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michael casper – teenage apathy

Talk about a song that I can’t take my ears off of…michael casper came across my radar because of amazing visuals that were sent my way, but I have to go ahead and rave about the audio. It’s a single dripping with mysterious atmospheric tension that you could cut through with a knife. The instrumental is a reverby, lo-fi beat that sounds like a mix of classic hip-hop and modern indie rock while casper’s vocals are the fitting centerpiece (and for good reason). He has such an effortlessly dope delivery that’s suited for classic storytelling with just a bit of a rap cadence during the verses to create a voice totally unique to him. If this is a debut single that I can’t even begin to imagine what’s coming next from an artist that I’m seriously so excited about.

Fittingly enough this song has me thinking about teenage apathy, the days when everything felt slow and melodramatic and moved along at a crawl. There were plenty of fun times, sure, but that classic constant contemplation of “what the hell comes next?” was always there. I’m fortunate to have found my path and emerge from those days with years of joy and knowing my position in this world, but some people get stuck in that mode of running in place and never get out. It’s sad to watch people who had potential to escape the cycle burn out and get stuck for the rest of their lives but it also makes you so grateful to have worked your way into a lifetime of feeling content. Here’s to the people who are still stuck and hoping that they find their way out – it’s never too late.

Jesse and the Wolf – Hurt Me No More

Jesse and the Wolf takes me back to the days of Pretty Lights’ dominance except way more exciting and instantly rewarding. It’s so soulful yet the house groove is pure dancefloor candy that makes you want to get up and move all night long. That goes without mentioning the tribal breaks which feel like a rocket hitting ignition then blasting off into the stratosphere. It’s a whole new level of ear-worm that’s insanely exciting while sitting along listening on my headphones, so I can’t even imagine how well that moment will hit with a massive sweaty live audience giving their all to the music. I think I can safely bet it’s a beautiful site to behold!

“Hurt Me No More” feels like a middle finger to all of the bullshit in life. We have to break the negativity that holds us down, let it roll off our shoulders, and reach a newfound bliss. There’s so much to celebrate! We’re beings blessed with sentience on a planet catapulting through a vast solar system around a bright burning star. We have breathtaking nature, we have art and culture, we have community, we have so many things that give us the ability to enjoy life and make the most of it while we live out this stage of existence. I’m not sure what comes next, but in the meantime, I’ll make the most of what’s in front of me for as long as I can.

Tommy Newport – Mr. Angel

Tommy Newport comes through with the perfect vibes for a Friday morning. Kicked off with keys that make you want to hop out of bed and start the day with a smile, the progressive introduction of orchestral strings feels like an extra initiator of the good vibes contained within your heart and soul that are prepared to flow out when the time is right. Newport’s vocals are the perfect complement to the uplifting instrumental vibes as he sounds effortlessly cool and carefree; there’s an audible pep in his step that you can’t help but pleasantly nod along to without reprieve. The song’s chorus is a wonderful culmination that feels like one of those inescapable moments that would make the world a better place if it was always spinning along in the background.

I’ve learned that it’s cool to be into dark imagery while maintaining a happy lifestyle – enjoy it but don’t let it consume you, you know? I might be covered with bleak tattoos (my guillotine is my personal favorite) and I might love blackened death metal (the new Behemoth album absolutely rips), but I’ll be damned if I don’t love a song that sends butterflies to my stomach and hits me in the heart. I start my days off with uplifting music like Tycho or Helios and carry through the work day with something like Hazel English or Beach House to keep things moving. I have candles lit all over my apartment, the sun shining through my window, and a busy day ahead of me, all with a smile on my face. Things are well and I hope the same for anyone out there reading along.

mona on the radio – Namaste

I wrote about mona on the radio’s “Dinner For 2” a couple months ago and was anxiously waiting to hear about his next release. It seems it was worth the wait because “Namaste” just might be the rising artist’s best song yet. The production is airy and carefree; it feels straight out of a Nintendo video game or like the board game Candy Land came to life. mona provides the perfect vocals as he sounds at his most comfortable, turning hints of rap into pure pop goodness. There’s so much charisma to latch onto as a listener, not only through his amazing cadence, but his lyrics too. All of the bars about finding your dream job and a girl that you love are so inspiring and give you the sensation of feeling lifted up in real time. He’s proving himself to be the full package, a new layer of his personality and persona coming up with each and every release.

I’m so into the idea of following your dreams. Fuck getting stuck in the capitalist cycle of slaving away just to make ends meet and spending your Monday through Friday being absolutely miserable. Maybe it’s a position of privilege as someone who’s been blessed to do what they love for years and years, but do everything you can to break out of society’s drab mold and use these limited years on Earth to the best way possible. You want to be a chef? Take a cooking class! You love juggling? Go join a local circus club! You can’t take your mind off of traveling from city to city and picking up random, exciting jobs just to pay for your next plane ticket so that you can see the world? Drop everything and do it! On our beautiful blip of planet situated in a solar system, situated in a galaxy, situated in an infinitely expanding universe, the possibilities are virtually endless. Here’s to hoping you take the plunge if you haven’t already.

Golden Vessel – BIGBRIGHT (feat. Elkkle, E^ST & DUCKWRTH)

I’m generally cautious about tracks with a stable of artists (sometimes there’s simply too many cooks in the kitchen), but Golden Vessel’s new single is an absolute dream team that synthesizes each contributor’s unique assets into a stunning sonic display. Titled “BIGBRIGHT”, it’s a hip-hop tinged indie pop single with floating melodies and a bassy undercurrent that drives the track with precision kick after kick. In terms of the vocal procession, Elkkle leads off the track with a hazy, understated r&b approach, Golden Vessel effortlessly exists within the low range, E^ST supplies a gorgeous verse that’s almost Swae Lee esque, and DUCKWRTH caps off the parade of talent with acrobatic bars. I can’t overstate the chemistry between each and every artists as they all feel utterly essential to “BIGBRIGHT” – this is truly a masterclass in modern, genre-bending music.

I also appreciate how each artist paints a lyrical picture that’s identifiably their own while sticking to the theme of unrequited love. It reflects the idea that we all experience love, but it’s in our own forms, and in turn, makes each and every relationship special. As humans, we have the opportunity to not only experience attraction, but consciously explore every nook and cranny of the process with words, whether they’re internal or external. It’s something to think about while “BIGBRIGHT” endlessly spins on repeat again and again over the coming days.

Zack Gray – Imperfect Love

I’m picky when it comes to vocalists and what’s become an oversaturated market, but I’ll be damned if Zack Gray isn’t one of the best talents I’ve heard in a long time. His new single “Imperfect Love” is a massive cut with perfect atmospheric production that sets the stage for his show stopping performance. His verses are fittingly understated and only make the hook even sweeter as he belts insanely soulful lines that stretch his range up toward the skies. After hearing “Imperfect Love” I had to look into Gray’s other music and found out he also sings on electronic songs which is so fitting for someone who obviously has the chops to carry his voice between genres and keep listeners from all corners of the music scene happy.

We’ve all dealt with imperfect love whether it’s in relationships or friendships or familial relationships or anything in between. We’re all imperfect humans so it’s only natural that our flaws carry over into how we interact with one another. We do have free will to take care of those flaws, though, so there’s always potential to minimize the negatives and foster a relationship based around positive tenets like honesty, communication, and the like. On the flipside, people can get saddled down by their flaws and fuse them into a relationship until it breeds distrust and despair – time and time again, we’ve seen the good in the other person’s eyes though and we desperately want to stay. Don’t let that imperfect love blind you from the truth of a brighter future with genuine happiness.

KREAM – Decisions (feat. Maia Wright)

KREAM’s newest goes deep down low with a bass-driven house groove that’s up there with the best of them for 2018. Good luck not wanting to move with this one as the groove hits, the low-end driving with gravitational force while the hi-hats conjure up immediate images of serious hand-bobbing on the dance floor. Maia Wright’s vocals are icing on the cake as she delivers fittingly smooth, soulful vocals with the perfect amount of dramatics for a massive song that simply can’t be contained by a set of headphones or small speakers.

“Decisions” reminds me of one of the most fun hours I had in my life. On my birthday in 2017, I started the night at Emo Night which felt like a no brainer. I was a scene kid who spent years listening to all the quintessential Warped Tour bands, so reliving those songs was appealing. Once I got there, I was immediately uncomfortable and off-put by a vibe that I couldn’t quite place. I knew myself well enough to make moves while the night was young, though, and quickly headed to an electronic club to see if I could recover the birthday spirit. Low and behold, I stumbled into a tech-house night that had my awkward, tall-and-lanky self dancing without a shred of restraint. I look back on that moment fondly and will continue to do so as life moves up and onward.

Twin Caverns – Regret

I feel like a broken record when it comes to getting excited about hearing a new band for the first time but let’s be real that feeling never goes away. It’s childlike excitement, like opening up a present on Christmas morning and being greeted by something totally unexpected yet amazing. I get that feeling from this new Twin Caverns single called “Regret”. It gives me serious Twin Peaks vibes – I could see this being performed on The Roadhouse stage along with bands like Au Revoir Simone and Chromatics while the small town’s crowd nods along in unison. The echoing guitars set the mood while a woodwind instrument drives home an otherworldly vibe, somewhere between our plane of existence and a state of consciousness that transcends imagination. The vocals feel like the connection between those two states and are impossible to not get totally lost within as Twin Caverns’ frontwoman is pitch perfect, stretching each note to its maximum potential.

Let’s talk about regret. It’s a natural process, to replay moments in our head over and over again, wondering what could have been. If we want to reach our highest potential and become our best self, we have to work on leaving that state of tripping over the past behind. Every action leads to where you are in this very moment and this moment is all we have. Learn to appreciate the moments that left you with regret – they shaped you into who you are, the good and the bad. We’re imperfect beings and our positive attributes along with what some would call flaws make us human, beings blessed with consciousness in a vast universe.

ford. – Craving/Dusk

I thought about only including one of the songs from this ford. release, but it proved to be impossible very quickly. For two tracks that take totally different approaches on the surface, they exist within the same sonic universe where the sun is perpetually setting and a sense of peaceful beauty stretches as far as the eye can see. The first song “Craving” is a super sweet and stunning production with picture perfect vocals from Sarah Kinsley that set a really dreamy mood. Kinsley lays down what’s possibly my favorite electronic vocals of the year, so her performance combined with the atmospheric vibes of ford. has kept me hitting repeat over and over. The flipside of the release is called “Dusk” which sounds like Tycho inhaled some hip-hop influence and exhaled a whole universe to explore. I’m honestly so smitten by both of these songs and feel nothing but pure joy every time I listen.

The artwork for this release reminds me of a very specific moment in college. I was on the top floor of our history department’s building with a few brand new friends exploring everywhere we could. One of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen slowly draped over the trees…waves of orange and pink stretched as far as the eyes could see and in that moment I knew I was exactly where I supposed to be. Those friends are long gone from my life, but the awe I experienced will stick with me for a lifetime and that’s something that money simply can’t buy. I think back on that memory fondly and still appreciate every sunset I see.

Honors – Feel Better

I’ve written about Honors at length because they never fail to impress me. The group returns with a new one called “Feel Better” that’s easily my favorite song they’ve released. The production is so slick and the vocals have such a melodic quality to them that they’re almost an instrument of their own. Lyrically the song is a really honest and authentic approach to the comfort and reliability of not feeling okay which I love. If you’re someone who’s flirted with depression or general melancholy at length, then your brain’s neural pathways are always going to route themselves toward the most beaten path. That means returning to the depths will feel the most natural even if it doesn’t actually mean feeling well.

Another way to look at the song’s lyrics is that there’s an intangible quality to barren minimalism that resonates. Feelings like lethargy and sadness can be cathartic because you’re having the human experience of truly feeling something. It’s weird and counterintuitive but it’s also totally real. The phrase “having a good cry” isn’t just sarcasm, it’s a dopamine packed experience that rushes throughout your body from head to toe. Honors definitely have a listener in me who appreciates where they’re coming from and I have a feeling that I won’t be the only one once this song starts to make the rounds online and beyond.