John Hancock – Left Me

Want a happy summer jam? Well here you go! Easy peasy.

But seriously, John Hancock has created this upbeat, toe-tappable track, a perfect pairing with your summer shenanigans. He somehow turned “sad” content with accompanying elements that exude pure joy. “Left Me” defies the quintessential love song about separation, adds a tropical groove, and leaves the hook for you to grab hold of.

I tried and tried to move on with my life. You keep returning so I never get it right

I’ve been a witness to this countless times. Whether it’s been friends or firsthand experience. We’ve all been that person not wanting to give up on the relationship. Having hope that maybe one more encounter will reveal one last glimmer of survival for the relationship. Maybe it will, but it could just as easily prolong the heartbreak for both of you!

Anyway, enough of that relationship stuff.. plug in your headphones and jam out to this! The video is worth a look too.

John Hancock- Left Me