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Brika – It Wasn’t Me (Shaggy Cover)


I’m figuring out that true love is less about finding one’s other half and more about finding energies that you love selflessly. I know that many of you think you love selflessly, but in my experience that’s a fucking unicorn because unless we are talking about your own children, then rarely does anyone truly know what that even means.

I look back at all the relationships I’ve had and I shake my head in disbelief at how foolish I and the other girl always were. The girl is irrelevant because that always changed—one today, another tomorrow. It was the fooleries we told ourselves in order to prove some sort of unbreakably invisible pact we would name real or true love. That’s the shit I laugh about in retrospect because knowing what I know today it all seems so childish; like two kids in a sandbox who are officially dating because they held hands there all day.

True love is selfless love. It’s that simple. And to be honest I’m not even going to ask how many of you out there have had selfless love for someone that you were romantically involved with because your still immature ass is going to raise your hand. The truth is that none of you have. Shake your head in disgust, LOL in vain, but if you had experienced selfless love romantically for another person then the two of you will die together. That kind of shit doesn’t exist in our society anymore. We’ve grown way too selfish; way too involved in the “me”. 

Brika rocked this classic cover of Shaggy’sIt Wasn’t Me”. It’s fun, it keeps the original’s playfulness and it reminds me, while making me laugh, of all the times it was a perfect listen for what was happening in my once completely immature love life back then. It’s also a good listen if you’re catching the sunset in Malibu like I am right about now, or if you’re just laying in your bed in NYC wondering what treasures tomorrow might just bring.

Fono – Everybody Knows (Feat. Anna Straker)


Starting your week the way you start your day is key, that’s why today’s tune is perfect. It’s a bright and energy-filled taste of sunshine, and it’s going to put you in the most excellent mood. Who doesn’t like to start their days and work weeks happy?

It’s important that when you wake up you understand that the day ahead can be whatever you want it to be. It can be a great day before you even get out of bed, and understanding that you are the one in complete control of how your day goes is clutch to that. Negative people are products of negative programming. This is due to their programmers (parents or parental figures) and how their programmers dealt with their own experiences. That is why it is so hard to deprogram another human from the only things they know  because it is YEARS of programming that have to first be unfolded in order to find the root problems, to then be reprogrammed by understanding where the faults lie and how to counteract them. It’s the same dilemma, on the opposite side of the spectrum, found with students attempting to become computer scientists today ( It takes years to become an expert at something, the same way it takes years to detach a human from lifelong habits that could be affecting their state of being as well as mind. It is only when a dedicated individual wants to become more positive that deprogramming can actually work.

On an easier note, for those of you that are already positive or have already started being more positive in your everyday lives, the simplicity of the method is easy. All you have to do is smile when you wake up, tell yourself that you’re going to have an amazing day and be grateful for everything you see: the sun shining, the delicious cup of coffee and the smiles that you do get over the ones you don’t as you make your way to work or school. It’s honestly just knowing, feeling and believing that all the good shit that can possibly happen, will.

Remember that everything in life has a balance to it. Ying has Yang, Good has Evil, Day has night, but no one said that you had to pick a side and stick to it forever, and no one said that you even have to live on a side that you never asked for.

Wilson Place

“In the pissy halls in my Jordan 4’s, I was in the mud that’s the bottom. We done worked too hard just to get it here not to finish off what we started.

I do not want to be who they talking about, pushed today and then be gone tomorrow,
I am not trying to go back to the back it was like a war zone in between those apartments.

Never really had enough always wanted more,
I went from borderline poor to crossing these borderlines more…”

Yes You Are – World Without End

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 11.15.09 PM

I said so many things I shouldn’t say.
But now I love you more than yesterday.”

Right before I sat down to look for a song to write about just now, I was thinking about how having a great partner who helps balance your daily routine makes life so much easier. In all of our lonesome madness we sometimes fail to realize that the best parts of being in a relationship are the balance that relationships can bring to our very own equilibriums. There’s that zone that we hit whenever things are good; that space that our heads shoot up in when things are smooth. Within that space we find life to be bare and in its bareness it becomes obvious that it is really all so fucking simple. Two plus two equals four, and the sky is blue again. Balance becomes restored and we wonder about what we were thinking before that current relationship because we can’t believe how naturally seamless everything else feels.

She came home from work, tired, but happy to see us. In her happiness she found understanding, and it was in that understanding that she told me to get out of the house and go write. It made me happier than anything has that intensely in some time. The thoughtfulness that exuded out of her body made her so beautiful to me. And just like that, the way I once fell in love with her lips, mouth and the way she pronounces certain words, I completely fell in love with her again.

I had to leave to meet a friend.
Feels like I’m back, but I don’t know where I’ve been.”

Sure, we’ve been through our rough patches as friends and as lovers. We’ve said countless atrocities to one another in the heat of the moment, in moments of madness fueled by passion and in passionless instances of pure drunkenness, but at the end of the day, or rather, at the start of the next morning, we have always made up and apologized. Right or wrong we have always made sure to find it in our hearts to forgive one another, and that right there is that real type of love that I’ve always craved for. If you watched us from afar  you would think that we were out of our fucking minds, but then again, if we watched you from afar wouldn’t we think the same?

You are here and I cannot tell you why.
There’s no hello, there’s no goodbye.”

It was Kianna’s words in her email to us that made this song perfect for my thoughts today. I have her to thank.

Its hard to tell when you’ve begun to veer off the path, but at some point I suddenly became very lost and I couldn’t find my way home. It was so scary.. but just as I was reaching the brink, I met my current writing partner Jared White.” -Kianna of Yes You Are

To all my friends, I hope you all find that balance you’ve been searching for. I will pray that you do until that fine day arrives.

Tender – Belong

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 11.05.38 AM

No one is asking you to respect the past. The past is whatever we say it is; whatever others can confirm about it. The past is constantly being rewritten, retold, re-romanticized. I could care less if you respect it or not.

No one wants you to give a shit about tomorrow because focusing on something that may never get here is wasting your life away. All that excitement about a theme park you are going to in the morning is disrespecting everything occurring in your life at the moment. Aren’t other things more important than a few hours of fun that aren’t even here yet?

You don’t seem to get it. The part about thinking of others before yourself in certain situations. More specifically, thinking about others when you share a home or just share love. Don’t get caught being your usual selfish self because that is the antithesis of what a loving relationship is supposed to be. A loving relationship is two equations becoming one, and that new equation should be everything the two of you could never be when you weren’t with one another. That’s exactly how I can best explain it to you because otherwise you just never seem to get it.

If you find yourself acting and being who you have always been, then you are not being or acting like who you need to be in order to make things work. Someone else gets introduced into our everyday lives and routines and we have to change because we have already changed the moment that introduction was made—the second the innermost parts of our bodies and souls were shared. It was right then and there that our world seemed just a little different than the day before, and in a different world we should do different things.

With full transformation into becoming one whole equation comes change in everything else. The way we see, hear, taste, smell and touch become magnified and ultimately, different. We should be seeing things from perspectives that we couldn’t even notice before. We should be tasting things in the same dishes that we have eaten a million and one times that we have never tasted in them before, even though they were ALWAYS right there. Even in arguments, before they escalate, we should be hearing the opposing points before they are said, so that we can diffuse the fights before they even take place. Otherwise, you are doing it all wrong and all you will find is yourself hurt, yet again.

In their own words: “Belong is about a self destructive individual that is fully aware of their flaws. They can’t accept being wanted or being responsible for someone else’s emotions, yet relies on the very thing they fear to limit bringing physical and emotional harm to themselves.”

Greer – High Off My Love (OK//FUNK Remix)

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 11.51.07 PM

Love is an indestructible high. It’s the one vice everyone will succumb to in their lives and the hardest habit to kick. It’s the sweetest drug, and life without it would be impossibly unbearable. I guess that explains why we love to love: “love”, so damn much.

Sometimes all I need is just a sniff; ‘a sniff of her neck to carry me throughout the day’. Sometimes just a taste; ‘a taste of her love to forget all my troubles’. Other times I need it deep in my veins pumping its sweet poison directly into my heart. I can’t get enough of it, and I need it every second of every single day. That’s how I feel about love. That’s what my addiction to it is like. Is yours really any different?

When we’re mad at love we want the world to be mad at it too, but the problem is that the world as a whole could never do such a thing. No one would join you in that lonesome battle because everyone is addicted. Still, you fight it hard because you’re miserable and you go your hardest to destroy any remnants of it in your life. But then when the lights are off and no one is looking you shed tears and scream loudly on the inside for it, and you think none of us knows the truth. We know; we all fucking know.

As I sit here in the middle of the night restless from too many thoughts and mentally rummaging through the pages of my past, I wonder if there could ever exist a world without such a delicious addiction. What would a world like that be like? Probably no songs to sing along to and no poetry to read. There would probably be no crayons or paints to color blank canvases and sheets of paper with, and no stories to tell or wars to be seen. Sure, some things would probably seem better, but that would just be the illusion to a world with nothing to live for, and, if there is nothing to love for, then it might as well not even exist. Right?

The first step is admitting you have a problem. Denial is a large part of addiction, and breaking through self-deception can be very difficult.”

Sophia Pfister – New Mexico (Preta Remix)

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 7.16.57 PM

and life is just like a motorcycle.
You go and you go and you go until you run out of gas.”

It used to be that I was much too fast for the J and the A train, so I got myself a car and used that to go wherever I wanted to because that’s what fast boys did back in those days. Funny thing is that sometimes driving to the city took longer, or as long as both those trains anyway, but it didn’t matter because in a car I could pump up my music louder than any headphones and I never had to fight for a seat or sit next to smelly people. In my head the car was faster than the train by miles.

It used to be that my mind was too fast for those trains too. They stopped way too many times to pick up way too many people and it would always make me feel like I would never get to where I was going. Until one day fancy cars would take over my world and show me a planet different than anything I ever knew; shit was never the same again.

The cars went were the trains never could, and then it got to a point where I didn’t want to see another miserable train for as long as I lived. And then my life only got faster and faster, and sometimes it wasn’t the trains anymore that couldn’t catch up, but me instead.

there’s something strange about you,
what are you running from?

One day something changed. Maybe it happened over the course of a year or two, but looking back it feels like it all just snapped into place in one single day. I learned patience.

I let my hair grow out for the first time in ages. I had not let it grow out before because of the whole patience thing. I took time to walk every inch of NYC. I spend sunny days in Central and Riverside Parks finishing books. I cycled around the island on weekends—sometimes alone, and other times with groups of friends. I began sipping fine wines instead of chugging cheap liquors. I started enjoying full course meals instead of flying by drive-thru windows.

That’s what the last four years of my life have been: me meticulously chewing every piece of the world I am in and ingesting it slowly.

A few weeks before moving to LA, maybe at the start of September, I found myself on the J train heading into the city. I was reading Adultery by Paolo Coelho and before I knew it I had arrived at my destination. I couldn’t believe how fast I had gotten there; it left me scratching my head in disbelief. “This ride should have been four times longer, no?”, I thought to myself. I looked at my watch and it had taken me the exact same amount of time that it always had ever since I was a boy.

It seems today that those same trains from yesterday are the ones that are now way too fast for me.

and I’ll only know my future once it’s my past.”

Golden Cameleon – Consuelo

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 11.30.10 PM

I’ve had as many ex friends break my heart and destroy my spirit as I’ve had ex lovers do the same. And still, to this day, I have managed to maintain a bigger and brighter smile than yesterday and the day before. I’ve been let down by as many family members as ex lovers and friends combined too, but even still I somehow always find that there is light after those instances of pitch blackness, and that after the light there are even more beautiful sights that you couldn’t have gotten to unless you passed through those dark tunnels of life.

Lauren and I were over. We were maintaining a friendship the way old lovers try to do when they can’t really let go of the comfort that had once kept them glued together rather than move along. Once a month her and I would pick a restaurant to meet at and then pretend that we weren’t seeing or fucking other people, continuing the facade that we were so miserable without each other. I don’t know why we did this for so long, but that night I was there to tell her that I found someone new.

Sometimes life doesn’t goes as planned. Sometimes the beautiful love stories we played out in our heads don’t end up playing out the exact same way in real life and end up taking unscheduled turns down dead ends and dark alleys. Golden Cameleon is here from Peru to let you know that no matter where life takes you that you should never give up on love or it. They are here to continue the belief with their song “Consuelo” (Comfort) that there is always sunshine after the rain, light after the dark, and somehow, even if you don’t understand a word they’re singing, you will absolutely feel that way.

never fall on your knees,
because the floor is hard just like life.
Don’t stop smiling for anything in this world,
because it’s all about being happy.

And yell loudly, so everyone can hear
because the sun shines brighter after a rainy day
Don’t let a day go by without smiling
because life is all about being happy.


Slaptop – Can’t Figure It Out

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 1.07.40 PM

Driving across Venice Blvd last night to Jones Hollywood it finally hit me that I am now fully embedded into this LA life and culture. There were no multicolored leaves anywhere to be found, and the air was much more humid and much warmer than what my senses are used to them feeling at this time of the year. Red light after red light I was surrounded by California license plates all around me. The New York plates below me sticking out like a sore thumb. The Brooklyn Nets hat above me adding to that soreness. And then, a feeling of gasping for air as I realized that Cali is my new home and that I no longer have anything to do with New York because that’s what it had to be. That’s how it was meant to be. I had denied that impulse for much too long, playing around with it before when I was bicoastal; playing around with it when nearly every person I have worked with professionally in the music industry moved out here, one by one.

and all this lying to look like something else.”

I won’t lie. There’s a part of me that’s scared that NYC will become a distant memory for me that will then become a lost thought until it becomes a forgotten dream. There is a part of me that is afraid to lose the pieces of me that make me who I am today because I can get so lost in my moments that everything else disappears into thin air as if it never existed. But then there is a part of me that is embracing such an exciting change in everything that being here represents. All those vision boards throughout the years that existed in my mind of how I pictured my life could be are right here happening, now. What I once thought were only visions of my life in another dimension have become my life in this one. It makes me wonder if I should start envisioning living a happy and healthy life til I’m 200 years old to see what happens.

Stepping in to Jones Hollywood last night and inhaling the atmosphere, my shoulders would dip down on their own as the realization that ‘my new life is here and now‘ took over. There’s an entirely new culture and energy in LA that has hints of what New York City was like for me in the 90’s and early 2,000’s, and the only way to find the same types of amazing creative energies and waves that I once found out there, here, is to live life here and in my now the same way that I lived it when I was there—to, the, motherfucking, FULLEST, engulfing myself deep into the armpits of this beautiful City of Angels that I should now call home.

As scared as one could be about moving so far away from everything they know, is as exciting as one can feel about the same damn thing. It’s those kinds of contradictions right there that I gravitate towards anyway. Contradictions do attract contradictions after all, no?

Kanye West – Touch the Sky (Jean-Michel Remix)

It is Friday.

I am not sure how you all run the day, but this song is sure to set the right tone for the day you should have.

The funk revival happening in music lately is what seems to have been missing in recent music and is much appreciated. It is the spirit that says “We are here to get in to it”. Using the beat from “Downtown” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, this new edit just take a modern classic and makes an instant throwback sound with it.

There is something about the ‘power songs’ that give you your swag to walk down the street, to move on the dance floor. By day, I work with brands in figuring out how to make their films better or more meaningful and it nearly always comes down to that personal moment of feeling like you connect with the content and it makes you feel stronger, emotional or the music in it. Well, I feel strongly emotionally pumped to break out of my cubicle and funky dance out with this track on as my anthem.

I wish there was something more insightful here to say, but also feel like there is something in just the simple love of this track. That goodness a track can give you. Much of the writing I produce here can be described as “manic and emotional” so when there is a track that literally just makes me dance in my chair, bob my head around, and love the last few minutes of work before play, it is also worth a share and write-up.

What’s that funky goodness you hear?! It’s just Friday kicking off.