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VNCCII has been impressing me for quite a while now as someone who steps outside the current paradigm of electronic music and exists within her own AI generated world. Her single “Astro Life” was a step in a totally new direction for her and she continues to flex her versatility with a brand new interpretation that throws the track’s pop potential into overdrive. Her vocals have an effortless swagger to them and the production is heady electronic bliss that feels like ascension. She also comes in hot with two remixes that tease the single into new territory as Godlands thrusts it into bass-heavy apocalyptic overdrive while Paces brings things down an ambient notch. There’s really sounds here for any type of listener from top to bottom.

I’ve been living that astro life lately, looking toward a new decade where technological innovation is going to rocket us into a new dimension. My major hope is we can combine that amazing acceleration with spiritual acceleration too. Wouldn’t it be phenomenal for humans to reach our spiritual crux at the same time we hit our technological peak? We’d be ready to not only ascend to a new plane on earth but maybe finally be ready to carry everything we know to the Moon, Mars, and far beyond. Who knows where we’ll end up, but a guy can daydream right?

Delacey – No One’s Gonna Ever Love U

Delacey channels the likes of Lorde for a scathing examination of a relationship gone wrong through the lens of raw, open dialogue with no emotions left untouched – think of this like the ballad complement to “Green Light”. Her vocals are as powerful as ever, smokey and soulful yet laced with pop powerhouse touches that make it fitting for radio as much as a lonely night in an apartment, reflecting on how everything fell apart and how to pick up the pieces from here. Delacey has been on a genuine hot streak throughout 2019 proving herself as a force to be reckoned with and she has thus capped off the year with a synthesized example of her talent, worth revisiting multiple times when possible.

It’s so easy to become lost in the present moment and feel like progress or change will never come, especially in failed relationships. There’s always a complementary movement in the cycle of life to downsides, though – whatever goes down in the wheel of life must eventually swing upwards. Lessons are to be learned, experiences are to be internalized, and from there we can progress as spiritual beings toward the next step in our emotional evolution. It takes faith in the process of life, but once you stop fighting and assimilate into the circular motion of our universe, you’ll find yourself right where you’re supposed to be.


SYSYI is a fresh name to my radar, but this New Zealand producer has quickly made an impact upon my musical psyche. His new EP19 is a stunning collection of songs that scale the entirety of the electronic medium, fusing deep production with melodic tastes. Album opener “Alpha” sounds the alarm with a synth that demands your full attention, leading toward a wonderful drop that’s utterly forward-thinking. Follow up track “Express” is a trappier offering that reminds me of people like Paper Diamond who I’ve always loved while “Only U” is a vocally led cut with slick indie elements abound. EP closer “4Ever” winds things down on a calming note that provides a full body rush of comfort, sending you off feeling truly satisfied.

EP19…2019 truly is coming to a close, and what a decade it’s been. Years of deep spiritual growth that signify an utter shift in who I was from 2010 to now. I can’t help reflect on how I’ve changed in surface ways like style and music taste along with conceptions of the universe and how to live the most fulfilling life possible. With that, I’ll enjoy the calming aura of the present and gently prepare myself for a new decade ahead. Good fortune awaits us all and I hope you internalize that sentiment with 2020 just around the calendar corner.

Blanke – Flatline (ft. Calivania)

Blanke quickly established himself as one of the penultimate bass producers in the scene, but on his newest, he’s flexing versatile production chops that show a comprehension for sticky melodies as much as heavy trappings. “Flatline” is an utter beauty that raises to the sky with emotion (see: a Red Rocks crowd all waving their lights in unison) and the vocals from a new project named Calivania take this even further. It’s difficult to say with such a quality catalogue, but in my humble opinion, I have to say this is Blanke’s best single yet. Talk about the perfect way to put a bow on the decade and lead into a brand new decade with endless anticipation for what comes next.

It’s easy for life to feel like your life is flatlining if you’re not embracing a dynamic approach that fosters constant, subtle changes. I got into a treadmill esque rhythm and realized I was walking in circles so to speak, but once I realized I was stuck in place, I immediately made changes to my day to day. I spontaneously asked a friend to hang out yesterday and was able to help her out with a life situation, I made a huge change that has me in pure excitement, and I’m now entering the week with a positive mindest sans-flatlining.

Dad – Smash Bros

Enigmatic cartoon character Dad returns with another bedroom-pop single that calls upon the catchiest pop writing elements. All context of the charming branding of this project aside, this is just a wonderful single. The vocals have just the right mixture of swagger with charming sway and the production bounces along with all the right pockets offering maximum impact. From top to bottom, it’s an utterly immaculate cut that’s going straight to my favorites playlist and won’t be losing its real estate any time soon.

The title of this track has me considering how I love the feeling of being totally immersed in a video game. My game of choice this month has been Death Stranding, an experience that transcends the medium it reveals itself as a philosophical exercise worthy of academic study and demands praise as high art. The eternal, esoteric concepts of life and death are weaved throughout its story while the acting from names like Norman Reedus is utterly superb and marks a paradigm shift in what a video game can offer. Hiking through a post-apocalyptic landscape is a meditative practice in its own right and I’ll be diving back in this weekend.

The Geek X VRV & Møme – Overview Effect 1972 (feat M.I.L.K.)

The Geek x VRV have been impressing me all year and that continues on what’s easily their poppiest record to date. It feels like a genuine radio smash to have lyrics memorized and people singing along. The production has deep bass tones to ground it, yet totally airy elements that make it as uplifting as the spacey artwork that’s just as brilliant. From top to bottom you can’t miss “Overview Effect 1972” as this decade comes to a close, so do yourself a favor and listen as soon as you can and let all your worries dissolve into mist.

I’ve emerged from some general anxiety and feeling pretty damn great. There’s a lot of exciting movement in life right now that feels like rocketing toward space. My home situation evolving, work being as good as ever, maintaining a spiritual center, it’s all fulfilling and makes me extremely grateful for the life I have. There’s plenty of reflection to do on how far I’ve come the past 10 years as this decade comes to a close and I feel better equipped than ever to take a spacebound leap when 2020 hits in less than a month.

EMPT Presents: Le Miel du Mois – Novembre 2019

Sorta like a dream, isn’t it?
No, Better…

Publié le 01 décembre 2019

01. Tim Ayre — Nothing
02. Family of Things — Oscilloscope
03. Callum Pitt — L. Lane
04. Low Island — When You Wake at Night
05. Elliot Adamson — Don’t Make Me Do
06. Jane Macgizmo — Midas
07. Yarosslav — Floating Away
08. Jean Tonique & Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue — Open Market
09. La Félix — Healing (ft. Glasscat)
10. Tasha Angela — Lost In Nostalgia
11. Boy Willows — Greyhound (w/ Elais Park)
12. OTR — Drive
13. Steezy Prime — Bliss (w/ Cosmic)

Space Age Bachelor Pad Music

Tennyson – Telescope EP

Tennyson has delivered what I can only describe as the prettiest EP of the year. Telescope feels like floating away into the clouds and becoming an ethereal being that looks over all the lights dotting Earth and can zoom into any little scenario at will, observing with care whether it’s the procession of giant landmarks in global cities or the lights flickering on a neighborhood block while dusk and dawn engage in an eternal dance, light to dark and dark to light. Tennyson understands there’s beauty in everything and that’s just so apparent throughout his EP – “You” is a beautiful love-filled ode, “Kaonashi” feels like post-rock and cloud rap channeled through an alchemic transmutation, and “Sleepwalk” is an ambient beauty that taps into subtle emotions. There’s so much to love from top to bottom and I can’t get enough.

The notion that there’s beauty in all the little things is so utterly true. I love walking through the streets and seeing a little neon sign in a jewelry shop, the “woosh” of a bike drafting by toward their destination, the green grass of park to sit down on and feel the slight moisture of last night’s dew. We’re hyper focused on maximalist pleasure in society, but so much beauty lies in the minimalist realm and that’s something I hope people find to be apparent as times moves on. We’re fortunate to live on this Earth so let’s appreciate everything about it.

Autumn In June – Call Me When The Party’s Over

Autumn In June has always had insights into life in Los Angeles that feel more authentic than most music that emerges from the city. Rather than the bright lights that generally are the main focus, he channels the minuscule moments that occur under the radar throughout the city streets. On “Call Me When The Party’s Over” he masterfully walks through late night calls – it’s a situation applicable to any city, but because of the deep sense of place he weaves through his music, you can imagine the low buzz of cars crossing highways and imagine the handful of people wandering through neighborhoods as night time takes hold in the city of angels. It’s a wonderfully grainy lens through which we’re able to observe the smallest facets of his life.

The most minute moments make for the best art in my opinion. It’s a lot more fascinating to make phone calls have this sense of gravitas rather than tackling large, generalized topics. It also comes across as more human, more personal, more compelling. My favorite moments are seeing the lights flicker on around the city when dusk turns to night, seeing a couple in love appreciating one another, driving through downtown and getting lost within its skyscrapers. Those are the moments that stick with me and inform my love for the city I call home.

Marie Lang – Don’t Wanna Go Back

I wrote about Marie Lang earlier this year and she returns with a killer new single. It’s called “Don’t Wanna Go Back” and it’s a stunning indie-pop outing that feels like the genre at its most intricate and intelligent. The verses are dripping in soul, but the chorus feels like Imogen Heap or Dido at their most infectious which ticks off all the boxes for meeting my exact taste. Her vocals are absolutely killer and the production is fine-tuned to the most minute details, leaving nothing to imagine and everything to get lost within. “Don’t Wanna Go Back” is a powerful new statement that hints toward a dynamic debut EP which Marie has plans to unveil at the top of December, a date that I’ll be marking on my calendar and anxiously looking forward to.

I don’t want to go back to the mental chains that bound me. I’ve worked so hard to advance myself mentally and spiritually, so regressing to old trains of thought just isn’t an option anymore. Even when times are a little tough in my head like right now, I lean on the tools I’ve allotted over the past few years, whether it’s breathing and meditating or putting myself in the middle of my community where I can let go of self reflection and focus on the company of those around me. I’m proud of the person I’ve become and will continue to maintain this state of existence while continuing to progress day in and day out.