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OZ – Wonder prod by Beatboyz

Back in Seattle after more then a decade of being away, to get my feet wet, in the organic music industry they have here so too speak. I was lucky enough to stumble upon a writer, poet, hip-hop artist on one of my first weekends out at High Dive in Fremont. Fresh sound, fresh lyrics, catching my attention like the way the air feels after a hard rain, clean.  Through the distraction of checking my phone to see if my baby girl is sleeping soundly at home.  Seattle local, OZ, making his mark on what I believe to be some of the most hardcore music fans, not only that but if you have a passion for music then you know some greats have come from this rainy Emerald City, Shabazz Palaces, Sir Mix, Macklemore, Jimmy, Nirvana, too name a few….

I wonder will the world see me as a heathen or see me as a man with a wishing well.

I wonder when I’ll be in babe, I wonder when I’ll be king baby.” -OZ

Wonder: a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.

It sounds so innocent right? The definition of such a beautiful word, but I don’t know that there is such innocence these days except in that of a newborn baby.  I felt wonder last night while watching the 3rd debate between the devil and a women who isn’t so innocent herself but put the definition of wonder in me in a much more gritty sense.  I am not one to talk politics, in fact this is the first year I am finally voting and I am 30 years old!  This past year has been one giant ball of wonder for me. Surprise for so many new beginnings, not just for me but for the world.  Admiration for my strength as a single mother and my abilities to raise and take care of my child all on my own, and the world through its strength with so much chaos.  Beauty, because there is so much of it and we are all forgetting that there is still SO much BEAUTY that exists.  Unexpected, Unfamiliar, Inexplicable, these 3 words speak for themselves, speak for MY self and for our world as we know it right now.

I wonder what else this world has in store for me, for us all, because so far it has been Fuc&ing exciting darlings, let me tell you it has been far more exciting then I ever expected. I wonder who will become president, hopefully you all will make the right choice, I wonder tho, will you make the right choice? This world is our ‘wishing well’, make the right wish.

While your wonderment is mulling into thirst for new beginnings, for the right beginning, press play on this fresh track by one of my new local Seattle favs, OZ, enjoy!

Violet Days x Win and Woo – Your Girl Remix

This is the push and pull at the heart of any serious relationship isn’t it? Once the initial gloss wears off, it comes down to the real reason why you’re in the relationship. Is it out of convenience? Is it out of fear of being alone? Is it out of desire for consistent sex? When the relationship hits that crucial point where it either becomes something “serious” or not, this is the core issue. Neither person wants to ONLY be there for one reason, or for a superficial reason. They want to be there for ALL of the reasons. They want to be loved, needed, respected, relied-upon and rewarded in a variety of ways. At the beginning of a promising relationship, it’s easy to feel like you’re everything to the other person, all aspects of the relationship are sparked and firing on all cylinders. But as time goes on, it so easily fades. The cute little things become annoyances. One person feels marginalized, the other feels under-appreciated. One is bored, the other feels ignored. Just like Lina of Violet Days sings:

“I need more than you give me. We were so good in the beginning.”

You gotta be honest and up-front with your intentions, that seems to be the only way to avoid these traps. Actually say the things Lina says here before they become an issue, and make sure both people are on the same page at all times. Miscommunication is usually the centerpiece of any problems in a relationship. When those miscommunications aren’t addressed they become fixtures, and then can’t be removed. It’s always easier to clean up a spill right after it happens rather than two weeks later.

Sonically, what’s so great about this Win and Woo remix is how Lina’s honesty flows right into an aural explosion of high pitched vocals, smooth R&B-flavored percussion and waves of soothing synths. It’s almost like her words create this moment of beautiful chaos, but then as it settles everything comes into clear view. It’s like the old tale about the person who loses his keys in a pond and frantically digs for them, kicking up dirt and creating too much movement in the water as opposed to the person who lets the keys settle to the pond floor, and the clearly sees them and figures out a clear way to retrieve them. All of the pieces of this song fall into place and what remains is a beautiful remix that highlights the best parts of the original version.

D.D Dumbo – Satan

Walk in. Watch. Everybody is here to have a good one. He misses her though. Go to the bar. Get some ginger ale in that solo cup. Best way to keep dipsh*ts from asking why you aren’t drinking at a party anyway. Walk around. Meet new people. She’s too busy talking to him. He seems a lot more important. Listen to that tune. Wiggle your butt a bit. Start getting into it. They’re talking about Artificial Intelligence and its development over here on the West Coast. Dope. Enough eavesdropping. Engage the conversation. Realize you don’t know a thing about AI. Move along. He’s wasted. It’s not even midnight. Keep dancing the social anxiety away. Have a cigarette. Fuck cigarettes. She looks good. Let’s give it a second try. She can’t dance for shit. Moving on. She looks interesting. Like she’s having fun, but there’s something in her eyes that says she’s carrying a weight on her shoulders. Her body asks for space. We’ll come back to her later. Food. Need food. No food. More ginger ale. It’s 7am. Everybody is either gone or passed out. Let’s find a room and collapse. 10am. She wakes me up. She needs someone to listen. Shake off the slumber. Let’s take her to breakfast. What. A. Night.

“I pray for everyone, as a godless sapien.”

SHELLS – Jailbird

Oh so many prisons. Personal; mental, spiritual. Physical; Professional, routine. Sometimes we feel…

I’m going crazy, I’m going crazy.
Being a Jailbird.”

But let me dig on this. This is something that can only be concluded after some cognizant train of thought,but if it weren’t for prisons we wouldn’t value our freedom to the extent that some of us do. Some of us, the cognizant few. But let’s break it down…


Mental: There are several degrees, or wards, if you will, in this prison. From temporary insanity due to a rush of hormones blasting through your chest and bursting into words…damn, that girl is fine af, Imma do some crazy shit to break down her wall, to bipolar mania that only the ones lucky/unklucky enough to have experienced this high know.
Spiritual: This prison has three floors. On the ground floor you have spiritual void; individuals who have perhaps not yet tapped into this realm, and maybe never will. But these have no god but the god they know. They are limited by their own knowledge, their own world view. They trust no one. Only themselves. These are the individualists. Hans Solo. The second floor is those that feel the breeze of some sort of faith, but they can’t put their finger on it. They’ve tapped in with just the tip. They are bound by their fear to give into something greater than themselves…whatever…it…may…be. Then, the third floor, that’s where the riots happen. Where you see prisoners hanging the innocent that live below. Where all egos collide, and sadly, they don’t realize they mostly coincide. Christians we’re once Jews. Yam Kippur to you all by the way. Jews and Arabs we’re once part of the same tribe (you can read up on Abraham, and his two sons here). These are bound, tied and twisted by their narrow perception of the reality of it all…we are all family, and we all seek to live in God to the best of our abilities. The extremists are those that have followed the wolf clothed in sheep’s skin. I’m not even going to bother with these; they are not worth my time.


Professional: Do you like what you do for a living? You make it work. You don’t? You’re a prisoner. You say you love what you are doing? You make that shit art, no matter what you do.
Routine: Sometimes, we’re just afraid of venturing off into the unknown. Be brave. Break the mold.

Value your mental, spiritual, professional and physical freedom. Now, protect it with fire.


For more jams like this follow my regularly updated Spotify playlist.

Pegasus Warning – Building A Bridge

Artist comparisons in press emails can get a bit ridiculous, don’t you think? Artists need to believe in their creations of course, but when a PR team represents a rap duo as the next coming of Outkast or an indie band as the next coming of The Strokes, it sets the bar just a bit too high. With that being said, Los Angeles-based artist Pegasus Warning is being billed as someone who channels the vibes of a list of soulful legends and freaking Prince, but after listening to his brand new EP, they just might onto something.

“Building a Bridge,” the album’s intro track, is an instant favorite because of those comparisons. It’s a silky smooth joint with MoTown vibes that I just can’t get enough of; on top of his soulful vocals, the bridge at the end of the track drips with purple-rain soaked electronics and arena-ready vocals in the background that would put classic rock legends to shame. It’s like all the ghosts of classic music’s past came together and decided to show themselves once more in the form of Pegasus Warning, transporting all of us listening back to a musical golden age.

I promise I won’t go off on a grumpy, old-man tangent about how there’s less classic music produced these days, but Pegasus Warning might be the first artist I’ve encountered in a hot minute whose music really feels timeless. I can’t wait to sit down and dig into PwEP2 again and again the rest of this year and the years to come.

BeachSeason – Tribes

There’s never enough brooding alt-r&b in the world for hazy late nights, especially as the chill of true fall weather steadily approaches. Thus, it’s the perfect time to spin BeachSeason’s “Tribes,” a track whose material replicates the search for friction in October and beyond.

Sitting somewhere within the territory the Weeknd once carved out north of the border, BeachSeason continue the Toronto sound tradition via Calgary with a more direct approach in mind – a deceptively quick, snare-driven pace, an eerie vocal sample turned up in tandem, and a vocal performance that’s comfortable front-and-center rather than situated within the darkness. Sure, many artists have pulled off similar formulas in the calendar year, but the pop sensibilities present are a feat that’s impossible to ignore, even Drake’s own OVO factory not fully able to recreate this radio-ready r&b on command.

With that being said, do yourself a favor: cozy up at home or find someone to cozy up with at the club, and listen to “Tribes” in its proper glory.

Kid Froopy – BB (Four Missed Texts) (WRLD Remix)

Kid Froopy’s “BB (Four Missed Texts)” was dope in its original form, but WRLD has turned the track into a self-contained dance party waiting to spread like wildfire, sans environmental impact. The echoing synth that appears throughout the track in small stretches sounds straight out of a California-sourced 90s joint, while the vibes of the track at large even approach quasi-disco territory, all contributing to an enthralling sound that transcends time and space.

With those sonic-leanings in mind, it’s wild that this remix came from the mind of a Netherlands based producer, but that just goes to show how expansive music’s impact has become in the digital age – a California label working with a European producer, coming together to deliver a joint whose jubilant vibes will end up touching hearts and minds far beyond the west coast sound it partially originates from. It’s such an exciting notion, a notion that souls across the world can create together for the better of humankind.

We’re truly blessed to live in an age where the creation of music like WRLD’s “BB” remix is even possible, so I think that’s cause for celebration. Go grab some friends, put your dancing-shoes on, and let loose to Moving Castle’s newest.

Kan Wakan – I Would

Attention to detail. It’s such a neglected, yet essential concept in music. In everything for that matter. Let’s face it, most people don’t want to do most of things they have to do, so they just race through them to get them done. That’s all fine and good for the most part, but the details are lost in the haste and those little things soon grow into gaping holes. You see it everywhere, from the way countries are run, to the way businesses are run, to the way people live their lives. If the “little things” aren’t carefully managed, it all turns to chaos.

Gueorgui Linev, who mans the controls of Kan Wakan, clearly understands this concept. “I Would,” the blazing hot second single from his upcoming triple LP “Phantasmagoria” simply oozes details. It screams intelligence. It reeks of coolness. Every sound, every moment, every thunderous boom and every slice of silence is perfectly placed and is just plain dope. There is nothing chaotic about this song. Everything is where it’s supposed to be. The details are managed to the molecule.

This is one of those rare songs that I’d want someone to catch me listening to and ask about it, just so I can go on a rant about how awesome it is and how cool I am for knowing about it before them. Its the kind of song that defines your taste, and makes you rate other songs against it. Its even flawlessly mixed. There’s no question that Mr. Linev is one of the best producers in the game, it’s just a matter of how long it’ll take for everyone to notice. This song is one giant step toward making that happen.

Tom Aspaul – Never Complaining

From the second “Never Complaining” starts, I feel like I’m transported back to my teen years in the early/mid-90’s. I used to race home from school to catch Rap City on BET, where I could indulge in all best The Golden Age had to offer. I didn’t like R&B nearly as much as hip hop, but I’d often keep watching when Rap City finished and ended up falling madly in love with the music of Aaron Hall, Johnny Gill, Keith Sweat, Al B. Sure, and the list goes on.

It always was a bit of a guilty pleasure until I realized it was the one style of music that didn’t get annoying to me at a certain point. Those songs work for me in any mood, which is why I’m so grateful to have found this fantastic track from Tom Aspaul. This song just works on all levels. It looks back to a classic time stylistically, but still sounds very relevant, modern and innovative. It has a smart pop appeal to it, but drips with soulful R&B tones and inflections. And it just sounds like a song I’d play right after leaving somewhere. You know what I mean? I love leaving places, even though I also love hanging out with people. But there’s just something inherently exciting about leaving somewhere and knowing that I’m going home. I always save my favorite songs of the moment to play when I’m leaving somewhere, it just sets the mood right and makes me feel good to be alive. This is definitely one of those songs.

Patrick Reza – Escape (Feat. Aubren Elaine)

The central theme of PatrickReza’s new joint with Aubren Elaine is readily apparent: “escape.”

Escape from what, though? The word evokes imagery of dramatically departing from an outwardly oppressive location or situation, but sometimes an escape isn’t that climatic. Sometimes an escape is a slow, methodical process – a calculated move for something better.

Hell, with that definition in mind, aren’t we all constantly escaping? Even if a major move isn’t in sight, we’re constantly working toward an improved future, a future that expands our boundaries to function within and whose opportunities are more plentiful. For some, that means transferring to a new college that better fits their needs. For others, it’s planning to leave their hometown upon feelings of containment and stagnation, or, as major of a move as leaving a career behind for another.

Whatever the case may be in life, we should all look to plan our next escape, major or minor in stature. By avoiding complacency and thinking ahead, we’re that much closer to achieving our “something better.”