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MC Solaar – Les Temps Changent

There was a time when very smart people, i.e. Aristotle, thought earth was the center of the Universe. They based all their beliefs, understandings, and way of life on a theory that was completely false. Of course science later proved them wrong and the world would move forward, but think about that for a minute and realize how many times this has happened in history. Culture, religions and societies have been built around beliefs that we’re completely and utterly false. Now think about the world as we know it and what we’re clinging on to that could have the same fatethat could be completely false?

What cognitive biases are we holding on to because of our plain ignorance that is slowing us down or flat out stopping us from reaching enlightenment? Concepts, beliefs and cultural systems that have long been established most certainly have their merits in the sense of teaching values, but they also hold onto those same things strongly and rarely challenge themselves. An example is the battles Uber faces with cities. Here you you have an advancement that is literally probably 20 years ahead of what currently exist yet is being fought by people who have the older systems in place and established. If a new paradigm or way of life emerged that was fundamentally better than what currently exist through culture, religion and government then it’s not that far-fetched to think that people currently running those systems wouldn’t welcome the change.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” – Albert Einstein

History has been written and re-written too many times to blindly believe it. Even in present day it’s nearly impossible to find truths that are aligned with nature. So how do you find the truth, how do you keep your mind open to align yourself with the creative force that we are all apart of? You stay in complete awe and marvel. You dream. You look at the world through wondrous eyes and be amazed by the way the trees grow, by the colors in the sky when the sun is setting, by the way the ocean feels, by your own existence. The only way to move with the world is to embrace the limitless nature of it and worship no dogma that claims to understand it and rejects it’s unadulterated exploration, enjoy.

MC Solaar – Les Temps Changent

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EMPT Classic: Nancy Sinatra – You Only Live Twice

Vintage EMPT. As you can see we haven’t changed much, we’re still those divergent kids who can’t be placed, still pushing the limits, testing things, exploring, traveling and challenging ourselves, unlearning and growing.

James Bond had a big impact on me for so many reasons. The vintage Bond films are aesthetically wonderful in how they capture culture, society and the world at large. The character was a man that didn’t hide behind cultural facades, everyone knows how he is and everyone accepts it. You see all these billionaires and successful men constantly getting caught doing what they’ve always done and it’s a big deal because they lied in the first place. Anyways, here’s a post from back in the day – New York City December 28, 2011


You only live twice or so it seems, one life for yourself and one for your dreams…” 

Everybody is always talking about what they’re going to do, what they want to become. Every year we have resolutions, new plans and countless ambitions. We have these grand fantasies about the things we’d like to do sexually, we dream adventurous but take a moment to think about how many of these thoughts and ideas come actually come to fruition. What happens to those inspiring thoughts? For many of us they come and go, usually written off as something you would never dare do or whatever other lame excuse we can come up with. Then we wake up from our dream life, come back to “reality,” go to work, settle for the easily accessible, go home to our girlfriends/boyfriends and hold back on those fantasies and live out that second life…

You drift through the years and life seems tame…”

How often do we take advantage of the limitless nature of the universe? Sadly nowhere near enough. I could write a few books on this but what I’m trying to say is life the dream, I’m not talking about any standardized 1980’s bs rockstar interpretation of what the dream is supposed to be. I’m not talking about the ever ambiguous American Dream, I’m saying live your dream and do it now.

You could spend an entire lifetime waiting for that dream life to come true, waiting for the so called right person to live out your fantasies with, etc. Good things don’t come to those who wait, that’s a load of crap. Good things come to those who wait while diligently working for the things they want. So don’t sit around, actively pursue the things you want and love, forget the consequences – “And love is a stranger who’ll beckon you on, don’t think of the danger or the stranger is gone.”

We all live two lives but we don’t have to, make your life simpler and consolidate those thoughts baby. Reality is malleable, just look at all the marvelous technology around you as an example, someone thought of a wallet sized computer/phone before it became real. The same applies…

This dream is for you, so pay the price
Make one dream come true, you only live twice…”

Nancy Sinatra – You Only Live Twice

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Retro Culture – Weekend

Weekends are precious to me, a young 20-something “professional” who works the traditional 9-5 office job. I finally understand what “living for the weekend” means! I cram most of my life into those 8 days a month, sometimes sacrificing a vacation day in order to extend a weekend trip. Who really wants to fly to San Francisco and spend only 2 days there? Or anywhere lucrative for that matter? One of the hardest transitions from college was giving up my 3-day weekends! Two days isn’t enough time to relax and get sh*t done! Seriously! Who can I write a letter to about this? C’est la vie unless I start working for myself. One day…

Two days makes weekends more cherishable, to say the least. Priorities start to arise. Who will we spend these precious hours with?

Tell me where you’re going tonight. Maybe we can meet there

Retro Culture, a one-man band comprised of Matt Connelly, blends electronic sounds with hip-hop percussion in this slightly addictive track, “Weekend”. I particularly enjoy the voice manipulations that introduce the song during the first 30 seconds and extend fleetingly throughout the remainder of the song. Matt’s mellow voice mixes well with the dreamy synth. It sounds like it would perfectly fit into a love story about two lost souls, yearning for each other yet both unsure of its longevity. They met on a friday night, had a weekend fling, and didn’t expect it to get so deep. There was surely a connection, which neither party can forget. There’s a niggling feeling, as the next weekend rolls around, that they both feel; they both want to feel that spark again. They carry on as friends, but there’s an unspoken bond which neither has the courage to address. So they just go through the motions, knowing that each subsequent weekend is an opportunity to tighten the unspoken bond.

I don’t wanna see the end of this.

Take advantage of those two short days! Do you want to spend your precious weekend living in comfort and habit, binge watching Netflix and eating frozen pizza? Or will you be living novel experiences, possibly with a new companion?

A little fun for the weekend. 

Retro Culture – Weekend

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Rustie – Attak (Featuring Danny Brown)

I feel the need to apologise. Every Wednesday (being my day to write) has been a struggle and release. I realise that many people come to the site to take a break and read through some little thoughts or big thoughts, insight on music, etc. But I use it as a release too. Whatever I am thinking, whatever is bothering me, is released here this day of the week. And as of late, some of it reads a bit heavy. But I need a release, too.

As much of my recent posts may indicate, I am exhausted. Feeling overworked and actually had to schedule in time to do something fun between jobs and going back to school and a relationship and then just dealing with personal me.

So tonight I scheduled in time for fun and ended up at a cinema watching Austin Powers in a hot tub in an old tube station in London with a wrist wallet full of tokens to buy beer and it was amazing. The movie was one part, but then it just turned in to a dance party with a perfect playlist and a DJ dressed as a giraffe. I thought about the last few Wednesdays I have had and realised that I don’t remember going out on a Wednesday since I left LA for London almost six months ago.

Walking home, I couldn’t stop smiling even though part of my head was thinking about what I needed to do as soon as I got home and the other was, “I need to do this more often”.

I am grateful for the life I have and being able to do all of this and sometimes it takes scheduling a few hours of fun in to your calendar and sticking to it like it is the most important meeting of your day and ending up in a hot tub.

I feel like it is the part in the movie where the sort of cliche music comes on when the person realises they are fine and everything is as it should be. But since this is better than a movie and it is real life and EMPT, we have some Danny Brown instead.

Happy Wednesday. If you are on the other side of the world, make it a good night.

Rustie – Attak (feat. Danny Brown)


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The Weeknd — Devil May Cry (Fabich & Ferdinand Weber Edit)


There is something strange about the way people still follow the masses these days. This is not because they haven’t always followed the masses that it seems strange to me, but because nowadays we have more access to real-time information than ever, and maybe because by now we should be able to tell what is really, genuinely good, and what simply is being driven by bullshit fanfare.

Crowds gather and make lines at bakeries for peanut butter filled lobster tailed pretzels, the latest pair of Air Jordans of which I can’t even keep up with, and yet still look very much the same as the pairs they dropped years ago, and years ago before that; they wait in lines for movies of which the plots remain the exact same, and of which they have seen at least three or four times before it. They listen to the same songs over and over again as if playing the same games of tic tac toe with the same people.

Remember the first time you went to a show and saw your favorite band. You wore their shirt, and sang every word. You didn’t know anything about scene politics, haircuts, or what was cool. All you knew was that this music made you feel different from anyone you shared a locker with. Someone finally understood you. This is what music is about.”  —Gerard Way

Is it the hunger to need to belong to a pack of nonsensical wolves that drives most of these sheep-minded people, or is it that we still have so far to go before we can expect our nation of individuals to act like individuals and think on their very own? And why can’t we follow one another when revolutionaries revolt? Why is that the only time that we choose to watch from afar until it is ultimately safe to pick a side, even when we know that one side is a lot righter than the other?

How long can we go on watching the devil laugh at us as we sit here in this beautiful jail cell we call America before we decide that we will no longer be slaves? Oh, you think this isn’t just a beautiful jail cell? Then explain Martial Law to yourself, and then take a brief look over at what’s happening in #Ferguson because that should make you keen as to what exactly our good ole #Murica has become.

By no means am I saying that we don’t have the safety of God-like powered nuclear weapons, but we also don’t have the basic freedoms and choices that they make you believe we do, and more and more, as our access to real-time events and information continues to thrive, we should open our eyes and research for ourselves. We should see that what’s happening in Iraq is nothing more than a few Oil Conglomerates (corporations) paying off their lobbyists and filthy politicians to get their agendas into the White House, and our brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, sons and daughters into the battlefield to fix it. Don’t believe me? Go do some research and figure out what oil refineries were “hijacked” by ISIS, and do some digging to find out who the benefactors of all these deals are? You know, who exactly allowed KNOC to come in and operate US controlled product in those fields in the first place?

Ask, questions.

This remix of The Weeknd‘s “Devil May Cry” is nothing more than a pensive dose of vitamins for me. It’s a deep house rework that very prominently explains: that out of all the darkness we may come to see and know, we the people, full of ever hopeful love and joy, will ALWAYS trump evil. Maybe you join the fight, or maybe you just listen to another tune that will rock your socks off.

Faces in the crowd,
Faces in the crowd will smile again
And the devil may cry,
The devil may cry at the end of the night.”

The Weeknd — Devil May Cry (Fabich & Ferdinand Weber Edit)

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Mother – Easy

Life isn’t easy. Is that statement even relevant anymore?

At this very moment, I can go downstairs (I’m in Manhattan) and order a  juice containing some of the most nutritious vegetables in existence. All I have to do is tell the clerk what I want and he’ll make it or it’s already made, it’s that easy. Think about that for a second, that juice I can so casually order represents thousands of years of trial and error, humans exploring the world, poisoning themselves to see what was actually edible, figuring out how to use it for nutrition and medicine to survive, how to store it over time, how to grow it in abundance, then how to ship and distribute it, and all we have to do is order it over the counter. That little 12 ounce juice in your hand represents a process that took 200,000 years to develop, do you understand how futuristic your organic juice is, do you get that magnitude of that?

That’s just one example but that trial and error has happened in nearly every single aspect of human life and while there’s still so much to improve and refine, we’ve pretty much figured out how to survive. So two things can happen now, one is we use all this new-found time and ease to live more, explore, enlighten and take our inner power to full capacity. Two is we sit around and create manufactured realities, worry about irrelevant issues and disrespect the 200,000 years it took to create a world where literally everything is easier than it has ever been.

Aside from people with real medical and mental issues we’re at a time in history where we’re the ones who make life hard. I recently saw a video on YouTube about a girl who mentally and physically abused her boyfriend for liking a picture of another girl on Instagram – see it here. Her fear had her telling people that he abused her so he filmed her talking her craziness and hitting him…

Dog, are you fucking kidding!?

With technology we’ve gone from snails to supreme beings but we still act like it’s day one. We haven’t yet learned to run at full speed with our new-found power and understanding of the world. That guy is the victim of the cultural past and many guys and girls alike, myself included have been victims of these type of people, victims of not understanding that you can just move on. It was harder in the past but this problem has also been solved, we have access to literally millions of potential partners in the palm of our hands. That’s not an exaggeration. This is the Space Age, we’re not just human anymore, we haven’t been for a long time and while that’s a difficult concept to comprehend it’s a powerful one. 200,000 years of really fucking hard work has led to a time where life doesn’t have to be hard. This isn’t day one and if we really educate ourselves, live fearlessly and be grateful for all that has come before us we can take full advantage and truly live like no one before us ever could. Taking advantage of that is what it’s all about, enjoy.

Mother – Easy

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Freestylers – Signs ft. Tenor Fly and Spanner Banner

Hunter Thompson on the beach

The wonders of the Internet mean you’re reading this even though I’m far away, deep in the woods with no connection. It’s about fucking time. I really wish someone would have told me as a kid that vacation isn’t a right.

There’s a difference between a vacation and a trip. On a trip, you’re waking up early and going hard all day – hiking, sightseeing, eating food that may or may not make you sick as a dog. On a vacation, you’re sleeping in, kicking back and hopefully sipping a mixed drink at 2pm.

Trips usually make the best memories, and are definitely my personal preference. But right now, I’m on vacation, chowing on lobster and picking blueberries and not thinking about work or traffic or blogging.

I hope you all get a chance to get away this summer, because we all need a break from the usual (hence this Freestylers song, an unusual choice for EMPT but an instant chilla classic)


Freestylers – Signs ft. Tenor Fly and Spanner Banner

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James Blake – Life Round Here (Sh?m Bootleg Remix)


The sweepy synths on this track got me swooning. So luscious. So sinister. I am sold. To remix a James Blake track and actually do it well takes not only courage but skill; therefore I’ve got mad respect for Sh?m [Pronounced: Shem-Question-Mark]. Who is he? I don’t know. Maybe some kind of magician. I just can’t help but be completely captivated by that slippery beat.

James Blake – Life Round Here (Sh?m Bootleg Remix)

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Le Youth – C O O L (Lane 8 Remix)

As long as you’re cool, right here is where you wanna be

These are the only lyrics in Lane 8‘s take on Le Youth’s “C O O L”. This is the type of music I can really jam to. It’s simple and enjoyable. It brings me to a happy, calm place- a place in which I don’t have to think. Audio stimulation is all I need in the moment.

So, I’ve been hearing a topic pop-up quite frequently lately (maybe there was a BuzzFeed article about it)- the cognitive differences between men and women. I hear things like, “men’s brains have compartments and they focus only on one at a time. And sometimes none at all.” While women, “think about 5 things at once and can never shut their brains off”. Ummmmm…. Thoughts on this from the audience? Seriously, write me a comment. I’m female and I don’t believe it this to be the case. I happen to turn my brain off fairly frequently, and I oftentimes feel like the “man” in the relationship; urging my partner to stop analyzing everything so much, to stop thinking. Be cool, go with the flow. Hey World, women aren’t always the most complicated gender!!

And this track is a case in point. When I hear a song like “C O O L”, I can’t help but to think about nothing. To just BE. Here. In the moment.

Sit, groove, enjoy.

Le Youth – C O O L (Lane 8 Remix)


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Dee Edwards – (I Can) Deal With That


Sometimes it is necessary to take a break.

There was a point yesterday where I was siting at work (yes, we work in offices with horrible fluorescent lighting and mandatory skirts too) and nearly cried when I got another request for another project due two days before I ever saw it.

It is these times where you need a reality check the most. As much as I scorn the people who post those little quotes every day with their spirit phrase or whatever. I openly scoff, but deep down, I sort of love them. “If you fear failure, you will never go anywhere.” “Life is what happens outside your comfort zone.” “You are a victim to the rules you live by.” “Live each day….” you get it. So stupid, but something about it makes me feel like I just pet a puppy.

But I think it helps sometimes that you get your cheerleading squad going for you. However you find it. I called my boss which helped. And watched Bridget Jones with a bottle of champers and a good friend which really helped.

I like this song because it feels like the one you have on the walk back from a shitty place or situation and you realise it was a speck in the timeline and sometimes you just got roll with it. We made it this far already.

This song from Dee Edwards is great for it. And just like a great philosopher, there are gems interwoven in this one.

“I won’t bother trouble if trouble don’t bother me.”

Dee Edwards – (I Can) Deal With That


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