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Diamond Pistols – Run Away (feat. Ian Everson)

The sports car on this cover is a damn good analogy for how this song from Diamond Pistols sounds…like a brand new, well oiled Spinnin’ Records machine revving up its engine. It reminds me of the first time I saw a Lamborghini Huracan after being super amazed by the Gallardo and Diablo for years…the old ones were amazing but that was on a whole new level, and that’s how I feel about this song coming from Spinnin’. I’ve been to tons of raves and festivals where the DJs were dropping Spinnin’ songs left and right, but I don’t think any of those songs ever made me feel the feelings I’m having right now.

Props obviously have to be given to Diamond Pistols first – his production sounds absolutely massive, but it doesn’t have millions of cheap layers, kind of like a basic sports car with a badass engine being better than one that talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk (you thought the car metaphors were over huh?!). It’s a smooth ride that’s perfect for Ian Everson to deliver some equally smooth and seriously emotional vocals that deserve just as much credit. And you know, I might not have a sports car even with all this sports car talk, but I still have to go bump this through my *ultra powerful* Civic’s aux cable and hear “Run Away” in all its glory.

Elephante (feat. Nevve) – Catching On (PLS&TY Remix)

PLS&TY? More like yes please! I loved Elephante’s original version of “Catching On,” but damn this new remix turns a sexy, Urban Outfitters ready song into a future bass banger. We see remixes of awesome songs everyday on Soundcloud, but sometimes I have to sit back and think about how crazy the idea of a remix is…isn’t it mind blowing how one musician can take another musician’s vision and turn it into something totally new? In a year where things aren’t looking too bright, I feel hopeful when I think about one person being inspired enough by another person to make their music something new and beautiful like this “Catching On” remix!

Remixes aren’t the only thing this song made me think about though. The line, “I’m a prisoner in my own head,” is something that I vibe with… always overthinking things, then thinking about them again, then thinking about them just a bit more more for good measure! It’s a flaw that I’ve always had and I worry that it’ll never go away, but the drop in this song feels like a giant dam cracking open and releasing all the stress of being stuck in my head. I know I’m probably filling in between the lines, but it makes me feel comforted like I’m wrapped up in a blanket of good vibes and in the end that’s what good music is all about right? I have to say I’m feeling a lot better after getting all that out, so thanks PLS&TY.

Zuma – All Nite (feat. Lenis Kim)

While I love top-heavy tracks that are loaded with layers of sounds, there’s something equally satisfying about a track whose quality is found in its subtleties. Zuma’s newest, a Lenis Kim featuring track titled “All Nite,” falls in the latter category as it echoes the vibes of lounge music gone electronic. Sultry and smooth, the bulk of its production ebbs and flows with a velvety texture that’s complimented by weighty undertones and percussive frills alike.

Just the right amount of production work sets up an ideal platform for Kim as she delivers a performance that’s essential to “All Nite’s” atmosphere, her affecting vocals painting a verbal picture of romance’s blend of love and infatuation. It’s easy to imagine a pastiche lounge performance of the track with Zuma on the keys while Kim lights a cigarette and croons to a red-saturated room, the clanking of champagne glasses and hushed conversations serving as their audible backdrop. Just as easily, it could serve as the soundtrack to a romantic night in an upscale hotel room, candles lit and all. The possibilities are endless for “All Nite.”

WRLD x Savoi – Hideaway

Whether it’s a physical space or a state of mind, we all have our hideaways. Some are healthy, some are self-destructive, but WRLD and Savoi’s “Hideaway” reminds me of those that inspire utter bliss. Personally, my hideaway has become driving down Sunset Boulevard until I hit the coast then driving north; as the fresh ocean breeze flows through the windows, the sight of waves crashing downward and valleys spiraling upward flank each side of the highway. Even while surrounded by the occasional car, it brings me to a sense of inner peace that’s difficult to achieve within the confines of a space lacking such expansive nature. As of right now, I can’t imagine another space that brings me such inner peace.

With that being said, “Hideaway” emanates an organic sense of joy akin to how I feel surrounded by those aforementioned sights. As the synths twinkle in the verse and warp into joyous masses in the chorus, Savoi delivers an utterly beautiful vocal performance that compliments that airy, earnest production of WRLD. To be frank, the track is an instant favorite that sets up a mightily promising 2017 for WRLD and Savoi alike.

Geordie Kieffer – Red Line

It’s incredibly tough to create a “must watch” music video in 2017. Everyone is too busy, there’s too many distractions, oh, and people’s attention spans are now equivalent to that of a goldfish. I’m not kidding, I recently read a study that said thanks to smart phones/tablets/etc, people are becoming addicted to constant stimulus. Actual addiction. And the result of this growing addiction is that the average human being attention span has dropped to all of 8 seconds. Same as a goldfish. SAME AS A FU*%ING GOLDFISH, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! But that’s another topic for another day, for now let’s give Geordie Kieffer our undivided attention, because this lunatic just created a song and video that I can’t stop watching/listening to.

Aside from this wild, hilarious, creepy, haunting and utterly compelling video, what I love most about “Red Line” is the theme of pushing things to the limit. Granted, exercising this concept via hard drugs may not be the best move, but pushing things as far as they can go is what usually creates the best art, the best cultures, and often initiates neccessary change. When you push and push hard, you’re communicating with your true self, the infinite awareness that animates our human bodies. You’re giving data and information to the universe and yourself with all of the things you learn while pushing to the limit. The biggest and best things in this world don’t just accidentally happen. They’re the result of consistent, focused thinking and meticulous execution. Pushing, and pushing hard. Sometimes this push results in exactly what you want, and everyone wins. Sometimes the push gives you back data that basically says “You made a big boo boo, now you know this was dumb, try something else.” That result is as good as a success, if you’re thinking about the big picture. You gotta learn everything about yourself and the world and the only way you’re going to do so is by taking things to the “red line.”

As for Geordie, let’s hope he makes it to the next single, because he is one of the most interest artists we’ve come across in a long time. There’s truly a little bit of everything in this song, and then when you watch the video you see that he carries himself like a true star. Confidence like that usually results in some damn good art. Our eyes and ears are open for what’s next, but for now we’re gonna indulge our puny goldfish brains in this video a few more times.

Spread Love Not Hate…

Let us not forget how we all got here, love is what made us, not hate.

As a women I made choices that changed my life forever because I chose to listen to my heart and my body.  Everyone one has a job to do whether you are a women, a man, gay, straight, black or white, red or gold and that job is to create love, peace and freedom through our positive actions.

To our very young and wildly innocent generation. May this world make you feel strong, powerful, loved and respected.  May this world become a safe and peaceful place for you to spread your wings and be who you want to be. ~Little Bear

<3 <3


Melf – CRZY (Feat. Alexandra Rotan)

Apart from being a mutant banger, Melf’s “CRZY,” feat. Alexandra Rotan reminds me of the Spanish Harlem streets where I lived for years. Dark edge thinly veiling a boiling excitement — the regular reminder that with urban grit comes poverty/crime/pain, but also vitality, raw energy in un-refined form breeding the hardest music, fashion, religion, slang. Culture that doesn’t give a fuck about me or you…only itself and the personal expression it must release.

This track feels like the soundtrack to the time my cousin and I were attacked by addicts on a dark Harlem street. East side, somewhere in the 130s — they wanted money. It was one of the few fights I ever won. In that frenzied moment, cast only in blurred moonlight, I remember glancing at my cousin pinned against a car flailing wildly before I was overtaken and forced to focus on my own assailant. He smelled like drugs. Which drugs I’ll never know, but it was a synthetic, hollow scent…full of misery and desperation.

I think he expected me to cower and back down because he was taller, bigger. But for some reason I mustered a spark and lunged. I stepped forward, put my foot behind his leg and tripped him so he fell hard on the concrete. Caught inexorably in the momentum of fighting for life, I leaned down and punched him hard in the face.

His nose exploded under the weight of my fist and I was covered in his blood. Covered in drug scent that still haunts me to this day. I can remember his eyes which had lost all aggression, full of fear and wonder that this victim, this lamb had suddenly become the wolf. He was unable to conceive of the anatomical damage afflicted to his face. And I was just as stunned at my own violence, depravity.

Strange how a song can return us — so vividly — to ruthless moments.

NoMBe – Wait

Let’s make it last forever ‘cause the night’s still young.”

There’s an image here. It’s the one of carefree young people skinny-dipping. They’re riding around in a convertible now, their hair blowing in the wind, next they’re jumping boldly over the caution tape. Like in that movie.

This kind of euphoric reverie is what NoMBe conjures expertly. Since Change of Hearts and California Girls (sans remix) he’s been able to momentarily snatch me up from reality and carry me into a steady hip-swaying daze. Wait’s waves build subtly and crash sleepily under its soothing soundscape.

As long as we’re together, this moment lasts forever”

Remember that scene where Emma Watson stands up in the back of a pick-up truck while her friends drive, with her arms spread open much like Jesus Christ? She doesn’t have a care in the world and is willing to risk being decapitated by the tunnel’s unenthused cement for that one free, ecstatic moment. Of course, she saves her head by the purest power known to man: youthful radiance.

Remember that time that young man was decapitated subway surfing last month?

Often, art offers illusion. It doesn’t show the safety cables attached to Watson and it doesn’t sing about the consequences that come with letting yourself get swept up in fantasy. I’m wary of a scene or a song that tells me I’ll live forever. It’s a shiny premise that makes some young people desperate to prove their youth matches that of the electric night – the one that urges a dive into the glittery mystique darkness provides.

The deception in this paradigm is that we are like the night. But unlike us, the night will always be reborn once it dies at sunrise.

Mozambo & Basic Tape – Bright Side (ft. Julia Church)[RYI Remix]

You’ve gotta keep on fighting

You want to bring this on You’ve gotta keep on going

Shout it when the beat is on

Make the best with what you get

Take it all and fuck the rest

Get your shit together

Cheer up smoke a cigarette

You know this feeling

When the world stops turning

Focus on the the bright side

Life can make you bitter

But you’ll wake up stronger

So focus on the bright side

Lost forever out of sight Forget the sadness of your nights

Breath deeper than ever Stand up take another chance.”

Sometimes the lyrics say everything you wanted to say. “Focus on the bright side.”  I think this is a beautiful message for everyone right now.  Easier said then done, but I can tell you all from personal experience of dealing with a lot of shit in my life and a lot of shitty disappointing people that you can make the best of everything and be incredibly happy as I am right here right now.  Yes that is the life coach talking in me so if you don’t believe it’s possible hit me up personally and I will prove it to you!

Clicking through our submissions I couldn’t have been happier to find this gem, it’s saying everything that needs to be said for all of us in this moment.  Another sweet track coming to you straight from Amsterdam, seriously what is in the water over there because the music is on point and the vibes are on a deep and relevant level.

Keep your heads up, press play!

Guster – Satellite (JordanXL Remix)

Waaaay back when the original version of “Satellite” came out, I wasn’t listening to too much rock music at the time, but I really liked it. Something about the punchy drums and the soulful groove gave it a lot more flavor that most indie-rock songs at the time. That trippy little synth break made me wish it were a dance song, and now 10 years later, voila! It’s been turned into a dance track. See, you always get what you want, even if you have to wait a decade!

Producer JordanXL – who normally works behind the scenes with a variety of A-list artists – picked a good song and a good time to bust out of the studio and into the hearts of bloggers and music fans. The arrangement and tempo brings new life to the soaring vocals, and the drop is satisfying, fun and quick, not overstaying it’s welcome at all. It has a little Diplo vibe, in a great way, but has enough unpredictable elements that after a few listens you forget it’s a remix. And when that happens you know you’re not dealing with the typical “mail-it-in-economy-class” remix, but something that actually becomes a worthy companion to an already worthy original. It’s sounds surprisingly natural, and makes me want to hear a whole bunch of other indie rock classics from the early/mid 2000’s remixed with a modern electronic flair. That could and should be a thing. Keep em coming Jordan!