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MØ — Never Wanna Know

One of the most complex and equally controversial subjects in the universe is: love.   It’s the constant and very consistent contradiction within philosophers, the kind of shit that movies are made from and books written about, most likely—the inspiration for poetry, and far from lastly, the most opinionated subject of all time which not one person in history can truly prove anything about.  To say that it is all speculation and all theoretical is to miss just how badly and how confused the world is when it comes to love. 

Some people tell you to let whatever wants to come into your world, in, and, to let whatever wants to leave your world, out.  Still, others will say that if one truly loves something then it is worth putting up a fight for.  So what do we do?  Do we allow something that we love so much fly away in hopes that if it loves us back the same it will some day come back?  Or, do we fight for their love no matter what the cost?

With these things highlighted, one could say that you should find your own way because apparently there are no norms within the subject of love, and, there are certainly no wrongs or rights.  Wrong or right is subjective anyway, no?  What’s legal in one state of what the world knows as the United States, is completely illegal in another…  And so love depends on the people involved, the situations and the circumstances, but there are no guidelines or foundations, no standard operating procedures of the heart, and definitely not a single model for the perfect love found anywhere on this earth.

‘s Never Wanna Know is about a young girl reflecting on a long lost love.  A love so intense that she would much rather not know anything about it and what’s taking place in their current life, because that would hurt her too much—because inside she has never truly stopped loving, but she knows that if she keeps it out of sight, then it remains out of mind.

But I never wanna know the name
Of your new girlfriend
Never wanna hear about it
Keep a stance away.”

We cannot say for sure if this ideology is a safer way to approach situations similar to ‘s, however we do know that in the long run she does regret the ultimate decision that led her onto this particular path:

I would have never let you go!
If I’d been a little older.”

I guess the safest bet for any advice on love is to never regret your decisions.  That if you want to call someone that you have not heard from in a long time, or reach out to them somehow, that you do it because you won’t regret it.  Too many times we live in fear, and we’ve said this so many times before: that fear makes us powerless, so snap out of it and go with your heart.  I know that all of us aren’t built the same when it comes to love and how we see love; even romance for that matter, but we have to stop looking at one another for the right and wrong things to do, especially in love.  We need to think for ourselves more and act on our own, knowing that like life there are no mistakes in love, only learning experiences that later become lessons when we reflect.

MØ — Never Wanna Know

Jeremih – Fuck U All The Time (Shlohmo Remix)

A space age bachelor pad has brushed steel appliances. It has clap-on, color changing LED lights. The infinity Jacuzzi has a built in 5th generation Volcano. The fridge is stocked with coconut water and whipped cream.

There is no shag carpeting. There is no IKEA furniture.

Tailored suits hang alongside retro NBA jerseys in the closet. Prints from edgy street artists grace the kitchen. All electronic charging is wireless.

Soundtracked by a smooth mix of underground and iconic, this temple of marble and bamboo sits tranquil during the working hours. Orbiting the Earth, its windows gaze into the endless black, waiting in vacuum space for the evening to come.

Most often, he arrives, tired, after the sun has set. He removes his tie and collapses into his grandfather’s easy chair. He sleeps alone.

But on some nights, the cold rooms are filled with spring flower scent and brightened by the hum of laughter.

She removes his tie. He does not sleep alone.

Jeremih – Fuck U All The Time (Shlohmo Remix)

CHVRCHES — The Mother We Share (Blood Diamonds Remix)


Today’s high in NYC will be about 54°F.  At Marina del Rey in Cali, about 63°F.  I bring this up because no matter where you are, this Blood Diamonds Remix of CHVRCHESThe Mother We Share” will fit right into the day, especially if you happen to have a day like the one I did a few years ago:

October 29th, 2011, me, a friend of mine named Bill and two out-of-this-world hot Aussie chicks rented speedboats up by Marina del Rey for the day.  We grabbed two boats and one girl each and headed out into a day that we had no idea of how in the world it would pan out.

The beginning of this remix feels like exactly what the beginning of our adventure that day felt like as I scan through the pictures of it in my memory bank: exciting, fast-paced, perfectly-chilled and bouncy in a way that the groove of the beat mirrors the bounce of the waves that day.  Blue skies, beautiful smiles, memorable laughter, waves splashing and golden hair locks being blown in the wind.

That day we raced one another as the girls held on tight to their sun hats, inhaled some perfectly rolled up joints and sipped on beers.  We alternated the races, mixing and matching competitors until we could see the Santa Monica pier.  There, we stopped and shut off the engines enjoying the blissfulness and magic of the landscape around us, appreciating life with every single look we gave.  And then, suddenly, we were blessed by the most beautiful natural event any of us had ever experienced: a massive pod of whales.

As we sat there in awe, we got nervous, we became excited and then we were simply left flabbergasted by the beauty of what we were just experiencing.  It was literally 40 minutes of all sorts of dolphin, fish of all kinds and seagulls feasting on them, and a seemingly never-ending trail of whales galore.  The dolphin came the closest to our boats as if to inspect the area and say hello, almost letting us know that we had nothing to worry about—so we didn’t worry.

To say that this day was magical would be an understatement and a disrespect to the entire experience.  On our way back to the pier at Marina del Rey we were all so quiet and mellow, yet we had the largest grins anyone could see.  That night we made LA more magical to those Aussie’s, and then the next morning we said our goodbyes, our “thank you’s” and we headed back home knowing that we would never see them again, but also, that they would never forget us for as long as they lived.

Maybe this song brings back a beautiful memory for you the way it has for me, or maybe, it becomes the soundtrack to a beautiful moment that you are about to have…

CHVRCHES — The Mother We Share (Blood Diamonds Remix)

EMPT Exclusive Interview: Superhumanoids

Screen shot 2013-10-31 at 11.46.50 AM


All band names are not created equal. The Monkees is weak. Led Zeppelin is heavy. Yes is boring, yet quirky. Thievery Corporation is genius.

Superhumanoids is up there with The Flaming Lips and Arcade Fire as one of the best-named active bands. No one really knows what a superhumanoid is, but its evocative, playful and slightly threatening at the same time.

Cameron Parkins, Sarah Chernoff and Max St. John formed Superhumanoids in Los Angeles in 2010. The past three years have seen their profile rise exponentially, as their homegrown, meticulously produced pop-rock tracks gained an international following and recognition by a number of high profile  websites and publications.

In August, the band released “Exhibitionists,” their debut LP, to unanimous acclaim. The EMPT team has featured a handful of the tracks from that album already, and has fallen in love with the catchy, dreamy grooves.

We caught up with the band in the middle of their current national tour (schedule here…catch them in a city near you!) to hear their take on life, culture and their favorite Roy Choi restaurant.

EMPT: Does the label of “LA Band” mean anything more than the obvious physical location? What makes a band/sound “LA”? 

SH: There is a specific culture here – the weather, the Mexican food, the people, the casual lifestyle. Musically everyone here is so diverse that all you can really know when reading “LA Band” is that you aren’t sure what style of music will come off the Soundcloud player once you hit play.

EMPT: Who do you consider to be your artistic contemporaries?

SH: Taylor Cohen, who directed our last video and is working on our current one. Evan Weinerman , who directed our earlier videos. Hassan Rahim who designed all of our artwork. Nick Walker who shoots all of our photography. Then the obvious bands and musicians we consider close friends – PAPA, Mini Mansions, Classixx, Local Natives, Kisses, Grouplove – the whole Innovative Leisure family.

EMPT: If HBO called and offered you the credit song slot on “Girls,” what would you say?

SH: Yes, thank you.

EMPT: What is your favorite beer brand?

SH: Corona in a can.

EMPT: If you weren’t in a band, what would you be doing?

SH: Making music in some form.

EMPT: Any bands our readers should be on the lookout for?

SH: All the above mentioned – also the new Body Parts album is very fiery and Jon Wayne‘s new jammers are next level.

EMPT: Kogi, Chego, A-Frame, Sunny Spot? (A bit of background on this question: Roy Choi is the founder of Kogi and is considered a catalyst for the modern food truck and fusion movement. He is a cultural celebrity in Los Angeles, and an avowed fan and friend of Superhumanoids.)

SH: A-Frame no doubt. We collectively had one of the best meals of our lives there. Kogi if you’re drunk.

Thanks, Superhumanoids! Find them on the interwebs at and @superhumanoids.

Superhumanoids – Geri

Star Slinger – Free


This is arguably one of my favorite weekend’s of the year. It being the weekend we celebrate Halloween in the States. When you get to see a slutty bumble bee make out with a Blue’s Brother or find yourself dancing with a strapping gentleman who is dressed as a half Batman / half regular guy sort of costume (Yeah, we get it. You don’t care but had to do something). It is a magical time where you get to pick some random thing to be for a day. I love it. This year, I have collected the essentials to pull off being Margot Tenenbaum. Mainly, so I can wear a blond wig and chain smoke without questions. Isn’t that the point of a good costume though? A free pass to be what you want for a night? This is excluding the sexy bumble bee or cat people. Unless you are in to that and also cat’s are sort of slutty in real life so not too far fetched I suppose. I digress.

Being able to do something different and be something else is just a treat though. A night off of you.

On that note, this new track from Star Slinger definitely embodies a different style and sound from his previous releases. Free, which will appear on his debut LP with a tentative release of early 2014, is a track which transcends his previous work. Star Slinger, or Darren Williams, brings us this track which highlights his ability to mix genre’s of music and creating catchy dance hall numbers with a heavy bass, playful sax riffs, and pitched vocals to make you move.

Be sure to add this one to the list for the weekend as it is sure to knock the hot pants off your date in no time.

Star Slinger – Free