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Double AB & Dub Sonata – Time Is Elastic

Put generally, a dimension is a state of consciousness that can be achieved depending on your ability to tune in to a particular frequency. The third dimension, the one in which we operate is nothing but a box of rules, beliefs and limits, but that’s just the third dimension. It’s not the only one that exists, meaning there are other realities and rules we can operate on – if we can tune in. One particular rigid belief and limit of 3D is the concept of linear time. In the third dimension we look at time as past and future, it happened or it’s going to happen. However, our attachment to this concept coupled by our attachment to the past creates an infinite loop in which all we do is look at the past to create the future and we end up reliving the same moments over and over again.

What we know, how we live, the fear, restrictions of life are nothing more than the rules of the third dimension. However, humans are capable of operating in the 4th and 5th as well. In the 5th time doesn’t even exist but I’m not even going to front like I know what’s going on there.

The left brain, the way we perceive 3D,  is the rational mind, it doesn’t see beyond what it’s taught. That’s why concepts like unconditional love don’t really exist in the third dimension and that’s simply because of the rigidity of time within it. To clarify, in the fourth dimension, time is forever present. A being truly in tune with 4D is understands that time is mutable, is a east and sees more possibility.

Time is being created continuously…”

But what this does is empower the person to see clearly with a detachment that is simply not possible in 3D.

Recently, I’ve been having a hard time with a love in 3D and what two of the smartest people I know have said completely independent of each other was 1. Don’t reminisce and 2. Don’t think. I didn’t know it then and I’m not sure if they did (although I wouldn’t be surprised since they can only explain things to me as I’m ready) but they we’re teaching me to leave the limits of 3D and find a new, higher vibration. The irony though, is that some of the things we want, unconditional love, inner peace and so on can only exist in 4D but you can’t operate in 4D with the baggage of 3D.

The past is inactive, my presence  in the present is my passion…”

Speaking of time, I always say music is timely for me. Or more accurately it’s always there. The right song, the right message always seems to come along just when I need it the most. Is that a coincidence, am I repeating life cycles or am I operating in a higher dimension and constantly dumbing down because of a 3D fear or something?

No answers to these trick questions, no time shit stressin
My life found, I got ta live for the right now
Time waits for no man, can’t turn back the hands once it’s too late… – Jay-Z 

Ahhh, I think I’m finally starting to understand.

All these thoughts come from an entire morning of playing and repeating Double AB & Dub Sonata’s Time is Elastic. A rap song/biblical teaching on the true nature of time and space. Dub sets the canvas incredibly with that classic, futuristic, hip hop and Double AB absolutely goes in here. I don’t what these guy we’re on when they made this record but it’s one to vibe to folks.

Double AB & Dub Sonata – Time Is Elastic

Bonus: Dub sent you lucky bastards the instrumental, shit is fresh.

Dub Sonata – Time Is Elastic (Instrumental)

EMPT Presents: French Press, Vol. 1

Artwork by Evelyn Wilroy

The idea for the French Press playlist series was a simple one. Create a playlist for a blog with a french name with the word French in it. Voila, the French Press series. Ironically, I’ve never used a French Press to make coffee, but I’ve heard great things, so I’ve stolen the name because I want these playlists to be compared to the quality of product delivered by these devices. Just kidding. Like I said before, French Press was literally the first name that popped into my mind when I decided to name the playlist. Blame it on the blog name. I could give a rats ass about a cup of coffee. I’ll take a woman in the morning instead.

The French Press playlists won’t cover a certain genre, or feel, or attitude. Simply, they will contain my favorite songs of the month (sometimes new discoveries from the past) and will hopefully take you through the motions of your day. These are turn up playlists, these aren’t turn down playlists, they’re both and sometimes neither. For me, that’s what I want a playlist to be, and maybe I’m selfish, or bias, but after you listen let me know where it took you.

I’d also like to extend a massive thank you to the talented Evelyn Wilroy, who designed the first tape’s cover art and who will also be designing the artwork for each of the following volumes. Follow her blog pleine de vie where you’ll be able to purchase her work and bask in her cool.

Jusqu’à la prochaine fois que nous parlons,


French Press, Vol. 1:

1. Seyi – Icecold (feat. my flatmate)
2. Sampha – Without
3. John Wizards – Lusaka By Night
4. Waterstrider – Midnight Moon
5. X PRIEST X – Samurai
6. j.viewz – Far Too Close (2013 Edit)
7. Clubfeet – Cape Town (Panama Remix)
8. Capital STEEZ – King Steelo
9. Mark Kozelek & Jimmy LaValle – By The Time That I Awoke
10. Duke Dumont – Hold On (feat. MNEK)
11. Lion Babe – Treat Me Like Fire (Star Slinger Bootleg Mix)

Cass Lowe — Birthmark


Someone that I love dearly is going through the darkest time of her life, and I have learned, rather stubbornly, that there is very little I can do about it.  Believe me, I have tried everything.  Not because I selfishly want her to get back to normal so that we can get back to normal, but simply because her pains become my angst, only to then become depressions of my own.

Birthmark is a beautiful ballad that somehow fits right into the problems many of us have in our lives.  Not that I like to call them “problems”, because how can something you love ever be seen that way?—right?; but more so because anything that I have ever tried to find a solution for in life has been labeled so.

In an interview, Cass Lowe explains: “The song is based around a girl I knew when I was 17 or so, she was the most incredible and intelligent person; super rational, beautiful, & kind, – but she struggled with anorexia and eating disorders, and it became impossible for anyone to comfort her over the noise of negative & self critical voices in her head. The song represents the stress and fear of nearly destroying everything in your life – family, love, health, over body image.”

This is how I feel about her—the her in my life, of course.  She’s the most incredible and intelligent person; super rational, beautiful, kind, and purely amazing to me—but, struggling with a depression of her own.  One that is full of negativity in the way she now looks at all of life.  One brought suddenly by the death of her best friend who also just happened to be her dad.

I’ve spent many nights wondering how I can fix this and maybe even pull the damn thing out of her heart with my bare hands, but nothing I do or try even comes close.  Some days, it’s best if I just let her be, sitting on the sidelines like a medic on the football field in case she ever needs me.  Other days she is back to herself and we laugh all day, as somehow we are back to ourselves too, only to go Arctic cold on me the next day, if not only a few hours or minutes later.  So, I’ve learned now, more than ever, that living in my moments is the only way to live; enjoying the moments that I get with her when she is enjoying them too, and leaving her to be unless she needs me when those dark hours come upon.

Cass Lowe‘s vocals have a way of making me feel as if everything will somehow be better, and that any of those thoughts I had of just giving up should be annihilated from even my memories, let alone my mind.  It’s a peaceful ballad that reminds me that real love takes no days off.  That if your real love has a weakness, you commit to strengthening it, finding a way to do so, and not just coming up with excuses on why you could not.  That if your real love finds itself scared, your consistency will take those very fears away.

Cass Lowe — Birthmark

Clams Casino – I’m God

I want to bring this song back. It sounds like the end of summer. The sound of energy coming back. As if you have to inhale it. Yes, it came out ages ago, but was never featured here and deserves a revisit to accompany the turning seasons, the beginning of fall.

Clams Casino, a hip hop producer from New Jersey has released numerous equally as memorable tracks since this song. Notably working with A$AP  Rocky in the recent months. Sampling Imogen Heap for the vocals, this instrumental track brings back the sweet memory and style of the Garden State soundtrack with a more base. All of which give you that feeling of an amazing end. The comfort in the moment.

That is what fall is as your mind, for the first time, remembers that the sweet sweat of summer is drying and the cool sound of fall is near. I love this song. Clams Casino has woven in delicate percussions that gently lay upon the vocals. Only when you plug in your headphones can you appreciate the deeper bass below this top coat of soft sound. Welcome the change and the season.

Clams Casino – I’m God (instrumental)


Tourist – Stay

Days like today are made for sitting inside (with an animal if you own one), and some great music. If you don’t share yer abode with an animal it doesn’t matter because we can both still bask in the excellence that is Tourist‘s ‘Stay”.

London based producer Tourist, (aka William Phillips), has released this new track off of an upcoming EP with Method Records. It’s just as mellow as his earlier work but incorporates some minor darkness into that ambience. The bassline floats so beautifully in the scheme of things you can’t even really call it a bassline. And of course, Tourists’ beautifully crafted beats lend the track just enough structure to sink your teeth into. Nothing feels too anchored. Everything feels like a warm, flowing continuous experience.  Just perfect, perfect music to satisfy any of your summer longings dashed by the precipitation outside. Enjoy.

Tourist – Stay