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SHELLS – Jailbird

Oh so many prisons. Personal; mental, spiritual. Physical; Professional, routine. Sometimes we feel…

I’m going crazy, I’m going crazy.
Being a Jailbird.”

But let me dig on this. This is something that can only be concluded after some cognizant train of thought,but if it weren’t for prisons we wouldn’t value our freedom to the extent that some of us do. Some of us, the cognizant few. But let’s break it down…


Mental: There are several degrees, or wards, if you will, in this prison. From temporary insanity due to a rush of hormones blasting through your chest and bursting into words…damn, that girl is fine af, Imma do some crazy shit to break down her wall, to bipolar mania that only the ones lucky/unklucky enough to have experienced this high know.
Spiritual: This prison has three floors. On the ground floor you have spiritual void; individuals who have perhaps not yet tapped into this realm, and maybe never will. But these have no god but the god they know. They are limited by their own knowledge, their own world view. They trust no one. Only themselves. These are the individualists. Hans Solo. The second floor is those that feel the breeze of some sort of faith, but they can’t put their finger on it. They’ve tapped in with just the tip. They are bound by their fear to give into something greater than themselves…whatever…it…may…be. Then, the third floor, that’s where the riots happen. Where you see prisoners hanging the innocent that live below. Where all egos collide, and sadly, they don’t realize they mostly coincide. Christians we’re once Jews. Yam Kippur to you all by the way. Jews and Arabs we’re once part of the same tribe (you can read up on Abraham, and his two sons here). These are bound, tied and twisted by their narrow perception of the reality of it all…we are all family, and we all seek to live in God to the best of our abilities. The extremists are those that have followed the wolf clothed in sheep’s skin. I’m not even going to bother with these; they are not worth my time.


Professional: Do you like what you do for a living? You make it work. You don’t? You’re a prisoner. You say you love what you are doing? You make that shit art, no matter what you do.
Routine: Sometimes, we’re just afraid of venturing off into the unknown. Be brave. Break the mold.

Value your mental, spiritual, professional and physical freedom. Now, protect it with fire.


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Pegasus Warning – Building A Bridge

Artist comparisons in press emails can get a bit ridiculous, don’t you think? Artists need to believe in their creations of course, but when a PR team represents a rap duo as the next coming of Outkast or an indie band as the next coming of The Strokes, it sets the bar just a bit too high. With that being said, Los Angeles-based artist Pegasus Warning is being billed as someone who channels the vibes of a list of soulful legends and freaking Prince, but after listening to his brand new EP, they just might onto something.

“Building a Bridge,” the album’s intro track, is an instant favorite because of those comparisons. It’s a silky smooth joint with MoTown vibes that I just can’t get enough of; on top of his soulful vocals, the bridge at the end of the track drips with purple-rain soaked electronics and arena-ready vocals in the background that would put classic rock legends to shame. It’s like all the ghosts of classic music’s past came together and decided to show themselves once more in the form of Pegasus Warning, transporting all of us listening back to a musical golden age.

I promise I won’t go off on a grumpy, old-man tangent about how there’s less classic music produced these days, but Pegasus Warning might be the first artist I’ve encountered in a hot minute whose music really feels timeless. I can’t wait to sit down and dig into PwEP2 again and again the rest of this year and the years to come.

North Downs – Nothin’

It’s no secret but I don’t write much these days. Long story short, I’m not the person I was back then and so much of what I use to talk about is irrelevant now. Over the last 3 years I’ve been on a mission to simplify, reinvent and reemerge as something completely new and better. I found myself following a path I didn’t necessarily want and losing sigh of who I was. Things needed to change. I’m not there yet but I’m getting close. Every time I try to explain this to some people they look at me like I’m crazy. I’m also not the most eloquent when it comes to explaining certain concepts so maybe someone else can break it down for y’all…

When there is freedom from mechanical conditioning, there is simplicity. The classical man is just a bundle of routine, ideas and tradition. If you follow the classical pattern, you are understanding the routine, the tradition, the shadow – you are not understanding yourself.

Truth has no path. Truth is living and, therefore, changing. – Bruce Lee

People place too much value on staying the same, on being defined as something, etc. It’s complete nonsense but a large majority of us believe this. I mean did you hear what the man said – truth is living. I would go a step further and say that everything is living – love, trust, growth, faith, beauty, belief. That concept gives a whole new meaning to dying because they go hand in hand. How many “truths” have we learned are eventually completely wrong. That so-called truth had to die for the new one to emerge. As we learn more this new “truth” will also fade. It’s healthy to look at yourself like that as well. Often we get stuck thinking about negative things that have happened and build our identities and self-worth around them. We become stagnant, lose our childish fluidity in exchange for this fabricated “truth.” But believe it or not, we are living things too. We are in a state of constant flux, don’t let culture or anything else tell you otherwise. You are what you want to be, not what’s happened to you.

Which brings me to this North Downs rendition of Townes Van Zandt’s Nothin’… 

Hey mama, when you leave
Don’t leave a thing behind
I don’t want nothin’
I can’t use nothin’…

I love that for so many reasons. How do you find freedom from the mechanical conditioning Bruce was talking about? I don’t have a simple answer to that but I can bet you part of it is being ok with nothing. Of course there’s no such thing because humans come stock with the most insanely advanced hardware. I.e. everything around you was created by a mind just like yours, don’t take yourself for grated. The point is, we have everything we need with nothin’. Enjoy.

BeachSeason – Tribes

There’s never enough brooding alt-r&b in the world for hazy late nights, especially as the chill of true fall weather steadily approaches. Thus, it’s the perfect time to spin BeachSeason’s “Tribes,” a track whose material replicates the search for friction in October and beyond.

Sitting somewhere within the territory the Weeknd once carved out north of the border, BeachSeason continue the Toronto sound tradition via Calgary with a more direct approach in mind – a deceptively quick, snare-driven pace, an eerie vocal sample turned up in tandem, and a vocal performance that’s comfortable front-and-center rather than situated within the darkness. Sure, many artists have pulled off similar formulas in the calendar year, but the pop sensibilities present are a feat that’s impossible to ignore, even Drake’s own OVO factory not fully able to recreate this radio-ready r&b on command.

With that being said, do yourself a favor: cozy up at home or find someone to cozy up with at the club, and listen to “Tribes” in its proper glory.

Kid Froopy – BB (Four Missed Texts) (WRLD Remix)

Kid Froopy’s “BB (Four Missed Texts)” was dope in its original form, but WRLD has turned the track into a self-contained dance party waiting to spread like wildfire, sans environmental impact. The echoing synth that appears throughout the track in small stretches sounds straight out of a California-sourced 90s joint, while the vibes of the track at large even approach quasi-disco territory, all contributing to an enthralling sound that transcends time and space.

With those sonic-leanings in mind, it’s wild that this remix came from the mind of a Netherlands based producer, but that just goes to show how expansive music’s impact has become in the digital age – a California label working with a European producer, coming together to deliver a joint whose jubilant vibes will end up touching hearts and minds far beyond the west coast sound it partially originates from. It’s such an exciting notion, a notion that souls across the world can create together for the better of humankind.

We’re truly blessed to live in an age where the creation of music like WRLD’s “BB” remix is even possible, so I think that’s cause for celebration. Go grab some friends, put your dancing-shoes on, and let loose to Moving Castle’s newest.