Kaytranada – At All


Kaytranada is one of my favorite producers. His creates sounds that are both sexy and complex, smooth and danceable. In At All, he finds a way of manipulating vocal tracks and laying them over his beats to create this tune which doesn’t feel like it comfortably fits into a specific time or genre. But would comfortably fit in to any dance hall.

One thing I love about music and artists today is the closeness you feel with them. We can see what they “like“, what they listen to, what they pack, what are their music essentials (Not a link to Kaytranada‘s but still interesting to see Ta-ku‘s). I think this is a newer bond we get to experience with musicians and producers now. We can see where their inspiration comes from. Where they are spending their time.  We can relate to their interests. We see them, in some cases, as clearly as we see our friends. This is the second article I have gotten to write about Kaytranada and it always allows me to do research on him, explore him a bit. Thankfully he is as interesting as he is talented in producing. Have a listen to this new song and then do some lurking. You will have have a crush or want to be bros with him, guaranteed.

Kaytranada- At All