Music Video

EMPT Premier: Vensaire – Apollonian

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get this gem in my inbox from our friend Jessica over at The Participation Agency, thanks Jess!

We are happy to be premiering Vensaire’s new video for Apollonian, it’s definitely a trip but a good one.  If you haven’t been properly introduced to Vensaire just yet.  “They’re Brooklyn-based. Sound is Japan in 1650 meets Floridian-folk, with a violinist and synthesizer. Video is pretty psychedelic, about death and the Iliad. In true Brooklyn fashion they’re throwing a big rave at this old school house in Bushwick on Saturday for the release party, flyer attached.”

I don’t mean to brag but so many great artists hail from Brooklyn and if you happen to be in the Brooklyn area like I am then you should get your ass to this party because I know I will definitely be making an appearance on behalf of EMPT, especially for having the pleasure of premiering the video for Vensaire.

Check out all the other amazing tracks that this band have for your listening pleasure at their Soundcloud, and hopefully I will see some of you at the party, Enjoy!