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Traditionally, a one-man band is a type of street performer or novelty act, a guy who straps a bunch of instruments to his body, and plays them all at the same time. Hands, feet, teeth…anything goes.

In some respects, most classical composers were one-man bands. They just didn’t have the technology to produce music, and employed entire symphonies to be their hands and feet.

If you can play guitar, you’re sexy. If you can sing, same. If you can do both…

Recent years have seen a number of solo visionaries come to the fore in rock music. Kevin Parker of Tame Impala writes all of the band’s songs, sings every song, and plays all of the instruments on record. Same goes for Gotye, Tune-Yards, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and Dave Grohl on the first Foo Fighters album.

Casual fans never know. It’s not like you can tell. But once you know, your appreciation level rises. The music is suddenly far more interesting.

Enter Little Animal, the one-man project of 22-year old Parisian Romain Blatter. His post-Phoenix pop rock blends elements of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, The Strokes, Damon Albarn and winds up as the perfect soundtrack for an informal dinner party or car commercial.

Little Animal is still very underground. So, yeah, you’re cool for knowing about him.

EMPT – we make you cool.

Little Animal – Everyday

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New Navy – Breathe (Télépopmusik Cover)


This week from monday through thursday was really fast-paced and hectic for me. And while I was enjoying it, it was only yesterday I found out that today was a god-sent holiday! It’s as if life was telling me: just pause for a sec, and breathe.

Very few people take a classic original and make it better. Like Steve Jobs with some of the things he did at Apple that changed our lives. I’m not saying New Navy is the Steve Jobs of music. But what they did to Télépopmusik’s original classic is pretty remarkable.

Stripping the original of all the electronic bits and spicing it with acoustic bliss on the musical side; and on the vocal part giving it a little more nostalgia and raw emotion is where they set this cover apart. But don’t worry, the more organically acoustic nostalgia injection doesn’t mean it’s downtempo or super sad. With help from claps and fast-paced drum-work it manages to be quite dynamic. In fact, it’s sort of like a roller-coaster ride. Take a listen and you’ll understand what I mean.

I don’t like it when people mess with perfect songs like Breathe but this is something else worth sharing with all of you. Would love to know your thoughts in the comments.

Have a great weekend, and remember to just breathe.

New Navy – Breathe (Télépopmusik Cover)