, and there’s a beautiful addition that hadn’t existed previously: strings. Being the sucker that I am for all things classy and sassy, I fell deeper in love… And I couldn’t escape.

I am a ladykiller

Gonna find my strength tonight

Gonna find my trophy tonight.

To all you foxy ladykillers and mysterious maneaters out there, may the force be with you on this first weekend of July.

White Sea – Ladykiller


White Sea – Ladykiller (Gigamesh Remix)


Breakbot – One Out of Two (feat. Irfane)(Oliver Remix)

Love on a Saturday is all you need for the weekend. Breakbot shows us time and time again the nature of that honest devotion. Irfane’s vocals ooze head-over-heels affection and pedestal-building adoration.

I’ve been having a dream 
And in it, I am just a machine 
And only she has the potion that can give back emotion 
To the meaningless thing I’m becoming 

She’s every image that could ever be seen 
She’s in the air, if you know what I mean.”

Oliver shakes some of the disco out and injects a little oomph into the bass. The result is sublime and drives smoothly alongside Irfane’s earnest. Uplifting and powerfully innocent, the sound is true to Breakbot’s form. It’s a feel-good track fit for dancing with the one that knows you best. Hold hands, spin each other around and enjoy your weekend.

Breakbot – One Out of Two (feat. Irfane)(Oliver Remix)

Lucas Nord vs Urban Cone – Let Us Stay Young


It was the song I heard for the first time and liked it. But when I saw the video — I fell in love. I mean, flashing fluorescent tubes in hands and blue paint dripping from hands… catatonic stupor at its best. I guess I could relate to their dancing while listening to this tune on a friday night. Addictive? Yes. Perfect to start the weekend? Yes.

So dust off your strobe light, take out that laser pointer you bought but never used, turn off the light and start dancing. Here’s the Radio Edit, but if you’re into party mode make sure to get the Extended Edit.

Let Us Stay Young was Lucas Nord’s debut single featuring Urban Cone on the vocals. He’s one of the latest EDM talents to come out of -you guessed it- Sweden. Watch out for this kid because he’s blowing up as you read this. While the idea of the chopped up beats and the darker-dance-video theme came from Lucas, the video was directed by Mats Udd.

“Do not fall asleep tonight,
this might be a night to remember,
Do not fall asleep tonight,
please pretend i’m not a stranger,
Don’t waste the time,
Let us stay young,
do not fall asleep tonight,
it’s better if we stay together,
do not fall asleep tonight,
i know we’re bound to one another.”

Lucas Nord vs Urban Cone – Let Us Stay Young

Theophilus London – Dancing (Feat. Marvin Gaye)

This is definitely a party banger Theophilus pulled out of his pocket, and couldn’t be more perfect for you party animals on this Friday!  Throw in a Marvin Gaye sample, the guy who created love songs that literally made girls gasp and run to the bathroom, ya it’s no joke, he had some kind of magic in that voice and in those lyrics, I like to call him the “master of love.”  Twist up the “master of love” with Theophilus who is turning heads with his “Brooklyn Swag”, and with his ability to capture you with so many style ranges, from pop, soul, R&B, and electro, I don’t know about you but he blows my mind and I am always ready for a good time.  It would make sense that he is blowing charts and turning heads left and right, when your main influences are two of the best, Michael Jackson and Prince, those are like the great Ninjas or Gods of music!

This track is from Theophilus’ new Mixtape Rose Island Vol. 1 which is available for a Free Download, thank you TL and Warner Bros.!

Theophilus recorded most of Rose Island during Christmas in his NYC studio. TL returned to his roots with the goal of getting back to the basics for the recording of Rose Island Vol. 1. In typical TL fashion, there’s something for everyone on Rose Island Vol. 1 which is filled with hip hop bangers, electronic club tracks, sing along anthems and, of course, a couple slow jams for the ladies.

Rose Island is an imaginary place in TL’s head where he goes when he needs to escape reality and time. Some of the mix tape highlights include A$AP Rocky, Big Boi, upcoming Producer Lunice, and many more. He also Covers Pharrell Willams “Take it off’ and reworks Wang Chung’s classic ‘Dance Hall Days’.”

I have no doubt that you all are gonna want to ditch work and start your Friday grabbin’ your ladies or your gentlemen and dancin’ your pants off.  Just do it, you only live once so why not live in the moment.  Anyways press play and let your weekend begin, enjoy!

Theophilus London – Dancing (Feat. Marvin Gaye)

I Break Horses – Winter Beats

After a sweltering week and 4th of July night, we all need something to cool off with and just chill out to. You have to think about cold to feel cold, right? Maybe? I Break Horses released this track late last summer, and appropriately so. It’s a song that’s lyrically cold, but has a melody and production drenched in a summer heat-wave. The crescendo of the synths and the steady drum beat with a soaring guitar in the back contrast Maria Lindén’s warning to her lover that even a cold heart bleeds. Kind of depressing for this hot Thursday evening, but with Lindén lazily delivering her message, the words melt into the music leaving us with a summer evening synth symphony.

Uncork a bottle of white wine or whatever your drink of choice may be; sit on your roof, fire escape, in front of your AC and turn this tune up and zone out. It’s Thursday evening; might as well chill out , not think, and just listen for a solid 3:43 minutes before the weekend begins. You’ll snap back to reality just as abruptly as the song ends.

I Break Horses – Winter Beats

Jessie Ware – Wildest Moments

Do you ever have that moment of clarity where you realize you’ve fallen into a pattern with another – perhaps – bad lover slash significant other? You get caught up in the moment, see them across the room and suddenly you’re back to being vulnerable without the strings attached? Maybe you keep this habit up because maybe this time – just maybe – this moment is the one that will solidify the huge question mark that’s been stuck between you and this other. Jessie Ware, the UK darling slowly creeping into our iTunes libraries captures this question mark and plainly gives words to confusion us romantically troubled listeners have out there.

Wait on, summer sky
Wherever there’s smoke, there should be fire
One prick, bad luck
I’ve been looking at you too much

From the outside, from the outside
Everyone must be wondering why we try
Why do we try?

Maybe in our wildest moments
We could be the greatest, we could be the greatest
Maybe in our wildest moments,
We could be the worst of all.”

Thank you, Jessie Ware for clearing up and making me feel a little bit better about all those tiny obsessions and in-the-moment happenings that have left me wondering why nothing has ever come from them. Really, though, thanks. I am indeed at my worst when I’m in my “wildest moment.” Should this song’s subject matter bring me down because of the clarity I got after listening to it? Perhaps. But Ware’s soft Katy B-mated-with-Joss Stone voice over a mellow beat make me feel okay about my past and probable future. Funny how a pretty woman singing about all your hidden truths can make it all seem okay and completely normal, huh?

And so, here’s to you Jessie Ware and all the times I said I won’t talk to that one person again. Happy Thursday.

Jessie Ware – Wildest Moments

Stromae vs. Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly – Alors on D.A.N.C.E.

There are a few ways to welcome the patriotic weekend that lies ahead. Instead of listing all of them, I have opted to provide you a track that would normally ask you to dance, but instead begs for your happy ears to get happier. This is the perfect blend of two tremendous weekend hits. The lonely french vocals thrown over a powerful guitar line provide the bare essentials for this track. Sometimes in order to recreate a track well, a charming voice and a guitar are all that’s needed. And maybe some finger drumming.

I was all about this track from the moment I pressed play, so I know that you guys will probably agree with me. If you don’t, maybe you’d prefer the D.A.N.C.E. solo re-make? Because that exists too and it’s lovely.

I know ya’ll are ready to get real patriotic for your country this weekend, so I hope these tunes help you get in the right mood!

Stromae vs. Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly – Alors on D.A.N.C.E.

Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly – D.A.N.C.E.

Little Boots – Headphones (Dimitri From Paris Dub)

Bring out the spandex, the thick white socks and hightops, the neon apparel and don’t forget to put on that plastic Swatch watch (with the clip-on face protector of course). We’re on a ride to 80‘s thanks to the wonderful work Dimitri From Paris did on Little Boot’s original. The french maestro brings some of our favourite sounds of that decade with the 808’s, the claps, cowbells and synth work. Even the way he chops the vocals sounds natural.

Use this tune as part of your gym soundtrack or even as warm-up to that weekend that’s just a day or so away. In the 30 days since I added this song to my collection iTunes says I’ve heard it 24 times — apparently not enough. But don’t take my word as to how much you’ll want to move to this track; put on your headphones, hit play and let me know in the comments.

Oh baby!

I wear my Headphones at the disco 
And nobody ever has to know 
I wear my Headphones at the disco 
And when the music stops 
Then you’ll hear me singing”

Little Boots – Headphones (Dimitri From Paris Dub)


Little Boots – Headphones (Moon Boots Remix)