EMPT Presents – S U M M E R N I G H T S: a n t i – d a y 1a by Ryan Radler

I’m a hundred miles and running right now so I have no choice but to make this a quick one.

Ryan sent me a brand spanking new mixtape over the weekend and talk about perfect timing! My BB won’t stop buzzing with emails, I have music to produce, restaurants to curate, DJ sets to finish and all in the before Friday when I fly out to DR to spin at a beach party. Life is going fast right now and I have no intention on slowing up. Anyways, Ryan says this is a pensive tape but for those of us in the fast lane it’s more like the perfect balance. Gotta run but here are the notes I was sent regarding this tape, pretty much says it all, enjoy.

For all those who live in the fast lane, the new Anti-day series

Ok so this week, I was hoping we could drop my SUMMER NIGHTS MIX: anti-day 1a. It’s a departure from the norm and could be a nice way to “mix up” the feature/series. The theme is a little more pensive and dare I say even a bit sensitive? I would suggest a WARNING to only play this thing at night when the mood is right. It’s sort of like in the movie Gremlins but opposite I guess. LOL. And anyways- Space Age Bachelor Pads only really come alive at night right? Mine does! HAHAHA!
Below is a short anecdote about my own personal experience with the mix:
I recently took my girl out in my 1983 Gold Datsun 280zx (“Goldie”) for a moonlight drive all over the hills and valleys of Los Angeles. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate moment to kick on my SUMMER NIGHTS MIX 1A.
It was a very hot day in LA so we also had the luxury of an unusually warm evening. We drove up the 110 freeway from Downtown  to Pasadena and beyond, weaving in and out of side streets and neighborhoods unknown. The bright, white moon was low in the sky, drifting behind the tall palm tree silhouettes- sometimes disappearing behind a hill of pine trees- only to reappear across a valley of orange street lamps and blinking buildings.
Halfway through the mix I realized that my acceleration and turning were being less directed by me and more by the beats and melodies of the music. The mix completely took over the steering wheel just like in Knight Rider or Iron Eagle!

s u m m e r n i g h t s: anti-day 1A

2. Arcadia – APPARAT
4. We Are The People – EMPIRE OF THE SUN
6. Golden Age – BECK
8. A Fond Farewell – ELLIOT SMITH
9. E-bow The Letter – R.E.M.
10. Codex – RADIOHEAD
11. Life Is A Gamble – MARVIN GAYE
12. To The Lighthouse – MEMORY HOUSE
14. I Wanna be Adored – STONE ROSES
15. I Cried Like A Silly Boy – DEVOTCHKA

EMPT Presents – S u m m e r N i g h t s 1 a by Ryan Radler by Et Musique Pour Tous


Charlotte Gainsbourg – Time of the Assassins (XXXChange Remix)

I was getting rid of a bunch of CD’s when I ran into Charlotte Gainsbourg’s 2009 release IRM. I only listened to this album for a few days when it was released so I’d completely forgotten how seductive, eclectic and edgy the album is, she definitely takes after her father when it comes to music. Beck produced, composed and co-wrote the album and it’s quite apparent as he successfully neglects all genres, styles, lines and categorizations while still making it accessible and easily understood.

Anyways, I burned the CD, threw it away and hit the internet to buy anything from her I didn’t have and that’s when I ran into the XXXChange remix of Time of the Assassins. This version is dark, has a slick bass line, moves, screams mystery and never get’s boring, XXXChange really used his imagination on this one because the original although great in it’s out right sounds nothing like this, fresh. I tell you man, the internet is like the ghost producer of music right not because it gets everyone remixing and reworking each others tracks and that type of collaboration and sharing of inspiration only leads to good things. Thriller is the greatest selling, most known album of all time and while Quincy was the guy who put it all together there where sooo many people working on that album, so many minds coming together, so many influences, so many masters that contributed that it’s only right it would reach so many people in return. Alright, I have to finish off this week before all the weekend madness and traveling begins but I’ll be back with something tomorrow, enjoy.

Charlotte Gainsbourg – Time of the Assassins (XXXChange Remix)

Charlotte Gainsbourg – Heaven Can Wait (Feat. Beck)