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Mainman – W.W.H.

Just to test it out, I decided to throw this song in a random mix with all of my favorite “white guy soul/yacht rock” songs to see how it held up. A couple of Hall and Oates and Steely Dan songs floated by, then some good ole Michael McDonald. Then a Joe Jackson song, although since he’s British he probably fancies himself too cool to be boxed into this group. Then on came Mainman, sandwiched by Christopher Cross on the other end. And you know what? “W.W.H.” fit right in perfectly! It passed a huge test. Next would be to play it for my dad and see if he starts tappin and groovin and acting all early 80-ish. If Mainman passes that test, this song is gold as far as I’m concerned. And if the song wasn’t enough, Funny Or Die premiered the wonderful time-warping video last week, check it here.

Plus, you gotta love the topic. I don’t know what the heck the initials “W.W.H.” stand for, but I do know that the singer is clearly trying to help someone keep with spiraling thoughts. You know, the “tiny thoughts” that eat away at your being like termites until you fall apart and “enter the void.” And think about it for a sec – where do these thoughts even come from? Whose voice are they? Not yours, i’ll tell you that much. Not many of the thoughts that stream through your head in a given day are yours. That’s why many meditation practices revolve around playing the role of an observer or witness to your thoughts, and NOT indulging them. You gotta be able to observe your ridiculous thoughts (you know they are) as a by-stander, and not pay them any attention. Your attention is the most precious thing you can give to anyone or anything, but that’s a whole other topic.

It’s like when you’re riding on the bus and some homeless guy gets on – already mid-conversation about something insane – and he’s gonna tell the rest of his story to whoever he locks eyes with. Don’t make eye contact or you’re in for 15 minutes of nodding your head politely while this guy rants and raves.

These tiny thoughts are the same. They’re nuts. They’re pure lunacy. They’re definitely not worth giving your attention to. If you can learn to indulge only YOUR OWN thoughts and laugh at all the other BS that floats through your head non-stop, you’re well on your way to gaining control of your life like never before.

Video: Lana Del Rey – Love

To be young and in love..”

This track literally gave me chills, goosebumps, deja vu, an out of body orgasm…  I don’t think I have ever been disappointed by Lana, and was ecstatic to find out she came out with a new track.  There is so much about this track that makes it amazing, the effortless classic vocals, sexy and fluid.  Next is the emotion and beauty from Lana both in the emotion she exudes in the lyrics and in her classic beauty that you don’t see very often, I can’t stop staring, everything about this is classic yet easily relatable and modern.  I could see this track being the theme for every new feature film, it fits in with so many genres because of it’s booming hook that really is so diverse if your mind is able to think beyond the confines of what we automatically categorize love to be.

Ahh to be young and in love (and so naive, ha).  I don’t really know what that feels like anymore, being in love, but I can’t wait to feel it again one day, it will be exciting, like jumping out of a plane with nothing but a parachute, I remember that feeling and I want it to be just like that.  Love for me the last few years was more like walking in eggs shells, no wait not even egg shells, more like walking on sand that has little shards of glass and you have to walk as carefully as possible not to get jabbed.  I want the feeling of falling out of an airplane, heart racing, uncontrollable laughter and you don’t even know why but you don’t need to because it’s all so natural and beautiful.

Thanks Lana, I needed this, the video is awesome in its own right, I need to end this post so I can go listen and watch this a few more times.  I hope you all have the same reaction.

Good day my loves xx


Geordie Kieffer – Tastes Like Chocolate

The 90s are back and better than ever! We’ve got Tommy jackets, way too much flannel tied around people’s waists, and on this new song from Geordie Kieffer, quirky music that reminds me of the days of Beck. I’m not sure I ever wanted those first two things back, but damn I’m happy to hear someone carry the torch of straight weirdness in 2017!

I feel like in the internet age with parody musicians all over YouTube like a plague, being funny in your music just hasn’t been cool anymore besides punchlines in rap songs. You’re either super serious about your music or making fun of a genre by playing it (*cough* Lil Dicky *cough*) and there’s no room in between. That’s why I’m especially happy to hear Geordie do his thing…he’s made a song that’s silly but also been stuck in my head like glue since I first heard it! It goes from alt-rock singing and weird synthesizer sounds to a mostly rapped chorus, all while talking about worshipping his new girl, and it feels like such an honest way to get across all of his different feelings for a new girl who he would do *anything* for. He takes all the elements of how his girl makes him feel and wraps them up into a fun, carefree time that makes me smile over and over again!

Volo – Crumble (feat. GIIA)

I’m closed and I’m open. I’m rushing through these years like flickering playing cards. Blooming into this or that. I grab on to the people who glimmer in the way I want to understand. To those who also shimmer with the curiosity to expand. I’m in an open relationship with everyone I meet. Observing how deep I crumble into their different defeats. I understand it’s not always my place to try to care and tweak. To offer people what I can feel they hunger for beneath.

It seems everyones hungry, for permission just to play. To take off all the ropes and baggage and breath out the heavy weight. And I hunger just to give it, regardless of their age. Maybe because I’m hungry to receive it and and feel like it could pave…pave a road to a lighter being, to truth, to love, to laughter. To finding others like me that revel in disaster. That welcome messy presence, that light up when things crumble. That wait with heated breath and bait because I know it makes me humble.

Love this track. It has ups and downs, opens slow and tunes into you. Leads you through a sadness before breaking, shattering into flutes that catch you in their rhythm like and like an ocean wave you into a soft surrender.

ILIVEHERE. – Coming Home

Home can mean a lot of things, whether it’s a place of past growth that incites nostalgia or a person whose presence is naturally comforting. When considering what home means to me, three specific instances come to mind; my family, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

No matter where my family resides, seeing my parents instantly puts me in a state of comfort. They’re the people who raised me, they’re my best friends, and coming home to them makes me feel complete. As for Atlanta, it’s the city where I was born and raised; seeing its skyline is enough to incite peace within my mind. When it comes to walking those streets, I’m flooded with waves of past memories, from dates at the Varsity to sneaking down to Little Five, all of which have a special place in my heart.

My third home in Los Angeles is a rather recent one. While I don’t have many memories to lean back on from four months of life here, it’s the city my dreams were made of as a teenager. It’s a place where artistic culture thrives, where music is fostered with care, and where my breath is routinely taken away. It’s where I now rest my head and where I so fortunately develop relationships that mean the world to me. It might not be deeply rooted in my past, but as I’ve transitioned into life here, it’s undeniable that I’ve been coming home.


Elephante ft. Nevve – Catching On (B-Sides Remix)

You know those songs that make you nod your head along like a bobblehead with an extra bouncy spring? Well if you don’t, you will now with this remix of Elephante and Nevve! B-Sides straight up kills it with an upbeat sound that makes me wanna break out my old shuffling shoes and neon hoops and get down this very instant…there’s no need for bells and whistles here, just a super fun synth and good vibes.

Of course I couldn’t talk about this song without mentioning its crazy good vocals and lyrics…Nevve sounds so damn smooth that I could just listen to her sing on repeat. And lyrically, all that talk about “love is languish” and “you string me along don’t you” hits *way* too close too home. It’s obviously wrong to blame someone for not giving me the perfect romance I have in my head, but sometimes things get tricky and it’s impossible to ignore how much it sucks at the time. You get an idea in your head of how your relationship should go, and when it doesn’t, it’s easy to feel betrayed…I mean we’re not perfect you know? We’re just human!

Anyways, if you’re feeling down about your love life, go cheer up and listen to this remix. Oh, and for the readers out there that somehow haven’t heard the original “Catching On”, today’s your lucky day! You can also listen to the equally amazing original below.

KREAM – Taped Up Heart Ft. Clara Mae

When you haven’t had any affection in two years, your sheets really do become your best friend, you almost start to forget about what affection feels like and for some you don’t really need it anymore.  Sometimes love is too exhausting, and I think for myself personally I have needed a break, it’s been quite freeing. I think most become single and they go out and test the waters so to speak over and over again, I am just different I guess, it’s sometimes even a little bizarre to me, maybe I got a bit traumatized the last few years being told I love you, I want you, then the next minute being told I don’t matter, go the fuck away, then I love you all over again and so on and so on.  Human beings and dogs really do have similarities in that those of us who have loyalty in our blood keep allowing the same people to hurt us over and over, but at a certain point the loyal ones will break and will have had enough.  I think I am just treading very lightly, I have all the love I need from my baby girl, it’s a love that cannot say fuck you I am done, it’s the kind of love we all need in order to see what love and loyalty truly is, that’s why right now I am content with being alone so to speak, it’s an amazing feeling to be secure in being alone.

We all need a good “fuck it” song, “I got this, I won’t take shit,” song.  This track does that for me today, and don’t get me wrong, I love LOVE, I love seeing people in love and I know that it exists because I have seen it with my own eyes.  It comes in all different forms and it doesn’t all suck and end in turmoil, so there you go, Miss Optimistic over here.  Sappy enough for ya, ok good now press play and enjoy the rest of your Tuesday darlings. xx

KARMIC – Higher Self

So you get a call from a friend, or more of an acquaintance that you know thru friends, you follow each other on social media, that sort of thing.  Apparently they recognize a photo of you on an ex’s Instagram that was just posted, that you posted a couple years ago, you get a screen shot of the photo.  Do you get upset or flattered?  I say flattered, I mean shit, wasted or not wasted they were clearly going through old photos and reminiscing, you can’t be mad at that, but clearly they didn’t think you would see it because you don’t follow each other anymore, or did they? HA! Sometimes you just don’t truly understand what is going on in another persons head when they do something a bit questionable but hopefully you’ve grown up a lot and found your “higher self” enough to laugh about it and find the the good in the whole situation.

It was always there from the start, the best me was never far…And I’m talking, talking to my higher self.”

I love a good dance track on a Monday with positive vibes and a clear message to start off the week, something you can do a little jumping around in your panties too.  It’s important to feel confident and sexy if not all the time then at least sometimes, and I am sure there is someone out there for all of you that is checking out old photos of you late at night 😉

Neil Thomas – Home (John James & Nick Peters Remix)

So many say “live in the present”, but I like to think about the future, I think it’s important, especially when you are an adult that aspires to do really big things for your life and your family.  I’ve had my mind on NY lately, I had to step away for a few months to realize it’s the place that I love, like taking a break from a relationship that needs a breather.  NY is one of the most unique places in the world in my opinion, it’s a place where dreams come true for many from all over, it’s diverse, it moves fast and has everything one could desire.  Sometimes you have to step away from a place and even people, that you love so much, to see it all from a distance, to miss it all, and if you don’t miss it, you never loved it/them.  Sometimes you just need to leave home to realize that’s where you belong.

This track has me dreaming about Summer, about the city and so much excitement that is taking place in the near future.  It’s a beautiful melodic track that I can also dance too, win win in my book!  I feel like I am cruising with this one, the guitar with the bass and vocals is just all perfectly designed.  I would play this at a daytime EMPT brunch party this Summer with some sexy cocktails and sexy people ready to let loose and dream about the amazing future with me, I still think this world is an amazing place regardless of the chaos.

Karmadella – Wait For You (Feat. Connor Mac)

There’s sooo many different styles of music these days. Yes, that’s an understatement, so now i’ll overstate it: There’s sub-genres, sub-genres of the sub-genre, sub-genres of the cousin of the dad’s sisters sub-genre. The worm hole gets deeper every day. It’s fantastic in a general sense, the concept of creators being able to create and release their art any time, any day. But in action, the internet has become a wasteland of mediocre ideas and ragged execution. That’s why blogs are so valuable right now, they wade through the muck for you and deliver you the gems (takes a bow).

There’s one simple concept that threads together all of the different styles of music, and doesn’t make it so overwhelming to dive into. An old friend said it best when I was excitedly telling him about some hot new highly anticipated release. “Yeah, but is it dope though?” And that ladies and gentlemen is the question you need to ask yourself about any art, or really anything in life for that matter. First you’re responsible for developing the refined taste one needs to properly answer the question “but is it dope though?” Once you’ve acquired “the taste” (some are born with it, some have to learn it), then you can run everything through the “is it dope though” filter. All of a sudden there’s not a million styles of music, there’s one style of music. DOPE music. All art has a level of inarguable “dopeness” that some can feel and some can’t. But if it’s dope, it’s dope. That’s objective, not subjective as far as I’m concerned. There is a base level truth in dopeness.

All that said, “Wait For You” by Karmadella is just that – “dope.” It’s not mind-blowing, it’s not begging me to listen to it over and over, but the DNA of “dopeness” is clearly weaved through the song. It’s cool, smooth, sleek, smart, subtle and sophisticated. You know, the treasured “5 S’s.” The drop is straight butter and the overall soundscape simply feels like something you need and want to be a part of. Good job fellas, you passed the “But is it dope though” test, which isn’t easy.