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S+C+A+R+R – You’re The One (From “I Lost My Body”)

S+C+A+R+R has proven himself to be an electronic mastermind with vocoder touches that feel more human than any given acoustic comparison. His vocals are utterly rich, optimistic, signaling pure love and hope, all washing over you as the song slowly wraps around like a warm blanket. His newest single comes from the animated film I Lost My Body and it’s a match made in heaven – the characters emerging from an animator’s hand can be just as expressive, if not more expressive, than true human actors. The music and visuals here are all just so creative and it strikes a deep chord within me.

You know when someone is the one, not just romantically but as a significant part of your life. It can be a lover, it can be a best friend, anyone who spurs a connection where all the lights flash in your brain and it clicks and everything makes sense in that moment. It can even be a spiritual place, a center of learning, anywhere or anything that sparks the genuine imagination and array of feelings within you. It’s a beautiful human experience and no one is more fitting to make that feeling into music form than S+C+A+R+R. He continues to deliver beauties and I can’t wait to hear what’s next.

Super Duper – Montage

I’m grounded in a taste initiated by old school hip-hop, so consider me pleasantly surprised as Super Duper puts aside his electronic sound for an instrumental that wouldn’t sound out of place on my ’90s mixtapes. It has the perfect amount of percussive punch to drive it along with force while the vocal samples are purely soulful, evoking a sense of joy that feels more like a visceral head rush than any sort of conscious feeling. As much as this one propels your head to bob along in unison, it feels tailor made for the dancefloor as well, serving anyone well who’d like to wave their body and get lost in the atmospherics being provided by Super Duper. From top to bottom, this is a beautiful jam that keeps Super Duper’s future looking bright.

Life is one big montage isn’t it? This isn’t front-to-back, linear, however we perceive it. It’s an accumulation of moments that make us think, make us feel something, a uniquely human experience where we are the universe experiencing itself unlike no other. Memories of days a child on the beach, memories of the first kiss in middle school, memories of college partying, they all blend into a mixture like paint colors bleeding over into one another and makes us who we are as humans. Our montages are beautiful and deserve to be cherished.

Xie – Jungle Juice

Xie’s melodic trap sound enthralled me throughout 2018, so it’s a pleasure to see her return to our pages near the end of 2019. With that significant space between releases, it seems she’s been evolving her sound even further as “Jungle Juice” is a densely atmospheric cut that vocally evokes the likes of Purity Ring and an instrumental that feels like the spiritual successor to Skrillex’s Recess era. It’s dark yet danceable, melodic yet gritty, straddling various lines of sounds that never adhere to genre constraints. It’s no hyperbole to say this is far and above Xie’s best work yet as trap and pop and bass all coalesce into an enthralling package.

“Jungle Juice” feels like the dark side of the party. Neon lights are flashing, smoke hovers above the floor like a foreboding haze, vision fading into a blur as your consciousness fades into the atmosphere and your sense of ego is utterly lost. It feels like you’re floating around the room, observing every muted conversation, every drink poured, every pump of bass resonating through your body and back into endless space. It’s a visceral part of the human experience that sends the senses into overdrive, an infinite universe vibrating in unison.

Marie Lang – Body

Marie Lang has consistently impressed me with a neo-soul approach throughout this year, all of which has culminated into a fantastic debut EP. Singles “Comfort Zone” and “Don’t Wanna Go Back” sound as fresh as they did upon first listen while the other three tracks flesh out her sound even further. “Someday” is a wonderfully optimistic piece, “Driveway” is a perfect slice of minimalistic crooning that taps deep into the psyche, and “Body” is a groovy closer that turns up the passion to eleven and sends out the album on a killer note. From top to bottom, Lang fulfills her potential expressed in the past months and establishes herself as a voice to watch leading into the new decade.

Body feels like sleek, fashionable aesthetics with an organic charm in music form. It has me thinking about my most pristine moments, looking over the bay in Seattle from a classy restaurant to laying down in the park and watching the clouds slowly turn by while the waves lap against the pier with a meditative rhythm. There’s beauty in the obvious, maximalist moments and in the most mundane, balancing each other out like ying and yang, opposites forming into one sphere of light that illuminates our existence. Embrace all aspects of existence and feel the fulfilling rewards.


VNCCII has been impressing me for quite a while now as someone who steps outside the current paradigm of electronic music and exists within her own AI generated world. Her single “Astro Life” was a step in a totally new direction for her and she continues to flex her versatility with a brand new interpretation that throws the track’s pop potential into overdrive. Her vocals have an effortless swagger to them and the production is heady electronic bliss that feels like ascension. She also comes in hot with two remixes that tease the single into new territory as Godlands thrusts it into bass-heavy apocalyptic overdrive while Paces brings things down an ambient notch. There’s really sounds here for any type of listener from top to bottom.

I’ve been living that astro life lately, looking toward a new decade where technological innovation is going to rocket us into a new dimension. My major hope is we can combine that amazing acceleration with spiritual acceleration too. Wouldn’t it be phenomenal for humans to reach our spiritual crux at the same time we hit our technological peak? We’d be ready to not only ascend to a new plane on earth but maybe finally be ready to carry everything we know to the Moon, Mars, and far beyond. Who knows where we’ll end up, but a guy can daydream right?

Delacey – No One’s Gonna Ever Love U

Delacey channels the likes of Lorde for a scathing examination of a relationship gone wrong through the lens of raw, open dialogue with no emotions left untouched – think of this like the ballad complement to “Green Light”. Her vocals are as powerful as ever, smokey and soulful yet laced with pop powerhouse touches that make it fitting for radio as much as a lonely night in an apartment, reflecting on how everything fell apart and how to pick up the pieces from here. Delacey has been on a genuine hot streak throughout 2019 proving herself as a force to be reckoned with and she has thus capped off the year with a synthesized example of her talent, worth revisiting multiple times when possible.

It’s so easy to become lost in the present moment and feel like progress or change will never come, especially in failed relationships. There’s always a complementary movement in the cycle of life to downsides, though – whatever goes down in the wheel of life must eventually swing upwards. Lessons are to be learned, experiences are to be internalized, and from there we can progress as spiritual beings toward the next step in our emotional evolution. It takes faith in the process of life, but once you stop fighting and assimilate into the circular motion of our universe, you’ll find yourself right where you’re supposed to be.


SYSYI is a fresh name to my radar, but this New Zealand producer has quickly made an impact upon my musical psyche. His new EP19 is a stunning collection of songs that scale the entirety of the electronic medium, fusing deep production with melodic tastes. Album opener “Alpha” sounds the alarm with a synth that demands your full attention, leading toward a wonderful drop that’s utterly forward-thinking. Follow up track “Express” is a trappier offering that reminds me of people like Paper Diamond who I’ve always loved while “Only U” is a vocally led cut with slick indie elements abound. EP closer “4Ever” winds things down on a calming note that provides a full body rush of comfort, sending you off feeling truly satisfied.

EP19…2019 truly is coming to a close, and what a decade it’s been. Years of deep spiritual growth that signify an utter shift in who I was from 2010 to now. I can’t help reflect on how I’ve changed in surface ways like style and music taste along with conceptions of the universe and how to live the most fulfilling life possible. With that, I’ll enjoy the calming aura of the present and gently prepare myself for a new decade ahead. Good fortune awaits us all and I hope you internalize that sentiment with 2020 just around the calendar corner.

Blanke – Flatline (ft. Calivania)

Blanke quickly established himself as one of the penultimate bass producers in the scene, but on his newest, he’s flexing versatile production chops that show a comprehension for sticky melodies as much as heavy trappings. “Flatline” is an utter beauty that raises to the sky with emotion (see: a Red Rocks crowd all waving their lights in unison) and the vocals from a new project named Calivania take this even further. It’s difficult to say with such a quality catalogue, but in my humble opinion, I have to say this is Blanke’s best single yet. Talk about the perfect way to put a bow on the decade and lead into a brand new decade with endless anticipation for what comes next.

It’s easy for life to feel like your life is flatlining if you’re not embracing a dynamic approach that fosters constant, subtle changes. I got into a treadmill esque rhythm and realized I was walking in circles so to speak, but once I realized I was stuck in place, I immediately made changes to my day to day. I spontaneously asked a friend to hang out yesterday and was able to help her out with a life situation, I made a huge change that has me in pure excitement, and I’m now entering the week with a positive mindest sans-flatlining.

Dad – Smash Bros

Enigmatic cartoon character Dad returns with another bedroom-pop single that calls upon the catchiest pop writing elements. All context of the charming branding of this project aside, this is just a wonderful single. The vocals have just the right mixture of swagger with charming sway and the production bounces along with all the right pockets offering maximum impact. From top to bottom, it’s an utterly immaculate cut that’s going straight to my favorites playlist and won’t be losing its real estate any time soon.

The title of this track has me considering how I love the feeling of being totally immersed in a video game. My game of choice this month has been Death Stranding, an experience that transcends the medium it reveals itself as a philosophical exercise worthy of academic study and demands praise as high art. The eternal, esoteric concepts of life and death are weaved throughout its story while the acting from names like Norman Reedus is utterly superb and marks a paradigm shift in what a video game can offer. Hiking through a post-apocalyptic landscape is a meditative practice in its own right and I’ll be diving back in this weekend.

The Geek X VRV & Møme – Overview Effect 1972 (feat M.I.L.K.)

The Geek x VRV have been impressing me all year and that continues on what’s easily their poppiest record to date. It feels like a genuine radio smash to have lyrics memorized and people singing along. The production has deep bass tones to ground it, yet totally airy elements that make it as uplifting as the spacey artwork that’s just as brilliant. From top to bottom you can’t miss “Overview Effect 1972” as this decade comes to a close, so do yourself a favor and listen as soon as you can and let all your worries dissolve into mist.

I’ve emerged from some general anxiety and feeling pretty damn great. There’s a lot of exciting movement in life right now that feels like rocketing toward space. My home situation evolving, work being as good as ever, maintaining a spiritual center, it’s all fulfilling and makes me extremely grateful for the life I have. There’s plenty of reflection to do on how far I’ve come the past 10 years as this decade comes to a close and I feel better equipped than ever to take a spacebound leap when 2020 hits in less than a month.