American Royalty – Mariah (Kaytranada Edition)

I am currently working out of London. With this has come countless pubs, many an order of fish and chips, and the inevitable lost journeys through the back alleys and cobblestone streets which make up East London. What has tied all of this together is a walking mix which compliments the crux of  Shoreditch area  and the impetus of people and moving pieces of the city.

This recent addition to said mix does just that. At this point, we are all becoming pretty friendly with Canadian-based, Haitian born Kaytranada. In the past few months he has set the bar for remixing and creating tunes which take already great songs and creating quintessential compilations giving each a new life in his mastered métier.  This recent release is one that is for the books though. The original sample from American Royalty lends dark, fluid vocals which bring to mind this past year’s breakthrough male lead Alex Clare. But this NYC band also adds another element of haunting lyrics and a tone which makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. What Kaytranada did with this was make it a tune that hits your core and also makes you want to move with the heavy base and resonance giving it a consistent hitting sound.

Taking advantage of this, I am excited to see Kaytranada here in London tonight and watch him deliver his songs that are perfect for between the sheets or crossing streets.  It’s good a good day for great tunes in London town.

Mariah – American Royalty (Kaytranada Edition)

Music Remixes

American Royalty – Matchstick (Slates Remix)

Don’t give your love away so easily, is what the mother tells the daughter. I imagine it’s what the prodigy tells an apprentice when listening to new music. It’s true, we should harness our love for music and we have every right to be picky. I think it’s the only other area in life where pickiness is rewarded (the other being in choosing romantic companions…though you can argue with me on that one.) Finding a good song is not only rewarding because of the pleasure it is bound to bring you, but the new relationship you’ve built. There’s a relationship that exists between the music maker and the product, which I find comprable to the thinker and the thoughts that are produced. Once the music (or thought) is put out into the world for others to interpret, it’s not longer just about your relationship. It’s about the connection between you and the audience, the listeners, the others. 

Remember that. We serve up quality because you deserve to be picky, to come to a place where you can safely close your eyes and rely on what we provide to your ears.

This Slates remix has everything needed for a perfect summer track. I think I started listening to it last year, not quite during the summer time, but in the warmer months. The original is lovely, too. Both are lovely and want to send you on a sonically exciting journey.

American Royalty – Matchstick (Slates Remix)