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Kaytranada – Leave Me Alone ft. Shay Lia

He’s been hot for a minute already, but if you haven’t yet booked your ticket on the overnight bus to the netherworld that is the Kaytranada bandwagon, step right up. It isn’t that the songs are downers – in fact, they all feature an inignorable positivity – but rather that they are down. They don’t […]

Junior Boys – So This Is Goodbye

In an era of overnight celebrity, we tend to take the difficult road for granted. It’s easy to listen to a track on Spotify and never know who the artist is, let alone their story. How many nights did they sleep in a dingy van, schlepping from town to town, trying to make ends meet […]

Justin Martin – Don’t Go (Dusky Remix)

Let’s collect ourselves for a moment. Let’s get back to basics. All you really need is a beat and a melody. Doesn’t need to be complex. Doesn’t need to have extra layers of meaning. Doesn’t need to tell a story. There are times in life when all humans crave direction. We parse quotidian occurrences searching […]

Active Child – Hanging On (Chrome Wolves Bootleg)

Bootleg is one of my favorite words in the English language. Its etymological roots stem from alcohol smugglers in the late 1800’s hiding bottles in their boots. There have been few cooler professions EVER than rum smuggler. Those fools got creative. In the musical sense, a bootleg is a track that is unauthorized by the […]

JHAS – Pain Au Chocolat

“Ou est la bibliotheque?” used to be the go-to French phrase for Americans. The most basic of useful phrases, that just about every tourist needs on a trip to the City of Light or the beaches of Marseille: “Where is the library?” Because an integral part of any visit to France is to get lost […]