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I typically don’t dive into the heavier side of electronic music but I’m absolutely blown away at how next level this VNCCII cut is. I covered her way back in 2017 and it seems like she took time off to recalibrate and develop a sound that’s just lightyears ahead of not only her old catalog but the competition in the bass scene too. Her newest is called “CITIZEN A.I” and it’s a fittingly futuristic banger that takes the urgency of shredding synths and kicks them into a dystopian overdrive. I also have to mention how insane the avatar that goes along with the music is – it’s like a replicant from Blade Runner went rogue and is ready to contribute some futuristic chaos.

I often find myself thinking about A.I and whether or not it will deserve to be “CITIZEN A.I”. I think we’re intelligent beings that didn’t just arrive here by chance, and if there’s some sort of external creation to our consciousness, then why would we deny artificial intelligence the right to coexist with us if we were to bestow it with the same avenues of thoughts and feelings? Personally, I think we’re accelerating toward A.I too quickly, though. We need to take a step back and dive deep into ourselves and regain an understanding of humanity that our ancestors before us possessed before we dive into giving the gift of consciousness to another being when we don’t even fully understand it ourselves. Regardless, it’s all exciting food for thought that keeps me inspired.

Poldoore – A Brand New Day (feat. ASM & Balkan Bump)

I’ve known of Poldoore for a minute but this is the first time he’s truly come across my radar and it couldn’t have happened at a better time. This is a total throwback to the glory days of hip-hop that I hold in such high esteem and it’s insane that some of the best contemporary sounds of that genre are coming from across the Atlantic. “A Brand New Day” is a boisterous, bouncy foray into acrobatic spitting from a tag-team of talent as ASM wind their way through bars with unhinged confidence that exudes from each and every word. Poldoore’s production is the perfect groundwork for this as it snaps and pops with each percussive hit, flowing into a colorful brass-draped exhibition of hip-hop at its finest with Balkan Bump putting the finishing touches to drive it all home.

Today’s a brand new day and anything from the past can be reset. Hell, how you were feeling just a second ago can be reset. We have the capacity to make any moment a brand new day if we learn how to truly exist in the present moment. Woke up feeling stressed? Go through all the motions of stress relief in your head and put that shit to rest with the intention to make it evaporate for the day. Feeling mad after a call that didn’t go your way? Take a deep breath, exhale the negative emotions, and inhale positive thoughts. It’s a brand new day if you let it.

Noé – Color

Noé is putting out music at a seriously steady clip this year and I couldn’t be more grateful. She has such an intricate approach to her music that makes a genuine impact rather than going in one ear and out the other like so much music within the saturated landscape tends to do these days. It’s fitting that the hook on this song has “everything’s in color” in its hook because it’s a sonically colorful track that flourishes with hints of tones across the visual spectrum. Her lyrics are equally essential as they offer a fascinating picture that spurs the imagination to run wild and get lost within a fantastical landscape.

My life is so saturated with color these days. It’s the result of almost a year of dedicating myself to the improvement of self. I’ve called a friend every day, meditated via my meditation of choice, maintained active contact with the universe, written a page a day, and written a gratitude list daily. Each act has such an essential impact on my life that’s impossible to quantify. I’m not only the most grounded I’ve ever been, but I’m the most open I’ve ever been to gratifying experiences that range from feeling white light during meditation to spending a night on the beach with my best friends. Consistency is key.

Dizzy Spells – Pool

Another amazing song came across my radar this week and I knew I had to share it as soon as I heard it. This one comes from an insanely talented band called Dizzy Spells and gives all the other indie-pop releases from this year a serious run for their money. It’s an intelligent fusion of dense hip-hop percussion and spoken word esque vocals that swing into one of the most intricately written indie-pop choruses I’ve heard in a long time as the instrumentals and vocals alike reach the heights of the genre’s best. It’s an instant ear worm that gets stuck in your head and quickly buries its way deeper and deeper until you’re having flashes of the hook in your head at all times of the day. Talk about a proper opening statement to the relatively new year!

I know this one hones in on anxieties and that’s so relevant to my morning. I woke up super anxious for no apparent reason and felt totally scatter-brained, but I took a step back and employed the endless amount of tools at my disposal. Working through my to-do list step by step, checking off all the boxes, and then most importantly going into my twenty minute meditation. I came out of the meditation feeling totally refreshed with all the anxieties washed away. There’s a certain point in your life where emotions become optional – just because they enter you mind and body doesn’t mean you have to live in them (obviously clinical issues like diagnosed anxiety and depression require more extensive methods that aren’t a simple fix, but I’m talking once you’ve conquered those with medication or therapy or whatever it takes for you to reach a balanced state!). We’re blessed with endless ways to change our state of mind and I hope you keep that in mind today and beyond.

SMLE – Counting Down (Feat. Ella Poletti)

SMLE know how to put a massive smile on your face and they do just that on this Friday morning. Their newest is called “Counting Down” and it’s a glitzy, glistening synthesis of everything attractive in electro-pop. There’s playful synths and keys, dramatic percussion, and an overarching celebratory groove that functions like a rush of serotonin and dopamine straight to the brain. Ella Poletti’s vocals are the icing on the cake as there’s such a sweet inflection of melodic qualities to her performance that stick in your brain and hang around long after the song’s runtime has run its course. I’m personally counting the amount of times I can play this track in a row because it’s been going all morning and I see no end in sight!

I was recently thinking about how as a kid I used to count down and how it made time move so slow. Counting down til class was over, counting down til spring break, counting down til my birthday…there was always this preoccupation with what came next and an inherent dissatisfaction with the present moment. I didn’t want to be here, I wanted to be there. These days I find myself comfortably existing in the present moment, never concerned about the next minute or hour or day. I’m at peace with my surroundings at this very second, and funnily enough, time moves a lot faster. It’s already March and it feels like this year is flying by.

Lo Lytes – Winter

Lo Lytes just came across my radar and he does it in stunning fashion on his brand new single. It’s called “Winter” and it has enough sensual friction to melt all the ice of this season away in an instant (okay, so there’s no ice in Los Angeles right now, but you get the idea). The instrumental has some dope, understated tropical flair and an effortlessly cool groove while Lo Lytes’ vocals are the perfect crossover between pop and r&b. It has all the makings of a lowkey hit and has me extremely stoked to hear what’s coming on his EP which apparently drops later this year.

It’s not the most popular opinion but winter is without a doubt my favorite season of the year. The way the chill of the night hits your skin is like no other feeling and it gives you the perfect excuse to coop up indoors and dive deep into reading or that new favorite TV show – it’s the perfect solo activity, but if you have a significant other to keep you warm and keep you company, even better. I’ve personally been spending my time reading about spiritual experiences in a historical context and binging Russian Doll and I honestly can’t imagine a better way to ride out this February. Here’s to hoping your winter has been well spent too.

NEIKED – Lifestyle (feat. Husky)

NEIKED are straight up one of the best acts in indie-pop right now. It should be no surprise that they’re Swedish born and bred as that country seems to have an inherent understanding of how to make the catchiest music on Earth. I’m not sure if it’s genetic or if there’s something in the water, but every songwriter and pop star I’ve been obsessed with over the past couple decades has some sort of connection to the region. All that being said, NEIKED’s newest is pure ear candy that hits all the right mental pleasure centers with a snappy, carefree groove and effortlessly next level vocals from Husky that makes this feel like a pop smash. As soon as the song came across my inbox it was love at first sight and I couldn’t stop hitting replay – what better sign of an excellent release than that?

My personal anecdote today isn’t related to the music as much as it is the song’s general joyous vibe. I’m at the most centered phase of my life as I’m grounded by intellectual thought and spiritual understanding and people all around me that not only have their feet entrenched in those principles, but in the finer things of life like the pursuit of pure unadulterated happiness. Every moment might not be pure ecstasy but it’s beautiful stability like the sun shining over still waters. This lens through which I’m viewing the world is the healthiest lifestyle I’ve ever lived and this is just the start.

Broken Back – Breathe Slow

Broken Back released one of my favorite songs of the young year with “Young Love” and he comes through yet again on “Breathe Slow”. It’s the perfect song to take a moment and appreciate the present moment to as you observe your breath and your surroundings and become one with this very second. Music can lead toward nostalgia for the past or anticipation for the future, but this is the type of song that exists in the now. It’s such a joyous anthemic piece of work that feels like a wave of positive emotions overwhelming every pore in your body until you’re enveloped with a deep feeling of satisfaction.

I’m not one to scold for people appreciating advances of civilization through technology and urbanization, but I do feel like its an inherent fact that we’ve lost touch with our spiritual roots. We’ve separated ourselves from conscious existence with our immediate surroundings and respect for each and every step in our day, instead focused on all the excess surroundings that fulfill our instant gratification centers but never the deepest of our inner core. We need to teach our young, our old, and everyone in between the upsides of being in touch with the self, the community, and the Earth. I have endless hope for civilization yet.


I’ve been thinking about the universe a lot lately, so it’s fitting that BVRGER would come through with a meditation on looking up to the sky and getting lost in the stars. His single, “COOPER”, is a subtly groovy exploration of electro-pop’s capacity to paint an interstellar picture. It’s vividly composed and vicariously exciting as you can feel the thrill of floating to the sky above. So often I feel myself glossing over lyrics while listening to new music, but BVRGER has a knack for storytelling with broad, glossy strokes that, while musically different, give me hints of how Kid Cudi approached interstellar topics in the early aughts of his career.

What’s up in the stars? Are we alone? I think we need to find eternal truth in ourselves before we can confidently answer those questions. There’s a vast universe coursing through our bodies and brains that is as untapped in potential as the depths of the oceans we’ve yet to fully comprehend. If we’re able to comprehend what’s inside of us, the rest of the universe’s offerings will fall into place. It takes practice in a modern era centered around instant gratification to look inward, but I promise stopping and examining yourself will lead to a more fulfilling end game as you work through each and every day. 

Ammo x Kaleena Zanders – Wake Up

An absolute banger entered my inbox and I figured there was no better way to kick off Friday than write it up. It’s an insane cover of Travis Scott’s “Wake Up” with vocal dramatics from Kaleena Zanders and wild, wonky production from Ammo that spirals into a hypnotic groove. It’s apparently the launch of a new label called ABSURD NOIZE and I honestly can’t think of a more fitting song to lead with. It’s amazing how they made a track that’s only a few months old totally their own and gave it such a unique flair with a wild dance music approach

Ammo apparently has some major pop production credits under his belt so it’s especially crazy that he’s able to pivot from working with pop stars to making something so underground accessible. It shows a versatility that’s so welcomed in music. Kaleena Zanders has some major features recently and has shown herself as one of the premier topliners in the game, so it’s equally exciting to have her lending her talents. I’m all about thinking outside the box when it comes to music – you can’t just make music without something to complement it anymore – and it feels like ABSURD NOIZE is onto something as they apparently have not just music but events in store. I’ll be buckling up and keeping my eye on what they do next.