Ugly Boys – Bad Language

Fuck toxic relationships. What’s the point of keeping someone in your life who’s going to weigh you down? We have a finite amount of time on this earth – freedom to love and explore should be maximized, not restrained. Look up at the stars and into the universe, hold hands and soak up the rays of our giving sun, stay up late and talk about the great beyond. There’s no time to be wasted arguing, living in regret, or anything that involves speaking bad language.

Ugly Boys get this on their debut single. They’ve left toxicity behind and are emanating pure positivity that’s audibly visible through every second of “Bad Language”. It’s the sonic equivalent of throwing your hands up in the air and saying fuck it – she speaks that bad language, but so what? It’d be perfectly rational to write a melodramatic song driven by introspection, but Ugly Boys have responded with a funky, groovy track that feels like a celebration of embracing the past for what it is and moving on into the future with your head held high. Onward and upward we go.

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