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K?D – Discover (feat. RKCB)

K?d has found a comfortable niche in feel-good future bass, but his fresh, RKCB-featured collaboration finds the producer taking his sound to new heights. Fittingly titled “Discover,” the track feels like the sonic representation of a life-changing realization as waves of ethereal synths reach toward the heavens while its sound slowly encompasses the listener whole.

The style of music is best compared to Porter Robinson’s “Worlds,” not only in terms of the music, but the effects it so generously bestows. Images of dazzling dreamscapes spin around my head ’til a natural high takes hold, drifting away to a location that exists only in imagination yet feels so utterly real, only a single grasp away. Alone in the dark, with a pair of headphones on, it almost feels like home.

Join me in experiencing the wonders of “Discover” below.

Fossa Beats & Dugong Jr – Powers


I often have a dream. I’m trying to break into a run but I can’t. My feet are glued to the shoes to the ground under me. I’m in a wide leg stance, arms bent at ninety degrees. You’ve seen those models in those fitness magazines. Statuesque

I’ll wrap my forearms around my thighs, desperately trying to pull them up.I’m heaving harder than I ever have before. But nothing. I’m not strong. Usually, something bad is after me and I can’t run away.You ever heard of those moms that can lift cars on an adrenaline rush? Even that amount of strength couldn’t pull me up. I’m stuck. It’s devastating.

In my other dream I can’t see. I can’t open my eyes more than a blurry sliver. However much I try. I’m stuck forever in that limited view of the world.

In my other dream my mom dies.

In my other dream I relive the worst parts of that time, all the shit, over and over again.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s more real: the feelings in those dreams or the horizon in front of me.

You know that moment looking out at the skyline?

This beat is like those streaks of unbelievable pinks and oranges and oh my god I didn’t even know the sky could make that color. Maybe I’m on a rooftop. Or a beach. And the bridge in the song is the moment I decide I’m invincible. It drops and I realize, actually, I’ve only discovered I’ve been invincible all along. Ooh-wee it’s all for me, isn’t it? This life. All it has to offer. It’s totally within my reach. That’s power. Oh, if I just raised my arm I could touch it all. Then lift off. Fly above all those silly things I worried about before. The sky and the light are so much bigger than all these groundlings. Look at the rest of them crying, complaining. Look down for a second.


This song, a release from Mad Decent’s sub label, Good Enuff, is a perfect balance between anticipation and release. It’s like the first time the superhero lifts off in an action movie.

But what about all that shit – real or unreal, the fears that linger and face me in my dreams where I’m not strong enough? Some say there’s strength in sitting in what’s rough. I disagree. Like the song, I choose to live in the world of up and up and up. Leave the fears for when I’m sleeping. Because there’s more power in overcoming what’s trying to keep you stuck than stewing in the thing you feel is sinking you. In real life, I can fly.



BECOME x So Below – Far

I love the contrast on this new BECOME remix. The warm, pulsating, bass-heavy dance track somehow perfectly supports So Below’s colder, haunting vocals. They almost have a frustrated desperation to them, but the track provides a reassuring presence, giving her voice more of a home. Almost telling them that it’ll be ok.

I can imagine hearing this voice in my head while trudging through a rainy, cold UK night. Looking for an awning to stand under, but there’s nothing, and the rain keeps coming down in buckets. Not only are my clothes soaked through, but it feels like the rain has soaked through my skin too. Cold, shivering, looking for some sort of way out of the moment. But every door is locked, there’s not a car on the street, and a dark sky is only getting darker. But then the other half of this song comes to save the day, a door bursts open and immediately I’m pulled into a cozy room full of an opposite energy.

A muggy haze hangs over the dance floor. Strobe lights bounce around in the fog. Reality fades away somewhere between the alternating bright colors and encompassing darkness, back and forth, back and forth. Substances are ingested. Liquor is poured. Bodies move past one another, fading away as quickly as they enter a now-altered gaze. A surreal dreamscape unfolds. A world of its own, untouched by what exists outside of its confines, a place where time is stretched until it breaks, no longer a concern. This is where “Far” exists, now and forever and I’m happy to stay.

Coyote Kisses – Waiting For You (Feat. Madison Love)

From the instant a friend introduced me to Coyote Kisses well over three years ago, it was obvious their production-stylings aligned directly with my wide-ranging taste in electronic music. “Waiting for You,” the duo’s fresh collaboration with vocalist Madison Love, continues to deliver the mixture of dance-worthy moments and introspective sensations that tapped into the pleasure areas of my brain with utter quickness in the first place.

Love’s vocals only further that notion as she provides a wonderful compliment to the track’s instrumental basis with a general meditation on waiting for a relationship that’s already passed to revive itself once more. Uttering “we were beautiful for a second; gave you all control, I regret it,” her voice breathes enough life into the lyrics to conjure up memories of distant personal-relationships that still tug at the heart-strings, even if only for a split second. As the song drops into a wonderfully-layered hook and Love’s vocals fade away, though, those distant memories become truly distant once more, making way for the aforementioned dance-worthy vibes to take hold.

Jayceeoh – Elevate (Feat. Nevve)

Jayceeoh and Nevve have both been on rolls as of late (Jay with his 1000volts project with rap legend Redman and Nevve with their recent string of impressive collabs), so it’s wonderful to hear them continue the momentum together.

True to the title of this song, the whole track builds and keeps building, creating a feeling of constant elevation, reaching a crescendo in the intense yet chill drop. It’s a fantastic juxtaposition of energy and vibration taking you through a mini-journey of emotion and feeling. It almost reminds of old Queens of the Stone Age songs, the ways their guitars used to tip-toe between extreme head-banging heavy metal and super stoney, zoned out vibes. I never understood how they made it work, but boy it worked. It works here too in a perfect trap/future bass way.

I’ve been listening to binaural frequencies recently, trying to smooth out the vibrations in my body. Some people think this stuff is crazy talk, but if you study it, you see it’s all very real. I’ve watched experiments where certain perfect frequencies (perfect because they’re based on “golden/sacred” math or the Fibbonacci Sequence) change a resting water molecule into a multi-dimensional geometric shape that just blows your mind. These same frequencies do the same thing to the molecules in our bodies. Then I’ve also watched experiments where people shout very negative things at water molecules, and low and behold, the molecules are all mangled and deformed. Hmmm…..

The only job we have is to “Elevate.” That’s it. Do the things you need to do to help your body and mind raise up from their current place. Who knows what kind of revelations and realizations we can have when our molecules are blossoming into their fullest states?

Medasin – Daydream (Feat. JOBA)

Even in a time where life is at its brightest, I still daydream quite a bit. I find myself transported to locations where the grass is a bit greener, the sun shines a bit brighter, and the universe leans a bit more in my favor. Medasin concentrates these positive mental patterns into sonic relaxation on “daydream,” a JOBA-assisted track that twinkles with glints of positivity.

As JOBA affirms, “Ain’t no doubt I’ll get it how I want it now,” it goes a bit deeper and reflects a notion that I’ve toyed with lately, that being those aforementioned daydreams become reality when enough self-confidence resides within. Positive outlooks can have so much influence on positive outcomes, and while I’m in a comfortable place, I know that continuing to channel that energy will bring me closer and closer to those perfect images I find myself pondering at times like this.

Even if today isn’t your day, put on “daydream” and try to start thinking toward a brighter future. Soon enough, it will be in your grasp.

Manila Killa (feat. Satica) – Youth (k?d Remix)

Manila Killa’s “Youth” is one of the first tracks I heard while living in L.A. The stress of switching up my entire life during a rough period was overwhelming at times, but no matter the situation, the song could bring me to a place where the weight dissipated from my shoulders. Killa’s otherworldly production combined with Satica’s stunning vocal performance truly served as rose-tinted insulation from the worries of the real world.

Thus, it’s no surprise I’m happy to hear the Moving Castle highlight receive new life from K?d. His take on “Youth” ups the energy during its hook to massive results, and in a way, the change in music correlates perfectly with my position in life right now. Almost three months since the original cut dropped and everything seemed to be at peak levels of hectic, I now find myself in a much better place, one where my mind is overflowing with creativity and my relationships are back to being healthy. It’s an overall sense of well-being that I was afraid I would never feel again after life’s overwhelming challenges, but challenges be damned, I’m back.

Happy Saturday, everyone.

Coolwater Set and RAC – The Coast (feat. Jvzel)

Ironically, I’m sitting about 200 feet from the actual coastline as I write this, the ebb and flow of the waves almost as hypnotizing as this throwback beauty from Coolwater Set and RAC. The smooth syrupy rhythm of the song along with the natural rhythm of the ocean put me into quite a zone. Also the huge joint I was smoking might have had something to do to with said zone. Regardless, please indulge these Coolwater/RAC/weed inspired thoughts, if you don’t mind:

The waves, their rhythm and patterns, don’t they kinda define the way life works? At first the wave builds slowly, absorbing energy and moving within gravity’s rules. Then when it’s built up enough momentum it grabs hold of an already established current and starts to move in line with that current’s motion. Soon it blossoms into the fullest version of itself, rises up as far as it can reach, and then crashes down to the surface, it’s essence absorbed into the land and sucked back out into the collective mass (consciousness). Then it gets to do it all over again.

Shouldn’t we all live like the wave? Spend time preparing, pick our spots and when the flow is right, you dive in and make the biggest damn impression you possibly can until you expire and become part of the earth once again. Maybe our spirit goes back into the collective mass and heads out on it’s next journey, just like the brand new wave that rises again.

“As I flow, with the most, cruise control, down pacific coast, never feelin lost, life goes round hundred spokes”

Yeah, back to the music (I probably shouldn’t have mentioned the part about that joint). It’s that pulse…that thump that drives this banger. Jvzel’s haunting vocals and the FM guys silky flows complement the vibe perfectly, and the result is a classic sounding banger that works on every level.

Terror Jr. – Say So

It’s quick. Quickly,
Like pink bubbles popping, like sugar, sugar. Like palm trees, lightning skyrocketing. Rocket tinkering. Small sways this way. And that.
Up, up and up. Another cup. Up, closing my eyes and giving.
Myself to me to this and… You talk a lot.
You talk a lot about us in a bad way. Labeled, unstable. I don’t need us lately.
Like looking up like the night sky tinkering.
Breathe, breathe in deeply. In.
Like if I breathe more, more deeply, I can reach me. Now, I go up and up and see. Like this rhythm pedaling.
You choked me.
Now, it’s lit.
Like the kids say.
Now, I want me. Like this song.
Like when I sway.
With a fire underneath.
Nodding. Rocking. Chest bouncing. Nod with me. Breathe,
But bounce with me.
Butt bounce with me, everybody.
Think differently
No time
Now only listening to what I say, so.
Remember what you used to say, though?
It’s quick.


Palmistry – Club Aso


When I float in the water, there’s a sense that I am both in control and helpless to the current running under me. That I’m part of something bigger I can completely give in to, but if I wanted to, I could still move. Move to cause a ripple and change myself in the blue vastness. And isn’t that freedom? The acceptance of something bigger with the simultaneous acknowledgement of some agency.

When I can float in a song, there’s a sense it’s taking me somewhere gently and not pushing me aggressively towards a climax I’m supposed to lose myself in. Club Aso, Palmistry’s first single off his debut album, PAGAN, drifts me slowly into that freedom meditatively. Staying animated, though, the track makes it feel appropriate to close your eyes and forget where you are while continuously giving you just enough to keep you happily moving.

Palmistry’s PAGAN takes dancehall and does away with the extra pomp superstars Rihanna and Sean Paul generously cake on top for audiences to lick off while moving to the essential rhythm the genre has to offer. Club Aso lets you indulge all you want in that delicious essence of Caribbean music without getting swept up by all that extra stuff.

I love it, control me, the way it holds me…”

Fall back into nostalgia or allow your mind to create images to match the flow that itself almost seems like a hallucination. It’s a buoyant and relaxed kind of sensory intake rather than that whitewater rafting rush pop crossover tracks aim at generating. You’re safe in that warm foundation that is Palmistry’s subtle current of motion pushing you forward like waves.