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#gratitudechallenge 💜💜💜


November 8th didn’t surprise me. There’s a worldwide nationalism movement happening and as Victor Hugo once said –

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

Furthermore, a week prior to the election, the first American silent digital coup and counter coup took place that tremendously altered the power dynamics at that critical juncture. But if you were getting your information from anything close the mainstream or trusting manipulated polling, you like so many were blindsided.

What did surprise me was the reaction everyone has had and continues to have. Sadness, anger, hate, division, hopelessness, confusion. We’re entitled to our feelings but that lack of perspective I’m seeing goes against everything I believe…

“There are things one must not contemplate, he thought. There is an obscenity of evil which contaminates the observer.  -Ayn Rand. “Atlas Shrugged.”

I grew up in the ghetto of the Dominican Republic, my parents moved here and by the time I was 13 I was singing in the White House, performing with a Beatle, traveling around the world. As a collective we have access to a quality of life that not even the richest had just a short time ago. We still live in the land of the free, home of the brave and as Warren Buffet said in response to all of this – “For 240 years it’s been a terrible mistake to bet against America, and now is no time to start…” How fast does fear take over that we forget how much we have to be thankful for? So I blacked out all social media until one of my best friends tagged me with a message that was the first thing anyone has said that I could relate to…

I took a political vow of silence Wednesday morning. I watched friendships break up on social media this week. Riots. Anger. With all the discord, I am strangely hopeful. So I am breaking 2 rules with this post. 1 i’m posting a selfie and 2 i’m Breaking electronic Shabbat…to say one thing. THANK YOU!! I’m truly blessed in every way. The best wife. The most amazing daughter. A family and friends who love and care about me. A baby boy coming in March. A humble abode in Montecito;) Thank you to everyone who helped me along the way. Let’s put aside our past baggage and work together to keep this party going!!

Please take a pic of those closest to you right now and share it with #gratitudechallenge. There’s too much hate flying on social right now. Spread the love

Like that famous drum break, Amen Brother. That’s called appreciation, taking a good look at the present, the only thing that’s real, and full heartedly basking in it. My life is nowhere near where I want it to be but that has zero to do with how grateful and happy I am for everything in it…

And I wonder if you know what it means to laugh as tears go by. – Labi Siffre, “My Song”

I wake up overwhelmed with how lucky I am to be here, able to experience this surreal miracle of being alive on earth. My sister’s wedding was one of the best times I’ve had in my life. I’ve never had a moment in my life where I’ve questioned how much I love my family or how much they love me. My best friends have been by my side for more than half of my life. There’s a little angel out there that has a pretty face just like mine. Blessed is just a start.

I can’t spend time worrying because I think there’s too much to do, and so much to do it with! I can’t get behind the anger because there’s too much beauty in the world, too much good. I can’t waste time because I’ll never get it back. But I can 100% get behind being grateful for every single expression of beauty in there world there is.

So here’s to the only challenge I’ve ever gotten behind. Get on your favorite social thing and do this, let’s change the vibrations –

“Take the #gratitudechallenge. Post a pic of people you love and challenge 3 others to do the same. 3 Purple Hearts 💜💜💜”

P.S. Here’s Dave Chappelle’s SNL monologue, I like the perspective. Watch it here.

La Critica

“La gente critica pero no mantiene.

A mi no me ace que la gente te critiquen.
que yo no vivo bien , que tengo mil mujeres eso dice la gente
si ami la critica no me mantiene.
dicen que llego a los bailes con un tumbao sin igual
que cuando salgo a la calle no le quiero ablar a nadie y oy las
gracias quiero dar a todos los que critican por acerme popular.
yo soy artista a mi me ace la critica
y a todos lo que critican oy quiero felicitar
oy que me tienen presente cuando van a mulmurar.

Yo soy artista y ami me ace la critica.
Yo soy artista y a mi me ace la critica.

Gracias oy le quiero dar a todo aquel que me critica
por mantenerme presente en cada una de sus cuartillas

Yo soy artista y ami me ace la critica.
Yo soy artista y a mi me ace la critica.

Si , si , si la critica me mantiene.
que critiquen que critiquen la critica me mantiene.
si eso es lo que a la gente entretiene, la critica me mantiene
es lo que ami me mantiene mi gente la critica me mantiene.
soy de villaconsuelo un barrio caliente la critica me mantiene
si no te critican como vendes la critica me mantiene”

Billie Eilish – Six Feet Under (Jerry Folk Remix)

With leaves beginning to fall toward the Earth and the brisk air becoming more chilled every day, fall is undoubtedly upon us. For this brief lapse of time, nature’s beauty is insurmountable as cascades of orange, red, and yellow permeate landscapes. Yet, just as quickly as it came, the color will soon seep away, nature’s beauty redefined once more.

If there is a proper audible compliment for that transition, look no further than Jerry Folk’s remix of “Six Feet Under.” A barren atmosphere driven by a methodically bleeping synth akin to Kanye West’s “Say You Will,” it frames Billie Eilish’s vocals as a proverbial light within the darkness of an earlier setting sun. As she croons, “Could roses bloom?”, the thought of the cold providing an alternative elegance is seemingly echoed with hints of affirmation. Yet, as a new arrangement of synthesizers and keys blossoms in the track’s closing moments, it becomes certain; even when a landscape is not outright flourishing, there is still allure to be found.

And thus, Folk’s reimagining of “Six Feet Under” will continue to spin as I watch the seasons give way to one another, the Earth’s cycles continuing to unfold.

DROELOE – Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage indeed, as another smoking hot DROELOE track sends you on quite a journey. They’ve really become masters at creating instrumental music that speaks louder than most songs with vocals. Brimming with well-placed synth sounds, perfectly timed drum drops, and eerie chopped up vocals sprinkled on top, “Bon Voyage” creates the perfect template for this groundswell of instrumental electronic and hiphop productions. It’s packed with smart decisions. The drums are oozing hiphop swag, but the arrangements and instruments are pure electro bliss. It’s wonderful balance that pretty much ensures you’ll play this back to back to back to back to back…

The best part is the conflicting emotions I feel from the song. At moments the vocal sample blends with the track and there’s these feelings of desperation, helplessness, and vulnerability. But at the moments when the drums are driving the song, it makes me want to stomp down the street and sock someone in the face – in the most charming and endearing way possible of course. And I realized that those feelings seem to reflect the way America feels right now. Desperate, helpless, yet ready to take things into their own hands if necessary. It’s a weird-ass time, and I love music that compliments the mood of the moment. Keep providing the soundtrack DROELOE!

The Temper Trap – Lost (HONNE Remix)

The only thing I can constantly lose myself in is music. Communicating through sound is the coolest thing to me so it’s easy.

Great books do the trick too. I’m reading Atlas Shrugged again and getting lost in that world is just as fascinating. Ayn Rand’s ability to describe the subtle and internal is incredible. Her perspective and belief in man’s greatness, having a respect and reverence for yourself and believing that you are capable of the highest heights is my religion.

“This is the motive and purpose of my writing: the projection of an ideal man. The portrayal of a moral ideal, as my ultimate literary goal, as an end in itself—to which any didactic, intellectual or philosophical values contained in a novel are only the means.” – Ayn Rand

In other words, I love the experience of getting lost in beautiful and inspiring concepts. It’s easy to choose otherwise. That is to choose thoughts of lesser worth and indulge them, to get lost in unenlightened thinking.

The vibe of this HONNE Remix couldn’t be more appropriate for beautiful thinking.

You don’t have to worry baby, let’s get lost…”

You either believe in the worst of man, the worst of yourself or in the best. Choose wisely, enjoy.