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AWAY – Sleepwalker (feat. London Thor)

AWAY and London Thor communicate the experience of being blindsided by love lost in such a stunning fashion on “Sleepwalker”. Thor’s vocals and the production during the verses are decidedly delicate, a strong contrast to the glitchy, chopped-up drop that swings the track from introspective to external upheaval. Rather than basking in sadness or confusion independently, it’s a sonic approach that understands the complex emotions of heartbreak.

I’ve only experienced heartbreak once, heartbreak that was swift and painful. I hope to never experience it again, but I have to level with myself and realize that’s not a realistic expectation. If I offer my love to another human, I’m embracing vulnerability at its peak. Maybe it’s better to wish that future heartbreak at least involves dialogue rather than sudden dissipation, but who am I to dictate that either?

The short answer is I’m not, but as long as there’s emotive music like “Sleepwalker” to fall back on, I think I’ll be alright.

Xan Griffin – Gemini (Feat. WILD)

The artwork for Xan Griffin’s “Gemini” looks like it was taken straight from the dust jacket of a Lovecraftian novel, so it goes without saying that I looked for the track to deliver an imagination-inciting sound. There’s no doubt that Griffin and his featured counterparts in WILD deliver on those expectations as the track builds up with enough inspiring tension to fill up an arena. Gang vocals declare in unison “So start a fire!” as it accelerates toward its peak and swells into a gorgeous, synth-laden drop that feels like the culmination of an epic.

Relating the music back to its Lovecraftian visuals, I can’t help but associate the density of the track and its resulting extravagance with that of the best mystical and science-fiction stories. Plenty of books and films can attempt to replicate the awe of a hypothetical world, but it requires layers and layers of compelling material to explore so that the resulting art avoids hollow mimicry and instead achieves esoteric bliss. For every Star Wars or Mass Effect universe, there’s 1,000 Season Of The Witches, so it’s important to cherish those thrilling exceptions. There’s no doubt I’ll apply that appreciative rule of thumb “Gemini.”

Lenis – Told Him

I don’t have much of a personal anecdote to relate to Lenis’ “Told Him,” but I do have a laundry list of aspects to her debut solo outing that I’m prepared to rave about. Where to start? She moves with such ease atop Zuma’s production that her vocals feel almost conversational, yet each and every note drips with pathos. They’re phenomenal when isolated, but they’re at their most thrilling when harmonized in layers that harken back to R&B’s ’90s heyday; every declaration of mistrust toward the song’s unnamed “him” is powerful when backed by a vocal entourage.

As for Zuma’s production, I’m genuinely taken aback by the versatility he delivers. It’s a soulful R&B instrumental at its core, sure, but the stuttering drum-patterns and fluttery synthesizers make “Told Him” transcend simply being a genre piece – and that doesn’t even take into consideration the groovy house break near the song’s conclusion. It’s, in turn, ultra-admirable how Lenis is able to sound effortless when working with these atypical sounds and structures that Zuma provides; she has innate talent that shines through with every divergence from the norm.

These two artists have chemistry that simply can’t be replicated. Here’s to hoping more collaborations are in store.

Lincoln Jesser – Somebody Will (feat. Gabrielle Current)

The album artwork for “Somebody Will” feels like vaporwave and neofuturism collided into a timeless display, so I’m naturally infatuated at first sight. The purple and blue hues fading into one another are enchanting while the forthcoming collision between a static relic and a dynamic piece of technology brings to mind countless possibilities. If 2001: A Space Odyssey was actually a Macintosh advertisement from the 1980s, this is what it’d look like.

The music doesn’t embody its visual compliment, but I’m perfectly okay with that as it’s a summery electronic outing that fills me with as much joy as its artwork. Gabrielle Current’s vocals are utterly enchanting while Jesser’s production lends itself to poolside extravaganzas; it’s no 2001: A Space Odyssey soundtrack in vaporwave form, but as the temperature rises by the day in Los Angeles, it’s the perfect soundtrack to life outside the cinematic.

Essex – Notice

80’s synths got my mind like, YES PLEASE!  Hello Summer, where are you?  I see you in the distance but I need to feel you on my skin so hurry up please.

Las Vegas duo from New York City, Essex, has been making waves since their debut release of ‘Roads’ which received high praises from the likes of Magnetic Magazine, NestHQ, Tune Collective and more. Composed of Tyler Sherritt and Phil Goodman the duo showcases their unique style of 80’s synth pop with hints of singer/songwriter elements along with bass pop. Equipped with the necessary roots in live vocals and instrumentations, expect to hear organic, ethereal, real music coming from these two.”

I like hearing a musical group that goes in a nostalgic direction.  I like to reminisce on my days of total innocence and lesser expectations of the world.  So much on my plate these days that I finally understand the statement “You’ll sleep when your dead.”  Ain’t that the truth, definitely should have appreciated the days when I was able to sleep till 3 in the afternoon.  No use in looking backwards except to remember the sounds that we love so much that gave us our initial love for music.  Thanks Essex for the reminder of where my love for music came from.

Press play and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Birdee – Give Into Love (Feat. Chloe Amber)

From the rumbling bass line that sounds like a cousin of the “Another One Bites The Dust” bass line, to the dramatic synth stabs, to the sultry vocal – Birdee’s beautiful “Give Into Love” has all the makings of a nu-disco classic. Every sound and even the placement of each sound recalls the best elements of late 70’s disco music. You truly could throw this record in a mix with 20 other disco-funk smashes from 40 years ago and it would fit right in. It really makes you wonder how the hell there was such a backlash against disco 35 years ago. This was considered cheesy and silly after being the biggest thing in music for a few short years. Now you listen to disco classics and they sound and feel 20x smarter than any generic pop song from the 2000’s.

And “Give Into Love” isn’t just an ode to the classics. It carries with it modern EDM arrangement and sensibilities, resulting in a super refreshing eight minute journey through electronic music. Sure, it’s all broadcast through a disco filter, but you can clearly see Birdee’s understanding of way more than just disco and funk. It’s full of heart and soul and makes me want to take my aging, boring ass out for a little old school fun. Something about the way this track begins carries with it the same feeling of promise you have right before a big night out. When everything has aligned – your best friend is in from out of town, the girl you think about 88% of the day actually texted you FIRST and asked what your plan was for the night. And you actually have something to invite her to! The sheer excitement that comes from endless possibility on a night like that is captured well here by Birdee. His whole EP carries all the same vibes as well, highly recommended!

Dede – Faultline (Feat. Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear)

I sit here writing, looking out of a Helsinki apartment window through crisp Nordic air — the sun rises at 4:45am and sets at 10:30pm — a strange paradox for an expatriate from LA. My view of old bricks, cream & salmon stone, stoic church steeples and tin roofing reminds me that Europe was ancient before America was even a dream. Massive cranes and glass mesh with the historical fabric into a retro future, we don’t get the same juxtaposition in the United States where cities are still young.

Fitting that my soundtrack would be this gem from DEDE & Ed Droste…ephemeral, transitory, capturing crystalline space and time in these moments where I feel removed and foreign. Just an observer in a place that isn’t home, carried along by haunting, almost alien melodic flow. And it should be noted that the duet is executed perfectly — voices fusing each other into a kind of hypno-soothe, the perfect sedative for reflective world travel.

EMPT Exclusive New Artist: MVDNESS XIV

Finally leaking the goods on this hot new artist MVDNESS XIV, if you are loving this check out one of her other hot tracks #1 on Soundcloud.

We aren’t going to say too much about this badass bitch who has been keeping herself under the radar, but we will tell you that there is going to be more, so don’t fret!

Checo – Superpowers

Somehow each season always creeps up on me, even though the same thing happens four times a year, every year. Couldn’t be much more clockwork than that, yet I’m always surprised when the weather changes a little and the nights get a little longer or shorter. I often feel like I don’t realize it’s a new season until I hear a song that ushers in the change. There always seems to be a perfect song for each season, and the song almost announces the coming change in energy/vibe/climate/etc. Well, I was just smacked in the face with the reminder that summer is all but here thanks to the sounds of Checo’s new single “Superpowers.”

The melodies, the horns in the chorus, it all sounds and feels like long summer nights and that feeling of freedom that those months bring. Checo sings “This is your love song baby, I hope you know the words” and it feels like those younger days when you spent the summer chasing after your crush – and it was the only thing you “had” to do. No job, no bills, no major responsibilities. You just really had to make sure you kissed this girl by August or else the whole summer was gonna be in ruins.

This song has a great blend of modern electronic production mixed with a live band/live instrumentation feel. The snares reverberate through the track and has the feel of hearing live drums during the day outside at a festival. More of that sunshiny, summery feel. It’s smooth, satisfying and thoroughly relatable. Cheers to the summer months, coming in hot!

VALENTINE & 4AM – Us (ft. Naji)

Due to their combination of uplifting music and eye-popping aesthetics, I quickly developed a special affinity for Moving Castle when I first discovered tracks from Chet Porter and Manila Killa a little over a year ago. Every addition to their roster since then has seemed like an organic extension of their brand and identity, likely in part due to the familial ethos that shines through each move they make whether it’s in interviews or Twitter interactions. I thus can’t say I’m surprised in the least that Valentine, 4AM, and Naji have brought forth a thrilling sound on “Us” that’s simultaneously fresh and quintessential Moving Castle.

“Us” combines airiness with urgency as the track’s soaring synths alternate in a stop-and-start motion that should equate to plenty of frenzied, sweaty, and utterly elated audiences. It’s truly hard to imagine Valentine and 4AM’s collaboration playing anywhere less than in front of the mesmerizing lights at a club like Los Angeles’ Exchange, and while their name recognition isn’t there just yet, their talents combined with the beloved family they’ve found should lead them to that promised land sooner rather than later.