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NoMBE – Kemosabe


She made damn sure we
Never gon’ be friends”

It took me a few failed relationships to learn how to not to become friends with my significant other’s friends. Things just got weird whenever I somehow thought that things between me and them could remain the same or even cool after a breakup. I guess that’s part of loving too much. I guess that’s why when I was younger I’d get hurt at every new corner and every turn of the clock. And then little by little I started to find a balance, becoming cordial and unattached to the baggages of others. I say baggage because essentially that’s what they become especially when things don’t go right.

V was one of the few exes that wanted nothing to do with me after our split. Her friends even less to do with me than her. It wasn’t that we had a horrible split or anything like that. In fact, we simply grew apart and over our little youthful love story. It was just that this was how they were. V and her friends were a tight-knit crew of Hell’s Kitchen kids that went to school their entire lives together. I’m talking preschool to High School here. It’s rare to find that kind of camaraderie in the city nowadays, but that’s what they had and I don’t blame them for being the way they were. It was with that relationship that I understood and saw what loyalty looked like. I mean, I thought I had loyalty amongst my crew of friends, but they took the cake because they had created the mold for it.

its wild if i think about it
our lives are tied yet divided”

After those days I started to find my place in relationships. I’d give more of me whenever it was asked for, and played the background whenever it wasn’t and we were hanging with her friends. Finding my place didn’t mean being a recluse or playing second fiddle to anyone else. Nah. Finding my place simply meant responding to how she wanted me to respond in those moments. That’s how I was able to find what I did and didn’t want out of a relationship. That’s how I figured out that I want someone who is as considerate as me, and that considerate people are not a dime a dozen. In fact, considerate people in relationships are like fucking unicorns, so if you manage to have one make sure you capture it forever and never let it loose because regret is exhausting and hearts are simply not meant to race.

Those last two R&B references (if you caught them) are a shout out to this incredible tune you are already listening to or about to hit play on by NoMBe. It’s a dose of Space Age R&B, as we like to say. The kind of futuristic love-making music that hits the highest peaks of sensuality with its smooth yet rugged vocals, and keeps you switching positions with its transitions of sounds that end up feeling more like a painter’s brushstrokes than a producers fingers.

Adele – Hello (Ozzie Beats)

Obviously Adele has ravaged the internet after a hiatus for four years.

What I think is most impressive is not just her ability to come back and regain the top spot once more as the female artist, but her ability to continually find new ways of telling a similar love story, albeit unique enough to her but vague enough so we, the listeners, feel this is a direct reflection of our lives. Again.

I asked the question of people I interview a lot of “How many lovers does it take to make a love song? Or a love album for that matter?” It seems there are people you can love who can inspire a heartbreaking album or a magical love who inspires just a one night song.

I send the original track to my mum (music advisor for love songs) and she simply wrote back: “I think this person she is singing about has dated all of us at some point.” When you really think about it though, the song is about dumping someone. It didn’t work out. There is something about the feeling of reaching out to the person after and the genuine care if they are better or happy realising they don’t have the same interest. Are people more like chapters in the book rather than the narrative of it?

Why do you feel like you need to apologise after the damage is done?

F*** the monoculture

It’s just the same-same, the world that gets created — everyone is trying to optimize for money.

Monoculture is a world of chains and banks and every top 40 hit written by the same four people. We all need to fight for a more diverse culture.”

TRAVI$ SCOTT – Drugs You Should Try It (Moxie Raia Cover)

My brain is a hypocrite.

The more I try to make sense or peace with thoughts there is a contradiction. Trying to fill the holes in arguments before the first punch of words is thrown.

I don’t want to live with you. I don’t want to live alone.

I want to move. I hate living out of a suitcase.

I want to miss you. It makes it easy to leave because I leave early. 

I want to be good in bed. I hate sleeping with new people.

I want to have perfect boobs. I am scared of getting a boob job because you might judge me.

I want to be one of the boys. Girls and I don’t get along as well, they just don’t like me.

I want to write more. I want to be stoned so I can stop being anxious but I can’t write then.

I want to have closer friends. I am scared to open up to new people.

I tell stories of my past lives to people I meet at bars. I think people think I am lying when I am drinking. 

I don’t know where home is for me. I like being a nomad.

I envy people who have stuff and collections of weird shit and decorate places they have lived in for years. I hate the commitment of wall paint. 

I feel the pangs of adulthood just as strongly as I do the throws of adolescence. I read stories people write about travelling and life changes and think they sound contrived as much as they do inspirational. Like this song, it is just reminiscing about the person she was and what she did.

“We was the bang we never heard before.”

I am convinced I am en route to being the crazy person at the end of the bar with too much hair and stories that are so bizarre they could be believable. With the voice of Rihanna and the lyrics of the Weeknd, this song is hypnotic and claws at the dark parts of your thoughts and suits the crazy lady at the end of the bar.

Brika – It Wasn’t Me (Shaggy Cover)


I’m figuring out that true love is less about finding one’s other half and more about finding energies that you love selflessly. I know that many of you think you love selflessly, but in my experience that’s a fucking unicorn because unless we are talking about your own children, then rarely does anyone truly know what that even means.

I look back at all the relationships I’ve had and I shake my head in disbelief at how foolish I and the other girl always were. The girl is irrelevant because that always changed—one today, another tomorrow. It was the fooleries we told ourselves in order to prove some sort of unbreakably invisible pact we would name real or true love. That’s the shit I laugh about in retrospect because knowing what I know today it all seems so childish; like two kids in a sandbox who are officially dating because they held hands there all day.

True love is selfless love. It’s that simple. And to be honest I’m not even going to ask how many of you out there have had selfless love for someone that you were romantically involved with because your still immature ass is going to raise your hand. The truth is that none of you have. Shake your head in disgust, LOL in vain, but if you had experienced selfless love romantically for another person then the two of you will die together. That kind of shit doesn’t exist in our society anymore. We’ve grown way too selfish; way too involved in the “me”. 

Brika rocked this classic cover of Shaggy’sIt Wasn’t Me”. It’s fun, it keeps the original’s playfulness and it reminds me, while making me laugh, of all the times it was a perfect listen for what was happening in my once completely immature love life back then. It’s also a good listen if you’re catching the sunset in Malibu like I am right about now, or if you’re just laying in your bed in NYC wondering what treasures tomorrow might just bring.