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Justin Caruso – Talk About Me (feat. Victoria Zaro)

Not giving a fuck is *easily* one of the most important skills I’ve started to learn. I used to always care about what people thought about me in general or something as specific as what they thought of my laugh or smile. Hell, I remember getting mad as a kid when I would hear my family talking about me when I wasn’t in the room and not even knowing what they were saying. But today, I’m starting to just throw those worries up to the wind…

I mean if I’m trying to be my best person, then why should I care what you’ve got to say? There’s only one thing in life I can control and that’s my own actions. If you want to waste your time being concerned about my actions and waste your energy focusing on me instead of yourself…go right ahead! Like Victoria Zaro says over this super smooth Justin Caruso beat…”if that’s what you think, then talk about me”! I’ll be over here avoiding useless stress and enjoying life. We only have so much time on this earth and I’d rather spend it with a smile on my face.

StéLouse – Shivers n Gold (w/ Mascolo)

all the time
I wait while you don’t know me
but you talk of how you’re lonely
I wait for it to pass
oh why

walking blind
these nights are going slowly
I wait but you won’t show me
past your sheets of gold
oh why

I’m betting on your grace darlin’ help
I’m crawling in my greed now
so call it what you please darlin’
I’m begging that you’ll come around.”

It’s a cold and rainy day where I am at, this seemed perfect for that feeling of wanting to just curl up by a nice fire and read or reminisce through some old photo books of fond memories.  I love the poetry in these lyrics, the lovely metaphors and symbolism, definitely not lyrics for someone lacking knowledge or thinking outside of the box, we here at EMPT definitely break those box barriers and enjoy the challenges of the world.

So I went out this past weekend, as I had a good friend in from town introducing everyone to her new boyfriend, in fact everyone I went out with Saturday night was shacked up, didn’t bother me at all as you may have assumed it did.  I don’t think I am begging for anything anymore, no comfort, no affection, I see the little problems all of these couples have or not even problems but the fact that one person is always checking in with the other one about something or worried about what the other person wants to do next, etc. You know what I am talking about, and I don’t miss that, I don’t miss having to check in with someone or worry whether they might give me shit for having one too many drinks, or what I am wearing or maybe I seem to be flirting too much with someone that passes by…Yup don’t miss all of control that happens in too many relationships.  I am hoping I just find that one person eventually without trying to hard, that just gets me, I get them, we move past all that typical controlling relationship bullshit.  Ya sounds good writing it right now but easier said than done right, you all are probably laughing at me like good luck girl.  Well I cannot wait to prove everyone wrong!

Another stellar track from SteLouse, sexy rainy Monday vocals that already have you thinking of the weekend ahead of us, press play and the weekend will be here again before you know it.

.dxf – Efira

Do you remember that trippy, super depressing short film MORE? It was the one with the little stop-motion dude going through life in a factory, being super disillusioned with his life before becoming his own worst enemy? I was obsessed with it years ago, mainly cause of that brooding fucking song that I couldn’t get out of my head. I had no idea who it was by so I downloaded the short film through a YouTube converter and would watch it on repeat and be on the verge of crying nine times out of ten… Years later I found out that was “Elegia” by New Order (who would end up becoming one of my favorite bands) but I could never hear the song without thinking of MORE…so when I heard “Efira” by .dxf I was taken *straight* back to that short film.

I don’t think it’s a sample of “Elegia,” but the synth on this song has a similar sound… it feels like another view on being depressed and disillusioned in our weird technological world, now with a strange autotuned flow and thumping undertow. And usually I don’t care about music videos, but the video for “Efira” drives that home with a crazy balance between rough graphics and darkness.

“Efira” isn’t postpunk by any means, but to be real I honestly think we’re looking at 2017’s answer to “Elegia”…

The Chainsmokers and Coldplay – Something Just Like This

Well The Chainsmokers are at it again, making dope tracks with dope artists like Coldplay, ya big time, but man do these dudes stay humble.  EMPT has been supporting The Chainsmokers for years now, and regardless of the fact that they have made it big, we are talking Grammy winners, like WTF, I would never stop supporting them because of how fucking humble and cool they are!  Take note artists, don’t ever forget who you are or where you came from, I mean it’s just a Grammy, no biggie 😉 …

So just some cool insider stuff, apparently this collab was a secret for about 3 months, dope!  “This collaboration isn’t a testament to the ideal that anything is possible if you stay focused, passionate and set your mind to something than I don’t know what is!”  This dope new single collab piece as well as Paris, will be on their new upcoming album ‘MEMORIES… DO NOT OPEN’ on April 7th with 10 new tracks just as awesome as this one and oh ya, you can pre-order here if your getting a tickle in your panties (or boxer briefs!)

This track is awesome, extremely relatable on many different levels, great feel that is movie theme worthy for sure, if you weren’t sure about how you were feeling about getting the weekend started I think this will definitely set your mood right.  Thanks guys for sending this jam over to us, always much love!

Alright, I would love to stay and chat but I gotta get my weekend going cuz it’s gonna be a crazy one! xo

Bronze Whale x Popeska – “Imagine” (feat. Tom Aspaul)

Imagine. Construct a concept within your mind on a micro or macro level. Allow it to expand as your mind generates in new directions, but don’t just imagine – create. Turn imagination into reality.

It’s not always feasible, but if you’re afforded the ability, don’t allow your colorful, unique ideas to sink back into the seeming nothingness they emerged from. Contribute to the world around you when possible. I’ve attempted to carry this out as an exercise lately; whether it’s a broad yet high-reaching idea at work or seemingly small idea around friends, I’ve found it to be beyond rewarding to introduce an imagination-generated idea to the world. Not only does it have the attempt to come to fruition, but other people are able to mold and add to the idea until it becomes not just a product of singular thought, but a collective project that emphasizes the raw, wondrous power of a motivated humanity.

Bronze Whale, Popeska, and Tom Aspaul imagined. Hear the jubilant results for yourself below.

Mura Masa – Lotus Eater (Swindail Remix)

Today’s listening consideration: Swindail’s “Lotus Eater” remix, or in more explicit terms, a track in which loungey vibes, churning trap percussion, and a pan flute all intersect. It’s brain-stretching madness that warps along a spectrum where linearity is bucked and sounds teleport across time like a blackhole, starting at one end of the track’s internal universe and suddenly reappearing minutes (read: lightyears) away.

Much like that time hop, the longevity “Lotus Eater” has maintained throughout internet communities is fascinating as it continues to resurface time and time again. The track has become a molding clay in which artists collectively reshape into their own image; it’s a warming concept that speaks less toward the galactic scale I’ve been leaning on and more toward the beautiful microcosm that is human culture.

Here I sit, three years later, with Swindail delivering a new, glitchy perspective. A beautiful microcosm, indeed.

A Flock Of Seagulls – The More You Live The More You Love (Rhythm Scholar Starwave Remix)

I have definitely been needing my old school jams lately, so when I heard A Flock of Seagulls with a dope mix on it, I was like fuck yes thank you!  I was born in the 80’s, so I guess some would argue that I was more or less influenced by the 90’s but I always win this argument when I let everyone know that I have a brother who is almost 10 years older and therefor I was influenced by his tastes while living in the same household together.  I am just drawn to how upbeat everything was about the 80’s, everything from the music, the movies, and even the clothes were like, BOOM, in your face with just a whole lot of positive vibes.  Wish I could say the same for the day and age we live in now but fuck it right, at least there are great times to reminisce upon.  Knowing that once upon a time things really were pretty awesome should give us all hope that they can be awesome again.

There are a ton of video game sounds in this track that I am sure if you are as up on your old school jams as I am you can spot.  We all played video games back in the 80’s and 90’s even if you weren’t a video game head, I think they were just less intense, easier for more people to grasp.  I am really feelin’ this jam for it’s nostalgia that it fills me up with and yet doing something unique with some new production to spruce it up for millennium babies.

The more you live, the more you love.” #Truefuckingstory!

This jam is good for anyone even if you don’t remember this track, press play and enjoy your Tuesday! xx

Mainman – W.W.H.

Just to test it out, I decided to throw this song in a random mix with all of my favorite “white guy soul/yacht rock” songs to see how it held up. A couple of Hall and Oates and Steely Dan songs floated by, then some good ole Michael McDonald. Then a Joe Jackson song, although since he’s British he probably fancies himself too cool to be boxed into this group. Then on came Mainman, sandwiched by Christopher Cross on the other end. And you know what? “W.W.H.” fit right in perfectly! It passed a huge test. Next would be to play it for my dad and see if he starts tappin and groovin and acting all early 80-ish. If Mainman passes that test, this song is gold as far as I’m concerned. And if the song wasn’t enough, Funny Or Die premiered the wonderful time-warping video last week, check it here.

Plus, you gotta love the topic. I don’t know what the heck the initials “W.W.H.” stand for, but I do know that the singer is clearly trying to help someone keep with spiraling thoughts. You know, the “tiny thoughts” that eat away at your being like termites until you fall apart and “enter the void.” And think about it for a sec – where do these thoughts even come from? Whose voice are they? Not yours, i’ll tell you that much. Not many of the thoughts that stream through your head in a given day are yours. That’s why many meditation practices revolve around playing the role of an observer or witness to your thoughts, and NOT indulging them. You gotta be able to observe your ridiculous thoughts (you know they are) as a by-stander, and not pay them any attention. Your attention is the most precious thing you can give to anyone or anything, but that’s a whole other topic.

It’s like when you’re riding on the bus and some homeless guy gets on – already mid-conversation about something insane – and he’s gonna tell the rest of his story to whoever he locks eyes with. Don’t make eye contact or you’re in for 15 minutes of nodding your head politely while this guy rants and raves.

These tiny thoughts are the same. They’re nuts. They’re pure lunacy. They’re definitely not worth giving your attention to. If you can learn to indulge only YOUR OWN thoughts and laugh at all the other BS that floats through your head non-stop, you’re well on your way to gaining control of your life like never before.

Video: Lana Del Rey – Love

To be young and in love..”

This track literally gave me chills, goosebumps, deja vu, an out of body orgasm…  I don’t think I have ever been disappointed by Lana, and was ecstatic to find out she came out with a new track.  There is so much about this track that makes it amazing, the effortless classic vocals, sexy and fluid.  Next is the emotion and beauty from Lana both in the emotion she exudes in the lyrics and in her classic beauty that you don’t see very often, I can’t stop staring, everything about this is classic yet easily relatable and modern.  I could see this track being the theme for every new feature film, it fits in with so many genres because of it’s booming hook that really is so diverse if your mind is able to think beyond the confines of what we automatically categorize love to be.

Ahh to be young and in love (and so naive, ha).  I don’t really know what that feels like anymore, being in love, but I can’t wait to feel it again one day, it will be exciting, like jumping out of a plane with nothing but a parachute, I remember that feeling and I want it to be just like that.  Love for me the last few years was more like walking in eggs shells, no wait not even egg shells, more like walking on sand that has little shards of glass and you have to walk as carefully as possible not to get jabbed.  I want the feeling of falling out of an airplane, heart racing, uncontrollable laughter and you don’t even know why but you don’t need to because it’s all so natural and beautiful.

Thanks Lana, I needed this, the video is awesome in its own right, I need to end this post so I can go listen and watch this a few more times.  I hope you all have the same reaction.

Good day my loves xx


Geordie Kieffer – Tastes Like Chocolate

The 90s are back and better than ever! We’ve got Tommy jackets, way too much flannel tied around people’s waists, and on this new song from Geordie Kieffer, quirky music that reminds me of the days of Beck. I’m not sure I ever wanted those first two things back, but damn I’m happy to hear someone carry the torch of straight weirdness in 2017!

I feel like in the internet age with parody musicians all over YouTube like a plague, being funny in your music just hasn’t been cool anymore besides punchlines in rap songs. You’re either super serious about your music or making fun of a genre by playing it (*cough* Lil Dicky *cough*) and there’s no room in between. That’s why I’m especially happy to hear Geordie do his thing…he’s made a song that’s silly but also been stuck in my head like glue since I first heard it! It goes from alt-rock singing and weird synthesizer sounds to a mostly rapped chorus, all while talking about worshipping his new girl, and it feels like such an honest way to get across all of his different feelings for a new girl who he would do *anything* for. He takes all the elements of how his girl makes him feel and wraps them up into a fun, carefree time that makes me smile over and over again!