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Mura Masa – Are You There (KATARAXXIA Remix)

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 11.53.38 PM

You know how one moment, you’ll be checking your snaps, and then someone will text you and you’ll head on over to read that text message. And then, halfway through reading that text, someone will DM you on the gram.

In the meantime, there’s music playing in the background and you’re thinking about what your lunch options are because lunch is in a couple of hours.

Well, that is exactly what this KATARAXXIA Remix you are about to listen to is going to be like, andit’s fuc$&ng, dope. 

I’m excited man. I’m excited to get back to the hustle & bustle of the city. New York, that is. I’m excited to hit up: Joe & The Juice, and get some work done from inside of there; zero distractions. I’m excited to hit Lure up, on Prince & Mercer, for some good old-fashioned SoHo Happy-Hour vibes. I’m excited to run across the street for a coconut-watered martini, or two.

I’m excited for late-night cab rides up a desolate Madison Ave on the Upper West Side to Harlem. I’m excited for late-evening studio meetings on Wall Street rooftops. I’m even more excited for late night studio sessions that turn into this summer’s next anthem.

To be frank, I love Cali. It’s one of the most beautiful places I have seen in the world, in both energy and vibe. It has a beautiful heartbeat that loves to skip a couple of steps, here and there. I dig it more than I once thought I would have. But I can’t stay. I have to go where my heart is, and my heart is back in NYC.

I guess this is me breaking up with LA and getting that devastated and sad feeling I tend to get when I know something is officially over. That crushed and defeated sense of being. This is me telling Cali that: ‘It’s over”, and simply just being affected by that decision. That’s pretty normal, no?

This remix brings all of those emotions to it. The excitement, mixed with the sadness, mixed with the constant sense of adventure, mixed with the fun of it all.

Like I said, it’s dope.

Pablo Nouvelle – I Will (feat. Sam Wills)

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 11.30.42 AM

When I read her email that said she had given someone else a chance in her life, I was crushed. Somewhere in my head I thought we would go about our ways and then get back together like the end of some romantic comedy. But that wasn’t going to happen here. I’m not even sure that I actually wanted that to happen in the first place.

I had left her because I was partly selfish, and because she just wasn’t as strong mentally as I thought she had once been. People have this funny way of showing you only the layers they want to show you rather than the truths about who they really are. Then they have the nerve to get upset when you call them out on it; out on the fact that they aren’t who they said they were.

I can’t really recall why I felt so crushed, but it hurt. I guess it was probably the realization that the great love affair we once shared would just disappear into the land of myths and legends. It would only continue to exist in my head. It would only have been real to just me. And not that there is anything wrong with that in the first place. I guess it was me realizing that all of it was really over for good.

Somehow, even after all these years, I have never gotten used to the end of any relationship. I love far too much for that shit, but I’ve come to realize that love is built so differently into each and everyone of us.

They say that Ravens can read one another’s minds. That they haven’t had to develop languages because they don’t need to. As high up the food chain as we are, you would think that with all of the languages we have developed to communicate we could get something as simple as clearly communicating our emotions to one another, right.

One would think that we could love with the same intensity and passion and forever, the same. But the ugly truth is that we don’t. So no, I guess because I love profoundly whenever I say those words to someone else, I will never get over the loss of a relationship. Not a lover, not a friend, not a family member. No one.

It will always hurt.

I promised you and you promised me,
That we’d always be,
You and me.

Sweeney – Bottle Talk

As Fashion Week dawns upon us, I'm getting ready to hit court up in LA and then fly back into the city to catch all the beautiful styles and swaggers that will be walking around town in NYC a week from now. There's nothing better than that feeling that comes over me the moment I know I'm just about to get back to my hometown.

I can already feel the cold air and smell the sweet scent of hot toddies on top of cobblestoned streets, in the middle of the night.

This tune by Sweeney titled: "Bottle Talk", has a real New York City-vibe, to me. At least it speaks like that my ears and soul. Its fast-paced production, reminiscent of my very own walking speeds whenever I'm bobbing & weaving in and out of the city's people-traffic, going from recording studio to record label and back to another recording studio all the way across town, and on the other side of the island.

"Bottle Talk" is a track that I could put my headphones on to and block out all the other noises happening around me in order to focus on what's next. I dig that kind of vibe right there, especially since I just booked my flight back to NYC a few minutes ago. It's preparing me for those moments about to come that I know all too well. (and you, if you've been reading here all these years.)

Waste time? Never babe I hardly get to sleep. I've been starvin' myself cause I been stuck up on a beat.

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See you soon NYC. In the meantime, bop your big heads to this cool ass jam right here:

Sea Span – Winter Sublet

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 10.35.10 AM

Just go with your gut. That’s the answer. Yea, I’m talking directly to you. Weren’t you the one pondering that decision in your head anyway?

Stop listening to your mothers and fathers, boy/girlfriends and lovers. The decision you wanted to make was already made before you asked. It was made before they gave you their fu$&ing uneducated opinions.

People want you to make the decisions they think that they would make in your situation, but NO ONE knows our situations like we do because no one has been where we have been; because no one comes from where we come from.

I don’t want you to allow others to get inside of your head, anymore. I’m tired of you making decisions based on what other people say. Clueless people. People who have always been too afraid to do anything they’ve really wanted to do with their lives. People who live in boxes with invisible limits they adhere to.

I’m sick of listening to their unwarranted opinions about the choices and decisions that your heart makes. It’s YOUR heart that resides in your chest. It should be your mind, spirit and soul that decide what the best routes for you are. And mostly, they do. They all get together and come to the conclusions and pick the right options that they feel will be the best. And guess what? Maybe those decisions don’t turn out so good, and maybe the do. Who cares? It’s your life to live. Live it the way you want to.

Winter Sublet” is a little sonic slice of pensive energy to help you relax your mind and decide what path you are about to choose and embark on. Hit play and let it soothe your soul into musical mediation. Let it speak to you, if that’s what it’s meant to do, and let it take you wherever it is meant to take you. At the end of the day, it’s just you, your heart, mind, spirit and soul that will have to live with whatever choice you decide to make. With whatever paths you pick to take.

I don’t know if I’ll stay.”

WDL – Hurricane Highlife (feat. MAWE)

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 9.15.51 AM

I remember leaving the bar at the Andaz on Sunset one night after midnight, drunk as all hell. I was charged up on life, but I was depressed about the girl in my life at that time being thousands of miles away. We had just gotten back from Sundance about a week before, and I was in LA for the Grammys. That day, a few of my Los Angeleno friends had decided to cure my depression by picking me up at my hotel in the early morning. We would drive on Sunset all the way to Malibu, and once we hit the PCH they lit up a joint and everything became so surreal. I wanted her to be there to experience what it was that I was feeling, but maybe had she been there it wouldn’t have been the same.

But It keeps me alive
Soon I’ll be gettin’ my high
Good life”

Later that day, in the early evening, they dropped me off back at The Mondrian and said they wanted to take me out later that night. I agreed, knowing that I  would later flake out because I was feeling like I just needed to be with myself. I was thankful for the day they showed me and the memories they provided, but once the high came down I still only wanted to sulk in the depressions of love. I got back up to my room, took a hot shower and fell asleep staring down those seductive lights of Sunset Boulevard from 12 stories above.

Some hours later, I woke up to missed calls and unanswered text messages. None from her. In my mind it didn’t matter that there was a 12-hour time difference because there should be no time differences in love.

Watch television, it’s not what I do
You can not be the one that I knew”

Restless, I got dressed and crossed the street to Katana, but it was closing. I looked right, then left and saw some action at the Andaz where I found a beautiful lobby bar. All I needed was a drink or three after all, so I went right in, sat at the only seat left at the exact center of the bar and ordered a whiskey neat. I kept thinking to myself that I needed to live differently. That I had to stop sulking about moments and things that I have no control over, and live within the moments in front of me. After all, those are the only moments that I ever have any control over.

Some moments later the beautiful blond bartender asked my name. As patron after patron (not the tequila) started leaving the bar, I’d find myself alone with her there, laughing, joking, telling little lies to seduce her soul. It worked. She would ask me what I was doing after she closed up shop, and I would ask if this was her way of kicking me out. She would tell me that this was her way of asking me to join her for a drink in Downtown LA. She knew some speakeasy where we could both sulk in our sorrows until 6AM.

That night, she would drive through LA as if it were a video game. That’s what it looked like to me, at least. We would hit this hidden bar that felt as if we were back in the Prohibition Era. She knew everyone there and they all loved her. I had let the moment entice me and I had found myself living within it. It was something so unfamiliar to me, but I guess that was the allure.

I won’t struggle, for pleasure
Sworn in the water, well I need the sea.”

It was that night that I began living my life in-the-moment. I never saw that relationship I maintained with the bartender as anything else but that. You are free to judge me because this is America, but my heart, soul, spirit and mind are only citizens of love. There are no rules there. Something or the other about all being fair in wars and such..

I get the feeling that I won’t retreat
Won’t, won’t, sail, back home”