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Olympic Ayres – Control

Nothing in nature, absolutely nothing can give you the satisfaction of eating a Oreo. That little cookie is scientifically made to pleasure the shit out of you, it’s sole intention is to give you the most intense reward at the consequence of everything else. They’re not alone, the things we eat these days taste and smell just like food, the textures are the same they’re nothing more than a food-like products. Products designed to accomplish supernormal stimulation so that you don’t stop eating, crave and constantly come back for more.Similarly, it sounds like music, it looks like reality on TV, it looks just like money, you get point. Supernormal stimulation is everywhere. Products and things that resemble realness but actually only serve to perpetuate the sale.

Think for yourself.
You have to be willing to cut against the grain and get the distance from your peer groups.
And not only that, but you have to have a habitual vision of greatness.

At this point in the human game, it’s not about just surviving but more about being optimal. People in the past ate a lot of bread because it was the only thing around. Nowadays, we know wheat is at best ok nutritionally yet we consume it like it was the only option. We still survive, we don’t thrive.

I’m not in control
And I owe it all to you…”

It’s interesting to think that we’re being invisibly controlled by things we’re ignorant about. Foods for example have psychological and hormonal effect on us that can literally alter our realities. In that sense we’re not in control of our lives and most of us don’t even know it. When you eat that Oreo, you’re not just eating something delicious, you’re changing your reality. What’s that saying – truth is stranger than fiction. Yeah.

You can be in control though and when you realize that power and take control of everything in your life there’s no way you can’t find out what makes you optimal, not just functional. Enjoy.

Olympic Ayres – Control

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repel the robot — This Time Tomorrow

This Time Tomorrow single no text

We had the highest highs, and the lowest lows…” — repel the robot.

Labor Day Weekend marks the end of the summer for most people. Technically, we all know that the end of the summer doesn’t officially begin until the Fall Equinox, but the day after Labor Day has a way of coming on strongly and disregarding that bit of info. People go back to school, back to their countries, back to their miserable lives after a magical summer, and throughout all of those scenarios loves across the world become lost. Hearts are broken, endless tears come crashing down the sides of sad faces, but at the same time memories are made, feelings are felt, and the hearts of souls become stronger for all of it.

Sometimes others fail to realize that for as much as we laugh and as happy as we may seem all the time when we are around them, that we also get into our modes of sadness and pain when in complete solace. Sometimes these pains come from losing someone we love, or loved, in our lives. It’s not that we necessarily lose them in this lifetime because only a handful of us know what the future holds, but for the now they are gone, and we ironically feel so many strong emotions that swell up inside us from that very emptiness they have left behind.

This Time Tomorrow is one of those tunes that feels beautifully familiar. It’s a tune full of hope, full of beautifully executed vocals that we can all relate to, and full of guitar strings that tell their own story parallel to the lovely lyrics by repel the robot. 

Nearly halfway through, the song goes into an impeccably theatrical bridge that feels like a ride I have been on once too many times before; a ride that begins lushly serene and completely calm as I stare from my seat at everything that is beautiful around me and take it all in. The ride then starts pumping its blood as my ride becomes our ride, together. Two hearts in the same vehicle experiencing life with each other, and then, the music shifts us all into the excitement of love and just how intense the most beautiful kinds of it can all be. As we end that bridge, both figuratively and literally, we come back full-circle to that beautifully-simple hook that got us caught up in the entire ordeal in the first place:

I know what I should do, 
But I just can’t let you go. 
Every bone inside my body says that,
I should let you know. 
And, I know what I should do,
But I just can’t let you go.
Every bone inside my body says that I,—
I should love you.”

And then, as the song ends, we get reminded of the only form of true hopefulness that we have in life. That reminder is simply to: never give up on something that you cannot do a day without, and that even if you never get it— life is worth living the most when you have something to die for.

repel the robot — This Time Tomorrow

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Lemaitre – Wait (Jerry Folk Remix)

Jerry Folk funks up Lemaitre’s electronic-centric track, “Wait” in the best possible way. Both artists originate from Oslo, Norway, which has produced such acts as Lido and Cashmere Cat. There’s a lot of talent up there! In this mix, Jerry has completely reworked the song by adding groove-able bass and synth, while at the same time keeping just enough of the lyrics intact. He emphasizes a nu-disco style that is easy to vibe to.

Just groove with me. Don’t forget I don’t want to see you fade away.

Waiting seems impossible in today’s society. Instant gratification doesn’t come quickly enough! Have a question? Google has the answer right now. Want a package tomorrow? Pay a little extra and you’ll have it. And what’s this drone business? We will be receiving packages in minutes in the not-so-distant-future! With answers and fulfillments to our needs so accessible, it’s difficult to be content with the things out of our control- the things that require patience. Anticipation is good though. I tend to enjoy things more if anticipation leads me to the final result. The excitement of the build oftentimes adds pleasure to my experience. Think about it: instant gratification is easy, but is it the most fulfilling option? Sometimes, yes. Cravings are best fulfilled on the spot; but what about long-term gratification? Relationships, holidays, getting into college, getting a response to a letter? It’s in these situations where we have to exercise patience. If you ask yourself what the rush is, you’ll often come to find there isn’t one! So sit back and chill, and try not to worry about things out of your control. Try to let go of that 21st-century psyche that’s telling you to you need to know. Now. 


Lemaitre – Wait (Jerry Folk Remix)

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Addison Groove ft. Josefina – Just You (Jamie Wilder remix)

addison groove

I dedicate this one to the green. You see, I’ve been hanging out in Washington state for the past week. Amidst the trees & completely immersed in Another Green World. Bound by an infinite curiosity that seems to manifest itself given the opportunity to indulge in nature from time to time…

“Picks me up, like you always do. And baby that’s just you.”

This is a real breath of fresh air right here— essentially, the embodiment of unadulterated inhalation, if you will; complimented by a feel-good groovy bass-line and some really gorgeous chord voicings. Ahhh. Really dig those Swindle-esque jazzy synths doing their thing. I recommend listening to this in the trees, with the trees, for the trees.

Addison Groove ft. Josefina – Just You (Jamie Wilder remix)

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Vance Joy – Riptide (FlicFlac Remix)

Most/many of the posts on here are about love and all are about music. But that is because they are so interchangeable, running parallel and perpendicular. Sometimes you are very much in to it, in love and sometimes you are bored, listless in it. At times you are completely monogamous and other times you are playing the field with different types. When you find a new sound, you get swept away in it. Holding on to every word, every sound. And then at times, although you will always have a place for them in our heart, you can’t listen to them anymore. Inspired and saying the same thing, you have heard it before.

Lately, much music has left me uninspired after listening to it, but this tune brings back that feeling of the beginning of love. It’s a bit fluffy and lovely, but that is the case at the beginning.

A recent test which was looking to see what turns women on, watching something pleasurable or thinking about a happy or pleasurable experience, proved that women will react more to remembering a moment. This genre of music sort of allows for that. The situations are those you see in your own life and reminds you of them.

Even when you are closer to the end than the beginning. It is an amazing thing that a song can bring you back to that place.

“I just wanna, I just wanna know
If you’re gonna, if you’re gonna stay
I just gotta, I just gotta know
I can’t have it, I can’t have it any other way
I swear she’s destined for the screen
Closest thing to Michelle Pfeiffer that you’ve ever seen, oh”

Vance Joy delivers, this song and others are set to be released early September on his debut album Dream Your Life Away. And this remix from FlicFlac makes it a perfect space age track.

Vance Joy – Riptide (FlicFlac Edit)

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Clipez — Sensual

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 3.21.38 PM

NYC is just “GO!“, at ALL times. Whether we’re going to work early in the morning, headed to a photo/video shoot in the afternoon, ordering delivery for dinner, or just heading to class to get our skinny on, New Yorkers have a way of making the simplest tasks seem like the most important things.

We rush out of our houses to head to other structures that never move because we fear that we may never get there. We make plans three weeks ahead of today, ignoring our now because we feel that if we don’t make these plans then we will lose out on that day, yet, in the interim, we are actually losing out on the only time that does matterthe “now”.

Fine, so your boyfriend, or, your girlfriend is so over us and all of our talk about the now, but, what does it matter? What does it matter when you waste your time anyway? When you don’t actively fight inequality in America, and when you sit back, pull out your popcorn and just watch CNN rather than take a stand for injustice. It’s either them or us, and one day, soon, we are going to ask you to pick one, choose and either fight or watch.

“Sensual” by Clipez is a full-forced GO! record. It is the kind of record that will never give in because it is designed to only win, so it fights the norm of the everyday sounds to give you something that it is not afraid to die trying. If Italo Disco were the film: RUSH, Clipez‘s masterpiece here would be the James Hunt of its F-1 drivers.

Darling, you are about to hear the most sensual music in the world.”

Italo Disco doesn’t get enough credit in today’s musical landscape. EDM fanatics overlook it, House heads misplace the credit it deserves and the rest of the world is oblivious to disco unless John Travolta is dancing to it in his bell bottoms and colored shirts. Yet, it is responsible for some of the biggest hit records of today brought to you by the Daft Punks, the Pharell Williamses, and Girogio Moroders of the planet.

Anyhow, oblivious to today’s trends, oblivious to Spotify and Pandora’s suggestions, and oblivious to what the MTV voters of America are texting-to-win, “Sensual” breaks enough musical barriers to simply make youDance.

Clipez — Sensual [in Lossless]

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MC Solaar – Les Temps Changent

There was a time when very smart people, i.e. Aristotle, thought earth was the center of the Universe. They based all their beliefs, understandings, and way of life on a theory that was completely false. Of course science later proved them wrong and the world would move forward, but think about that for a minute and realize how many times this has happened in history. Culture, religions and societies have been built around beliefs that we’re completely and utterly false. Now think about the world as we know it and what we’re clinging on to that could have the same fatethat could be completely false?

What cognitive biases are we holding on to because of our plain ignorance that is slowing us down or flat out stopping us from reaching enlightenment? Concepts, beliefs and cultural systems that have long been established most certainly have their merits in the sense of teaching values, but they also hold onto those same things strongly and rarely challenge themselves. An example is the battles Uber faces with cities. Here you you have an advancement that is literally probably 20 years ahead of what currently exist yet is being fought by people who have the older systems in place and established. If a new paradigm or way of life emerged that was fundamentally better than what currently exist through culture, religion and government then it’s not that far-fetched to think that people currently running those systems wouldn’t welcome the change.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” – Albert Einstein

History has been written and re-written too many times to blindly believe it. Even in present day it’s nearly impossible to find truths that are aligned with nature. So how do you find the truth, how do you keep your mind open to align yourself with the creative force that we are all apart of? You stay in complete awe and marvel. You dream. You look at the world through wondrous eyes and be amazed by the way the trees grow, by the colors in the sky when the sun is setting, by the way the ocean feels, by your own existence. The only way to move with the world is to embrace the limitless nature of it and worship no dogma that claims to understand it and rejects it’s unadulterated exploration, enjoy.

MC Solaar – Les Temps Changent

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EMPT Classic: Nancy Sinatra – You Only Live Twice

Vintage EMPT. As you can see we haven’t changed much, we’re still those divergent kids who can’t be placed, still pushing the limits, testing things, exploring, traveling and challenging ourselves, unlearning and growing.

James Bond had a big impact on me for so many reasons. The vintage Bond films are aesthetically wonderful in how they capture culture, society and the world at large. The character was a man that didn’t hide behind cultural facades, everyone knows how he is and everyone accepts it. You see all these billionaires and successful men constantly getting caught doing what they’ve always done and it’s a big deal because they lied in the first place. Anyways, here’s a post from back in the day – New York City December 28, 2011


You only live twice or so it seems, one life for yourself and one for your dreams…” 

Everybody is always talking about what they’re going to do, what they want to become. Every year we have resolutions, new plans and countless ambitions. We have these grand fantasies about the things we’d like to do sexually, we dream adventurous but take a moment to think about how many of these thoughts and ideas come actually come to fruition. What happens to those inspiring thoughts? For many of us they come and go, usually written off as something you would never dare do or whatever other lame excuse we can come up with. Then we wake up from our dream life, come back to “reality,” go to work, settle for the easily accessible, go home to our girlfriends/boyfriends and hold back on those fantasies and live out that second life…

You drift through the years and life seems tame…”

How often do we take advantage of the limitless nature of the universe? Sadly nowhere near enough. I could write a few books on this but what I’m trying to say is life the dream, I’m not talking about any standardized 1980’s bs rockstar interpretation of what the dream is supposed to be. I’m not talking about the ever ambiguous American Dream, I’m saying live your dream and do it now.

You could spend an entire lifetime waiting for that dream life to come true, waiting for the so called right person to live out your fantasies with, etc. Good things don’t come to those who wait, that’s a load of crap. Good things come to those who wait while diligently working for the things they want. So don’t sit around, actively pursue the things you want and love, forget the consequences – “And love is a stranger who’ll beckon you on, don’t think of the danger or the stranger is gone.”

We all live two lives but we don’t have to, make your life simpler and consolidate those thoughts baby. Reality is malleable, just look at all the marvelous technology around you as an example, someone thought of a wallet sized computer/phone before it became real. The same applies…

This dream is for you, so pay the price
Make one dream come true, you only live twice…”

Nancy Sinatra – You Only Live Twice

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Retro Culture – Weekend

Weekends are precious to me, a young 20-something “professional” who works the traditional 9-5 office job. I finally understand what “living for the weekend” means! I cram most of my life into those 8 days a month, sometimes sacrificing a vacation day in order to extend a weekend trip. Who really wants to fly to San Francisco and spend only 2 days there? Or anywhere lucrative for that matter? One of the hardest transitions from college was giving up my 3-day weekends! Two days isn’t enough time to relax and get sh*t done! Seriously! Who can I write a letter to about this? C’est la vie unless I start working for myself. One day…

Two days makes weekends more cherishable, to say the least. Priorities start to arise. Who will we spend these precious hours with?

Tell me where you’re going tonight. Maybe we can meet there

Retro Culture, a one-man band comprised of Matt Connelly, blends electronic sounds with hip-hop percussion in this slightly addictive track, “Weekend”. I particularly enjoy the voice manipulations that introduce the song during the first 30 seconds and extend fleetingly throughout the remainder of the song. Matt’s mellow voice mixes well with the dreamy synth. It sounds like it would perfectly fit into a love story about two lost souls, yearning for each other yet both unsure of its longevity. They met on a friday night, had a weekend fling, and didn’t expect it to get so deep. There was surely a connection, which neither party can forget. There’s a niggling feeling, as the next weekend rolls around, that they both feel; they both want to feel that spark again. They carry on as friends, but there’s an unspoken bond which neither has the courage to address. So they just go through the motions, knowing that each subsequent weekend is an opportunity to tighten the unspoken bond.

I don’t wanna see the end of this.

Take advantage of those two short days! Do you want to spend your precious weekend living in comfort and habit, binge watching Netflix and eating frozen pizza? Or will you be living novel experiences, possibly with a new companion?

A little fun for the weekend. 

Retro Culture – Weekend

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Rustie – Attak (Featuring Danny Brown)

I feel the need to apologise. Every Wednesday (being my day to write) has been a struggle and release. I realise that many people come to the site to take a break and read through some little thoughts or big thoughts, insight on music, etc. But I use it as a release too. Whatever I am thinking, whatever is bothering me, is released here this day of the week. And as of late, some of it reads a bit heavy. But I need a release, too.

As much of my recent posts may indicate, I am exhausted. Feeling overworked and actually had to schedule in time to do something fun between jobs and going back to school and a relationship and then just dealing with personal me.

So tonight I scheduled in time for fun and ended up at a cinema watching Austin Powers in a hot tub in an old tube station in London with a wrist wallet full of tokens to buy beer and it was amazing. The movie was one part, but then it just turned in to a dance party with a perfect playlist and a DJ dressed as a giraffe. I thought about the last few Wednesdays I have had and realised that I don’t remember going out on a Wednesday since I left LA for London almost six months ago.

Walking home, I couldn’t stop smiling even though part of my head was thinking about what I needed to do as soon as I got home and the other was, “I need to do this more often”.

I am grateful for the life I have and being able to do all of this and sometimes it takes scheduling a few hours of fun in to your calendar and sticking to it like it is the most important meeting of your day and ending up in a hot tub.

I feel like it is the part in the movie where the sort of cliche music comes on when the person realises they are fine and everything is as it should be. But since this is better than a movie and it is real life and EMPT, we have some Danny Brown instead.

Happy Wednesday. If you are on the other side of the world, make it a good night.

Rustie – Attak (feat. Danny Brown)


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