Blackbird Blackbird – Waikiki

San Francisco’s Blackbird Blackbird, formerly Bye Bye Blackbird, has a knack for soundscape-like and ethereal sounds. With Waikiki though, the speed gets turned up a bit, giving the listener a boost and making the song both uplifting and danceable. The chillwave musician is known for often tweaking nature samples, and it really  gives a new spin to the genre. The thing that got me hyped about this track was honestly those recurring flute sounds throughout. I was actually away from the computer while this was playing and had one of those run-across-the-room-to-see-what-song-it-is moments.

It was an influx of sounds that I was getting that made me want to play the track again, the harmonious flute sounds, the electric drums and that shackly sample subtly in the background, it’s all there, and it transports you somewhere else, like a fantasy techno-island-village. It’s also not a very long track so it catches you off guard when it ends as you’re juust getting into it.

If you’re itching for a little escape, preferably a psychedelic and tropical sounding one, this is your pick.

Blackbird Blackbird – Waikiki



EMPT Presents – S U M M E R : a n t i – w i n t e r 3d by Ryan Radler

I used to wanna rap like Jay-Z
Now I feel I could run laps around Jay-Z
Nas ain’t seen nothing this nasty
B.I.G. & Pac got it coming when I pass too
You got the mic, I ain’t the one you wanna pass to

My ni$*@s say my new shit past due
I paid dues, even got that shit tattooed
HiiiPoWeR on another plateau
I know you know we need a few plaques too…” – Ab Soul

I love those lyrics. That’s the confidence, belief and attitude one needs to make progress. You can never sit around looking at the throne as something that can’t be achieved. You work hard, create your own lane, challenge it and get what you demand from it – in order to be the best, you must challenge the best.

That 41st law mentality is what makes Ab Soul is one of my favorite rappers right now. Aside from being highly intelligent, he sounds driven, like he cares about being great, like he practices everyday and wants no one to question his ability as a rapper. That use to be the norm in Hip Hop, you couldn’t try to be rapper without being incredibly good at it. I’m not talking Mr. Brainwash good here, I’m talking Picasso great. You had to be amazing, you had to innovate, you had to have your own style, you had to be the real deal. In the age of “swag” rappers the playing field is different but it’s nice to know there are still people that still value mastery and perfection of their craft. So many people want recognition or success, few actually know what it really takes, even less are truly willing to do it.

So why all the talk about rap in during a Ryan Radler release? Well it’s simple, these tapes come with that same fire and artistic integrity to not just exist but stand out as something special and worth while. I love that energy more than anything in an artist, it’s seductive, irresistible and necessary. When are artist is in the zone and that energy translates to their work the observers mind opens up and respects it. That’s usually when people say – I don’t really like this type of music but this is cool. I haven’t heard a Ryan Radler tape that hasn’t done that to me and I love it. That said, press play on this one and feel the energy of someone working hard to be great. Immerse yourselves in the Ryan Radler zone, it will treat you right.

S U M M E R :  a n t i – w i n t e r   3 D

  1. GRAND RESORT – Night Is Dark
  2. MILES BONNY x B.LEWIS – Bottom To Top
  3. XXYYXX – Tied2U
  4. JOHNNY HAMMOND – Can’t We Smile
  5. WARPAINT – Undertow (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)
  6. SANDRO BRUGNOLINI – Alipid vs. Franciose Hardy
  7. GORDON REES – In a Bossa Mood
  8. FRANKIE ROSE – Know Me
  9. PHÉDRA – Aphrodite
  10. FINAL DJs – Salt On Our Skin (Sebastian Scotch remix / Normandy Edit)
  11. LABYRINTH EAR – Snow White (DREAMTRAK Remix)
  12. SMASHING PUMPKINS – 1979 (StardonE Remix)
  13. BRAIDS – Glass Deers (Teen Daze Remix)
  14. YOUNG MAN – Fate

EMPT Presents – S U M M M E R : a n t i – w i n t e r 2 d by Ryan Radler

For years when it came to EMPT I’ve been a one man band man. For those of you not familiar with the term coined by contemporary painter, producer, rapper Kasseem Dean aka Swizz Beatz, that basically means that from top to bottom I’ve running the show. Of course all credit due to Steph and the beloved LMDM series and Ryan Radler’s anti-winter/summer series, both which have become ultimate delineation of what Space Age Bachelor Pad Music is about, but when it came to running the show it all started and ended with yours truly. Recently however, things have changed and with my new fancy role as Creative Director there’s no way I would be able to keep this up. That’s where Mollie, the new EMPT operations boss comes in. If you’ve noticed the new increase in output lately she’s the reason why and compared to my sporadic post when I feel like it style of operation, it’s a welcome change. It’s great to see this site take on some new legs and run faster than it ever has and for that we’re all grateful. That said, looks like we’re ready to usher in a new era for EMPT and there are many reasons to be excited.

One of those reasons is the topic of todays conversation, S u m m e r : anti-winter 2d! Yet another inspired concoction of music from sir Ryan Radler. The tape starts off with with Keljet’s lights out remix of Coldplay’s UFO and then masterfully builds to an intermission provided by Quincy’s Summer In The City. I wish I was a better writer so I could tap into all my musical knowledge, experience traveling the world and living amongst different cultures so I could accurately express how wonderful it is when Ryan brings together these worlds, times and styles so effortlessly. Don’t get it twisted my friends, you can’t get this anywhere else. Music can be so many things, one day you might feel like Skrillex’s Kill Everybody because you love how aggressive, fast and exiting it makes life feel. Another day you’re bumping Hello Nasty or Doggy Style as loud as possible because it’s flat out fresh, that’s how you want to feel and…

Nothing sounds quite like an EIGHT-OH-EIGHT!” – Beastie Boys (Super Disco Breakin’)

The music Ryan puts together can be described as a lot of things but to me it’s mostly just beautiful. When I want to feel ethereal and put life in a the right perspective that’s where I’m going. Every one of these tapes has been nothing but good vibes and somehow this guy only gets better and better. Press play, kick back and you’ll see what I mean, enjoy.

S U M M E R :  a n t i  –  w i n t e r   2 d

  1. COLDPLAY – UFO (Keljet’s Hawaiian Remix)
  2. MIIKE SNOW – The Wave
  3. THE TURTLES – Happy Together (Todd Terje aka Wade Nichols Edit)
  4. ALAN HAWKSHAW & SI BEGG – Spaced out Sportsgirl
  5. DAVE GOLD & GORDON REES – Like Summer
  6. BLACKBIRD BLACKBIRD – Modern Disbelief
  7. QUINCY JONES – Summer In The City
  8. RÜFÜS – Paris Collides (Dante Nou Remix)
  9. EDDA MAGNASON – Jona (Vidderna Remix) (Niva Remix)
  10. WALTER SOBCEK – Hollywood Cries (Video Mix)
  11. DITT INRE – Månljus (Saknad)
  12. PERSEUES – Russian Girlfriends
  13. WILDCAT! WILDCAT! – Mr. Quiche (The Dirty Tees Official Remix)
  14. GOLDROOM – Nights In Nantes
  15. GOLDROOM – City Girls
  16. ADVENTURE – Meadows
  17. DIRTY BEACHES – True Blue


EMPT Presents – W I N T E R : a n t i – s u m m e r 1 a by Ryan Radler

Ryan sent me this last weekend when it was actually snowing in the city. It was Halloween weekend and all of a sudden there was miserable snow everywhere threatening to ruin all the crazy festivities. I DJ’d at Elle that and then somehow ended up in a Brooklyn warehouse Halloween party till like 9 the next day so I didn’t get to post this when it was most appropriate. Either way, the snow might be gone but old man winter is only getting started and for that reason it’s my pleasure to welcome back Mr. Radler and his new cold busting mix tape – W I N T E R : a n t i – s u m m e r. This is we’ve heard from Ryan since the last epic series and it’s absolutely wonderful. It starts off with Bombay by Guicho for crying out loud, it that’s not an instant mood changer I don’t know what is.. After that it’s just feel good after feel good so if you’re feeling down about this cold or the fact that it’s Monday this was made for you.

I love it when I can depend on something or someone for quality. For example, you buy an Apple product because you know it’s going to be good, you go to the best restaurant because you can expect them to deliver, athletes get paid the big bucks to perform at the time when everyone expects them to.

I see God in the instruments and mechanisms that work reliably.” – Buckminster Fuller

I’ve only known Ryan for a short time but his musical offerings have become synonymous with a unique, high quality listening experience and I love it. Anyways, press play on this one and feel good ASAP! Here are some words from the curator himself, enjoy.

Soooooo, my month break is up. It’s now fucking cold here in LA. I just took a spin in the car around Downtown LA and previewed this new Winter mix with the windows down and the cold night air whistling across my face. I have to admit, I am definitely a Summer kind-of-guy. But, I believe our wonderful world is one of balance and I suppose our 4 seasons should never be taken for granted. The music I have collected for this mix reminds me of the time of year when we get the first freeze. In one 32 degreed moment the plants and trees cease growing and begin shedding their leaves and seeds, nuts and berries. Rejuvenation in the cycle of life depends on the ebb and flow of the seasonal balance. May this mix represent a step in the direction of that idea.

***This first Winter mix is dedicated specifically to the East Coast with respect to the people who have been unfortunately affected by the unexpected, early winter weather. 
Hopefully you can get this up before the snow melts!

W I N T E R :  a n t i – s u m m e r  1 a

1. Bombay – EL GUICHO
2. Always A Relief – THE RADIO DEPT.
4. Luckycharm / Intuition (A Cappella) – ADA (ERLEND ØYE)
6. Santa Fe – BEIRUT
7. Vireo’s Eye – FUTURE ISLANDS
8. Collapsing At Your Doorstep – AIR FRANCE
9. Feels Like Heaven – ADVENTURE
10. Tears Roll Down – TEARS FOR FEARS
11. Mer Du Japon – AIR
12. Fractales Pt. 1 – APPARAT
14. Burial Grounds – AIRLINES
16. Open Season – HIGH HIGHS

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EMPT Presents – W I N T E R a n t i – s u m m e r 1 a by Et Musique Pour Tous


Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Mai 2011

Where am I? I’ve been rockin’ for a good 27 hours now,  was in the studio with the Oos & Ahhs all day yesterday, pulled an all nighter to finish curating the music for a restaurant and then realized this morning I have to hook you up with this months mixtape – Go, go, go…

Life in the fast lane
Surely make you lose your mind
Life in the fast lane, everything all the time…” – The Eagles

This months installment of LMDM is arriving 17 days late but in my opinion perfectly on time. I’ve been meaning to post about 9 of the 14 songs on the list which goes to show you how similar Steph and I are when it comes to music. There is much to be said about this line up, but I want to avoid too much talking because and let Mai 2011 shine. I’m pumped to finally have the new LMDM and I know a lot of you have been waiting so here it is, enjoy.

I decided to open this mix with Naked and Famous’ :48 intro called The Source which then goes into The Sun, my favorite track off the new album, besides Young Blood, and ended this month’s mix with one of my favorite Paris DJ’s Walter Sobcek, and his new remix of Parisian artist, Keren Ann, called My Name Is Trouble- the opener and closer of this month’s mix sets somewhat of a tone, which depending on the individual could feel completely different from one person to the next.

Le Miel du Mois at work? That’s much better than work at work! Download


  1. Naked and Famous – The Source
  2. Naked and Famous – The Sun
  3. Youth Lagoon – Cannons
  4. Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix)
  5. Blackbird Blackbird – Hawaii (Niva Remix)
  6. Wave Machines – Keep the Lights On
  7. Washed Out – Eyes Be Closed (SposhRock Remix)
  8. Loud Valley- Daytona Beach
  9. We Are Trees – Colorado
  10. Siriusmo – Idiologie
  11. Purity Ring – Lofticries
  12. Holy Ghost! – Wait & See (CFCF Remix)
  13. PEPEPIANO – Flesh Rails
  14. Walter Sobcek- My Name Is Trouble

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Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Septembre

A lot of exciting things are happening this month, Hear No Evil continues to lock in clients, EMPT did over 2 Terabytes of traffic last month which is flat out ridiculous for this underground baby, and moves are being made on a daily to keep things in motion – We get’s busy ya’ll. On top of all that I woke up not too long ago to work on this mixtape and I was in pure delight when I finally got to listen to this months LMDM. Steph and I call ourselves twins when it comes to music and the song selection, vibe, energy and good times represented in this tape couldn’t make that little inside joke more true. To put it simply, she killed it. All the haters who showed up last month, this tape is going to be tough to deal with so…

Don’t hold on too long cause that’s how them stories start out, and all the girls that played me eat your mother fucking heart out…- Drake (Unforgettable)

All the other mixtape makers who’ve followed our blueprint, we’re flattered but remember…

I’m We the best at, you know I ain’t no apprentice to this
Me and my ni%&a# we invented the shit
We came into the business with this, The Originator, none greater
Jaz Steph-O finish this shit…” – Jay-Z (Jigga What, Jigga Who)

“There are a ton of amazing new indie and electro acts out right now. Lefse Records and Arcade Sound are two labels I always watch closely because they just seem to know how to pick em.

This month’s LMDM highlights a lot of new breakouts including Brooklyn based Bronze (unsigned), San Francisco’sBlackbird Blackbird (Arcade Sound) and Dominant Legs (Lefse Records), Cleveland’s Cloud Nothings (Old Flame Records), 19 year old Brooklyn based Oberhofer (7″ out on InSound now), Hamburg’s Dirty Disco Youth (Dim Mak) and Chicago’s My Gold Mask (unsigned). And with summer (sigh) over, these artists give us a lot to look forward to with a breath of fresh air in their respective indie and electro genres. Go get your hands on as much of their stuff as you can, support them and buy their EP’s/albums.” -The O.RI.GI.NA.TOR

Le Miel du Mois at work? That’s much better than work at work! Download


1. The Meters – Hand Clapping Song
3. Cloud Nothings – Hey Cool Kid
4. Au Revoir Simone – Tell Me (Clock Opera Remix)
5. Oberhofer – I Could Go
6. Bronze – Deep Freeze
7. Dominant Legs – Clawing Out At the Walls
8. Blackbird Blackbird – Pure
10. Bill Withers – Who Is He (Henrik Schwarz Edit)
11. My Gold Mask – Bitches (The Hood Internet remix)
13. Summer Camp – Ghost Train
14. Dirty Disco Youth – Minds Off (Teen Symmetry Remix)