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Tali Kouch — The Moon Is My Witness


A few apartments away from mine there is an old man who sings and practices singing everyday for approximately 2-3 hours. He makes me remember why there are so many artists out in the musicsphere that never make it. He makes me look at artists who released their last creation about 6 months or more ago, and he reminds me of why the industry is in disarray, and how we are stuck here with so many delusional artists who feel entitled to a shot at the big show without an inkling of what it truly takes to get there.

Whenever I meet an aspiring singer, I always ask them how long they have been singing and if they have any formal training, but the most important question for me to ask them is: how many hours a day to you practice signing? Until this day I have not been surprised by anyone’s answer because it’s mostly an uncomfortable gulp and the same four-lettered word—none. Being in the music industry and seeing so many hopefuls come and go, it naturally has made me lean towards the truer talents that exist out there rather than the dreamers. Don’t get me wrong, I am still one of the biggest dreamers of them all, but  I have learned that without hard work it is extremely rare to make it in any field. This is why this morning I gravitated towards the young and talented Tali Kouch (pronounced koosh).

Tali Kouch is a Toronto based singer, producer, writer and overall true artist. Within her vocals and the placement of her tones at the perfect distances from the microphone, one can instantly tell that she has been singing for quite some time. She describes her own production on “The Moon Is My Witness” as: “a funky blend of saxophone, drums, and other sounds”,  where  I would describe it as a jazzy blend of smooth R&B with angelically soulful vocals that spurt sonic honey into one’s ears.

This morning I gravitated towards the unassuming artist with the subtle masterpiece hidden under her arm whom humbly works hard at something she loves rather than the narcissistically entitled dabblers and hobbyists of music, pretending that they work hard when their last song was months, if not years ago. I’m kind of sick of people that release music under their own personal agendas rather than the art, love, and honest passion for it.

Break a leg, Tali.

EMPT Wednesday Mini Mix: Hermosa

I remember when I wrote my first post on here and Hec told me that it was all wrong. Immediately, I had picked apart a song and shitted on every aspect of it. The bass wasn’t right and the vocals were off and the claps were too bare. So went my first few sentences and then hec reminded me what EMPT was all about.

EMPT is about the positive nature of music rather than any negatives about it. Back then I had no idea how that mantra would change my life. I guess many of us are taught or trained or inadvertently conditioned to think of the glass as being half empty. I guess that my life was once dark too. But then that all changed. It was EMPT and its mantra that sparked the first fire within me. Later on, a girl would come into my life and show me that even on cloudy days the sun existed, no matter if we could see it or not. These energies combined would slowly change my view of the world back to what it was when I was young.

Today, I tear when I hear music that touches me, and I laugh at cheeky lyrics that tickle me. I dance to groovy basslines and skip to funky trap. But I also see the world so differently than I saw it growing up. I romanticize every thing in my path, no matter how bad others might think things could be.

I see a world full of gold roads and people made of diamonds. I see smiles made of stars and laughters that come from the ocean. I see a pretty girl and all I imagine is how happy she must be because the sad parts are worthless in my world; they cost nothing and have zero value.

This Wednesday Mini Mix is just that. It is the music that allows me to live in this world of mine that is so different and more romantic than most. Sure, some of us have problems that never go away, and others are suffering through something so big that life seems worthless, but for me just being able to listen to gold and diamonds and stars coming out of my speakers is reason enough to live because it means that anything we truly imagine can become so real.

I like my world, and hopefully you will like it to once you hit play. I named it Hermosa because that is where I imagine being when I listen to this. I imagine myself sitting on the end of the pier in Hermosa Beach, California, with my laptop and sunglasses—typing away…

Cannons – Evening Star

The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” — WB Yeats

The world as we can perceive it is already a wondrous place but imagine how much there is around us that we aren’t yet able to perceive because of where we are in evolution, what culture dictates or what Hollywood portrays. It’s quite possible that we are much further into the future than we are able to perceive. It’s quite possible that we are far more advanced beings than we realize or have been taught to believe.

A mind, once expanded by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

Since moving out to Los Angeles I’ve had so many mind altering experiences that I’m starting to understand why Paramahansa Yogananda came to LA to introduce Kriya. There’s something about where this land sits in relation to the sun, moon and the stars that makes you want to see more, be more, create more and as limitless as the universe.

People cut themselves off from their ties of the old life when they come to Los Angeles. They are looking for a place where they can be free, where they can do things they couldn’t do anywhere else.” – Tom Bradley

It’s hard to explain because it’s a vibe, which is a different language than words. To my point earlier, there are some things that can’t be comprehended using the tools we’ve been taught. Music is one of those very strange and abstract languages, a glitch in the matrix that when used right can communicate the marvel of the Universe in a way no other language can. In this case my point about the city of Angels is made much better in the form of music by local LA band Cannons. Evening Star feels like those epic nights I’ve had in this city, staying up till dawn and watching the beautiful sunrise on my friends roof top. Those are the moment when you’ve been up for over 16 hours literally sucking the juice out this precious life and the wonder of the world unfolds before your eyes. This song is the audio translation of what it feels like to be flying through a Los Angeles night, enjoy.

I wanna take you high into the night
Like the stars in the sky, we could live our own lives.”


Blow Weed Coke pop X
Speeding up the heartbeat
Banging in my chest

When you put it on me
You relieve my stress
You got me so high
Takin’ deep, deep breaths”

Because Mondays can suck. Because Mondays can be awesome. Because Mondays are the start of the week for many people. Because Mondays don’t matter for others. Because so many people have so many different opinions about Mondays, here we are blessing you with something smooth to start the week and something mellow and swaggy to ease you into the end of the work day, and that wonderful feeling you are about to feel when you wake up tomorrow and Tuesday has arrived.

Maybe your weekend was awesome, and maybe it was a mess full of drama. Maybe you had the best escape and the most relaxing time, and maybe you had your life turned upside down, but all any of that really means is that you are in desperate need of some good music, and that’s exactly what we have for here you right now; so just listen.

Janet Jack’s Son remix of Doja Cat‘s “So High” is truly all the stress and tension relief that you will need today. It’s full of a Timbaland style bounce that although sort of found on the original versoion, Janet Jack’s Son manages to beef up tremendously here on his edit, creating more of a never-ending bottom that vibrates up powerfully from the floor and right into your chest. Doja Cat‘s super sexy vocals are a lot more sultry on this edit to than they are on the original, making this overall edition pull itself together beautifully to give her smash tune a HELL of a lot more—oomph.

Crush a bit, little bit, roll it up, take a hit”

Whatever your passion or plans are afterwork today, enjoy this tune before you bolt out of the office or as you get home, get comfy and reach for your bowl, or, on the commute home to help you escape the Monday Blues and help you to prepare for a fast week to end the fastest month.

Rock out.

Grandpa Was A Lion — OS X



10 cent women were stringing up 25 cent words from the ceiling”

Somedays we don’t feel like seeing anyone or doing a goddam thing. Some days it’s awesome to stay home all day and be able to get productive from the comfort of your own home. For those of you that partied all week with us and are have taken the weekend off too, here is a smooth experimental-folk tune for you to daydream in, and get away.

“OS X” by Grandpa Was A Lion is something I would love to hear in a TV show some day. I have my own ideas for the sort of scenes I could see it play to, but the fun of it is for you to make your own movie or television scene up, in your head. Pick the theme in your life that seems to be the most emotional of them all and run with that. Then, take the mental photos of moments from that theme that stand out to you the most and put together a four minute reel from it.  Now add this song to that reel and your scene has been perfected.

EMPT Wednesday Mini Mix

Last night I caught a beautiful film on Netflix titled Instructions Not Included. This film reminded me of how important it is to live in your now than everywhere else we get so caught up in within our minds. You know those places well: the old memories of killer vacations that we once went on, future vacations that we are about to embark in, and how we go to those same kind of places when it comes to loves too, both old and new. It reminded me that none of the things we pursue are worth pursuing because while we are out running around chasing everything that is so vividly elusive, the world around us is gradually passing by and slowly deteriorating who we could be.

I guess that’s why I made this small mini mix for today. It is a reminder to myself that great music is everywhere out there waiting for us to find it and spread its wings in order for it to fly. What good is it for it to be created if we’re just going to be so stubbornly stuck listening to old songs on repeat? Not I, and not today.

Today I’m going to remind myself that the greatest adventures in my life are the ones that I never see coming. That the best vacations I have had are the ones that showed me something new and made me want to relive them all these years later. And so that’s exactly what this mix is. It is a new land that you have never been on before filled with a bunch of new experiences in form of sonic excursions that will make the adventure another unique moment in life because life should only be lived in the moments that are here right now, in the very first place.

Last night I learned that 7 years on this earth are the same as 70 years or 700 years if you live them to the fullest. That there is no difference in them as long as you live a full life and that every moment lived becomes yet another unique adventure that you will some day wish to relive over-and-over again.

Someone once described Et Musique Pour Tous as that friend that you sit with under the stars and share music with while talking about your lives to one another. I hope that this is how today’s post makes you feel, and that the music is just the background noise to our continuous conversations, and, that for as long as the stars continue to twinkle, you and I can continue to chat.

with you,

I can be crazy, I can be crazy,

because that’s what people do.”


Soundcloud has decided to give you other music rather than the playlist, so go here for it:

Hayden James – Something About You

What about a hit?
What about a hit of your look”

Future Classic does it again! The label released their “Teen Idols” compilation back in December- the pearl of which was Hayden James’s “Something About You”. It has a certain smoothness to it which is also quite captivating. The groove is bouncy despite it’s repetitive nature, while also charming the audience. Based out of Australia, Hayden’s popularity has been blowing up these past couple of months- and he’s smack dab in the middle of his Australian tour. Last year you may have caught him opening during ODESZA’s tour. Let’s just say he’s doing things.. things I’d like to witness firsthand!

Can you imagine the vibe of his live shows? This track is happy; it’s something you can dance to. It’s a song your respective DJ should be playing before the night is over. It’s a unique blend of emotions that Hayden seems to have mastered like few others are able to do; it’s more than a catchy beat. I’m willing to bet you’ll be hearing more of Hayden James this year.

Disiz – Toussa Toussa

About a month ago I went on a serious French rap binge looking for music to curate a new spot called Bardot, Michael Mina’s new restaurant at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas . I came across so many jams during my hunt but one of my favorites is by French rapper/actor Sérigne M’Baye Gueye aka Disiz. Produced by Statik Selektah, this track is pure simplicity – Jazz over breaks. Great rappers bring tracks to life and that’s exactly what Disiz does to this beat, providing a barrage of flows that keep your mind dancing top to bottom as you try to keep up with the ever-changing and evolving flows and patterns. The song is about big talkers…

Ok, ok t’es un bandit, t’es un méchant, Toussa Toussa
T’as tué des gens, tu t’fais beaucoup d’argent, Toussa Toussa
A c’qui paraît tu rappes trop bien mais c’est quand ? Où ça ? Où ça ?”

Posing and fronting is an epidemic everywhere these days and we’re all victims of it. We expect people to look a certain way, to act a certain way—to be in a certain place in their lives. Most of those expectations aren’t even our own since they’re just driving by culture, but they certainly dictate how we navigate and interpret the world. Everyone’s growth throughout life is different and no matter what facade you and I put out when interacting with the real world that’s not going to change. Knowing that, why aren’t we all honest with each other when communicating? Fear has a lot to do with it, fear of rejection, of failure etc, but how much richer would our relationships be if the fear of being honest didn’t exist? Just something to think about, unfortunately I don’t have much time to get in to it today.

Anyways, after being blown away by the rap scene in the Dominican Republic and then listening to the best of French Hip Hop, my love for the international emcee is at an all time high. Paris is calling big time right now, I need to get out there and hang with these dudes. In the meantime, rocking to these dope ass records will do. Enjoy.

Rae Sremmurd — No Type (Pitch Invader Remix)

I fly by the seat of my pants, and make my own rules in a world made up of rules that other people less knowledgeable than all us made. I walk the way I want regardless of how a horoscope says that I should, and I enjoy music and writing from a perspective that sees them breathing as one, yet living individually on their own. You may not like what you read or what we have to say sometimes, but then you come back and tell yourself that you are here for the music.

The truth remains that people will always judge something once it is created, yet they have no idea what it took to even get it there. It’s easy to complain without solutions—monkeys even do it through sign language, but to learn something from the very beginning, and then to master it takes a special type of person, and while you may think that you are special because your momma told you so, until you have created something of value that the masses acknowledge, maybe you should just listen.

Pitch Invader absolutely rocked this remix of the Ear Drummers hit single No Type. He took the best part of it and made it a Space Age Dance House banger splashed with robotic vocals and video game synths to take us for a nothing less than exhilarating ride. Think of yourself as driving in your favorite sports car through your favorite city’s highways while empty, and speeding at 165MPH, and this is exactly what you will find when you hit play below. For me, it would probably be Tokyo these days, and the car? Maybe just a GTR.


About the Artist
Born on the planet DISC09, the Pitch Invader has traveled from planet to planet with his sidekick, Gigs, spreading the futuristic tones of his homeland. Next stop? Earth…

Shura – Indecision (Jungle Remix)


I’m beginning to see indecision as a form of reckless passivity, another self-deprecating behavior that justifies itself via chronic remorse. In a world stimulated by action and reaction, where fear and love are the driving forces behind the choices we make, it becomes necessary to realize that indecision is a choice and duality is the human condition. Embracing the power of opposites is necessary when striving for balance; as such our choices are usually motivated by attaining pleasure and avoiding pain. Oftentimes we overestimate the ability our ability to exercise control over the events in our life and we are overwhelmed by the multiplicity of choices. The chaos of indecision can be extremely debilitating; feeling scattered and anxious, we end up wallowing in a mire of self-doubt, exhausted and feeling stagnant as ever. Enslaved by the ego, our resistance to facing our own truth ends up perpetuating that which we fear most.

When no risk is taken there is no freedom. 

“We are accustomed to think that, if there is any freedom at all, it resides, not in nature, but in the separate human will and its power of choice.

But what we ordinarily mean by choice is not freedom. Choices are usually decisions motivated by pleasure and pain, and the divided mind acts with the sole purpose of getting ‘I’ into pleasure and out of pain. 

But the best pleasures are those for which we do not plan, and the worst part of pain is expecting it and trying to get away from it when it has come. You cannot plan to be happy. You can plan to exist, but in themselves existence and non-existence are neither pleasurable nor painful…”

-Alan Watts

Rant inspired by this groovy track. If you so choose to indulge: