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EMPT Presents – W I N T E R : a n t i – s u m m e r 2 a by Ryan Radler

Ethereal – extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world. Press play on Ryan Radlers latest mix tape and that’s exactly how the music will make you feel, immediately. The effect is no coincidence and if you’re hip to the anti-summer/anti-winter concepts then you know that’s what these tapes are all about…

At the end of the day I think the mixes are really about how to navigate each season. Personally, winter has been killing me and this mix is literally some catharsis to cope with the stuff that comes. Cold, depression, lethargic lack of motivation…

I love finding alternative perspective to seemingly crappy situations so Ryans and I see eye to eye on anti-lameness methods. Listening to this tape while reading that makes me think of all type of reality alteration; if you haven’t noticed by now I’m big into Steve Jobs and if you’ve read Walter Isaacson’s book you’ll know all about Steve’s reality distortion field. At it’s most fundamental level it was a complete neglect and disrespect for any know limits, boundaries and expectations. Dig a little deeper and it was Steves ultimate tool for creativity…

Reality is maleable, we should all know that but we don’t. There’s no such thing as the “real world,” the only thing that exists is what we decide to bring into fruition. That may seem far fetched but think about it, if you’re feeling down one day and you put on your favorite song to cheer you up and it works then you’re effectively changing your “reality.” That’s why the world, it’s art, it’s people, customs, morals and standard are constantly changing. The concept runs deep, I mean just think about the things you don’t do because of what you have come to accept as possible in your life.

In the case of a n t i – s u m m e r  2 a rebellion never sounded so good. Talk about reality distortion, this hazy dream of a mixtape make the world feel like heaven as it effortlessly jumps from genre to genre, decade to decade and known to unknown. There are mixtapes all over the place but you’d be hard pressed to find two as unique and inspiring as Steph’s and Ryans and I think I speak on behalf of the entire EMPT army when I say how thankful we are to have these great artist bless us with their selections. Alright, I have to go face this bitter sunshine filled LA winter, enjoy.

W I N T E R : a n t i – s u m m e r  2 a

1. Dissolving – BON ACCORD
2. Tropic Fruit – POLOGRAPHIA
3. People Can Do the Most Amazing Things – KISSES
4. Windows Of The World – PETER JOLLY
6. Open Your Eyes – PARTY GIRL
7. Everybody – BENOIT & SERGIO
8. Charlotte Wants to Dream – BETAMAXX
9. Take me Home – POOLSIDE
11. Psychic Chasms – NEON INDIAN (ANORAAK REMIX)
13. Escape City Skyscrapers – MONO IN VCF

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Gotye – Making Making Mirrors: A Short Documentary

To anyone who has listened to Gotye’s Making Mirrors album, I found this 10 minute documentary truly inspiring since the viewer is able to grasp the musical ingenuity of his creative process. After you listen to the Making Mirrors album, Gotye’s refined sound illuminates an incredibly distinctive musical journey of eclectic tracks which in turn, presents a truly engaging listening experience.

I was lucky enough to snag tickets to Gotye at the El Rey in LA next week and I haven’t been this ecstatic in quite some time, for good reason. Enjoy the weekend everyone. Till’ next time.

1995 – The Motto Remix (Nekfeu, Sneazzy et Alpha Wann)

French kids take on The Motto beat, these kids are nice. Check out their EP “La Source”

1995 – The Motto Remix (Nekfeu x Sneazzy x Alpha Wann)

Capital Cities – Holiday (Madonna Cover)

Sup folks, we’ve got something very special for you all today… A very exclusive cover of Madonna’s Celebrate from LA’s Capital Cities. To put it simply, the track is fresh. The band has just finished touring South America and they are 98.7’s band of the month and after listening to this and their new self-titled EP there’s no question why. The production is top notch and they make a breezy, mature and refined brand of electro-pop that’s hard to resist. All 5 tracks on the EP are on point so it’s safe to say these guys will catch fire in the next few months for sure.

Holiday was Madonna’s first hit single and regardless of how you feel about pop music you’d have to be a terribly miserable and jaded individual to not feel good when the track is on. It charted top 20 in billboard while also doing very well in Europe so it goes without saying if you’re going to cover an international smash hit you better know what you’re doing. Capital Cities gives the track a beloved nu-disco make over while faithfully capturing the songs celebratory disposition in a way that just makes you feel fantastic. The hook explodes with those synths and irresistible guitars – these guys know what they’re doing.

I played this at a gig at a Malibu beach house last weekend and I dropped this right as the sun was setting and man did it feel good. On my way back I ended racing a Gt3 on Pacific Highway with this in the background and I warn you all, don’t play this while you’re driving fast because when that hook kicks in you’re going to floor it and go into a state of pure uncontrollable joy.

Now more than ever I find myself in a passionate love affair with working, creating and contributing. Nothing, I mean absolutely nothing good can be achieved without focus, determination, passion and hard work. If you think differently you’re in for a big surprise. That’s why it’s so important to love what you do because you have to be able to dive in at an almost spiritual level in order to be exceptional. Going that hard makes those moments of relaxation, those times when you hang with friends, those occasions with your family, those holidays that much more worth it.

Anyways, the band is playing their Close To Home Show at the Viper Room this coming Monday January 30th, so if you happen to be in the Los Angeles area you should definitely go check the technique, enjoy.

Capital Cities – Holiday (Madonna Cover)


Urban Cone – Freak (Mr. Nelson RMX)

What’s up EMPT nation? So for this Thursday I decided to give props to an upcoming band I’ve been digging a lot the last few months. Urban Cone hails from Sweden, yet again the Nordic country produces another gem, not sure what’s in their milk up there but they’re producing artists out the yin-yang lately. This band showed promise on their EP this past  summer so I’m assuming they’ll make noise when an album is released in the near future. I stumbled on a few remixes of the track Freak which are stellar so had to share with you all. The first remix comes from Mr. Nelson and the second remix is from Adventure of Mashup. Both remixes win you over in different ways. Till next time.

“I’m living in the shadows, I’m in the street
If you try to get me, I’ll fight you back
They treat me like a monster, they treat me like a freak
Don’t try to get me, I’ll fight you back

Don’t leave footprints in the snow, footprints in the snow
Cause they will track you like a freak, track you like a freak”

Urban Cone – Freak (Mr. Nelson RMX)

Urban Cone – Freak (Adventure of Mashup Remix)

Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Janvier 2012

I’m in Cali, the weather is nice, I’m renewing my love for the grind, so many pretty girls, feeling healthy and I’m flying up and down these streets in my A5 with the…

Top like a rock star, I got a fast car 
We can cruise the city, doin’ a buck-sixty … – Jay-Z

To top it off Steph just sent me a new the first LMDM of 2012 – sometimes you just gotta take it all in…

So it’s no secret, I’ve been MIA lately. The move to LA has been nothing close to easy. The first night I set up all my  equipment 4 separate neighbors in my complex complained and my landlord was kind enough to give me the option to move out (1 week after moving in). It’s hard out here for a noisy musician but it’s all good now, I signed the lease on a house in West Hollywood so now I can make all the noise I want. There’s never a valid excuse but with everything finally settling down you can expect EMPT to be back to it’s regularly scheduled programming in no time.

What can I say about this months installment of LMDM that hasn’t already been said about a Michael Jordan, it’s clutch, amazing, the best. As usual Steph turns her own style upside down and brings a flavor and twist to the series we’ve yet to see, I love it. LMDM is always an eclectic experience but this time around theres a very interesting blend of acoustic and electric that you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else. I’m the biggest fan of all these tapes but this one is special folks, don’t miss out. I’ll let her tell it…

I dont know if its because its winter or what but the slow ones really hooked me for this month. Although there’s something to be said to flip that, slow tunes for warm weather are very fitting sometimes, as well. And this is coming from a girl that prefers to be put to sleep by techno blasting from my speakers, true story, ever since I can remember (since age 11/12 at summer camp…). Anyway, this tape needs to be played with appreciation. Appreciation for the slower ones. As an impatient person wanting everything now now now fast fast fast,  Let it go…it might even start sounding faster and faster, even at the pauses. – Steph

Le Miel du Mois at work? That’s much better than work at work! Download


  1. Barretso – Mirage
  2. Porcelain Raft – Unless You Speak From Your Heart
  3. Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra)
  4. Zambri – To Keep Back
  5. Youth Lagoon – July
  6. Labyrinth Ear – Humble Bones
  7. King Midas – Goodbye Girl (Kuedo Rework)
  8. The Dø – Too Insistent (Trentemøller Remix)
  9. Giraffage – SLO
  10. Intergalactic Lovers – Fade Away
  11. Nujabes – Dawn on the Side
  12. Polica – Lay Your Cards Out
  13. Pale Seas – Amour

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Grum – Can’t Shake This Feeling

EMPT nation… it’s been far too long since I’ve posted which is inexcusable, so I apologize for my absence. Given the new year of 20-12, I’ve reconnected with what I love to do most and that’s share the gems of the music world to you all. Ah, it feels so good though to be back on here posting so I’ve reached back to 2010 to find a suiting track to complement my post for today. I recently listened to the track, Can’t Shake this Feeling from Scotland’s Grum and this track hit all the right notes for this Wednesday and I hope it does the same for you. FYI, to all the readers who are attending Coachella, this Friday tickets will go on sale and I hope we will catch you there! Enjoy your Wednesday and I’ll be back more frequently sharing tunes alongside the rest of EMPT crew. Much love.

Grum – Can’t Shake This Feeling


Jesse Boykins III – Zoner

I just watched this documentary called Being Elmo about Kevin Clash, you might not know his name but you certainly know his work, he’s the guy behind universally renowned Sesame Street Elmo character. Now this may sound odd to all you jaded old folks but the story is absolutely inspiring. I won’t say much about it but it’s great story about a guy who never let the insignificant normalities of society hinder his limitless imagination. We ALL have this power but for some reason or another many of us stifle our unique dispositions to fit in, we suppress our questionable natures by learning to take things as they are and I couldn’t think of a greater crime to an individuals self-realization. Anyways, watch the movie and be reminded of what that’s like.

She’ll catch me in my zone, she’ll catch me in my dreams…

Jesse Boykins III’s Zoner couldn’t be more appropriate for this subject. At face value the song is about an artists trying to protect his most intimate and vulnerable self from his lover because he doesn’t want to have explain it and be misunderstood. Ironically, I’ve never quite heard someone explain it like Jesse did in tho song and if you make music, paint or whatever this is going to connect with you. We own our thoughts yet how many times do we redirect our own inclinations considering how others will feel about it. How crazy is that? We haven’t even developed the thought and it’s stopped dead in it’s tracks because of what other might think. Can you imagine how many great ideas and revolutionary concepts never came into existence because of this insecurity. We all have the same mental capacity but the so-called norm is literally made to suppress that, I can’t get with that. Almost everything great has come from some sort of free spirited rebellious thinking so never fear your own mind, believe it or not thoughts are things and what you think, chose not to think or think negatively of will completely shape your reality. Fear not the zoner in you my friends, enjoy.

Jesse Boykins III – Zoner