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RKCB – Elevated (Joe Mason Remix)

Joe Mason flipped The Chainsmokers’ “Inside Out” on a remix teeming with pure jubilance earlier this year, so his fresh take on RKCB’s “Elevated” is a welcomed addition to these ongoing summer months. It’s an ethereal track from top to bottom, and as RKCB utters “elevated over me” at its vocal climax, the transition into fluid, warping synths results in future bass excellence.

It’s one of those tracks that’s undoubtedly best heard while laying in a field, headphones on, joint in hand, all the worries of the world slowly washing away as the sun shines on brighter with every moment.

With an obvious knack for reimagining artists’ vocals in new spaces, expectations are high for the young Australian producer’s eventual solo material. We can’t wait to share it when that time comes.

VOKES – Backroad (Feat. Nevve)

Riding down backroads without a set destination has been a consistent solution to stress throughout my life. I’m at ease when the GPS is off, stretches of nature take over my line of sight, and music that soundtracks those aimless treks courses through the air.

Of course, the addition of a romantic interest on those rides can result in an even more fulfilling experience. On their new collaboration, VOKES and Nevve channel that notion in a gorgeous fashion that finds them trading velvet-smooth vocals. As the latter croons, “Come on boy, let’s go, take a ride down the backroad,” the song reaches a sense of warmth that makes it a necessary addition to summer cruising playlists.

Even without an s.o. by my side, it goes without saying I’ll have “Backroad” in the mix next time I head out to explore whatever new sites California has to offer.

LDN Noise X Pretty Sister – Tears

Brexit, shmexit! With “Tears,” LDN Noise have delivered a very uplifting and vibrant production, clearly unaffected by the drama in the UK. The track is so slick, it even inspired Pretty Sister to sing about something other than his beloved home town of Los Angeles and the surrounding coastline, which is something. PS sounds fantastic on this song, belting out 90’s influenced stylings and lyrics over grooves clearly inspired by the same decade.

It’s got this special feeling that makes it the perfect song to get ready to go out to. F*$k making a club jam, it’s all about making the jams that you play when you’re getting dressed to impress, a few homies already at your spot, the first drinks are flowing and the whole night is filled with crazy promise. Those couple of hours before you actually head out are usually better than the night out anyway right? Possibilities are endless when you’re getting ready to go out – the places you’ll go, the people you’ll meet, the drinks you’ll drink, the drugs you’ll do, and the food you’ll eat (depending on the drugs you do) at the end of the night, it’s all right there for the taking. Speculating and fantasizing about it all, that’s fun stuff.

Be safe, enjoy the holiday today, play this jam when you’re getting ready to go wherever you’re going, and treasure those moments in between. Those moments before you get where you’re actually going. Happy 4th!

Loud Luxury X Shoffy – Villians

Loud Luxury and Shoffy’s “Villains” is right up my alley when it comes to deep house; the ultra-smooth vibes are right for a neon-drenched festival stage as much as they are for a black-tie cocktail party. I mean, I’ve never been to a black-tie cocktail party per-se, but I imagine “Villains” would fit right in the mix. The duo behind it is named Loud Luxury, after all (and while Shoffy doesn’t have “luxury” in his name, his vocals are equally as luxurious; good luck not having “it’s just me and these villains” stuck in your head for hours on end).

Alas, with this fourth of July weekend upon us and no black-tie cocktails in my future, I think this collab will fit just fine into my DTLA apartment as well. Watching the sky lit with fireworks and friends lit off their drinks of choice ($4 bottles of Andre, anyone?) always brings about plenty of positivity; yet another perfect setting for “Villains” to thrive.

Time to go stock up on Andre and make sure “Villains” thrives at its fullest potential come Monday.

Midoca – Never Coming Down (feat. Lost Boy Crow)

Midoca’s music is all about mood and emotion, and he nails it once again with this one. Not wanting to come down, from anything, is probably one of the greatest desires of mankind throughout all of human history right? Think about it, just the concept of “never coming down” touches on the great fact that we can’t maintain any sort of higher state of consciousness. Even as we rise out of this spiritual dark age, “enlightenment” or higher level spiritual satisfaction is still as fleeting as fleeting gets. Midoca describes it even better, cause you know, it’s his song:

“‘Never Coming Down’ is about embracing a new high and the inevitable resist as euphoria slips through the cracks of your mind.”

That’s the problem, it always slips through the cracks. If we could maintain that state we don’t want to come down from, we wouldn’t need drugs, that’s for sure. There’s probably countless other things we crave that we’d immediately stop needing. Most of what we do is directly or indirectly related to achieving some sort of high – from closing a business deal to jogging a few miles to drinking a glass of wine after work – we do it for the high. We know it’s temporary, so we’re always chasing it. That’s definitely a source of anxiety and depression for people that can’t get cozy with that concept. That’s why you gotta really dig deep and found out what it is you love to do, and then do it all the time. If anything, that just limits the amount of time you’re wishing you were doing something else. But at the same time you’ll get really good at what you love to do, and that’s definitely a recipe for happiness and success.