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Le Youth – C O O L (Lane 8 Remix)

As long as you’re cool, right here is where you wanna be

These are the only lyrics in Lane 8‘s take on Le Youth’s “C O O L”. This is the type of music I can really jam to. It’s simple and enjoyable. It brings me to a happy, calm place- a place in which I don’t have to think. Audio stimulation is all I need in the moment.

So, I’ve been hearing a topic pop-up quite frequently lately (maybe there was a BuzzFeed article about it)- the cognitive differences between men and women. I hear things like, “men’s brains have compartments and they focus only on one at a time. And sometimes none at all.” While women, “think about 5 things at once and can never shut their brains off”. Ummmmm…. Thoughts on this from the audience? Seriously, write me a comment. I’m female and I don’t believe it this to be the case. I happen to turn my brain off fairly frequently, and I oftentimes feel like the “man” in the relationship; urging my partner to stop analyzing everything so much, to stop thinking. Be cool, go with the flow. Hey World, women aren’t always the most complicated gender!!

And this track is a case in point. When I hear a song like “C O O L”, I can’t help but to think about nothing. To just BE. Here. In the moment.

Sit, groove, enjoy.

Le Youth – C O O L (Lane 8 Remix)


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Dee Edwards – (I Can) Deal With That


Sometimes it is necessary to take a break.

There was a point yesterday where I was siting at work (yes, we work in offices with horrible fluorescent lighting and mandatory skirts too) and nearly cried when I got another request for another project due two days before I ever saw it.

It is these times where you need a reality check the most. As much as I scorn the people who post those little quotes every day with their spirit phrase or whatever. I openly scoff, but deep down, I sort of love them. “If you fear failure, you will never go anywhere.” “Life is what happens outside your comfort zone.” “You are a victim to the rules you live by.” “Live each day….” you get it. So stupid, but something about it makes me feel like I just pet a puppy.

But I think it helps sometimes that you get your cheerleading squad going for you. However you find it. I called my boss which helped. And watched Bridget Jones with a bottle of champers and a good friend which really helped.

I like this song because it feels like the one you have on the walk back from a shitty place or situation and you realise it was a speck in the timeline and sometimes you just got roll with it. We made it this far already.

This song from Dee Edwards is great for it. And just like a great philosopher, there are gems interwoven in this one.

“I won’t bother trouble if trouble don’t bother me.”

Dee Edwards – (I Can) Deal With That


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Dylan n’ Krems — City Lights


Some people are put on this planet for the rest of us to know that something bigger than anything we can see exists out there beyond where the stars and planets and galaxies live. They are put on our planet to illustrate that beautiful energy trumps everything, and so when we live through their deaths from this life, we are left with a black hole traditional to its nature, forming only to suck and slurp all of the other energy around it into its powerful gravitational pulls.

Last night, one of the most radiantly beautiful energies I have ever seen from afar passed away. He made me laugh, he made me feel bad, he made me feel the pains that he projected through his incredible acting skills, and he inspired me to be humble through his smile. Last night, the black hole that was left from Robin Williams’ death made me realize that just like the city that I love, ‘what looks beautiful from afar holds the potential to be just as dark’. That the things that shine bright from a distance can be full of flaws, cracks and darkness at their very barest cores.

Millions of people throughout this life and on this planet felt the same gravitational pull the same way I am still feeling it. The kind of pull that leaves you without much energy to want to do anything else but sulk in place. The kind of pull that almost takes our souls with it as they hang on to their dearest lives to stay right inside of us and continue living.

There was a time
When the rhyme came easy
The words they breezed
Cause you were by my side”

It’s hard for me to write about much considering the current mood, but I know that City Lights by Dylan n’ Krems deserves something more than a shadow from the death of one of the greatest minds of our times, so I sit here and let my fingers type as my heart wanders into memories of a face I will forever cherish, and my body bops with the pain of my heart to sounds so good they force my entire being to dance.

That’s how I know when music is good. It’s when it allows itself to be felt no matter what is happening around me. The kind of music that makes me cry when I’m having the time of my life. The kind of tunes that make me tremble when I know that there is absolutely nothing to fear.

My palpable heart is heavy at the moment, and I hope that you guys can forgive me if my energy brings yours down today, but I also hope that you can relate and understand. I hope that you guys can simply press play on this one and allow it to take you to whatever place it takes you to because that is what this entire thing that we call Et Musique Pour Tous is about. It is about where we allow the music to take us to. It is about the places that we never knew we would go rather than the ones we’ve always wanted to be in. It is about the loves that you could not see coming and that end up impacting your lives more than the ones you’ve always wished for.

Maybe you go for a long drive today. Maybe you take your board out for a spin, with wheels, or on top of waves. Maybe you break up with someone that has done nothing more than to hurt you these past few months, or maybe you decide to call back the person with the wonderful heart that they wear on their sleeves, and that you have been pushing to the side because you find yourself in the rat-race of searching-for-something-better rather than digging for gold in the river you have been standing on, full of it.

Today, I won’t tell you what this song should do for you because today, I don’t even know what it should do for me. All I know is that I am enjoying it in the background as my soul sheds some tears, and as I reflect on this life and the gift of living that I have found myself with for one more day, and although I don’t know where it will take me, I hope that beautiful music like this will continue to play into my ears until my day comes too.

“You know I tried so hard to save the day, 
But, I couldn’t—couldn’t bring it back now.
And tho I had the words to say, 
I couldn’t— couldn’t get the words.”

Dylan n’ Krems — City Lights

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Seekae – Test & Recognise (Flume Re-Work)

We must “be” before we can “do” and we can “do” only to the extent that we “are,” and what we “are” depends upon what we “think.”

We cannot express powers that we do not possess. The only way by which we may secure possession of power is to become conscious of power, and we can never become conscious of power until we learn that all power is from within.”

That my friends is the secret, and understanding that you control your thoughts is the solution to it all. Try to look at it in the simplest way – that computer, phone or tablet you’re using to read this was first a thought and then a material object. It existed in the internal world and then the external. Now look around you, everything you see comes from that same internal creative force. Now think about your life and everything that has happened to you. It all came from that same place.

So if everything you see came from the internal, it goes to say that everything you will ever need, everything there is, and everything there will ever be comes from that same place. The things you seek, the power, the success, and the happiness you want already exist within, it’s just waiting to be realized by your thoughts.

Test & Recognize is a fitting subject for this topic because it is the essence of understanding that power. We’ve been fed so much bullshit that most people wouldn’t even recognize truth when they heard it. Information is so diluted that facts, scientific findings, and history itself fail to teach or resonate with people. This is understandable because corporations have lied and manipulated things so that people don’t know what to believe.

So what do you do? You test & experiment. Break your pattern for 30 days to see what not eating a certain food does, turn off your phone for 24 hours to see how you feel, take a big risk and see if your fear was really merited. Take in any information that you feel is honest and then you think for yourself. In the Matrix Agent Smith was explaining to Morpheus that humans lost when we let machines do our thinking for us…

I say your civilization because as soon as we started thinking for you it really became our civilization which is of course what this is all about.

Today, Amazon’s algorithms make our buying recommendations, Pandora picks our music, and Google finds our answers. Our most powerful asset, our only asset, the very thing that created all we have, is being transferred to machines. Understand the power of your mind, reclaim that and never let it go. It is the source of everything and as we go deeper and deeper into the Space Age it will be more important than ever to evolve that power to new levels that surpass anything a computer could ever do, enjoy.

Seekae – Test & Recognise (Flume Re-Work)

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Flying Lotus – Parisian Goldfish


Having your feet set squarely on the ground is underrated.  After schooling ends, our toes lift, hover, preparing for the rapid zig zags and about faces that are inherent in the lives of twenty-somethings (and thirty-somethings lets be real). The flexibility is imperative; it takes time to figure out who you are and what you don’t want to do. The percentage of people whose first job is their career is miniscule.

After while, though, the earth looks mighty attractive. To have some security in knowing what’s next and let out the breath of anticipation. Constantly hopping from paid job to freelance to internship to unpaid blogging every week takes a psychic toll. It starts to seem that everyone else is settled into a salaried gig at Google or some New York financial titan.

There are days when steadiness is all I want. Next year, this time, I’ll still be right here.

But then I snap out of it. Ours is the zero-gravity generation, feet off the ground but floating higher than our predecessors could have imagined. Some pundits paint us as lazy or entitled, when we’re really just turning flips in the space station as they look on with envy from behind their white picket fences, infested with termites and crumbling under broken pension systems after all these years.

With the world pried open like a succulent oyster, wriggling slowly in a bath of salt water, what else to do but consume it and savor the slight discomfort that comes with a taste that lasts a lifetime. Fly for 14 hours, Skype your mom like you were down the street. Or jump into the startup game, throwing financial security to the wind for a chance at originality and responsibility so rarely afforded the associates and coordinators of the capitalist structure.

The earth isn’t going anywhere. Don’t force an early anchorage. Join me and the EMPT family as we orbit the solar system, mindful of the future but living in the moment, searching for meaning in every day experience and making sure to breathe it all in.


Flying Lotus – Parisian Goldfish

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Generationals – Making Time


I cannot figure out why we are all so busy when we keep getting more technology and better drugs that are supposed to make us more efficient.

Arguably, we are now doing much more in the same 1,440 minutes everyone has had all along. That is one thing you can never complain about. Some people have less things to do, some people may seem like they got a head start, but we all got 1,440 minutes per day to do it in.

Life is currently swelling and coming in and I feel like I am either beached or drowning in the current. I met a stranger in a bar and we were swopping stories and they had the best stories. I love stranger’s stories, it is amazing what people say in a bar when they know you are not going to exchange numbers, it is all about just enjoying being around somebody else. But you always feel alittle inadequate when you hear what other people do. Big stories in amazing places. But there is already alot to do, and trying to see it all is already on the list.

On the walk home I was going through the list of things that were past due only by a deadline in my mind. But there is never enough time. And I realised I have not done something to that I really just loved to do in a while. With the added pressure of the world seeing what you are doing, and the socials media and whatnot, we are constantly curating a life that we are proud to show others. However true it is or however happy/overwhelmed/exhausted/bored/anxious it really makes us. What you can be sure is the only thing you would “share” is that second you looked happy and time was on your side.

I look forward to the day someone invents more time. I feel like a common question at the end of the night always is “what would you do if you didn’t have to sleep?” Learn a language, build something, read every book. If those are the passions we have and what we would spend our waking hours doing, there should be a shift to add more of them in life. Wouldn’t that be a “selfie” worth taking?


This song comes from the Wes Anderson tribute album “I Saved Latin!”, and is a cover of the classic from The Creation.The cover is a more gritty version of the original with recordings overlaid and a heavy guitar that makes you want to put your leather jacket on and get loose.

Generationals – Making Time

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Your Best Warpaint is Your Smile.

ram dass

Once upon a time several years ago I was walking down the street in Manhattan. I’d just gotten out of my 8 am class and was feeling pretty blurg, ambling and spacing as usual. Out of nowhere a Tibetan Buddhist monk crossed my path on the sidewalk and flashed me the biggest, most genuine smile. I’d never felt such warmth from a stranger– especially walking the streets of NYC. Automatically I grinned right back at him, reciprocating the love if only for a second due to the transitory nature of the experience.

After this brief encounter I found myself unable to inhibit myself from smiling at everyone for several hours. Kinda creepy, yeah. But also a really fun social experiment. Still buzzing in my mini-state of euphoria, I posted up at a coffee shop and indulged in manic writing mode for a couple of hours; suddenly the whole big city- lonely people paradigm started to make some sense to me:

A city saturated by individualistic drive and ambition, it’s easy to get lost in your own head while walking down the street. I-Me-Mine, I-Me-Mine, I-Me-Mine. We confabulate and thus, precipitate our own suffering all day err day. It sucks, but it’s human nature and the whole point is to figure this out. You are free to choose your experience— adjust your focus and take what you want from a situation whether it’s through the lens of love (or fear).

“…Why not become the one
Who lives with a full moon in each eye
That is always saying,
With that sweet moon
What every other eye in this world
Is dying to
Hear.” - Rumi


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Freedom Fry — The Wilder Mile


Guess we weren’t born to be lovers. 
Maybe in another time.”

This tune comes to your ears through our crafty Submissions inbox. It is a perfect reminder, to me, of what August is like in New York City: summery, smooth, and non-stop. 

The folk music production of the track provides the non-stop action throughout, made to move, made to release some endorphins, and made to feel like what good ole #Merica feels like. It’s a reminder to us music snobs out there that music doesn’t always have to be so complex, and that in its most purest forms it is simply good music with great groove, topped off with everyday vocals that sing to our hearts and speak to our souls.

Too many times we tend to complicate the most uncomplicated things. Things like work, school, relationships or just life in general. We tend to formulate these super idealistic ideas of what we think things, people, and even relationships should be like, only to fall flat on our fat faces when they turn out to be the complete opposite. Then, to make matters even worse, we don’t leave good-enough alone by just walking away or moving on. Instead, we spend our energy and time trying to forcefully adjust things as we saw them to be rather than to just accept them for what they are, and either learn to love them, or learn more about our own selves, leaving them to be.

With Freedom Fry, I get the sense that they are as non-complex as the sun, the wind, the stars, skies and the moon. They are what they are and don’t want to be, nor pretend to be, anything else. It’s music that is musical, vocals that are beautiful, and an overall great tune in a world that has quite possibly become way too abstract. It is a breath of cool air in a month known for its intense heats and unforgiving humidity.

Enjoy, and just chill.

We’ll be the people staring back at the sun
Everyone, everyone
We’ll be the people living while we’re young
Everyone, everyone”

Freedom Fry — The Wilder Mile

 P.S. catch Freedom Fry performing tonight at Bootleg HiFi in LA with Mother, and Kaneholler.
Tickets available here: 
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EMPT Presents: Le Miel du Mois Summer 2014

Relax your mind, and folks unwind and be kind to a rhythm that you hardly find
And off we go, let the trumpets blow
Well hold on, because the driver of the mission is a pro, 
The Ruler’s back…” - Slick Rick (The Ruler’s Back)

That’s right folksthe underground’s most eclectic, most uninhibited, most poetic, futuristic, most imitated, but never duplicated mixtape is back in action, and as expected from all tapes worthy of the name LMDMin grand fashion. We don’t release for the sake of releasing here, our intention is always to be the best, offer the best and be real at every minute in the process. So if you’re wondering why the hold-up, it’s because life has been happening and we weren’t just going to put something out we didn’t feel. As long time readers know: we don’t fake it here…

I live by the funk, I die by the funk…” – Notorious B.I.G. (Machine Gun Funk)

The last time I saw Steph she was at her wedding. We know each other and connected years ago because of music, and here I am at her weddingdamn. How does this mixtape start Steph – “So you come a long way, huh!?”

It was so inspiring to be around so much love and family. It was an honor to see her take that step, to be there amongst her most-cherished because she is certainly one of mine. On behalf of the EMPT army, congratulations!

I represent the Space Age where all institution is up for revamp, examination, and ready to be destroyed or challenged, but one thing that stays true is the importance of family. Sure, there are corny people that abuse love and family itself, but when a group of people understand the bond and importance of blood and use that as support, there is literally nothing stopping them. Believe me when I say this, the people who run the world are the tightest families you’ll never know of. The institution is being destroyed on purpose because a world without people who would die for one other is easily malleable, but we can’t let that get diluted or forget it’s value. So why was LMDM on hold? Because Steph was building a family, you basic bitches!

But we still love you all & here we are, back with LMDM Summer and like I said earlier: it’s heavenly.

As usual there’s 360 degrees of styles uniquely bound by Steph’s masterful mind. Everybody knows that no two LMDM‘s are the same, and this one is no exception, so don’t take the title for granted.

This is truly a summer-tape perfect for all your hot weather activities. I think Steph spent her honeymoon in Thailand and Cambodia or something amazing like that. Or as Steph put it…

Pure, calm and escaping love ❤️”

I can easily picture myself with my close ones bumping LMDM Summer while chilling in an infinity pool somewhere in the middle of a forest or some futuristic shit like that. As usual, I highly recommend pressing play and letting the tape rock till it stops. The adventure is beautiful, it’s custom-made for the Space Age kids, for you. Enjoy.

Relax your mind, let your conscience be free.
And get down to the sound of EPMD EMPT. – EPMD (You Gots to Chill)


  1. Jungle – Busy Earnin
  2. Coucheron – Deep End
  3. Phoria – Once Again (Layzie Edits)
  4. Haring – Us
  5. Racing Glaciers- First Light (Backstroke Remix)
  6. The Aston Shuffle – Tear it Down (GAMPER & DADONI Remix)
  7. Wild Ones – Row (Francisco Y Madero Remix)
  8. Panama – How We Feel
  9. Lykke Li – No Rest For The Wicked (Joris Voorn Remix)
  10. Peaking Lights – Beautiful Son (John Talabot’s Acetate Dub)
  11. Wild Nothing – Shadow
  12. Twin Sister – Daniel
  13. Goldfish – Moonwalk Away
  14. Sons Et Al – Day by Day
  15. Bronze Whale – Weird Dark Things (Ft. Khai)
  16. Bright Moments – Tourists
  17. SOHN – Bloodflows
  18. The Shoe – Dead Rabbit Hopes


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La Femme – Sur La Planche


Vive l’été!

Quand je suis sur la planche, tout est bon.

Et quand nous sommes sur la planche ensemble, alors…c’est comme nous sommes le monde, et rien d’autre existe.

La Femme – Sur La Planche

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