The Cardigans – Iron Man (Black Sabbath Cover)

If for some inexplicable reason you’ve lived in some sort of alternate reality that’s allowed you to live this long without indulging in one of heavy metals most bad ass songs then I send my deepest regrets. Though it’s Black Sabbaths biggest hit, it got very little airplay upon release but through the sheer power of awesomeness it got so many sales that it forced it’s way onto the charts. That’s how it’s done.

The songs literary-inspired lyrics are about about a dude who travels to the future and see’s the apocalypse. On his way back, he runs into a magnetic storm that turns him into iron (no relation to Marvel’s character). When back he tries to warn people about what’s coming but everyone ignores him…

Nobody wants him, he just stares at the world. Planning his vengeance that will soon unfold…”

He starts to get really mad at everyone for not believing what he knows and plots revenge. When he finally kills everyone and gets his vengeance he realizes that what he saw in the future was the apocalypse that he himself would eventually cause. Now I don’t know about you, but I appreciate a metaphorically infused song about a rebel Jesus time-traveler, there’s something you don’t hear every day.

The original version has one of the most addictive guitar riffs you’ll ever here. It’s loud, makes you want to drive fast, hit the ground running and obliterate anyone in your way, my type of song. The Cardigans cover I chose to post today couldn’t be more of a polar opposite but that’s why I like it. It amazes me The Cardigans can tranform such a head smashing song into such a laid back feel good experience. Anyways, an oldie but good from both ways, enjoy.

The Cardigans – Iron Man (Black Sabbath Cover)