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Foreign Air – In The Shadows

Yesterday I ended up in a YouTube wormhole that led to a compilation of Trump’s funniest moments. In-between the hilarity was a pretty profound statement made by the Donald. When asked if he’s ever asked God for forgiveness…

I am not sure I have, I just go on and try to do a better job from there. I don’t think so. I think if I do something wrong, I think, I just try and make it right. I don’t bring God into that picture. I don’t.”

I love that attitude man. I think it’s exactly how you can stay in the present and moving forward. The ego and pride are the haters of progress. They’re what get in the way of recognizing your actions. They make you care about things that just don’t matter and look outside of yourself. Usually the best thing to do in all situations is to take yourself out of the equation. To put your energy toward solutions. That’s impossible to do if you think the world revolves around you. You don’t need God to help, you don’t need the world to understand your struggle, it’s not that deep.

But there’s a million reasons to romanticize the past and they all start with the ego. Good or bad, sad or happy, memories make for good movies in the minds eye. So good you’ll watch them over and over, all the while ignoring the life unfolding in front of you.

I lose my mind, I lose my mind to forget you…”

That’s exactly what happens. Why? Because it’s not real man. Like I said a couple of days ago, once something happens it goes from realty to virtual reality. You might as well put on an Oculus Rift and go indulge in your memories. There’s nothing wrong with that, just be mindful, know you’re in the shadows.

I related to this song once upon a time, so much so that I would dive into music like this. I can still do it, especially when it sounds this good but now I know I’m watching a movie. It’s just not real anymore. I’m where Foreign Air is, I took back my Halo, reclaimed my mind and got back to living. Don’t victimize yourself, don’t blame others. Agree with his politics or not, the Toupee speaks truth, you just have to do what’s right. For yourself, and everyone else. Enjoy.

Shallou – Heights

I just realized that my wanna be OCD is spilling over into how I look at music. I now find myself creating these strange mental groupings of my favorite songs. No matter how much I may love certain tracks, I just can’t play them next to each other. It appears most music I love get sorted by the mood I need to be in/am in when I listen to them. Not in an obvious “don’t turn up at a friends funeral” way. In a more personal way where the common threads have more to do with my life than the genre or track itself.

There’s a group of songs I love to play when I’m feeling extra cool, extra confident. Another group of songs I love to listen to when I’m feeling nostalgic. A group I enjoy when I’m zoned out working on something. And so on. Each song branded along with a memory deep in my mind long ago. Now it represents a feeling that I can indulge in by pressing play. Each song usually remains in it’s designated file, rarely venturing out into other feelings. They understand their job, and they do it well.

But every once in a while there’s these unpredictable outlier songs that enter my world. A song that somehow compliments two completely different moods. Throwing off my organized mental files. A good example for me is The Fixx “Saved By Zero.” Something about it transcends my OCD-fueled boundaries. I enjoy playing it when I’m feeling like an unstoppable force. And just as much while replaying memories from my past. I’ll never know why, but the song just works that way for me. And so I admire it’s dual-nature. It makes me wonder if the band dealt with both feelings when they wrote and recorded it. How much of a bands energy at the time of creation engrained into the song forever? That’s definitely a question for another time but these 2-sided songs make me think about that, a lot.

Shallou’s “Heights” is the newest double-threat in my life. I’ve been enjoying it’s soundscape while marveling at the ways it rocks the boat. At first it locked itself into my “feel-good, get-ready-for-the-day group.” But after a few days the tones of the instruments somehow moved onto more somber territory. It moved to a completely different group of songs, but could transition back to happy town at anytime. I grew fond of it’s unpredictability, and so my respect for the song grew. But it’s also confused the shit out of me. Now when i’m feeling great, I’m scared to play the song for fear it may pull me back into a painful memory about a lost love. On the flip side, what if I want to indulge that painful memory by playing “Heights.” And it instead makes me feel happy and confident? Pick a lane Shallou’s “Heights,” PICK A LANE!!! One thing I do know is that when a song confounds me such as this one, it’s a winner.

Mind The Journey – Rose Colored Glasses


Recently my son’s mother accused me of living my life through Rose Colored Glasses, and then last week on my personal blog I wrote why there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. And this week, I believe all of that much more than last. Here we are.

I’ve been reviewing music submissions for a great new platform that pays me for organizing our submissions emails for us, and pays us to listen to those submissions that we would have received anyway and provide feedback as to why decline a submission. It exposes us to new audiences, but it also lets artists know that if they want some serious attention paid to their copy/cut-and-pasted emails, they have the option to pay for access to our attention spans. Time, after all, is money, ‘no?’

My process is the same. Search high and low for a tune that makes me feel something.

Watching the pilot episode of Vinyl on HBO last night, I found myself relating to the blond intern (Jamie Vine) from Kew Gardens, Queens in NYC who pitches a band called Nasty Bits. It’s not that she digs their sound, it is the fact that they make the crowds feel something, good or bad, that she loves. That’s what I look for in music: for the music to make me feel something. Make me remember a moment in time that felt the same. A split second from a love affair that had the same sounds. A long distance drive in the rain through the Fall’s foliage. Anything.

At the beginning of this track, I hated it. It starts off loud and obnoxious like something we would expect to jump out at us while listening to a new Kanye or Kendrick Lamar album. The abrupt sounds almost make me skip this altogether until the next submission. And then something changes.

The reason that there is nothing wrong with seeing things through Rose Colored Glasses is because the rose colored glass is the mix of the world that takes place first, in your mind, and then the one here, in which things that already took place in your mind must be executed. Rose Colored Glasses are a filter of those two worlds happening harmoniously.

At 00:53 seconds, the tune changes. The sonic chaos is gone, and a beautiful mixture of sounds warmly takes over. The song slows its pace down, and the vocals follow suit. I dig what it’s saying. I put it on repeat and purchase the track for $1. If you dig it too, you should support this kind of imaginative, edgy, non-traditional and risky experimental approach to music. I personally hate when something sounds too familiar to me.

When faith is tried, will you turn to what’s inside

Katy B x Four Tet x Floating Points — Calm Down

Life is a movie.

When you're watching it you get lost in whatever sad, intense, angry or happy feelings are happening. For the length of that movie you're on the rollercoaster. Then just like that, when it's all said and done you return to your previous state. 

It's the same thing when stressful situations occur. You're just fine and the suddenly something seemingly unpleasant or challenging happens and you get completely engulfed by the situation. Often time to our detriment.

"When are we ever going to calm down?"

What if you looked at your own life like a movie? What if while something stressful was happening you could watch it, choose what to do and realize that shortly after a new scene will be happening. Look at your movie through the eyes of someone else. Or better yet, if you were watching your movie what would you want to see?

Think about your past for a second, all those great memories you had, your past loves, those high school days, what do those memories feel like? I would say they feel like projections because you’re not interacting in your mind, you’re watching.

Yet love never felt so real, pain never hurt so bad. At the time you were totally engulfed. You we're literally in it but now it's just a projection in your minds eye. Isn't that fascinating?

Anyways, the point I'm trying to make is that it's important to have that perspective in the present because anything that may be stressing you out, putting you under pressure or whatever is simply not worth it. The moment, the feeling that’s driving you mad is already fleeting. The moment it happens, it goes from reality to virtual reality. The only worthy thought is the call to action, not imagination.

"The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master." Robin Sharma

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What I’m talking about above is called mindfulness which to put it simply is just paying attention to what your mind is doing. Some situations certainly call for a type of response but most don’t. Someone cutting you off on the highway is not a reason for a ruined day etc. However, let your mind run free and your reactions will be counter productive.

The new Katy B album is full of jams but this one if by far my favorite. That techy Four Tet swing and Katy’s hypnotizing message provide the perfect soundtrack for all the icy cool mofo’s out there who only focus on the goodness.

Tooth & Tusk – Never Going Back

You’re too mature to not have love in your life everyday. Real love. Not that shit you get for a night or two every other month, but the shit that you get every other couple of hours.

Do you honestly believe that you don’t need that in your life? Or has it been that long that you forgot what it’s like to have real love in your life everyday?

I remember real love being dope. I remember it always being passionategood or bad, and especially at its craziest.

I used to think about love.
It was all too hard.

Going around in circles,
I couldn’t make up my mind.

I would turn away,
As if I just didn’t care,
What was up with that?

Maybe start looking at these passed few years as figuring out what you will and won’t accept from love, and now as the time to put it into practice. You know why? Because years go by too quick. Because time doesn’t sit around waiting for you to figure it all out at your own pace. Because why spend another day without the kind of love that makes you crazy. The kind of passion that makes you want to rush home after a long day of work.

“Never Going Back is a disco fuelled, upbeat thumper featuring funked out bass, syncopated electric guitar rhythms, 70’s porn style wah wah and rich vocal harmonies. It is an all out disco banger with Courtney Constantinou belting out the lead vocal as she sings about the difficulties of finding love and how times and expectations are changing.” 

Tune in. Zone out.