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Neil Thomas – Home (John James & Nick Peters Remix)

So many say “live in the present”, but I like to think about the future, I think it’s important, especially when you are an adult that aspires to do really big things for your life and your family.  I’ve had my mind on NY lately, I had to step away for a few months to realize it’s the place that I love, like taking a break from a relationship that needs a breather.  NY is one of the most unique places in the world in my opinion, it’s a place where dreams come true for many from all over, it’s diverse, it moves fast and has everything one could desire.  Sometimes you have to step away from a place and even people, that you love so much, to see it all from a distance, to miss it all, and if you don’t miss it, you never loved it/them.  Sometimes you just need to leave home to realize that’s where you belong.

This track has me dreaming about Summer, about the city and so much excitement that is taking place in the near future.  It’s a beautiful melodic track that I can also dance too, win win in my book!  I feel like I am cruising with this one, the guitar with the bass and vocals is just all perfectly designed.  I would play this at a daytime EMPT brunch party this Summer with some sexy cocktails and sexy people ready to let loose and dream about the amazing future with me, I still think this world is an amazing place regardless of the chaos.

Karmadella – Wait For You (Feat. Connor Mac)

There’s sooo many different styles of music these days. Yes, that’s an understatement, so now i’ll overstate it: There’s sub-genres, sub-genres of the sub-genre, sub-genres of the cousin of the dad’s sisters sub-genre. The worm hole gets deeper every day. It’s fantastic in a general sense, the concept of creators being able to create and release their art any time, any day. But in action, the internet has become a wasteland of mediocre ideas and ragged execution. That’s why blogs are so valuable right now, they wade through the muck for you and deliver you the gems (takes a bow).

There’s one simple concept that threads together all of the different styles of music, and doesn’t make it so overwhelming to dive into. An old friend said it best when I was excitedly telling him about some hot new highly anticipated release. “Yeah, but is it dope though?” And that ladies and gentlemen is the question you need to ask yourself about any art, or really anything in life for that matter. First you’re responsible for developing the refined taste one needs to properly answer the question “but is it dope though?” Once you’ve acquired “the taste” (some are born with it, some have to learn it), then you can run everything through the “is it dope though” filter. All of a sudden there’s not a million styles of music, there’s one style of music. DOPE music. All art has a level of inarguable “dopeness” that some can feel and some can’t. But if it’s dope, it’s dope. That’s objective, not subjective as far as I’m concerned. There is a base level truth in dopeness.

All that said, “Wait For You” by Karmadella is just that – “dope.” It’s not mind-blowing, it’s not begging me to listen to it over and over, but the DNA of “dopeness” is clearly weaved through the song. It’s cool, smooth, sleek, smart, subtle and sophisticated. You know, the treasured “5 S’s.” The drop is straight butter and the overall soundscape simply feels like something you need and want to be a part of. Good job fellas, you passed the “But is it dope though” test, which isn’t easy.

XYLØ – Get Closer (SHADES Remix)

This track reminds of how you know a person one way then you “get closer” and you realize they aren’t that person you thought you knew, or maybe you were better off only knowing that person in a certain way, like friendship versus love, sometimes the friendship was what you should have stayed with, love was too dangerous.  Sometimes it’s better not to get to close, but fuck, you live and you learn.  Maybe you miss that person you knew before you got as close as you did, too deep where you found yourself drowning, maybe friendship was where it needed to stay.  It’s like when your at a resort or some beach and they have those ropes that tell you that you can’t swim past a certain point, but some of us like to see what’s on the other side of the caution signs, I think too many of us are like that, because how would you learn if you listened to all of the warning signs right?  These days I am choosing to be way more cautious of my decisions especially when it comes to people, some might say I have become a little too cautious but that comes from being hurt and lied to for so many years, you tend to put a guard up. I guess a good lesson is to not necessarily listen to the caution signs, but if you are having fun inside of those signs then maybe that’s all you need, don’t force what could be too dangerous.

You wanna live just like Kings and Queens then, you better step back and look at yourself baby.”

I’m really diggin’ this beat and the vocals, it’s not too intense but just the right feel to glide me into the weekend with some good dance vibes and bass, a must listen on a good stereo system.  Tomorrow is Friday, WTF right?! xx

Cimo Fränkel – Occasional Love

Nothing wrong with an “occasional love,” in fact there’s times in everyone’s life when it’s downright essential. You can’t always be in a meaningful relationship, that’s not healthy for you or the latest victim of your serial dating habits. Everyone needs room to breathe, but within that room everyone also needs a little somethin’ somethin’ from time to time. You know, an occasional love. Cimo Fränkel clearly understands this, as he sings:

“If it doesn’t kill you then it don’t mind, but that doesn’t mean you’re worth all my time.”

Beyond the reference to the occasional love, that line is also super insightful for another reason. Often people forget to protect their time. Like Larry David said (paraphrasing big time here) when there were thieves in his neighborhood in an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, “I don’t care about thieves taking my things, i’m more concerned with neighbors taking my time.” We gotta be picky about who we let into our bubble, because so many people and things tend to suck the energy out of you. People complaining, playing the victim, hating their jobs/relationships, etc. If you want to be happy and enjoy your life you gotta surround yourself with people who feel the same and want the same things, there’s gotta be that flow. Guard your time like your front door, cause not everything is “worth all your time” as Cimo eloquently stated.

Cimo’s incredible voice brings these great points to light in a wonderful way, as the tropical rhythms provide the perfect backdrop to allow the message to sink in. There’s moments where he sounds like a young Sting, with a silky smooth delivery that feels classic yet modern. Definitely happy to welcome Cimo to a spot on our radar.

Migos – Bad and Boujee (Oren Yoel Remix)

Raindrop! Drop top! I like this remix a whole fucking lot! “Bad and Boujee” has been everywhere lately, from the radio to late night TV to playlists and everywhere in between, so I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a *little* tired of it…but I can’t say I’m tired of hearing people turn Migos’s straight flames into something fresh and exciting! Fortunately for us, this dude Oren Yoel decided to drop what might be the song’s best remix yet!

Quavo, Offset, and Lil Uzi Vert’s flows are all still like a super strong energy drink in rap form, but Yoel trashes the original beat and inserts some crazy psychedelic guitars that don’t even sound like they’re from this century. I can imagine the three Migos on a festival stage like Woodstock just rocking out to this remix while rocking bandana headbands and all denim…I mean hey, rappers are the new rockstars right? Who needs a Jimi Hendrix guitar solo at Woodstock when we could hear Migos rap that crazy fast triplet flow for minutes on end!?

Okay so I *might* be letting my imagination run wild, but it’s hard not to when listening to such a fun song  that bounces between decades like this “Bad and Boujee” remix.

Thugli – Cold Winter (feat. Bea Moon)

I expected to be wearing shorts and t-shirts during my first month in LA, but it turns out that even paradise is chilly during the winter months. Coincidentally, I feel that notion resonating throughout “Cold Winter,” a joint that touches upon the nuanced nature of romance.

Featuring dense trap production from Thugli that contrasts thunderous 808s with ear-piercing synths, Bea Moon croons, “it’s cold in this winter, it’s cold in this winter outside.” Her vocals synthesize the best elements of pop and R&B to paint a portrait of the push-and-pull between those less attractive days within a relationship and the mutual lust that keeps it alive during said days. While this tension has been well documented in pop and R&B as of late, the encompassing feel of Thugli’s production combined with Moon’s infectious vocals makes this track a must listen.



CJ Warren & Fre$h – Fre$h Jays EP

You know I’m still on that hip-hop flow so I got some more for ya trailing Monday from CJ Warren & Fre$h, for the rest of the EP click here.  Hip-hop relaxes me, it’s like adult story time for me, if it’s good, comes from the heart and speaks some solid truth for the person spittin’ the lyrics then it’s like I am sitting down with a good book that has rhythm and a music score.  I like to hear where people come from, what they are going through and what the grind is like for them.  These Detroit natives have a good story to tell so check out the rest of their EP for the solid vision.

Fuck I am tired and it’s already Tuesday speaking of grinding.  Having a toddler is a full time job in itself along with all of the other work and endeavors I have going on, coffee and energy drinks are laughing in my face, I literally don’t even know what the word rested means anymore, nor do I care that much because I feel good even with little sleep, the grind feels good and I like to be around people who understand what that truly means.  It’s only the beginning of the week but it feels like the end of it, I am gonna press play on this jam and “relax” for about 3 min!

Filous – Goodbye (feat. Mat Kearney)

Man, it’s pretty fitting after yesterday’s post about heartbreak that I’m now listening to a track called “Goodbye”! Instead of getting all gloomy again though, I wanna talk about goodbyes that are…well, a good thing!

There are times in life where I’ve had the best of homies but also realized that they were holding me back. I loved them to death and still do, but when we’re together…I’m not in the best place. Their lifestyles just don’t jive with mine, whether it’s cause of wanting to always be somewhere else mentally with drugs or being stuck in a day to day mindset that doesn’t ever think about the future. Don’t get me wrong, it fucking *sucked* to part ways with them when I did, but at the same time I knew how much better *my* life was going to be once I was off doing my own thing. And yeah it’s hard at times when you’re trying to make new friends and don’t have people to kick back with on speed dial, but in the long run, it’s so worth it. At some point you realize you’ve only got one life and looking out for you is the most important thing, so don’t always be afraid to say goodbye.

Jonwayne – TED Talk

Been some pretty ironic wins in 2017, deserved wins, hmmmm, debatable.  We won’t get into it cuz I don’t feel like arguing, all people want to do is fucking argue these days, I am like yo bro chill out, smoke some weed or have a beverage or get a massage, but damn just chill.  I stay away from Facebook these days, I usually just take a glance at whatever is going on and then I wonder why I even glanced because it’s a world war on social media I tell you.  I made a silly sarcastic comment about yesterdays Super Bowl on a very good friends post, knowing they would get the joke.  Of course some angry human being see’s my comment and decides to throw some blows at me, not even knowing who I am, thankfully my friend put her in her place and let her know she needed to chill.  I am just very much over the negativity, I have been from day one, I personally don’t have the time for it. Is this what the world wants to spend their energy on?  Being angry and picking fights with everyone.  Ya’ll need to go take some comedy classes at the UCB Theatre so you can start “Yes And-ing” these world situations that seem to be getting a lot of folks very riled up!

I am always on a hip-hop kick, this track gave me a Biggie vibe, BIG thumbs up there.  The simple piano chords were a nice touch, a great Monday track that has a smooth vibe and hip-hop feel to give you a little bounce in your step to start out the week.  If you are interested in the rest of Jonwayne’s album you can find it here.  Press play, enjoy! xx

Snakehips & MØ – Don’t Leave (Gryffin Remix)

I remember it clear as day…I was about to move at the age of 16 and was *beyond* in love with a girl. I wanted to say fuck the distance and stay together, but she was always the independent one and decided that it was best if we went our separate ways. I cried a ton and then built up some serious emotional walls because it felt like there was no way anyone could love her the way I did…from the crush in our elementary days to standing by her side as a best friend through years of bullshit to the overwhelming love I felt then.

Would my life be different now if she didn’t make that decision? Yeah, probably… But man, *years* have gone by and that shit still hurts when I think back on it. Hell, she added me on Facebook to see how I was doing a few months ago and seeing her with someone else still stung like walking into a giant wasp hive. I don’t blame her in the slightest for wanting to split up, I mean it was high school and all, but still…it’s crazy that so many years later, I still haven’t come within miles of loving someone the way I loved that girl.

As an old friend I really am happy to see her doing so well these days…but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that part of me still wonders if anyone will ever love her better.