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Luis Crucet – Mist

Luis Crucet’s new single is an absolute masterclass in clean, crisp production that strikes deep with each and every pocket encroached. It’s so dense yet so clear, offering a full breadth of atmospherics that toy with the mind while overwhelming the immediate senses – a beautiful balance is struck that commands nuanced attention. The vocals add yet another wonderful layer to the mix, reminding me of mid 2000s dramatics that peppered my playlists, invoking a sense of nostalgia while looking toward the future. I’d highly advise to throw on a pair of quality headphones for this one and slip deep into the world that Luis Crucet has conjured.

I’d been walking through mental fog and mist for a long time. I could see what was directly in front of me, but I had no conception of what lied beyond. It was a part of my life where that lack of sight helped facilitate my sense of safety, but I’ve made a massive turn that’s given me the confidence to shine down through the fog and look toward the horizon. I’m seeing the beauty in nature, feeling the connections of truly listening to others, I’m experiencing art and philosophy on a deeper level, everything has come into focus like I’d been stumbling through life until now. I love my past self, but I’m excited for the new journey that’s just begun and what awaits.

Luke Wylde & Rhea Robertson – Save Yourself

Luke Wylde and Rhea Robertson offer up an absolutely powerful level of synergy on their collaborative new single. It’s a gritty anthem that feels equal parts dive bar and arena stage, the guitar licks sounding like the smoke of cigarettes wafting through your local club while the vocal hook is equipped for arms waving back in forth and controlled unison across the Staples Center floor. It’s a brilliant piece of modern alt-pop inflected with all the right bits of rock that sets itself so far apart from the cookie cutter tracks with a team of mad scientists (read: underpaid songwriters getting less than ideal cuts) behind them. Turn this one all the way up and you’ll immediately feel the middle-finger attitude this one is espousing from beginning to the very end.

Sometimes you have to save yourself. We’re a communal species of shared energy, but in this present moment, we only exist in one body and it deserves the maximum amount of preservation and respect. Don’t take the proverbial bullet for someone – you’ll not only spare them of what the universe is offering as a moment of necessary growth, but you’re sacrificing yourself all for what, an act of hindering progress? Does it sound selfish? Maybe, but I don’t think it’s unfair to consider the value of yourself and cherish it – there’s duality to all things in life, so while you maintain the spiritual practice of love and community, you must also maintain the spiritual practice of conservation. That’s how this one little mind on the speck of a speck of rock in the speck of a galaxy in a vast universe sees it, anyway.

Ashe – Moral of the Story: Chapter 2

I’ve been raving about Ashe endlessly for years now and she keeps proving herself with every release. It’s so amazing to maintain such a high level of quality while consistently shifting and evolving her sound, from the days of being our favorite electronic topliner, to sunny indie-pop, to deep and introspective tunes with the ability to move entire rooms on increasingly larger tours. It’s no mistake that she’s fostering such a passionate and dedicated fanbase that’s hanging on to her every word because her music is not only open and honest lyrically, but you can hear the sincerity in every chord struck instrumentally. Off this new EP, I think my favorites are “Immature” which almost feels like a fairytale play production deserving of a synchronized dance routine and the slow build into a super dramatic conclusion on “Now How It’s Supposed To Go”. She’s documented a tragic journey on her two EPs this year and I know we’re all so grateful to get a glimpse into her perspective and world.

It’s really nice to kick off the week listening to an artist I love after setting the tone with a spiritual weekend that deepened my connection with the universe. I went to a class where I learned some really powerful practices that quenched my love for helping others in the short term and is going to allow me to provide insight for others in the long term. I was also of service to someone who needed serious help and was able to not just give them advice, but be a friend that they needed while coming out of a dark spot in their life. I’m really riding a wave of positivity right now and I’m happy to spread that to anyone reading this! Have a great week everyone!

Pretty Sister and MarcLo – Poolside Vibe

Get ready to kick back and float away as this “Poolside Vibe” comes in hot as a burgeoning summer hit from Pretty Sister and MarcLo. The two have had serious chemistry before and they ascend to effortless cool on a funky collaboration that’s impossible to resist. Groovy production makes this one timeless while the back-and-forth vocals are pure ear candy as each artist has undeniably gravitational approaches that pull you in, like your best friend pulling you into the pull where the party is at. It feels like a party is happening while listening to this one alone at home, so I can only imagine how it must feel to have this blasting on a sweltering Los Angeles afternoon with champagne toasting, drinks flowing, and anything else you might need to cool off.

With the utter chaos going on in the world, it’s so essential that we take time to say fuck it and forget all worries. Turn off the TV, get off social media, and have a blast with your friends that takes you out of worrying about the past and being scared of the future. Lean into the present moment and realize it’s all we’ve got, so we should make the best of it! Grab everyone you know, hit the closest body of water (preferably a pool but hell a beach or lake or river works too), and turn up “Poolside Vibe” to maximize the great time you’re going to have and the great time you deserve this summer!

Xtevie – Vanilla Tequila

Xtevie is the life of the party and brings some real swag to her music that’s impossible to ignore. “Vanilla Tequila” is her latest trap cocktail that comes with a banging beat and hype vocals that feel like if 2009-era Ke$ha decided to rap (as someone who seriously appreciates that period of pop, I mean that as the highest compliment possible). It’s pure turn-up energy synthesized into two minutes that makes it perfect to quickly get in the zone, and if you want to stay there, flip it on repeat again and again without it ever losing its luster. Now with three singles under her belt, Xtevie has really shown herself to be a versatile artist whose music is like one giant, irresistible celebration of life that’s impossible to not feel uplifted by and urges you to grab onto a friend and jump til you can’t anymore.

I can’t help but think about all the turn-up music of the past that inspires the same sentiments as “Vanilla Tequila”. Seeing the models at Kanye West’s Life of Pablo premiere rage to “Hard In The Paint” in the middle of MSG made me ascend to new levels, I’ve Spotify DJed many parties with “Freek-A-Leek” by Petey Pablo as the raunchy anthem for everyone to get down to, and seen how artists like Playboi Carti cause some sort of communal switch to flip where an entire audience of young people emerge into the most hypnotic state of disarray. We need to release everything pent up within us and music is the perfect avenue to do just that. Turn on “Vanilla Tequila” and turn it all the way up for those results.

Roland Tings – Always Rushing (ft. Mild Minds)

“Always Rushing” is a visceral heater of a track that starts off deceptively methodical, a calculated groove thriving on repetition while slowly divulging little hints of organic pleasure, before transitioning into organic indie-laced goodness. It’s a natural flow, almost psychedelic in nature as Mild Minds’ vocals echo across the soundscape, melodic yet detached and floating away into the ether. They don’t exist in a vacuum, though, as a synth-driven tension builds to a crescendo before suddenly dropping off a cliff into a subtle new groove at the track’s halfway point. There’s moving parts all throughout that seem to contradict one another on the surface, but their gravitational pull to one another makes this a magnetic release absolutely worth your time and then some.

For my personal anecdote today, “Always Rushing” lines up a pretty easy topic for me to tackle. I always need to bullrush into everything I do and overwhelm myself with as much practice or information as possible to a fault. It can be a sudden need to own every vintage nu-metal shirt on Depop, it can be the urge to buy every spiritual book I can to enrich my knowledge while jumping from author to author, all things that make me happy but totally overdone and require some moderation. Through meditation and daily practice, I’ve learned to slow down against my natural tendencies and exist in the present moment, appreciating what I have and slowly taking all facets of life in through a calm lens. It may take practice, but it works.

Delacey – Emily

Delacey is a pop star in the making, but she’s also an extremely personal writer whose new single is a touching tribute to her best friend. The lyrics are so pure, transitioning from dealing with broken relationships to taking shrooms and watching MTV. You can feel the honesty through the story Delacey weaves and that’s also owed to her next-level vocals which feel tailor made for wide audiences, radio airwaves, and beyond. It’s all topped off by production that serves to subtly complement Delacey’s powerful performance rather than take centerstage, a surge of bass at select moments functioning as its only real push to the forefront. From top to bottom, this is a touching piece within a sea of music that will rise to the top.

Friendships are a strange beast. I’ve learned that even our best friends have flaws and we have to learn how to deal with them (or whether we CAN deal with them which brings to question to the longevity of the friendship). Just last night, a good friend struck a nerve by saying my spiritual practices are strange and worthy of an “intervention.” It might have been said in a joking manner, but it struck deep to have something so essential to my life perceived as strange by the person who’s supposed to understand me the best. They apologized, but it’s now a matter of whether or not I should communicate how genuinely hurt I am over the comment – it’s a small thing to most people, but when you’re so in tune with yourself and your needs, these things become worthy of reflection and contemplation. Fortunately, I have the tools to write about it and talk to friends with years of experience on me and work through a small speed bump like this!

Elio – Empty Persuasions

Elio’s sophomore single feels like indie-pop perfection to me. Everything about this is so masterfully written and hits every pleasure center in my brain with every note. The vocals are simultaneously distant yet enticing and introspective, the instrumentals are subtly beautiful with little touches draped across its structure with twinkling bits of grace, all wrapped up into a wonderful package. I’m having trouble coming up with words to really nail down how this song is ringing so true to me, but maybe that’s a good thing, experiencing a song with all the senses and feeling it rather than sitting down and intellectualizing it. There’s a beauty in that, so I’ll look to appreciate this experience rather than judging it.

I feel like we’re tempted by an endless array of empty persuasions throughout our 21st century existence. Tempted by the newest product at the big box store, tempted by that unhealthy food blasting through your TV at midnight, tempted by the pursuit of material things to fill a void, tempted by idealized relationships that check all the boxes but are lacking in true fulfillment or meaning. I’m not sure if this is unique to our time period because people have been chasing throughout human history, but it sure feels magnified in this era. All that being said, being conscious of this and actively working against it will provide a lifetime of fulfillment if you allow it.

chloe mk – Fantasy

This might be chloe mk’s first EP but she’s immediately made herself known as one of the most promising voices in pop music right now. The EP feels like a turn of the century fever dream where Nokia flip phones and frosted tips swirl into a hazy amalgamation. The music has a modern punch, but you can hear the influence of 2000s pop starlets channeled through the lens of a conscious, utterly cool 2019 mind. My personal favorites are “I Can’t Stop” (can we talk about how that opening sounds like a slowed down “Still D.R.E.”) and “David Bowie” (a ridiculously beautiful ballad that’s dynamic, ever-shifting, and laced with endless layers to slowly fade into while listening along). This is a record that warrants repeated listens and stands head and shoulders above the 2019 pop crowd.

There was something about the early 2000s that felt like an untouchable zeitgeist. Technology was rising but we had nothing more than flip phones, pop music was slowly inching toward being critically appraised but not quite, it was an era of in-betweens, a transition period if you will. There’s so many lucid memories like looking at Dell computers in the local Circuit City and the just-built mall while “Toxic” echoed through the speakers. I feel like those were the last vestiges of innocence before social media drug us toward the unflinching realities of a toxic, chaotic society. It’s nice to close your eyes, listen to someone like chloe mk, and being totally grounded in the present moment while feeling the sensation of simpler times. That’s the Fantasy.

Grabbitz – King / Ghost In A Song

Grabbitz has totally transcended his roots in electronic music which I knew him for originally years ago. It’s an exciting time for the artist as he jumps to the highest of indie-pop heights on this song which jumps across various angles of the genre with ease. The first half is a super poppy track that you could imagine soundtracking a massive event while the latter half is a super swaggy, rapping infused joint with so much effortless cool to it that makes it feel like you’re kicked back listening to him spit while everyone nods along. Throw this one on in the background and vibe along for the perfect Friday sounds!

According to Grabbitz this track is about your art living on forever which I think is so true. Some art right now is certainly fleeting (see: Spotify targeting pop) but then you have work of auteurs that has lived for hundreds to thousands of years. Hell, we have ancient cave art that we admire so far in the future. Can you imagine in hundreds of years when humans plug into the database and dive into the music crafted today? Their minds will be blown, viewing our times through the lens of the art that defined the times. Here’s to living forever, now on Earth and far beyond to eternity.